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  • shristi2231 1w

    Ek ladai hai jo khud se h
    Ek ladai hai jo apne hi andar chal rii h
    Jha ek taraf duniya se lad kar thak chuki hu
    Wahi dusri taraf khud ke dil or dimag ko samjha kar pareshan ho chuki hu
    Khud ko or tumhe duniya ke samne shi sabit karna aasan h
    Per ye ladai jo mere dil or dimag ki h iss se sambhlna bohot mushkil h
    Ye dil tumhe shi maan na chahta h
    Per ye dimag tum me sirf buraiyan hi dhundta h
    Kiski sunu dil ki
    Yaa dimag ki????
    Tumhari galtiyon ko ye dil nazar andaz kr rha h
    Or tumhari achaiyon per ye dimag parda daal rha h
    Iss ladai ko suljhane ki koi tarqeeb h kya tumhare paas
    Kyunki ab mere dil or dimag ke tut chuke h saare aas.......

  • cruelfang 1w


    A lingered fling that felt like a high speed chase on the freeway. Constantly switching lanes, you were always in my rearview.
    Maybe that was the heat of the thrill,
    Non-stop momentum.
    Until one day, you passed me and I took the corner too sharp.
    Walking wounded.
    Rehabilitated the chase started again.
    You passed me once more,
    I forgot to check my blindspots.
    I came to a skidding halt, as your tailights were inches from my headlights.
    You sped off into the night and I thought that'd be the last of you.
    On a late night drive out of nowhere a revving engine, screeching tires and blinding lights came for me full speed.
    I could do nothing except brace for impact.

    During the head-on collision, our demons ejected from the passenger seats and waltzed in the flaming glow of the wreckage.

    Two liabilities, one claim.
    Only one of us gets a monetary cheque,
    Only one of us gets wealth for the soul.
    You said I wasn't worth it, so I signed your dotted line.

    There's a cross by the intersection marking the loss of our lust. I'll take the exit towards the freeway, adjust my rearview and not think of you once.


  • the_gal_who_loved 2w

    She would have never loved him if she knew everything would end like that.

    When she accepted his proposal she wasn't in love with him,
    She was just attracted towards him and it was all hormones which was doing everything at that time,
    She would have never knew that she loves until she cried for him for the very first time,
    She started waiting for him whole day just to talk with him whenever he gets free,
    She started skipping her studies during her board exams just to talk to him,
    She never wanted those moments to end until one day she realises that they have already ended and what she had with her was only those memories.

  • akshakashyap 3w

    इक रंग

    इक रंग इश्क़ का
    इक रंग इबादत का
    इक रंग मोहबत का
    इक रंग सौंहरत का
    इक रंग जिंदगी का

  • zeenat_akhtar_khan 8w

    Wo Jhute lavz

    Kya tera jaana hi tha?
    To fir mere zindagi me aaye kyu?
    Mere dil me apne liye mohabbat jagaye kyu?
    Teri baatein mujhe lagti thi pyaari
    Par jab jhute the wo lavz to fir sunaye kyu?

  • anonymous_shayar 9w


    मैं कविता नहीं एहेसास लिख रहा हूं,
    आज तुम्हारे लिए कुछ खास लिख रहा हूं,
    जब मैं तुमसे मिला तुम अलग सी लगी,
    हम रोज मिलने लगे,फिर दूर हो गए,
    आज तुमसे मिलने की आस लिख रहा हूं,
    तुम्हारे लिए कुछ खास लिख रहा हूं,
    अजनबी से तुम पहचान बन गए,
    पहचान बढ़ते बढ़ते जान बन गए,
    मेरी जान तुमको जीने की प्यास लिख रहा हूं,
    तुम्हारे लिए कुछ खास लिख रहा हूं,
    तेरे आने जाने से मैं यूं शायर बना,
    शब्द कागज पर कैसे बैठते पता ही नहीं,
    अपनी सीने मैं दबी सांस लिख रहा हूं,
    सच तुम्हारे लिए कुछ खास लिख रहा हूं।........


  • merilekhi 9w

    Duniya ka irada!



    Duniya ka irada hai yeh koi yha aapna nhi hai yaad rakhna pyar bhoto se hota hai didar roz naya hota h ussee bhedd ke wassi bn gye ho zindagi ke musafir bn gye ho

  • _nshum_n 10w

    ज़ख्म ऐसे लगे हैं, कि अब दिखाए न जाएंगे
    और मरहम भी तुमसे, अब लगाए न जाएंगे
    अभी रुक जाऊंगा, तुम थाम लोगे जो हाथ मेरा
    कि अगर अब गए, तो फिर न आएंगे
    ये गलत है सरासर, जो तुम कहो बेवफा मुझे
    वादे कुछ ऐसे भी थे, जो किसीसे भी निभाये न जाएंगे
    मेहंदी नहीं हैं हम, जो मिट जाएंगे चार दिन में
    हम दिल में बसते हैं, यूँ तुझसे मिटाये न जायँगे
    अब क्या अफसोस, जब उड़ गए परिंदे
    जाने वाले अफ़सोस से, कभी लौट थोड़ी-न आएंगे
    वो उम्र तो गयी, जो थी ख़्वाबों की 'अंशुमन'
    अब लुटा दे चाहे खज़ाने कोई, पर वो ज़माने न आएंगे


  • mkishan 10w


    The wind sings songs for those who wish to dance with the leaves .

  • moonlight_dream52952 10w

    #Stories #Begining #Him #Secrets #ShortStories #NewWriter #Amazing #Enjoy
    This is a new short story I'm writing, parts will go up everyday

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    She stood there in the dark evening sky. The only light shone from the cars passing by. The park bench was cold and droplets of water formed on the surface of her large, circular glasses. Blue blinked on the phone indicator, knowing it was from him made her jump for joy. The smile that shone on her face, her nose and cheeks tinted from excitement and the frigid air. She unlocked her phone "354524" she smiled. She loved it when he texted her, even if it was only a simple "hi" her heart fluttered and she could feel butterflies in her stomach.

  • shrutibrahma 11w

    Defeaning silence

    The silence it ripped my stomach apart
    Sent you the text at 3:42 but now it was 4:42
    I knew the answer the silence bought
    But i wanted to hear it from you
    Scream out loud , that you don't love me anymore
    Yes scream , so that all my senses come back to life
    Say out loud and proud that you can live without me now
    Tell me that you're happy now,
    And your demons no longer haunt you at 3 in morning
    Tell me that, now I'm free
    So that i can find my pieces that i sold to make you complete
    Shruti Brahma

  • bloodievampire 11w

    after dark

    My mind goes in places i do not want; it roams the darkest streets I've never seen before.i stay awake way passed the healthy times im supposed to be asleep. everyday i wake up go to school to try to piece my life together.

    Im fairly happy during the day, but my mind is sick at night. I have no where to run i have no where to hide. Drugs? Alcohol ? im as sober as it gets, but this void i cannot fill. How do i maintain the perfect person everyone sees.

    I'm falling apart in the inside, please believe me i try not to think about all the dark things that drag me into depression. As i said before my mind is sick and after dark i cannot contain the thoughts that bring out the worst in me.

    Its this thing called life that keeps attacking me but day after day i try to pertain the person that everyone around me adores. Im breaking mommy and i wouldn't dare put this burden on you.

    I’ll be very selfish of thinking to take my life away; i won’t front as if i never thought of it before. It seems like after dark im not safe alone with my thoughts to roam. After dark my mind goes in places i do not want..


  • bloodievampire 11w

    flower girl

    when i’m around you i feel like a princess and you’re my prince charming that i never knew i needed. how does one know if you’re truly the one when there’s something blocking us from becoming one. the energy we have when we’re together is unremarkable. i swear the flower you have in your garden right now isn’t the one for you. i would go as far and to say that the flower you have is PLASTIC fake.

    yes i know you’ve had that flower for some time but you have to know when to let it go. do i sound selfish or is it your fault that i am this way. you come by every morning and admire my beauty. randomly telling me how unique i am and how i am different from the other flowers. is this just so i’ll open up and show you my beautiful nectar. even though you know i’ll never do so while you have another flower in your garden. how would that make me look... you’ve been admiring me for MONTHS you’re so persistent without me asking.

    i don’t see what you get out of this why make me seem so different ? why compliment me when you know this isn’t the flower you want. or am i the flower you want ? but you’re scared to let the other flower go. you’re hurting me without even knowing it. and i wouldn’t dare mutter a word. because at the end of the day i just want you to be happy even if you’re with the wrong flower.


  • _nshum_n 11w

    जिस्म से जैसे कोई, सामान लिए जाती है
    तेरी जुदाई जीने का, अरमान लिए जाती है
    जाड़े की बूंदों से तो थी, अच्छी बरसात सावन की
    उसने तो घर तोड़ा था, ये जान लिए जाती है


  • _nshum_n 11w

    तेरा रूठना सावन की बारिश, छोड़ना जाड़े की बूंदे
    इक घर गिराती थी, इक कहर गिराती है


  • sreeeeeeee 12w

    Bitter truths

    The locutions, phrases and words,
    Which we hate to hear from people,
    Are most often the bitter truths,
    Which cannot be hid by penny or time.

  • my_own_shadow 13w

    Your smile is


  • _akankshasmriti 14w


    tere jane k baad bhi tera intzaar h
    meri hr dua bs tere hi naam h
    mana tu mere naseeb me nahi
    phir bhi tujhse mohobbat mujhe beshumar h


  • _akankshasmriti 14w


    jism ko chahne wale to hazaaro milte hai
    pr rooh ki talab hr kisi ko nahi hoti


  • cruelfang 14w

    Catch and Release

    We spun around the room effortlessly;
    elegantly gliding.
    My hand grazed the curve of your hip, the smoothness of your skin lingered on the tips of my fingers.
    Your gaze drew me in as your hips swayed hypnotically, intoxicating like the whisky neat.
    I could feel you circuling as vultures do overhead.
    The mind of a huntress, I felt like prey caught in the crosshairs.
    How long until you pulled the trigger?
    How long until you went in for the kill?
    Reflected through eyes of jade, we both knew.
    It wasn't business - it was pleasure.