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    सर पे विराजा हिमाला मुकुट,
    बहती हज़ारों नदियां हैं।
    फसल खेत खलिहानों में,
    खुद में ही बसती एक दुनिया है।

    असंख्य वीर सपूतों की,
    स्वर्णिम जो ये मिट्टी है।
    कोई तोल मोल नहीं इस मिट्टी की,
    कण-कण में बसती चिट्ठी है।

    हर चिट्ठी के वो अक्षर सुहाने,
    कहती जो वीर ये गाथा है,
    क्षण भर में कर दे सिद्ध ये गाथा,
    भारत भाग्य विधाता है।

    नानक - कृष्ण की भूमि पर,
    कुटुंब ईद मनाता है।
    कितनी धनी है सभ्यता यहां की,
    यह एकता दर्शाता है।

    दूर तलक फैली फसलों में,
    हर कृषक स्नेह दर्शाता है।
    सींचे खेतों को मेहनत से,
    देश की थाली सजाता है।

    ये वीर सपूतों की भूमि पर,
    कितने हुए हैं बलिदानी।
    विश्व जगत में ख्याति दिलाई,
    जिनकी हस्ती थी ज्ञानी।

    एक दो नहीं असंख्य रत्न,
    इस देश ने बनाया है।
    सबकी इस भागीदारी ने,
    भारत को महान बनाया है।

  • navoneil 4w

    Anthem of a Doomed Nation

    Goli maar bheje me,
    Bheja shor karta hai.

    My temples are bursting with lack of faith.
    On either side of my head, my veins
    Stand to attention and salute.
    The drums are playing non stop.
    My flag is hoisted high
    On the shoulders of doomed youth.
    Everywhere I see heads filled with ideas
    Clash, bang, and roll.
    Drumroll! for every falling child.

    Qadam qadam badhaye ja,
    Khushi ke geet gaye ja.

    Ja -
    Go forth into the wild while I yet draw breath.
    Tell the trees I love them still,
    Tell the tigers and the lions and the squirrels and the cobras and the lotus
    I remember them in my dreams.
    Now, my nostrils fill with the wafting fumes
    Of diesel engines and smog.

    Chalo Dilli -
    Dilwale Dilli, covered in masks and sticks under cover of night
    And malfunctioning CCTVs.
    It's election season
    (the season of hate - multiplication through division),
    And so I hear:

    Goli maaro saalo ko!

    Saalo -
    Those who have taken to the streets of my faltering nation,
    Those who dared to stand up before the ground became too soft from too much blood and too many tears,
    Those of a different notion, dripping conviction.
    Saalo -
    Those who stood in Tiananmen Square,
    The men, women, and children of Jallianwallah Bagh,
    Those shouting Azadi! Azadi! Azadi! before a hail of gunfire
    And a government that pretends not to know what freedom means.

    Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hai.

    Bismil, Ashfaq, Azad, Bhagat, Subhash,
    Oh every unknown fighter of my fracturing nation,
    Come rise again.
    If you don't,
    I know not what I might do -
    Enough is enough.

    Ata majha satakli!


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    #nationalism #happy_republic_day #national_festival

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    Republic Day

    अराजनैतिक लोगों भी,
    अपना घर तिरंगे से सजाया है,
    शायद कोई राष्ट्रीय त्योहार,
    का शुभ अवसर आया है।


  • navoneil 7w


    My road is under wraps -
    Being repaired, I'm told,
    Tarred or white-topped.
    In no time, my road will smell new
    Like fresh words or rain.
    Till then, I walk gingerly across,
    Afraid of leaving footmarks
    In setting concrete.

    My generation is wary of jackboots
    And the sensibilities of jackals.
    As a child I was told -
    A part of me is the nation,
    A part of the nation is in me.
    I never quite understood
    Which part - or parts - exactly,

    But I know it cannot - must not - be
    My alarm bells:
    They're locked in velvet safekeeping
    While I wait patiently
    To protest,
    Ask again for permission
    From the people I think to protest against.

    My constitution is under wraps -
    Being repaired, I'm told,
    Red-topped or marred.
    In no time, my future will smell new
    Like retold histories or shame.
    Till then, I talk in whispers,
    Afraid of leaving traces of
    My chattering teeth.


  • hrituraj_krishna 14w

    इस सियासत के लोग अजीब बात करते है
    एक तरफ गरीबी की दुहाई,एक तरफ हास्य करते है
    मान लिया नहीं बचा है धन तुम भी तो स्वीकार करो
    गरीब का बच्चा गरीब रहे ऐसा ना अत्याचार करो
    सवाल से इतना डर है तो काम हिसाब का किया करो
    खुदा से ना सही कोई बात नहीं राम से डर लिया करो
    क्या सिर्फ शिक्षा मंदिर की दोगे, अन्य सब व्यर्थ है
    आम से हटकर अवाम की सुनो,कितना दुःख दर्द है
    यूं पीट रहे हो आज गिराकर कहां मानवता भेजी है
    अर्थव्यवस्था का पता नहीं, क्यों स्लोडाउन में तेजी है
    गरीब का बच्चा पढ़े नहीं सबसे चाय ही बनवाओगे
    ऐसे ही करते रहो एक दिन देश ज़रूर डुबाओगे


  • dilavarj7 20w

    Indian Pollitics

    Currently in pollitics if you are giving vote to BJP then you're nationalist otherwise your're anti-nationalist.

  • joyjitghosh_writer 21w

    Always remember the fact, HUMANITY is much more valuable & important than NATIONALISM.

  • rukhaiyaar 21w

    Raising Them Right

    Don't raise your kids patriotic,
    stop glorifying flags.
    Don't teach them,
    that the lines on a map mean anything.
    Do them a favour,
    ridicule the boundaries.
    Tell them,
    that the grass may be greener on the other side.
    Be honest with them,
    that their own ground can be dirtier.
    Help them understand,
    the world is nothing but a gigantic garden.
    Don't limit them,
    to a corner,
    help them walk its entirety.
    Don't suppress their curiosity,
    let them peek,
    allow them to be fascinated by what they see.
    Don't tie them,
    to the idea of nations.
    Don't let them,
    drink the poison of Us and Them.
    Don't teach them that they have an identity,
    based on the lands,
    lands they were accidentally born in.
    Don't make them shallow,
    gift them the idea of vastness.
    Tell them not to obsess,
    over national anthems or independence days.
    Show them individuality,
    the power of thinking for oneself.
    Tell them that a crowd,
    with a common opinion doesn't have to be right.
    Don't put words in their mouths,
    or gods in their conscience.
    Please don't.
    Let them be,

    © Rukhaiyaar

  • wrinkled_stories 25w

    There are many different colors,
    that I see on many faces.
    I see them on many people,
    and in many different places.
    What kind of colors do you think I see?
    The obvious ones, or the most clear,
    the ones you see on the skin,
    or the ones that fill you with fear?
    I see the colors that shine on your soul.
    The ones that tell me who you are,
    and what is your way of thinking,
    and how sure I am you’ll get far.
    How can one judge a person by the outside color?
    When they don’t even know their own from within,
    not seeming to find a finish line, 
    because they didn’t even begin.
    The issue on race is problematic, mostly because
    there are separations like race to begin with!!

    #resist #homophobia #meme #classism #discrimination #blackpeople #prejudice #mentalhealth #activism #antiracism #bigotry #impeachtrump #bhfyp #repost #god #life #patriarchy #gay #sexuality #democrat #metoo #elpaso #donaldtrump #muslim #amerikkka #nationalism #socialmedia #misogyny #vote #mentalillness

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  • ovais43 26w

    This new so called modern world lives in a worse diversity, believing it a uniformity. Patriot of one nation is a traitor to another. Don't you think it's a disgrace to humanity?


  • ghouskhan 27w


    Khoon khaulega tabhi toh aag lagegi,
    Tel se sasti aur kahan koi cheez milegi,
    Zindagi sasti ho chali hai aur izzatein raaston par lutegi,
    Yahi hoga agar yugon tak tabhi toh sarkaren chalegi,
    Aao hum sab milkar jale jalkar khaakh ho jaye,
    Tabhi toh mukkamal mulk ki holi jalegi.. .

  • ovais43 27w

    Calm down, sit down and take a look;
    Do you really call it a freedom that a country gives?


  • ovais43 28w

    #humanity #humans #English #pod #nationalism #curse

    Once Humanity said to humans:

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    Months like July or August
    Are pretty meaningless if
    You don't have time for us


  • chiranjeet 33w

    Nationalism is standing by your nation every time and by your Government when it deserves..

  • navoneil 33w

    O Country! My Country!

    (a modern verse inspired by the Walt Whitman classic, "O Captain! My Captain!")

    O Country! my Country! April, May have had their run,
    The restless nights are in the past, the elections are long done,
    A new government, fresh promises, old frenemies are all smiles,
    Whatsapp / Facebook now Tweet laughter - less fraudulent and facile;
    But O heart! heart! heart!
    O the numb locks of dread,
    Where on the streets my People lie,
    Forgotten, sick, and dead.

    O People! my People! stand up to every test -
    In your faith my Country lies, in your fulsome love she rests,
    For you the flag, the song, the blood, for you the sloganeering,
    For you the potholed roads, footpaths, for you the constant fearing;
    Hear, Conscience! dear soul, ghost!
    Withered, full of lead,
    It cannot be that on this morn
    You're forgotten, sick, and dead.

    My Conscience does not answer, she lies cold and still,
    My People do not feel my angst, they chew a bitter pill,
    My Country still seems safe and true, her borders proud and long,
    Inside a thousand forces fight, a billion voices strong;
    Ball your fists, clench your gut,
    But I with hopeful tread,
    Walk the white where my Country lies,
    'tween the green and red.


  • parina_upadhyay 34w

    इन पहाड़ियों के बिच छिप्पी वादियो में जन्मा मैं,
    देशद्रोह के नारो से सहमा मै,
    सुना नहीं उन्होंने क्या चाहता था कहना मैं,
    पूछा नही उन्होंने कहाँ चाहता था रहना मैं ।

    जिस देश ने मुझे सर आँखों पर बिठाया है,
    मानचित्र पर अपने सर पर सजाया है,
    पूरा देश रक्षा मेरी करने सरहद पर आया है,
    लफ़्ज़ों में करू कैसे बयाँ जो मैंने पाया है।

    बदला नही, इन्साफ चाहिए,
    घर में लगा दीमक ये साफ़ चाहिए,
    और आगे न बढे इसीलिए खत्म इसकी शाख़ चाहिए।


  • neethi_athi 36w


    വെളുവെളുത്തൊരു ചെറുകാറ്റ്
    നിരത്തിലൂടെ നടന്നു വരവേ,
    വഴിലിലൊരു ചോദ്യം :
    "എവിടുന്ന്??? "
    വിളറിയൊരുത്തരം :
    ആരാധന... "
    പിന്നൊരു മറുചോദ്യം,
    "അപ്പൊ വെള്ളയാണ്, പച്ചയല്ല!
    ഈ രാജ്യം ആരുടേത്? "
    പതറിയ മറുപടി "നമ്മുടേത് "
    ഉടൻ തിരുത്തു "അല്ല, ഞങ്ങളുടേത് "
    പിച്ചിച്ചീന്തിയൊരു വെള്ളത്തുണി
    ചുവന്നു വഴിയരികിൽ കിടന്നു.
    ഒരു രാജ്യസ്നേഹി,
    അത് കൊടികുത്തി അതിന്മേൽ നാട്ടി.
    ഭാരത് മാതാ കീ ജയ്

  • sanjeedeep_mishra 37w

    INDIA has won without the help of INSIGNIA on GLOVES clearly proves

    Hyper Nationalism can help you win Elections not Cricket matches.

    Jai Hind.


  • shubhamsagar22 43w

    Love your country like a young son loves his mother. A young son not just loves her but understands her, supports her, and is emotional about her but not to such limits that he can end up hurting her. Her well being is always his topmost priority.

    On the other hand, a young lover is so much emotionally invested that he always ends up hurting himself and his lover. Sometimes, there is more pride in his love than honesty.

    #nation #love #country #sacrifice #mother #son #nationalism #humanism

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    वतन से इश्क जवां बेटे की तरह हो “सागर”
    सरफिरे आशिक तो ज़माने ने बड़े देखें हैं


  • musings26as 43w

    लडकियों के लिये आवश्यक सूचना-

    चुनाव के दिन नीली स्याही का ही प्रयोग होता है,
    उसमें 'और कलर दिखाईये??' कहकर अधिकारियों को परेशान न करें ।