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  • aditidas 2w

    Hello everyone ,
    I hope everyone must be doing well. So guys what do you think equality means in our ? Okay so let us take a basic meaning of equality , equality mean that everyone should be given equal rights and opportunities . Right? So do you think is this meaning true ? Is this what society does ? What I think is no society has never practiced this equality and you only 5% of people practice equality it's a quite bitter truth but ya this is only the truth . Few days back there was news that a widow was trying to help the village people by feeding them during this pandemic but the village people refused eat from her handmade food as she was a widow and you know the magistrate of that village set a example of equality amongst everyone by eating food from her hand and that was really heart touching. I felt really grateful for him . Now you must be thinking why did I gave this example? So let me answer your question , I gave this example so that I could try to explain the people who think they are too rich and they are the most big people in the world but, they are not so because they don't have a heart they don't understand the meaning of equality . The one who understands the meaning of equality , love , faith , generosity , poverty is the one who is the most biggest person in the world. Most of the times I saw that people deny taking something or giving something to lower caste people . That is what another problem in our society . In the caste system there are 4 groups :
    1. Brahmins ( pandits)
    2. Kshatriyas ( kings and the warriors)
    4.shudras(the labours)
    So as the above mentioned caste system says that there are 4 groups and the most lowest caste is shudras , earlier there was another caste was there called Dalits or the untouchables as per the society it was said that these people are too much polluted and even if someone touched them so so they got polluted . Even educated people also practice this even after knowing that the father of Indian constitution , Dr B.R Ambedkar was a dalit and he wrote the indian constitution but still it is practiced . according to article17 untouchability has been totally abolished and the 6 months imprisonment + 500/- fine but what I think it is not a good Punishment for them what I think is it should be more than one year and the person during imprisonment have to eat, live, talk and drink water from an lower castes hand cause he/ she should also understand the how it feels when someone is treated like this. There is another factor where discrimination is done and it's LGBT and transgender community , they are treated really badly . It's not Their fault if they are born like that . Everyone should get the same respect they should get . Pls try to understand and learn respect everyone ����

    Thank you

    Spread love����

    This one I wrote really back and I didn't got a proper attention . So posting it again

    Note- This article is not creating any offence or violence but want to spread a message of equality in our society.

    #equality #nooffence #lgbt #castesystem

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @odysseus @childauthor_345 @writersbay

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    Equality in our society


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    तुम कहते हो विश्वास करो
    किस पर?
    तुम पर
    या तुम्हारे झूठ पर।

  • passion_pearl 5w


    The best way to Impress
    Is to Express..

  • black_pearl_ 5w

    Boys Control Your Sexual Urges don't Be another Rapist Please :)

    #NoOffence Please

    AND no need TO argue on Gender basis :)

    @rusha_c siso anything wrong let me know :)

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    To The Rapist,
    Kindly Control Your Toxic Acts.

    Because of You Guys
    We Men Also Feel Shame
    to Be Called a ""MAN"".

  • dhruvi_the_dreamy_fairy 5w

    P.S - Just writing my feelings #nooffence

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    Patriarchy in roots

    It's ok to post stories about your favourite IPL team
    But you may feel hesitate to post about your favourite tv serials

    It's ok to be a car lover
    But you may feel hesitate to be Barbie lover

  • nishwakhan 11w

    You want me to lay my
    Heart down, shatter my
    Soul and shed my skin
    To prove you that
    I Love You!

    Honey! Love is an emotion
    To be felt by your heart
    Not to be proven by
    Any physical action.
    So, better you change
    Your definition of LOVE
    Or find yourself a LOVER
    who agrees to LOVE YOU

    // It's been long i wrote this after getting inspired by something and i never thought i was going to post this but i did. Also, the quotes i wrote in the first stanza are inspiredy by khushi julka and beingsheblog(instagrammers they are. I read something like this and this stayed in my mind for too long so i decided to write it. I am not sure if the quotes are exactly the same or I've made a few changes but if they are same, i give them the credit they deserve.�� But the second stanza is all my fresh work. #nooffence #nohate)//

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    Honey! Don't expect me to move an extra mile for you when you don't even bother to budge an inch.

  • loginfaith 22w


    Sometimes I wonder how many ribs you actually lost, because, it's like you have none left and the Holy book says, "a missing rib" which you clearly ignored and me acting surprised is useless cause one of your kind betrayed a king and others actually pinned a a tree and Him together with nails and a hummer... Which if I'm to say, then it's pretty messed up.

  • merealfaaz07 24w

    मेरे प्यार में कमी नहीं थी
    बस तू ही कमीनी थी।।

  • avesta 25w

    Stop Racism...

    To those who have been posting stop racism posts on their feed
    Firstly why don't you stop using those filters to look fair
    Why don't you avoid applying all those products to brighten your skin
    Practice before your preach darling!

  • lifeistooochota 25w

    Social media - within One second things go viral whether it's rumour or truth !!

    Everyone knows the incident of pregnant elephant died in Kerala,ALMOST everyone blamed, showed their anger on Kerala literate people(which is Kerala known for)
    and the very next day people are keeping status story of sorry(because they got to know the TRUTH)
    somewhere the half misinformation and people make the whole story..

    The pineapple was kept for wild boars because they come and destroy the crops and they infect the other animals !!

    Kerala government gave permission to kill them(wild boars) because of this incident !!

    But aren't the people who made up their only story(without knowing the whole truth) and rumours they are also the culprit ?

    Who gave you right to judge Kerala people or spread wrong information ?

    Before making anything on social media be sure you know the whole truth !!


  • naomi_writes 27w

    Just the other side of India

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  • royscribbler27 29w

    It can't be ignored, call out the ones who are following misogyny. They need to know the basic ethics of human. They are not mature , you make them learn it. You are not allowed to punish them but communication is the key.

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    Started from,
    Whistling at women in the street.
    Filthy talks.
    Laugh on misogynist jokes.
    Attraction to dehumanising entertainment.

    Why is it okay?
    To objectify women,
    Eroding their self esteem.
    Misogyny is brutal.

    Question arises,
    What if she is your mother or daughter?
    Misogyny is vulgar.
    Vulgar! For every single women.
    Oppressing women!!
    Not a tradition, No more

    Misogyny creating a vacuum,
    Men and women are just messed up.

    Voids in your brain,
    Demands basic ethics.


  • _shivangitelang 31w

    Public ki aankh ab bhi na khule toh "Tera toh Bhagwaan hi Malik h re baba"

    #NoOffence or phir bhi Offence hote ho toh GMCK kyuki ghanta fark nhi pdhta h re baba..! ��

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    Dwapar Yug has Duryodhan and Shakuni...
    KalYug has Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.


  • divine_love 32w


    Don't request anyone to follow your account.
    If one would relate and felt something after reading your writings, one would automatically do it.

    "Write to express and not to impress".


  • kaizaadbanaji 32w

    Stop Getting Offended

    A Phase Comes When You Stop Getting Offended. It Is Called "No- Fucks-To-Give" Phase♥️

  • ashapornamukherjee 33w

    Kidding me?

    People are getting sexier and here I'm getting more fat.


  • the_enigmatic_soul07 33w

    Say no to blame game..
    People are so shameless and always play the victim cards.
    They can never understand how it feels to poke or blame someone on social media or in personal or professional life.
    So please stop this game..
    If someone is not saying anything to you,does mean they are wrong..
    They are mature enough to choose their peace of mind over anything else.
    Thank you.

    @mirakee @mirakeewriterwork @mirakeewishpers #inspiration #life #thoughts #diary

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    No to blame game

    To someone who loves blame - game,

    तुम दूसरों पर कीचड़ उछालोगे,
    तो कीचड़ के छीटे तुम पर भी आएंगे,
    याद रखो,
    वह तो शान से ज़िंदा थे,ज़िंदा है,ज़िंदा रहेंगे,
    और तुम कीचड़ में रह कर शर्मिंदा थे,
    शर्मिंदा ही रहोगे।

    #No offence

  • priyakhyeedutta 34w

    #nooffence please ...��

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    Maat karo wo wada
    Jise tum nibha na sako
    Maat chaho use
    Jise tum pa na sako
    Kyuki pyar kaha kisika pura hota hai
    Kyuki pyar kaha kisika pura hota hai
    Pyar ka phela sabd hi adhura hota haii

  • soniyoo_26 35w


    I think quarantine is just for boys!!!
    Ask why?
    Cause don't you think ki qurantine k pehle bhi mummy aur ghr k ladies wahi Kam krri Jo abhi krti h! Qurantine made no difference to them!

    Bs pade pade ladke bore hue ja rahe hai!!! (Ladkiya bhi shayd)

  • manaas 35w

    Hairani ki baat hai
    ki aksar jiss Ghar bhagwan ki puja, parties aur outings se zyada Hoti hai, wahi ladhkiyon ki izzat bahut kaam Hoti hai
    Kyuki waha ladhkiyon ko toh izzat karar Kar diya jata hai Ghar ki, unki khudh ki izzat hoti Kaha hai