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    Rubi's POV

    He brought me to his home. His parents went to a party, so we were alone.

    "I am sorry for treating you badly." Avi said.

    "It's okay Avi! As long as you are with me, I am happy. As long as you are smiling, i am satisfied. I don't want anything from you just please always stay by my side."
    "How can you be so selfless? In a relationship, both should be satisfied with each other, otherwise it will turn into a toxic relationship!"

    "I don't care! I just need you and your happiness. Even if you will never love me, I will still live by your side."
    "It's wrong Rubi! You will get nothing but tears."
    "I am not afraid of anything. I just want your acceptance. I am afraid that you will leave me alone. I don't wanna live without you. Please just let me stay!"
    "But why aren't you understanding? What if I never moved on from Ravya? What if I hurted you?"

    "You can hurt my body and everything you want! But please don't hurt my heart. I will not be able to survive without you!"
    "You are being blind about future, you don't even understand what you are saying right now!"
    "Yes! I know I am being navie. Yes, I know, I will get nothing in our relationship. But I can't leave you! You don't believe me because you are heart broken but trust me I will never ever betray you."

    "It is not about cheating each other. I am saying if I could never love you then what?"
    "It doesn't matter, I am used to it. Even my parents didn't love me. So I will survive, just don't throw me away from your life."
    "What are you saying? What about your parents?"

    "I didn't want to tell you about my past. But I think in a relationship, we need to open up. And I will tell you everything about myself without keeping any secret.
    I was an unwanted child. My father had to marry my mother because she got pragnet with me. After my birth, my father tried to kill me several times, but he couldn't succeed. He used to abuse me and my mother. That's why my mother got fed up of me and started hating me! She didn't want to kill me but she couldn't bear my presence. Both of them, started punishing me badly, sometimes they used to beat me with an iron rod, they used to drag me like an animal. They used to starve me for days and lock me up with chains." A flood of tears started flowing down my eyes. I wanted to say more but I was choking while saying things. Avi brought me a glass of water and patted my head.

    Avi's POV

    I messed up! I hurted her badly. She is crying so much, I didn't even know she has been through this much. I shouldn't have brought this up. This is such a sensetive topic and yet I asked randomly. I am such a jerk!

    "Listen, Rubi! Calm down. Just forget about them. They weren't worthy parents. Let this topic slide. Here, eat something." I slided a plate of pancakes to her, in a hope to change the topic.

    "No, Avi! You need to listen the whole truth. I don't want you to live in dark. You need to know every single thing about me, just like I know everything about you." She said.
    "There is no need to do this. Let it be..."

    "NO! I am going to tell everything and you are going to listen without making any noise."she ordered in a weird way. She was looking like a maniac. So I nodded.

    "You know, after some time my aunt brought me to live with her. You know why? Coz' both of my parents died! Isn't it funny how they both died, they weren't even ill. Gosh, karma really slams everyone to their right place." She started laughing hysterically.
    Next part is also gonna be about Rubi's past!
    I know I uploaded it too much late, but hey don't be upset from now on I will upload one chapter a week��❤️❤️
    Thank you everyone for bearing my undisciplined schedule ����������you are great readers! I am grateful to have you all��������

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    Avi's POV

    What is happening? Why is she acting so weird, I mean she used to follow me around but now she has changed? But why I am so worried? Isn't it exactly what I wanted yet somehow I am not liking her changed behaviour! What should I do? I think I should wait for her, no I think I should follow her, maybe I could get something against her.

    So I went to the lab room but found it empty, I started looking for her, when I suddenly heard some noises coming from a room nearby.

    "You have too much pride! I wanna smash your pride into dust and break your bones so that you can learn a lesson!"

    "What the heck are you even saying out of nowhere?"I heard Rubi's voice.
    "I know Avi is not into you!"
    "What are you saying? Who told you that?"
    "I have been with her for a long time and I can see the way he checks me out, he still loves me!"
    She knows that, yes I still check her out, but I hate her so much!

    "I know! And it doesn't matter to me. Now move out of my way." Rubi said getting up to her feet.
    "Listen, you fool! Stop fooling around. Loving him would not make you rich and give you money. But if you listen to me I can help you out!"
    "What the heck are you talking about?" Rubi shouted.
    "Don't yell at me! Listen here is the deal, I will allure him again and he will forgive me after that I will ask him for money. See he doesn't even love you, so it is better to get something rather than getting nothing! We will devide the money into two parts. What do you say?"

    I felt like my heart break into thousands of pieces after hearing that, neither was I moving neither were tears in my eyes. I was just still, numb and somehow breathing. I broke down badly.
    'SMACK' I heard a sound of slap. Rubi slapped Ravya.

    "Don't you dare say something like that. You nasty bitch! Because of you he is broken, because of you he doesn't even look at me. He still loves you with his whole heart and you...you are telling me to hurt him. I would rather die starving inspite of hurting him. Before hurting him, I would hurt myself and burn the world into ashes. You want money! Tell me how much do you want. Just stay away from him."Rubi said sobbingly.

    "Why are you slapping me, he doesn't even like you, so there is no point in loving him. And you know what go to hell. I will do what I want you are a nobody to me. And you are just a leftover picker, he was mine ex, I left him and then you picked him. I used him first and now you are trying to enter in his heart and that is impossible because I am still there." Ravya laughed.

    At this, Rubi smirked," He may be your ex, he may be still in love with you. But I don't care, because I will never ever leave him until I die. He is mine and I don't allow anyone to hurt him. If you layed even a single finger on him, I swear to God, I WILL KILL YOU! And its my promise. You know it better that how good I am at keeping my promises!"

    At this Ravya pushed Rubi, she was going to hit her. I ran and holded her hands tightly," Stay away from my girlfriend," I said.
    "Whaatttttt ???" She was stunned.

    "I said stay away from my GF! Do you have some problems with your ears? Go away from here or either I will smack your head."
    She quickly ran away from the room. I helped Rubi to stand up, her arm was scratched and blood was coming out. I tore the curtain and bandaged her arms instantly.

    "I am sorry!" Rubi said.
    "Why are you apologizing?" I asked without looking at her.
    "I hurted you again, you should have gone home. Trust me, if she did anything to you, I will not forgive her."
    "Am I a toy? Do you think I will not be able to save myself? Why do you always try to be a hero towards me?"
    "I am sorry!" Rubi said looking down on the floor, tears were flowing down from her eyes.

    "I want to tell you something!" I said.
    It may be a little cliché but let's go with the flow ��.....

    Ughh ..I don't even know when I will write next chapter. Online classes has been started and finding time to write this is stressful����I know this is just an excuse but for now, bear with my undisciplined schedule.
    Hope next chapter will be uploaded soon!��

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    Rubi's POV

    What happened just now? How can Avi hurt me? How can my innocent Avi turn into a demon in just a friction of seconds? Is this for real? I went straight to the bathroom and washed my face. Tears were flowing continuously from my eyes.

    One minute, doesn't that mean he is just like me. He is calm because he hates violence and can be dangerous if someone try to do anything against his family. God, this is interesting! The more I know new things about him, the more I get attracted.

    But this all happened due to that bitch Ravya, I would certainly kill her. I will slit her throat and make slice of her skin. I swear I will tear her body in two parts and.......wait a second, if something happened to Ravya, what would Avi think. Wouldn't he be upset and more than that I know he still loves that bitch.what if Avi started hating me more after Ravya's death. No, I can't take risk and kill her in order to get my revenge. Revenge can wait but love can't!

    So I will not kill or harm her. Firstly, I have to brought a big hatred towards Ravya in Avi's heart. That much hatred which will lead him to destroy Ravya's everything. Yes, I will do this.

    And my love, don't worry, I will not punish you for what you did today. Because you dared to say your heart out even though you know that I can destroy everything in couple of minutes. It's okay of you do not believe me yet, coz' after some days you will just believe in me.

    (Next day)
    "I am sorry, Avi! I should have asked you before telling everyone about our relationship!" I said.
    "As I said I forgive you. And...I am also sorry for being rude with you. I don't know what happened to me but I couldn't control my rage" Avi said in a cracked voice.
    "It's alright my love! No need to say sorry. I belong to you. You can hurt me, you can utar..your frustrations upon me."

    "Do you even know what you are saying?" He asked in a surprised tone.
    "Yes, babé! I know and I even know that you don't have trust on me but as long as you are with me, I guess it is alright. I will do anything for you coz' I love you unconditionally." I smiled.
    "Whatever! I am heading to class. Bye" he said.
    "Yeah, bye!" I smiled weakly.
    I saw a ray of surprise in his facial expressions yet he said nothing to me. Yes, my plan is going on a right track.
    How will this feel my love, when your stalker lover, who used to follow and terrify you suddenly stops nagging you? Let's see your reaction. I will keep my distance but my eyes will always be on you!

    For a whole week, I kept my routine just like this. Avi was a bit happy and amazed by my sudden change of behaviour. Oh God! This is so freaking tough for me not to be with him all the time. But I know with little more patience he will come to me without any enforcement.

    "Rubi, you are not going home today?" He asked me. Both of us used to go home together.
    "No, I have an assignment to show to the teacher. So I will stay here for an hour, you can go by yourself. Don't worry, I am not going to keep you here waiting for me. You should go!"
    He was somewhat sad after hearing this. Oh no! I didn't wanna hurt him. But I guess I will have to be patient.
    "Okay! I will go by myself." He said.
    "Yupp, take care!" I smiled.

    After school, I went to lab to show the assignment. My work finished in just ten minutes and I knew it. Yet I told Avi to go home alone although it was so hurtful for me too. So I started for home when suddenly a hand grabbed me from backwards and pushed me to a nearby room. To my surprise, it was Ravya!

    "What the heck do you want?" I demanded her an answer.
    Will this change brought them together ��? Let's see in next part.
    Next part is coming tomorrow ����!!

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    Avi's POV

    I couldn't even sleep properly at night thinking about what would happen today! I don't know what is going on in her mind but I am pretty sure that she wants to harm my family.
    I was walking restlessly in the hall, thinking about how to safeguard my family.
    "Son! What are you doing?"
    "Nothing Mom! I am just nervous."
    "Why? Just because your girlfriend is coming ?"
    "No! That's ..that is not the reason." I didn't want to tell my mum about Rubi's arrival. But I thought if Rubi got mad, she will do anything worst. So it's better to tell them beforehand.

    Ding-dong, ding-dong)))
    Mom opened the door. Rubi was standing there with a bouquet of flowers and some boxes. She was wearing school dress.

    "Come on in, Rubi!" My mom said.
    "Good morning, aunty!" She smiled innocently. What a hypocrite!
    "I brought some gifts for you" she said.
    "Oh there was no need to bring them! You are such a lovely girl!" My mom praised her.
    "So you are Avi's girlfriend. Tell me what do you like about him?" My father asked her out of nowhere. Why have I got such a dramatic family?

    "Everything about him is captivating! He is so charming that I want to hide him forever in a room and lock him up there, so no one could dare to touch him or snatch him away from me!"
    "Whaaattttttt?" I squeaked in a panicked voice. After a second of silence, all started laughing.
    "You really are an amazing girl, Rubi! Come, let's sit and have a talk!" My mom said.

    "No!!" Everyone stared at me," I mean we are getting late for class so she will come again someday. Let's... let's go to school." I asked Rubi.
    "Okay love! As you say." She smiled.

    "Okay, but make sure to bring her home. And Rubi if he teases you, tell me straightforwardly I will surely punish him for this."
    "You are right, sweetheart!" My father followed my mum's Talk.
    Why everyone around me, is so dramatic!

    "See your family already likes me!" She chuckled coming outside my home.
    "Coz' they don't know your true face!" I exclaimed.
    "And they will never know! I believe that you will not try to tell them because if you do that I would make sure to destroy your family's peace." She dangerously smiled.

    We arrived at school and everyone around us started whispering. Why were they behaving so childishly? God knows from the day, Rubi has arrived in my life, everything and everyone around me is becoming weird. I guess I should just go with the flow.

    "Hii,Rubi!" I turned around after hearing a familiar voice. Ravya was standing before me. I hated that I was still checking her out, even after she broken my heart. I think I haven't moved on from her yet.
    "Hlo!" Rubi said in a cold voice.
    "What happened to you my bestie? Why are you acting so indifferent towards me? Is it because you have got my ex-boyfriend as your current one?"Ravya smirked.

    "Hey watch your language! And yes, I will never talk to you because my dear baé hates you, so in nutshell I hate you too!" Rubi clearly said.
    "What?" Ravya was surprised after hearing that,"so, I heard right that Avi is now your boyfriend?"
    "Yes, he is! You got some problem with that?"
    "This is rediculous!"

    "Stop fighting you two! I wanna go to class. Rubi, let's not waste any time and attend the class." I pulled Rubi by her hands and started walking towards our classroom.

    I was feeling agitated and angry. I pushed her with full force to the wall and gripped my hands on her neck and said," You did this! You are the reason that I have to go through with this shit! Why did you tell others that we are in relation? I didn't want to confront her. She did wrong and didn't even apologized, yet she dared to talk so lowly to me. It is all just because of you!"

    Tears were falling down from her eyes and she was trying to breathe properly. I removed my hands from her neck, she started coughing and said," I did nothing wrong Avi! I wanted everyone to know that you belong to me so that no one can dare to steal you away from me. I swear I never wanted to hurt you. Please forgive me, please forgive me just this once, I would never repeat this mistake." She starting pleading for my forgiveness.

    "Look Rubi! I know you are a way too much smart and manipulative. I even understand the show you are putting on. You are just trying to look like 'you are afraid of me' but this isn't the case and I know your dramas! I am not as dumb as you think! Just KEEP IN MIND that I don't freaking believe in you. And yes, I will forgive you coz' I have a family to take care of and I would do anything for them. I am not afraid of you. If something happened to my parents, I swear I will chop every piece of your body and throw it in gutter. Trust me, you will never want to see that monstrous side of mine."

    Saying that I went to my class.
    Heh, this was something new about Avi!���� let's see how Rubi takes his anger!
    Next part will be uploaded on Sunday.

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    Rubi's POV

    They were chasing me, they were trying to KILL ME !!! I saw the bloodlust rising in their eyes, they wanted to drink my blood. I was trying to scream so badly yet it felt like my voice was stuck, it wasn't coming out from my mouth.
    Suddenly I fell down, I looked at my arms, their was blueish marks everywhere, even my legs were bruised. I was feeling a huge pain, I saw them coming near me....I tried to get up but my legs were wobbly and I couldn't get up. And after that I felt a knife near my throat....

    "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Helllppppppp! Please someone help meeeeeeee!!!" I screamed loudly.
    But no one came! They tried to stab me with their knife when suddenly a hand came and snatched that knife away from them.

    They got frightened and vanished from there. That person...that person was Avi!!!

    Suddenly my eyes opened and I found myself drenched into sweat. I picked a glass of water and gulped it like my life depends on it.
    Ughhh.....I always see those nightmares, I still remember those faces, they try to kill me, they try to hurt me. I was a living dead person with zero emotions until Avi came into my life. My dreams were filled with nightmares... nightmares of my death, nightmares of someone chasing me.

    I still see those nightmares but now I am not all alone. Now Avi is with me, he had helped me to get over my fears and traumas without even knowing. His smile...his smile makes my day brighter and snatches away all my worries. That's why he needs to be with me always. HE BELONGS TO ME! And I will do anything to make him mine.

    But I know that he is still scared of me and it will take a long time for him to accept me. I took Avi's photo frame in my hands,"Hey my love! Why are you so ignorant about my feelings? You know I am angry with you, there are so many things I wanna tell you. I want you to know everything about my past. But you...you didn't even asked anything about me, anything about....my parents. God! I can't take this anymore my love! I want to cuddle you, I want you to hide away from this world, I want to lock you up here in my basement, I want to chain you forever, so that no one will snatch you away from me. But I guess I just have to wait for a long time to complete my wishes!"

    Avi's POV

    I arrived home safely. Thank God ,I am still alive! But for how long? It is still a question revolving in my head. Should I report to police? But what if Rubi revealed everything...no I should do as she is doing...but what if she still revealed those photos and videos? Why should I trust her? She is a MURDERER! She needs to be in jail and get hanged. I think I should report her...


    An unknown number flashed on my phone.
    "Hello! Who is it?"
    "Oo my amore! How could you forget me so early that's so bad of you? What are you doing?"
    "I..I am ...I am doing nothing! Why...why did you called me?"
    "What's with this attitude? Are you angry with me my love?"
    "No, I am not! And please stop calling me 'my love'!"
    "Aww... then what should I call you baé???"
    "Don't be that much rude! Apart from our little fight, I called you because I am coming in your home tomorrow!"
    "To greet your parents! And remember I still have an eye on you! So don't try to act smart because it will just harm your family, not me! Bye my love, see ya soon!"

    Noooooo! I can't report her, I can't put my family on danger. I will do just as she wants. But what if she still does something bad to my family?
    Yes, Rubi has a past! And it will be soon revealed ������....next part will be uploaded soon ��


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    Rubi's POV

    Avi looked so stressed after I told him about his family's big secret. I didn't wanna see him like this. But he needed to know this.
    "Why should I believe you? You created all this shit just to nag me!" Avi snarled.

    "It depends upon you, you wanna believe it or not but the truth can't be changed. You have no evidence that I am a murderer and I have lots of evidences that your father is a murderer, even your mother knows everything about it. So police will also arrest her. Oh Gosh! You family is so twisted."

    "No, that's not true! Please say that it's all lie." Avi started shaking badly.

    "It's the truth Avi! Now you are thinking how I know about this secret. Let me tell you everything. My aunt who is my mentor and the only person I adore in this world after you, she was your father's ex-girlfriend. Yeah, your father was a playboy until he got married. So your father and my aunt dated for three months and then he got bored and dumped my aunt. After that, he started dating Sakshi. This made my aunt furious. She was deeply in love with him. She wanted to get revenge on him so she decided to spy on him.
    One day, she was following him closely and it was something different because he was all alone that day and also was furious as hell. My aunt thought that was the right time to take revenge on him. She wanted to shot him with his gun. But she found something suspicious. He was also holding a gun!
    She kept following him and they reached in an apartment. He unlocked the room with a key and entered inside shouting and yelling like a maniac. Then he shot a couple with his gun. My aunt peeped all this through the window slide and recorded everything on her phone.
    That girl was his current girlfriend Sakshi with her real boyfriend. He found out that she was cheating on him. So he killed both of them."

    "Why didn't your aunt give that recording to the police?" Avi asked sobbing.

    "She wanted to...but your father was a way too much rich so he turned his murder into an accident. And my aunt was just a normal middle class girl. If she handed those evidences to the police, she would have been brutly killed. That's why she kept mum."

    "So she told you everything about that murder?"
    "Yes, when I told her about you and your family. She told me everything. She is such a sweetheart! See, because of her, you can't rum away from me. If you do that I will leak all the evidence to public!"

    "Who will believe in your story? All this happened 20 years ago!" Avi asked me.

    "How innocent you are! Your father is in a business. He has so many foes there. And this evidence can make all your property crumble in seconds. You are intelligent Avi, think with your mind and save your family." I smirked.

    He nodded and said nothing after that. I know he is struggling inside his mind anf I have to do something so that he can be a little bit happy.
    "You can go home now! My driver is waiting for you. He will drop you at your home."
    "What? Really! I am free now. You will not kill me? Or neither you will defame my family?" He asked in a cute optimistic voice.

    "No babé! You are love of my life. I will never do anything bad to you until you do as I say. Remember, you will not tell anyone about your family secret. And neither will you tell others about your abduction. I already told your family and said that you were with me all this time. Introduce me as your girlfriend in front of everyone."

    "Okay I will do as you say. But please never reveal anything about my family." He said.
    I nodded and after that I went with him to the car and bidded him a bye. I know I took a big bloody risk. But I am confident that Avi will do anything to save his family.

    Now Avi is free and story will take a new turn... everything is gonna be messy from now on��✨✨�� ❤️��
    welp, next chapter will be uploaded on Sunday ������


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    (Avi's POV)

    "But I wonder what will Ravya say when she will look me with you?" I asked.
    "Oh my love! You are so navie. She doesn't even matter. I hated her whenever I saw you talking to her. But I knew that she will leave you because she can't fall for anyone. She is totally money minded and she don't believe in long term relationship."

    "Does that mean she liked me just for money?"
    "Yes. But she didn't want to break up with you. Coz' she knew you are the richest boy in our school. But fortunately to me, you saw her with another boy and I am so happy that you broke up with her instantly." Rubi chuckled.

    But all this new information, hit me hard. I thought that Ravya still love me and she will come to me to apologise and I would forgive her instantly. But after hearing all this, I am feeling sad. Those memories with her seems all fake. I thought she love me for real but everything was just for money. Just thinking all this is making me sick to my stomach.

    "And what about you? Do you also abducted me just to get my money? I know you are her friend, so you must be like her!" I hissed.

    She said smilingly," I know you are in pain after knowing all the truth about her. But my love! As I said don't compare me with her. I am as rich as you are! If I wouldn't have been wealthy, I would have asked for your money rather than your love!"

    I don't believe her. She is her friend and she is also a liar.

    "Okay! I believe in you. Please do me a favor."
    "Yes, yes! Tell me what you want!"
    "Please untie my hands. These chains are hurting me badly. I swear I will not try to run away from you. Just untie my hands."
    "No, I can't...I will not...I don't believe in you..you..you will run away from me."
    "I am saying I will never run away from you. Just untie these already!"
    "No, never!"

    "Okay, then never say that you love me because if you had loved me, you would have done whatever I am saying. You don't love me!" I said aggressively.

    "No, no! That's not truth, I love you, I love you with my everything. Please believe me!" She panicked.
    "How can I ? When you don't believe me, how can I believe in you! You are a liar. You also want my money just like your friend."

    "Shhh...stop it. Okay, I will untie you but promise me you will not run away from me"
    "Yes, I promise!"

    She started untieing my hands. Yes, my Oh God! Thanks a lot, now I will be able to run away from here!

    The moment she untied my hands, I pushed her with my whole strength and run towards the basement staircase. I was just a step close to the first floor but suddenly the door closed.

    "What do you think babé? I am a fool? I don't know what's on your mind? My love! I know everything about you! Your movements, your lies, your truth, your secret, your smile, your cry...I freaking know EVERYTHING! I knew you would do something like this."

    "Just shut up! You do not know anything about me. I am going to escape from here even if I had to broke the doors or this room." Saying this I started breaking chairs of the room.

    "Stop misbehaving Avi! You will not be able to escape from me even if you get out of here."
    "What? What do you say? I will report you to the police, you murderer!" I shouted at her in full range.

    At this, she pushed some button near the wall and the door opened.
    "Now go and report me! Report your father also because he is also a killer like me, he also murdered someone."

    What did she said? Is she insane or something like that. And why am I believing in her, I should just run away from this psycho.
    "I have evidence against your father. I will show it to the police the moment you reported me. Actually no, I will get them viral on social platforms so that your family reputation will go down instantly. And your father would die with some heart attack."

    I stilled in my place. I couldn't move or run away from there.
    "What happened my love! I told ya, I know everything about you and your fate is entangled with mine. YOU BELONG TO ME."

    She started laughing hysterically.
    Yo guys, I am back with this late update���� sorry for this. But I got super busy ✨��.....now, now past mistakes of Avi's parents will trun his life into a mess. But how? For this you have to wait for next chapters ����

    Next chapter will be uploaded soon.

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    Tell me if you wanna get tagged ����
    Rubi's POV

    I did it again, shit, never thought that he would get so panicked after seeing a dead body.

    He looks so adorable while sleeping! Gosh, I love him so much.

    "Sorry Avi! I mixed a sleeping pill in the water. You should sleep for few hours until then I will dispose this body somewhere in this forest!" I kissed his forehead and dragged the dead body out from basement.

    (After 5 hours)
    Avi's POV
    There is no need for you to be scared��
    One taste of me and nobody compares��
    Nightmare, let me be your nightmare ��

    I heard the same voice singing the same song as I heard few hours ago. Ugh..I don't even know how much time has been passed since I am here. Is there no one searching for me? Will no one come to rescue me?

    I heard footsteps coming near me. But I decided to keep my eyes close so that Rubi will leave me alone with my thoughts. After seeing her with that dead body I am scared. She is dangerous. I wanna get away from here.

    "Avi, my love, wakey-wakey! Don't sleep too much. It's not good for your health."
    But I ignored her and kept pretending.
    "I know that you are awake. Don't make me repeat things babé, wake up or else I will punish you!"

    "No, no... please don't kill me.. please let me go...I will do whatever you want, just let me out from here." I said while shivering.
    "Hey, calm down! I am not going to kill you and I want you to be with me so what's the point in getting out of here. You need to be here, with me, for forever."

    "Why did you kill him?" I asked her.
    "Huh, what are you...ohh you are talking about Ronit! Don't you remember what he did to you? Don't you remember how he broken your limbs and because of that you have to admit in hospital for three days! How can he be alive after what he did to you? He needed to die." She chuckled.

    A memory of that day swept in my mind, when I saw Ronit kissing Ravya in a party. My blood was boiling and I went towards them with full rage. Ravya said that Ronit was Kissing her without her consent. This made me furious and I started beating Ronit. He was strong than me and after ten minutes of punching each other I fall on the floor and he started kicking me badly which made my ankle bones damaged. I literally had to rest on bed for one week. Sometimes I still feel ache in my ankle.

    But it doesn't mean Rubi has to kill him. She did a murder. She should be in jail.

    "What are you thinking, babé?" She asked me in tempting voice.
    "Nothing I just realised that how much you care about me. I always wanted to take revenge on Ronit and you fulfilled my wish. How should I thank you?"
    "Aww... that's so sweet of you! You were thinking about me. I know gradually you will also love me like I love you!"

    Yes, first phase of my plan succeeded! Now Rubi has trapped in my plan, i will certainly escape from here!
    I am really sorry guys for this late upload but I literally was feeling low during the past week, that's why I couldn't upload my story ��...I am all good now and here is the chapter 4��.....will Avi's plan succeed? What do you think? Tell me in comment box ��❤️

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    Avi's POV

    After half an hour, Rubi came into the basement. She was wearing a red gown with a beautiful golden floweric brochure fixed in it. She was looking beautiful.

    "Are you checking me out" she chuckled.
    "No, I am not! I thought you would bring something unique. You were saying I would love your surprise but for your information i am not a bit impressed by it. You only chaged a mere dress."

    "Stop telling lies, I know you liked my dressup. By the way, it's not the surprise. I just changed because my clothes got dirty. Now I will show you that precious surprise."

    Saying this, she pressed some button near the staircase and suddenly a squarical piece designed on the roof pushed aside and to my great horror a body hanging to a rope settled straight in front of my eyes. And then again Rubi pressed the button, the rope cut down and the body of a boy fall down near my legs.

    There was zero movement in him. It felt like he was staring at me with his big eyes. The seen was so terrifying for me. Blood and cuts were everywhere in his body.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed with the top of my lungs," Whattttt....how.....This is..this is Ronit! How did this happened...what happened to him?" I panicked.

    "Huh, you remember his name? Well, when I asked him about you, he was like a scared abandoned dog. He didn't even know about his wrongedoings so I had to make him remember. You know, he is the reason my dress got dirty. I tried to cut him into little pieces, but it was such a tough task. So I decided to just hang his body in rope.....do you like your surprise?" She chuckled.

    I started shivering badly, tears were brimming continuously in my eyes, I was terrified as hell. Rubi cupped my face with her hands and started rubbing her forehead with mine. She was trying to calm me down but I pushed her aside with my whole strength.

    "You murderer! You psycho....stay away! Don't touch me.. don't come near me...stay away."
    She shushed me yet I tried to resist," Someone please help me! Please let me out of here....please helpppppp....."

    "Shhhhhhhh....I said stop it! My love why are you being like this? I just killed him not you. Why are you screaming? Listen babé, no one is here. It's my house, in the mid of forest. No one lives here! And stop crying, I hate seeing you like this. Otherwise, I will have to punish you."

    I tried to calm down. She gave me a glass of water and patted my head. I wanted to escape from here but I was all tied.

    I can't make her angry she will kill me too!

    After a while, I was feeling a little dizzy, my vision became blurry and I fainted.
    Phew! This was intense ��...welp, I hope you were thrilled. I tried to describe Ruhi's psychoness in a different way...I hope you liked it! ��
    Next part will be uploaded after three days!����
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    Avi's POV

    I am in such a great pain. She really is a maniac! I think my legs have turned blue and prints of cane have made them look ugly. Ugh...what am I thinking? I need to escape from here somehow. I think my parents and friends will be worrying about me. Maybe they have already reported to the police. I really have to bear with her torment for a little while. God knows! Maybe she will kill me if I did something wrong. Oh God! Please help me.

    After 5 minutes, I heard footsteps near the staircase of basement. I wonder if there is anyone in this house except both of us.
    "My love! I brought the ointment. It will give you a little burning sensation so please bear with it." She said in her cracked voice.

    See, I told ya, she is a total maniac. First of all, hurted me with her own hands and now regretting it. Maybe she is just putting on a show so that I will get attracted towards her. But that's not going to happen...nah, never.
    "Ouch" I squeaked," hey, apply it nicely. It's really hurting me."
    "S..sorry..I will apply it slowly." She was seeming threatened by me. What an hypocrite!

    "It's done! Now I will bring you some food, after all you haven't eaten anything since morning." She stood up with wobbly legs.
    Suddenly my eyes went to her legs and I saw some dark red-blueish marks on them. I wonder how did she got them.

    After five minutes, she brought food for me.
    "Look, Avi! I made this myself just for you. Taste it and tell me how is it!"
    I literally didn't want to eat anything made by her but the hunger was killing me so I nodded and guess what she didn't even unlocked my hands and started feeding me like a four year olds child.
    "Ugh.... can't you just unlock one hand and let me eat on my own?"
    "No, my love! I don't believe that you will co-operate with me. As soon as, I will unlock you, you will try to get away from me. And I don't want that!"

    Huh...she is viciously smart! After eating food I asked her,"Hey, tell me one thing, how did you got those marks in your legs?" Ugh....why do I have to ask her that but curiosity is eating me alive.

    She smiled," I am feeling so delighted to know that you care for me. Well, this is my punishment for hurting you!"
    "Whatttttt???? Are you totally insane? What in the world does that mean? This isn't even ridiculous!"
    "Why my love? I hurted you, so I deserve this. I am not like others who believe that hurting their loved ones will keep them near. If I hurted you, I also need to get hurt. After all, I love you with my whole heart. I will die for you, I will die with you and I will hurt every damn person, every damn thing that will hurt you including me. This is the depth of my love for you."

    She is a psycho! No, she is far more dangerous than that. God, why aren't you saving me?

    "Stop staring at me like I am an alien! By the way, I have a surprise for you. I think you will love it! Let me bring it down. It's really heavy." She chuckled lightly.

    Surprise? What could it be? How is she so confident that I will love that?
    Yo! How was this chapter?��tell me in comment box!
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    A horrific melodious voice of girl....

    Call me sin, call me trouble, call me a deadly vice��
    I will wake you up, set you on fire, I will bring you to this life��

    "Help, help! Who is this? Please...please get me out from here!" A male's panicked voice was echoing in the basement.

    There is no need for you to be scared��
    I want to be your nightmare ��
    Let me be your nightmare ��

    "Who are you...stop singing? Please let me go!" He shouted again.
    "Shhh...Why are you so noisy, Avi! Let me unfold the clothe from your eyes." The girl whispered.

    Rubi's POV

    "Rubi! You?? What are you doing here? Why did you binded me with iron chains? Let me go!" Avi panicked and tried to unlock the chains from his arms and legs.

    He is so adorable! I wanna chain him up here for the lifetime so that we can live together without any hinderance.

    "Just hearing my name in your beautiful voice, soothes my mind! These are iron chains; why are you struggling to break them with your slender hands.Ohhh, darling! Why are you so navie? Now stop this! You might hurt yourself."

    "What do you want? If you want money say so, just tell me how much money do you want to free me from here?" Avi screamed at me.
    "No babé! I have plenty of money. I want you. Hahaha...hahaha...why do you think that I will free you just for some money shit!" I stated.

    "You want me! What a ridiculous thing to know! For what do you want me...to break my heart, like your best friend Ravya broken me. You are just like her! No you are more vicious than her."

    "How dare you compare my pure love, with that bitch! Call me vicious..you have right to say anything to me but how dare you compared me with that bitch!"

    "No, you are just like her! A cheater's friend is also a cheater!"
    "I told you, not to compare me with her! You need to be punished."

    My anger was boiling like hot water. I took a cane and beat his legs like a maniac. He was squeaking with pain and in an instance, I looked into his eyes, to my horror, tears were brimming in his beautiful captivating eyes.

    Cane fall down from my hands, I touched Avi's face with my hands and cupped his cheeks," I am..I am sorry..I am really sorry, my love! How can I hurt you? I am really out of my mind. Look, please forgive me...I really love you and I promise that I will never hurt you. Please just..just never compare my love with anyone. It makes me furious. I will..I will bring ointment for you...just bear a little bit!"

    I dashed to my room up above the first floor. He must be in so much pain, I need punishment for myself. I promised that I will never hurt him. He is already scared and by hurting him like this may have scared him a lot.

    I need to punish myself!
    I am back with my story as promised ��! Tell me how is this part?
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    (Sequel of "We Are Permanent"-----#minedarkfiction)

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    "I will love you, I will protect you, I will die for you, I will die with you, I will kill anyone who tries to come between us. Yes, I am psycho. Call me trouble, call me sin, call me a deadly vice, but at the end of the day I will be the one who will bring you to this life..(laughing) darling, you are all mine now. No one can apart us, not even you. I will be your nightmare but you don't need to be scared of me, babè! You can't get away from me!!" She said in her deadly whispering voice.

    In this story you will see craziness of love, violence, psycho killer and an innocent boy traped in the claws of a deadly psychopath girl.

    Let's begin the true fun.������
    Welcome to my dark world ������
    Feel free to give me any suggestions and show my mistakes ����
    C. O. M. I. N. G. S. O. O. N.

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