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  • _joli18_ 1d


    Dreams are mysterious part in our life,
    They gives hope to a hopeless
    They guides a way to a mislead
    They shows an answer to a problem
    At last they are the same dreams that show nightmares in a happy soul


  • _hamna_ 5d


    The worst nightmares are seen while awake
    Nights are just another version of them


  • angels_halo_always_shines 3w

    Big Bad Wolf

    Open your eyes girl, tell me what do you see. Don't close your eyes so much, for that is when it starts to get shade. Keep your eyes open, and focused. Don't have to let the dark in. Too much darkness leads to seeing your worst nightmare. Flashes of his gun in his glovebox. Hey girl, it's just a bad nightmare. He is not touching you.
    Open your eyes girl, the big bad wolf is looking upon you, while you cringe. Open your eyes girl, wake up. You see his face, forcing himself upon you. Save yourself while still can girl. Fight with all you have. Everything is blurry, and turning black. You drank too much girl. And took 1 too many pills. Now, you are his prey, as he is the predator.
    Nothing you can do but wait till it all over. I know you wanna throw up girl. It's all ok now. Wake the hell up, you are just in a repeating scene in your mind girl. Look around, you are safe and sound in your bed. No big bad wolf. No one preying on you, like a starving animal needing food. Take a good look around you are safe. No big bad wolf. It's over now.

  • prasanth8820 3w


    I Wish Dreams where promises,

    As Nightmares are the broken ones...

  • gracycharm 4w

    Some nightmares are reality of life....so it was!! My worst experience of all the nightmares I have seen...
    No it's not supernatural nor paranormal...
    It was just life and very normal!!

    P.s i am not depressed, it's just that I write when I feel sad
    #dreams #reality #2020 #nightmares

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    Unusual visit

    I saw a evil today...
    Yes it was my dreams...
    But you won't understand..
    I was paralysed...i could see him but not speak..
    There was a great agony in my heart...
    I wanted to shout go away!! Please...!!
    But it would only stand there to come more closer..
    I was hitting my legs...trying to move...
    But was again sleep paralysed...
    I wanted to yell and I did!!
    But he didn't moved...
    When he came more closer I realized..
    It was my inner fears...
    Which is dominating over me...
    I wanted to yell like mad..
    But no sound would come..
    I wanted to cry for help....
    I wanted to chop him off...
    And it only came closer and closer...
    Yes it was my internal fear...how I feared to loose..
    I could see it in him..
    It would tell me in his slow voice how incomplete and incapable I am...
    A peice of failure...when it came more closer to bind me with it's branching black shadow ..
    I was breathless... I could not breathe
    I tried to gasp....and there I was yelling..
    Like never before... without breath and a great panicking
    I opened my eyes...
    Noone ...just my yelling friends...whom I might have scared...by my irresistible shouting.
    Then the room was filled with grave silence..
    And I was just pondering over what just happened..!!!


  • darlingdontfret 4w

    Angels & Monsters

    The monsters in my dreams
    Are scaring me awake
    But the angels in my dreams
    Are begging me to stay

  • manjisthajana 5w

    A half baked love story and the half drunk madness enjoy the nightmares of my failure with an endless virtual desire.

  • angels_halo_always_shines 5w

    Sometimes, when it's dark on the inside, with so much pain, you eventually have to let the light come in. If not you will wallow in your own insecurities and delusional world.
    I think that is what I have done. And let me tell you, it's not so pretty. I get lonely a lot, but I have grown accustomed to the solitude I created all on my own. I used to have a fear, of loneliness. That fear is now gone.
    Sadness, has entered my body, through a lifetime full of depression.
    I keep wishing it away, it just won't budge. Manifested deep inside my bones, making clones of their own. Buried so deep all I can do is attempt to say I'm ok, when really everything within me is broken. Broken beyond repair, despair it's always been there. There is a sorrow that burns from the inside. Why won't it just find a new place to hide? I am convinced I am not doing something right. I am tired. I fight it, but there's no use. Depression wins over all. Victory after victory. Day after day. Year after year. Many days I don't want to leave my bed, perfectly content under my blanket. Sleeping in a fully medicated state. Sleeping used to make the pain bearable. Now, I fear going to sleep. The nightmares come alive then. Reliving the Hell in full fledged misery. How much trauma can a person take in a lifetime?

    I don't want anyone sad for me. This is an ongoing battle. I may be stronger and a better person. More understanding on many levels of perception. This is something I have gotten used to. The agony, the self hatred you think that happens over night? I am here to tell you it's taken many years to perfect such behaviors.
    The manifestations, are very complex in the battles they present me with.
    I try to have hope, a little hope can go a long way. Not this time around.

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    Lifelong Manifestations


  • k8tek0nrad 5w

    "Your 'good dream' is someone else's nightmare. Enjoy it."


  • ink_of_poison 5w

    #memories #nightmares

    #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork


    I was about to sleep �� but then her memories
    Scroll down. FML

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    Just when we thought
    we're over them

    These memories flash
    their haunting nightmares...

  • gyabhags 5w

    Isn't sleep one of the best gifts we've got?
    #sleep #beautifuldreams #nightmares #writersof mirakee #readwriteunite

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    Sleeping is the strongest drug,
    Talking about it is not at all a bug.
    Because there's so much to talk about it.
    And it is sure, most people won't deny it.
    You're tired, you go to sleep,
    You're upset, you go to sleep.
    You're bored, you fall asleep,
    You're in class, you fall asleep.
    It's something you curse when you have exams,
    It's something you love more than anything otherwise.
    Most beautiful things happen to us in dreams when asleep.
    But there are nightmares too which can make anybody weep.
    We might not know if God exists or not.
    But if he does, then this is the best thing from him we've got.

  • therealnickp 7w

    Recurring Nightmares

    Aren't we all sleeping though life?
    Putting our dreams intonation slumber
    And hoping for riches
    At the cost of making ourselves number

    Do you remember when you had the empathy?
    Do you remember the day it died?
    Sort of like taking yourself
    And throwing it into an entropy

    As you lost yourself along the way
    Did you ever think what could've been?
    What you've done?
    And how you thrown yourself in disarray

    Where shall you go?
    What shall you do?
    You have knowledge
    And you know what must be done, live

  • through_a_rabbits_eyes 7w


    3 days
    3 days with less than an hour of rest
    3 days of pain
    3 days of suffering
    I cannot sleep
    I cannot dream
    But I cant escape in my dreams
    So maybe thats for the best.
    My bones ache
    My body begs for sleep
    But I'm up never the less.

  • tazmanian_angel 8w

    A quick song in the style of “Do your ears hang low?” that was in my head... Dedicated to my dear husband who has been faithfully help me battle my night terrors... our friends have lovingly nicknamed him “Bear””.
    My night terrors are the result of my complex ptsd as well as traumatic brain injury; these are vivid nightmares that cause me to wake in the middle of the night screaming and crying. He will stay awake often times so that I’m able to fall asleep first, allowing me to feel safe while trying to guide me into lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is basically the ability to recognize the fact that you are dreaming so that you can control your dreams. I’m currently also on medication as of recently to help control them as well. These are similar to those given to former service members who suffer from ptsd post combat.

    #nightterrors #dreams #nightmares #ghosts
    #bed #sleep #sheep #countingsheep #bear
    #night #shadows #dark #darkness #gargoyle #scary #big #strong #luciddreaming #smile #weep #guard #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #ptsd #complexptsd #anxiety #insomnia #cptsd

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    Night terror Bear

    There are ghosts in my head
    Every time I go to bed
    Where I go to sleep
    And I try to count my sheep
    But my Bear’s big and strong
    Yes, he holds me all night long
    And guards me in my sleep

    My shadows try to hide
    From my dark prince turning tides
    He’s my gargoyle Bear
    Guarding while he strokes my hair
    If I wake in screams
    He’ll chase away my scary dreams
    In his big strong arms
    He’s like a lucid dreaming lucky charm
    When I smile or weep
    He joins me while I take a leap
    And guards me in my sleep


  • rumourtalks 8w

    "I am haunted by terrible nightmares..
    And when I'm asleep
    I get them to."


  • r_thoughts 8w

    Everytime I look myself on the mirror I cry, not because of how bad I look...
    But because I feel so guilty of punishing myself coz of the nightmares I've been through...

  • aphrolighte 9w


    Roaming within a broken castle

    The king foaming life's a hassel

    Glass full, he thinks yes

    Glass empty, he did his best

    Dying breath and morning dew

    He smiles saying good mourning

    At you

    Your lips part as trumpets start

    His eyes dart 

    Daring to say

    "Quiet now! My lovely, it's time to pray. 

    May God be merciful. May he take my soul another day."


    Another day has come

    Love is more than fun

    The queen runs and runs from some-

    Small man with a big thumb

    Unable to feel the loving numbness

    She cries her goodbyes.

    Awakes does she

    To a gentle giant wiping her eyes

    With a sigh he tells her

    "My dear you're swept in nightmares

    I've taken you away from there

    But your subconscious is unaware

    That now you truly have

    A man that cares." 


  • aryanshrivastava09 9w


    I dreamt while being wide awake.
    Of a hand, slowly caressing my head, while the skin around my skull continued to boil. Pungent fumes emerging out of holes punched, giving way to the osmosis of molten cranium that was unable to stand the heat emanating from the brain. Somehow the pain felt real, felt so real that it tried to jerk me awake while singing lullabies, somehow hovering my own conciousness over me, making me flap wildly towards it as I attempted constantly to gain it back. But the hand, just paused for a moment, waiting for me to settle down again, then it resumed its to and fro motion from the cliff to the base of my skull, providing no comfort but just making me aware that something is wrong with me, inside me.

    I dreamt while being wide awake.
    Of a joyride, over the most beautiful scenery, soaring above the highest of cliffs, while the river nearby delivered the sweet scent of spring right at my nose bridge. The progress of the ride was slow, and over time I could feel my lungs growing old from years of smoking, yet somehow I was aware that I had never touched a cigarette during that lifetime. Wheezing and coughing I lost my balance, to realise that this isn't a joyride but a parole, allowed to me on the condition that this will be the last one ever. On the condition, that i'll see the world while hovering in a transparent balloon, with limited supply of oxygen, which will render me lifeless as it runs out gradually. But the landscape was beautiful all the same, making me realise the shortcomings of being dead while my blood craved for lifesupport, more, every second.

    I dreamt of being wide awake,
    While a surgeon removed my limbs one by one. Absentmindedly pulling them out, with the nerves still attached to the other end. Apparently because I ran through an explosion. The surgeon attempted small talk while proceeding to make me useless. Informed me that eyewitnesses suspected me of being aware of an explosive ticking just ten metres away. While I walked towards it slowly, shouting "Death isn't real" at the top of my voice, uncovered the bomb, and tried to kiss it when the last second of its unshredded life began. Halfway through the surgery I noticed a blackened face staring right at me, until I realised its mine and has been removed, the doctor provided me with another mask eventually.

    I have dreamt of dreaming.
    While the dreams enclosing the dream then active, slowly deflate leaving me stuck in its offspring with no exit doors. I have dreamt of having nightmares during a slumber party with all my enemies in a single room, while I entertained the lot with my twitching, turning and sweat laden face. I have suffered nightmares surpassing the restricting limits of 'one per night', 'one at a time' and
    'One death per nightmare'. Though I call them 'dreams' now. Daunting my brain to brew more involving, harming and terrifying nightmares. Testing its strength to stand up against itself. Testing how often can it be creative while being unconcious.

    ~ Aryan Srivastava

  • the_lost_cause 9w


    The 2 nights that defines your liveliness. Ones that makes us sleep and the other that we make pass.


  • mute_my_mind 47w

    Lame life

    All my toneless nights were burnt by scorching memories
    And the clueless days were frozen by cold nightmares