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    I tore down the walls i built around myself to let you in
    And then built those walls back up brick by brick to surround us
    I just wanted you to love me too, not just words but in totality
    Deep down i knew it wasn't a 100%
    Not the way i deserved
    It wasnt enough that you let yourself out
    But you went straight into another
    The reason you left
    I would never know
    I don't know what it would take to get back to normal
    Hell i don't even know what normal is..
    Maybe i try love again
    Just Maybe

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    Its just too pitiful that the problems facing my country the giant of Africa is highlighted in chorus and verses (this is Nigeria by falz)and outlined in lines and stanzas .(ambassadors of poverty) yet our nose is satisfied with stench of our rotten society and our mighty eagle fail to see beyond the dark clouds... Suffering is now the normality in our society and our consciousness fail to recognize that we caused all this and we can end this only if we can change our cognitive dissonance about the ills of our society strategically analyse the forces contributing to the decay of our country and make efforts to not bury but destroy them. A better Nigeria where we no longer strive in suffering and behave like all is well and disorderliness no longer the order of d day is all i crave��
    #Nigeria ���� #inspired_by_falz #this is Nigeria #decaying_society

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    Broken society: Nigeria

    A world of sweet pains
    A rotten society labelled with tyrants raised high as heroes
    Exploiters of the masses on bed of roses
    With their kleptomaniac fingers and sugar coated lips
    "we shall build you castles and furnish your dreams" they say
    Rather they make the poor a meal to their pot belly stomachs and steps to their glorious riches.
    Parasites of the masses,
    Barons of incompetence,
    Political stooges.
    Harvest of dollars in their locks,
    Flocks of houses home and abroad,
    Range of horses in their stables.
    Looters and schemers
    They make garri the peoples best food and groundnuts there favorite cookies
    " ok they say",
    Lost in the haven of poverty.
    They made the poor smile to the sun and embrace its heat with warm hands as they sell out there consciousness for a naira under the weight of poverty
    What a country!
    Suffering and smiling!

    A rotten society filled with holy Pinocchio's in their holy garments
    Pay ur tithes and offerings they cry
    Mal 3:10 they preach
    Neglecting the gospel and spirituality
    Leaders like elephants followers like giraffes_
    Parasites of the masses
    Commercialization of the temples with investments built from the poor man's coins
    The legitimate looters hiding under the cloak of the scriptures
    Barns get bigger and garage gets larger, Religious elite in attires of shaytan.
    Forthright in reverse order
    Followers in "legelis benz" while leaders cruise in exotic cars and jets
    The lord is good all the time!

    A rotten society filled with able youths
    Working in the sun
    Striving hard for survival.
    Bathed in sweat,
    Drench in stress.
    100kilos on his back for #100.
    The educated ones navigating streets to streets with documents like a post man Hustling for jobs
    "the jobless not hopeless.
    Irony of "lazy Nigeria youths"

    The Carrion's of the society are the decaying youths
    Nigeria scientist
    Mixing different mixtures of psycho active drugs
    Popping pills day and night
    Lighters as triggers
    wraps as bullet
    Snuffs as inhalers
    Codeine is my drink,
    They cry drinking and drinking
    Psychotics breed from the ghettos
    Wasted in the abyss.

    Present day _Sodom_.
    Daughters of Jezebel
    Buried in lust
    Dressed in rags
    Receives auditory impulses to money,
    Yet deaf to the gospel
    Virginity lost dignity gain
    Society stripped of its dignity

    Arms with cutlass
    Fingers on triggers
    Grip on grenades
    Insecurity everywhere.
    Bokoharam today
    Fulani herdsmen tomorrow..
    Do you know of the Niger delta militants?
    Blood flowing into the Niger
    Maidens stolen from their mothers into the sambisa
    Ruminants cannibals in disguise every where.
    Broken society
    This is Nigeria where disorderliness is the new order
    My rotten country
    Breaking into unfixable pieces


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    Having Somebody helps
    Someone to be there for you,
    Someone that loves and that cares
    Someone that's real and not fake

    But in chasing that someone,
    Please be enough for yourself
    Because people come and they go
    But the constant is you

    So please chase that someone
    But chase yourself too

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    Wisdom's weight

    In the society of today, i'm not in the position to say wisdom is a curse, but it sure as hell carries a huge burden with it.

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    Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian playwright, novelist, and poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. Aké is his autobiographical account of growing up in a western Nigerian village.

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    This is a political pain in the heart of the citizen of my country #nigeria...which are likely occurring in the political state of most countries.. this project for me is like about 12vol...which I will be posting every last Saturday of the month for the whole year.

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    See what you've caused,
    Your generations will bear the curse,
    Four , five, seven years wasted on irrelevant course,
    Yeah! It's irrelevant since you provide filled field for exercise,
    We are lazy because no one to judge our performance,
    You're fraudsters while we are fraud stars,
    Tell me who commit an offense,
    You engage in nation crookedness,
    Presenting political agenda as disguise,
    With your pen to rob us all our wealths,
    The majorities are seeing you all as their friends,
    Few know you as fiends,
    All is aware of your true identity as angel of abjection.
    Youths roams with insecured future,
    I've pen it, the curse is on your generation,
    The olds holds faded picture,
    Why won't our children be bedraggled in our mother division?
    There are no more Sand's at the seashore,
    There are no living being in this nation,
    The citizens are dead being under your family pressure.

    Politics is run like an occupation,
    This duty is done like profession,
    No one to serve the Masters,
    They all want to be the ruler,
    They deaf hears the voice of the electorates,
    We all listen to their sounds like kuti's zombie,
    Just one man, different sounds, strokes, and tongues,
    When will the mass understand that they are the oligarchs?
    When will the servants understand it's not a business deal?
    Just an opportunity to defend your patriotism and loyalty,
    Sometimes we are not capable of blaming the man on the chair,
    The blame is for the pundit that breed him with knowledge,
    The teacher that question him of his would be profession,
    The one that couldn't scold him when he took the nation as occupation,
    The pedagogue that doesn't instill him some policy,
    The tutor that embrace him when he mentioned politics,
    Every job is to make money,
    When karma start working don't accuse him of looting your money,
    Don't raise questions when he deprive your rights after retirement,
    Don't be an old threat to his government,
    He is doing his job not serving us well,
    His dearest guru did not guide him well.


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    My Green White Lover
    Finally in the spotlight but is she ready?

    Publicity Publicity
    Her children have given her
    It's been a long time coming
    Considering nature's gifts

    Blessed offspring
    Talented in all areas
    Composing sound that makes the world quiet
    Painting art that makes the blind see
    Milk and Honey in abundance
    White, Gold and black
    Envy of the world
    There's nothing she lacks

    The world finally pays attention to the giant
    But what would they see?
    Beneath her gifts and talents
    After they calm the waves of her sea

    So Rich but so poor
    A waste of resources
    World power, but for those in power
    Aided by the density of the masses
    Blessed with a Paradise but chose the forbidden
    Now Banished from luxury
    And yet she smiles
    Hoping but sleeping

    Time to wake her up
    She has their attention but needs to hold their interest
    Make them desire more of her
    And move them to action

    It's never too late to find glory
    And drop the facade of being holy

    It's time to be what she can be
    And make the world want more see

    - Nivle M'mai

  • shogazi 11w

    ME against it

    I look it in it's eyes, it is looking back straight into mine
    I can hear muffled voices in my head, uncertain what they trynna say, but they up to no good for sure
    I stand my ground, and evil stands it's own, as if in a standoff
    Waiting for me to fidget so it can use my own fear to consume me
    But I still stand my ground, unmoved….not because I'm brave but because I'm scared of what might happen if I show fear
    I try to be on to the light, but the light seems so very far away and dim, as if to say I'm coming your way but not anytime soon
    Ahhhh, I'm in the enemy zone, I gotta be extra careful if not I'm already a lost cause
    I snap out of my thoughts and try to focus on the light, but the light is so blurry
    A thought comes to me to engage and fight, but I'm hesitant
    I could be easily overpowered here as I have no allies, I'm in this alone, I'm surrounded but not yet devoured
    Okay I'll stand my ground for now since this is a face off, and nobody is making any advances yet
    I nervously wait, but with every passing second, I get more scared and I feel like it is sensing my fear
    I'm sweating now, and the muffled voices in my head now turn to muffled scornful laughter
    It's dark but I can feel things getting closer and closer
    I feel hot breaths behind me, but I can't look back
    Cuz I don't want to lose sight of it lest it feels I'm weaker and goes for an attack
    I feel darkness float above my head, almost like it sweeps past my ears
    I want to scream
    I'm clenching my teeth now
    I'm ready for the worse
    My sweating continues, but more profusely now
    It is now smirking as if to communicate it's strength
    I remember I'm with a sword, so anxiously and with form and uneasy movements of every muscle in me, I close my eyes, let out a scream and swing my sword
    And poof!
    I opened my eyes and I'm alone
    In a very white quiet atmosphere
    This is the light
    I'm in the heart of the light
    I beat it
    I see someone, some sort of godly figure approach me, the figure seemed to be the center of the light, the figure was blurry at first but as the figure got closer to me, I recognized the figure
    The figure was me
    I looked at me and smirked
    I had beat it.


  • sijuola 11w


    I am thinking about the last time I saw him
    The poem he wrote me
    I am thinking about his body in that little coffin that looked way too small
    As the tears flow continuously,
    I remember the wordings of the poem.
    Every rhythm each beat
    They matched perfectly,
    I sit up and draw out his little book I flipped and flipped till I got to that page
    That little sweet page
    I could smell his scent all over this little book
    I read each word but I could never finish reading it
    I sat up and Drew out my own little book
    I held my pen in my hands trusting myself to write down his words to mix them with my heart's cry
    This little poem I write tonight

    I am up now
    Hoping you can see me or something
    If only heaven was not wicked
    I ask the same questions over and over again
    I am numb with tears again
    But I am fine
    I miss you alot
    I still wait for your touch every night
    But I am not getting it
    And that's the sad part
    I remember the little poem you wrote for me and I can't even bring myself to read them
    Those words have your scent all over it
    If only you remember them
    You said you would stay even when the moon dies
    You said you would be the little star that rose and twinkled
    I am sitting up now looking at the skies
    Looking for that little star that would lighten up my sky
    And maybe I am just being hopeless again
    I miss you and that's all that matters
    It won't bring you back and it won't replace you
    But I have your poem for me in a little journal
    The poem in a journal
    No one would read it
    But it's my poem in a journal

  • deoyesalem 12w

    Soldiers "Un-fortune"

    And they fell
    That we may remain standing
    They took the whistle of the bullet
    The mad drummings of bombs
    And danced with them
    To heaven and hell below
    That we may not be images
    When the orchestra of dirge dances
    We live in peace
    Because they died in pieces.
    Rest on, Soldiers.

  • boddobodes 12w

    Fallen Heroes

    In pain and memories we salute you with pride and respect
    We wave our flag for your selfless services to the Nation
    Peace was the gift you unselfishly gave your life
    Peace is your final abode.

  • kojeadeleye 12w


    Today I weep for my motherland
    Today I weep for my motherland
    A land of Queens and kings
    A land of royalty
    A land of abundance
    A land of peace and joy
    A land of unity
    Today I weep for my motherland
    Today I weep for my motherland
    A land of warriors yet cowards
    A land where suffering and smiling is the order of the day
    A land where owners will rather be strangers elsewhere
    A land where the people no longer fight for justice
    A land where the freedom fighters are not fought for
    Today I weep for my motherland
    Today I weep for my motherland
    A land of Queens and kings who are now servants on enemy soil
    A land of royalty who are now willing slaves
    A land of abundance yet lacking
    A land of peace and joy now of war and turmoil
    A land of unity now everyone wants their own Biafra
    Today I weep for my motherland
    Today I weep for my motherland
    The square peg now fits the round hole
    The government is now the people and still the government with no respect for the rule of law
    The decadence of the youth is now praised
    The strength of the youth is diverted into a barren land
    The wisdom of the old needs discernment
    We must be strong again
    We must fight again
    The labour of our heroes past must not be in vain
    We must be courageous again
    We must not fear again
    We must be Queens and kings again
    We must be royalty again
    We must have in abundance again
    We must be peaceful and joyous again
    We must unite again
    Untill then
    I weep for my motherland
    Today I weep for my motherland


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    The Flickers of the golden rays of the morning sun
    The scintillating artistry of the blue sky
    The flapping wings of the Eucalyptus trees at Lamingo Dam
    My gratitude to ChukwuOkike
    To see, behold and partake of the wonders of His creativity!
    He made me wake up this morning!


  • shogazi 23w


    Nothing in this world is right or wrong
    Like ahhhhh haha WTF
    Wait, dude legit question. Would you blame a manipulated dude for his wrong acts ? Like Seriously I legit need an answer.
    Okay let me help you out, or further more confuse you so to say. I mean would you rather blame the manipulator ? Hahaha
    Tricky right ?
    Okay name your biggest truth….you probably gonna name some religious stuff yea ?
    Now imagine proving that stuff to an atheist....Lmao
    No proof right ? I mean technically from his point of view, religion or spirituality don't even exist, only science and facts. But from your point of view, spirituality equals facts eyyy
    Now also imagine your biggest lie or scam
    Lol I'm going somewhere with this
    For me it's probably something like
    "The Earth is flat"
    Now to imagine that for hundreds of years literally
    Humans lived their lives with those untrue principles and it worked for them. Like it literally WORKED FOR THEM, till a so called crazy guy cleared out their ignorance, and he was right fammm like but till it got proven, he was wrong hahaha waohhh. I don't know why this shit seems to be only funny to me, they actually killed that Niqqa
    So you see
    There's a fine line between ignorance and knowledge
    And you know what that line is ?
    I call that line belief
    Shit….I mean, just think about it
    It's even scientifically proven, remember that neuroscientific phenomenon where there's a dress that apparently has two colors ? Yup that's how right and wrong is
    some saw blue and black, whilst others like myself saw gold and white, this is just proof that the concept of right and wrong is flawed hahahaha
    Guys. The very concept of wrong or right is relative, it all depends on our subconscious, our state of mind, our conditioning and most importantly our belief
    Cuz talking from another perspective
    You could actually be wrong but believe strongly that you're right and till somebody proves beyond reasonable doubt, you'd continue to be right and vice versa
    So repeat after me
    The difference between right and wrong is just BELIEF
    Sprinkled with minimum to zero bits of proof
    You can literally be right to one man and at the same time be wrong to another, depending on perspectives and point of view
    This shit is all relative bro
    Think about it


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    #lagos #eko #lasgidi #nigeria

    It is a pidgin poem which might be difficult to understand so i break it down.
    The first line describes the popular Nigeria city of Lagos which is also called Lasgidi as a city that never sleeps due to its hustling and bustling atmosphere.
    The second describes the city as one with many lagoons and rivers that bridges are built connecting this island city.
    The third talks about how it is the smallest state in Nigeria but has one of the highest population in the country. Due to it large population, it accommodates all the country's tribe and foreign ones too. You could even find your tribe person there, all these shows how metropolitan the city of Lagos is.
    The fourth says, due to the city's wealth, many people go there for search of a good life.
    Eko o ni baje means Lagos will not spoil but continue to grow.
    The last line talks about the writer vowing never going there to stay for it is a city filled with stress.

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    the city wey nor dey sleep,
    the city of many lagoons.
    E small o but e big well well as
    every tribe dey there,
    You fit see your tribe person
    greet am for your local dialect.
    Every time plenty people dey troop in
    for betterment.
    Èkó ò ní bàjé oooo!
    Nor be person like me go fit craze
    stay that stressful city.

  • shogazi 26w


    "Same shit just a different day"
    This phrase right here hits harder than you could've imagined it to be
    And what more am I here for that to open up the deeper interpretation for us to feel
    So I woke up this morning, nothing special about the day
    Except ahh, I'm late again
    Now the questions flood in like they do every morning
    Should I just go back to sleep ? I mean I already missed first class
    Why am I even going to school today ? Oh Dad actually paid a lot for this huh..…fine
    So dude are you gonna reply all those messages ? Or you'd just post that status and go offline again
    Do I have work today ?
    Am I supposed to meet anyone ?
    Did I make any promises ?
    Ehhhhh I guess I'd find out later in the day, let me shower first
    *Phone call comes in*
    *Exchange casual greetings and uneccessary small talk"
    Hey dude can I ask you a favor ?
    Hmmmm, reluctantly refuses or accepts depending on my mood
    Listen to music, and I get to class
    Stay in class for 2 hours, just writing notes
    But my mind is not even in class
    I don't want to be there, and I'm really starting to question if I have to
    I'm empty inside
    Like literally, I feel space inside my chest
    And don't come to me with all that love will fill up your heart bullshit, that's an entirely different story for another piece.
    Nothing excites me, nothing surprises me, nothing gets me angry, nothing makes me sad, nothing makes me happy
    I don't feel cold, or warm
    I don't have energy to do anything, I just drag myself from one activity to the next
    Thinking to myself, owh I just have to survive this activity and then yup onto the next one
    And now just understand this…..amidst all this going on, I still see someone going through something similar and actually don't hesitate to go out of my way and cheer them up
    cuz I know how it is to feel this way…..that's not even the surprising part, what actually surprises me is that it actually works, I mean WTF I'm also damaged, how did i manage to make you smile ?
    So at this point is where the question comes in
    What care do you have left for yourself if you give all your care to others ? Who actually cares for the caretakers
    Who becomes the therapist of the therapist…..
    A sad song comes up on my playlist, and I actually relate to it for a little while. But then I remember I have to be positive and keep going, and then I charge up again with my 5% enthusiasm and yea. I just realized I'm not even given the chance to feel sadness too haha
    So now I play something more upbeat and jiggy and I'm goofy till the end of the day
    Cuz I looked at a couple of memes, had to reply some funny messages, but majorly I'm goofy and "happy" because when I'm not smiling everyone comes to me and asks
    What's wrong with you ? Why are you not happy ? Are you sick ?
    And yea I really don't want to answer those questions
    Sometimes I just plug in earphones and act pissed so no one talks to me. Sometimes it works, sometimes they still come ask lol
    Most times when I want to re-evaluate my actions I kinda just ask myself okay dude, what are you doing now and why are you doing it. But most times the answer to the why am I doing it question doesn't make me happy, so I stopped asking
    The whole day is just a rollercoaster of fake mood swings
    At the end of the day, I go to bed knowing I have to repeat the whole thing again, and I low-key wish I'd wake up to something different, but ahh if wishes were horses right haha
    But I also go to bed knowing that, since I didn't die today and I actually survived the whole day....then it means I can survive tomorrow and besides you're only at your lowest when there's something great coming your way soonest

    The fact that all of us in this generation can relate to this on some level is crazy like damn
    This some weird shit, but ahhh life is weird, and besides I heard someone recently say life's a celebration, hmm. Not really my accurate definition tho, but it works for now so I'mma just go with the flow and by flow I mean
    The grind, the journey, the ups, the downs, and staying positive and making the best out of every situation
    Even this one
    The numb.


  • anglesbyjfk 26w

    I would Love to see a Nigeria that exudes Love , where citizens are educated on Leadership, Youths are motivated, nature is explored, Creativity is inspired, Health is promoted, Sanitation, Education and the generally the well being of all citizens aren't profit oriented. A Nigeria that is void of crimes, corruption and evil malpractices. A Nigeria where Peace and Prosperity reigns. In Summary, A Nation that isn't Microwaved but a Well-Cooked Nigeria. God Bless Us All And God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • thegreatimman 26w

    Praying For Nigeria

    Everything was rosy, everywhere was cosy.
    We were living in a land of milk and honey.
    The fire of love was burning, saints up and running.
    I could preach the gospel and nobody would stone me.
    Families were mingling, wedding bells ringing.
    And all the people singing wrote songs that were uplifting.
    Unity was our mission, but now it's superstition.
    It doesn't look like we're gonna get rid of this division.
    Did I forget to mention the animal dimension?
    Terrorists make slaughter like it was an exhibition!
    We're running helter-skelter, seeking for a shelter.
    Trying to find a way but not confiding in our maker;
    If we'll ever leave this venture, we need more than a lecture.
    But everybody's talking back, nobody wants to listen.
    We're selling out education?
    What's happening to our nation?
    Boast of an occupation but we have no reputation.
    We need some sanitation, give us a new direction.
    We're tryna play the doctors when we really are the patients.
    This is our evolution, we need a revolution.
    Take back everything stolen from our constitution!