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  • rupaliwrites 49m

    A poetry dedicated to the innocence called ' Childhood'. Childhood has many charming memories. A skit of the children , by the children is one such innocent work,done playfully and patiently by the children.�� #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #poetry #poem #nostalgia #memories #childhood #innocence #skits

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    Skit of Innocence

    Speaking of Innocence of childhood,
    Reminds me of the stories of Robinhood,
    The make-believe acts of Stories and characters,
    Sarees and shawls ,scarves as the Attires of actors,
    The dupatta as the curtain,
    The handmade paper cut out crafts and some out-of-the-box art!
    The rehearsals and the dress rehearsals,
    The roles and redressals!
    The dialogues and the prologues,
    So naive at times,
    So mature at times,
    The props and the grinning gallops!
    The gaudy make-up and experimental hairstyles,
    The grandmothers and mothers , siblings and friends as the admiring audience,
    The nouveau actors on stage,
    Nervous and jittery,
    Managing their moustaches and beards,
    Adjusting their drapes and capes,
    Feeling proud of their stage persona,
    The spontaneous brilliance and occasional stammering, forgetting,
    The team effort of enthusiastic energy and synergy,
    The successful end of the skit,
    Followed by genuine applause and claps
    The capturing of the skit ,in the Charming camera of camera rolls,
    Which will unfold the moments of the gala event!

    -Rupali Gore Lale

  • josef_amaro 1h

    Nostalgia sometimes sits around
    Taking her sweet time in my headspace
    I get lost in a barrage of forgotten memories
    I'd like to visit yesterday

    Then grief as usual storms in after
    As if I needed her company today
    Just drives me mad, now livid
    I'd like to change yesterday

    Resentments never got no one nowhere
    Anger never helped me find my place
    Turns out her real name was sorrow
    She moved in some time yesterday

    Sorrow tells me she knows me better than I
    She has been here since my introductory days
    Tells me I should move on... I believe I have
    But truly I'd like to live in yesterday

    My mind drifts there from time to time
    To remind myself how far I came
    I'll always yearn for that innocence
    I used to know back in yesterday


    #poem #mirakee #pod #nostalgia #writerscommunity @poetrydelivery @mirakee_words @writersnetwork

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  • shri_hita_rasdhara 5h


    न जाने कहाँ खो गया वो बचपन!
    जहाँ न कोई जरूरी था,
    न किसी की जरूरत थी।
    बस एक झलक माँ की दिख जाती,
    तो हर कमी पूरी हो जाती थी।
    हर सुबह खुशनुमा हर शाम रंगीन,
    मानो सारी खुशियाँ अपनी हो।
    दुनिया से ब़ेगाने,
    हर ग़म से अनजान।
    थोड़े से प्यारे, थोड़े शैतान।
    बारिश में कागज की नाव चलाना,
    गर्मी में पेड़ पर झूले लगाना।
    दोस्तों को घर जा जाकर बुलाना,
    जाने कहाँ गए वो दिन?
    फिर से तलाशतें है, शायद कहीं मिल जाए।


  • the_words_of_a_wanderer 6h


    I met her
    At a different time
    A different phase
    A different sign
    A different face

    When the trouble was
    The lack of a future
    A lack of understanding
    Basic human nature

    It was a far off dream
    A distant cure
    An invalid reason
    A path so obscure

    The puddles of water evaporate
    The sunset fades
    We lie in a pool of our tears
    As we peel off our layers

    ©the_words_of_a_wanderer (Tushir Sharma)

  • riddhi15 7h

    A poem for those friends I never want to loose

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    I wish

    I wish the time could stop
    And stars could be at their place
    And we could sit beneath the glittering sky
    And make memories
    No one can replace

    I wish time could stop
    And we could stay in school forever
    And we could sit on the same benches
    Forgetting that there would be
    A farewell taking place ever

    I wish time could stop
    And we could, by chance fall
    in the same college for a day
    And we could miss a lecture
    And click photographs all the way

    I wish time could stop
    And we could accidentally meet
    In the Delhi to Bombay flight
    We could fight for the window seat
    And talk about all dark and light

    I wish time could stop
    And we could meet in ours 60s
    And we could talk endlessly
    Looking back
    To a life well spent indeed

    But time flies


  • thebhavnasaxena 10h


    Bizzare habits that kids have,
    This is from the little girl I used
    To be, I have been bottling up
    Essences that I steal, something
    That spoke to me, about someone,
    And I stored them in my heart,
    My heart a bundle of things I still
    Remember; I still remember the old
    Lady in my neighborhood, who
    Brought me cookies shaped like hearts
    And she used to say, do a kindness and
    Throw it in the sea, till it is brimming
    With kindness, and the smiles you bring
    Will be your treasure to keep; I go about
    My day, busy as a bee, but when I see a
    Heart shaped cookie, I remember, how
    Kind words are a gift and I can keep them
    Flowing like a river, spilling them recklessly,
    Till I have nourished back to life the
    Flowers that bloom in the smiles
    Of those touched with the magic of kindness
    To help them fight out their battles in life.

  • doctorceastra 10h

    Just a few things.

    Remaining are a few more things to do,
    Remaining are a few more conversations to have,
    Those forgotten memories are yet to come out,
    Those forgotten days are again to be explored,
    Some past moments are yet to be tried,
    Some past moments are again to be caught up on,
    Those random long drives,
    Those silly endless calls,
    Remaining are a few more conversations,
    Remaining are a few more things to do.

  • postcards_fromheart 2d

    There's something soothing
    About those castle bricks and the sunset gold.

    Everything seems possible.
    Like you and I can steal the moments
    Without hiding from the world.

    We could go home together, hand in hand
    Without having the fear of being on borrowed time.

    The vineyards would bind our secrets to the ground
    And the summer air would not have to be the carrier of teary promises of meeting in the morrow

    The kiss would be profound without being stolen.

    We could watch our family grow
    Yet have a world of just you and I.


  • udit94 3d

    _____������ ���� �������������� ����������_____
    _____________________PART 2_____________________

    On the 3rd day, I don't know if it sounds stupid or what but -
    I fell in a drain

    (You fell in what❗❗)

    {YOU WHAT??????????��
    Holy smokes….��
    What are you blind!!!
    It's a drain we're taking about..
    Can't you see that???}

    [Who is he btw?��]

    (I don’t know..
    You just mentioned about me in the trailer��
    No curly bracket guy was there!!)

    {��Well your story got interesting,
    I jumped out of the future stories..}

    (Moving on)

    I was reading a board when suddenly the footpath ended in an open drain

    (�� : This guy got no brains)

    [Why are you face palming me huh!!
    That never happened to you or anyone else]

    (Well it could have happened to us but WE ARE BLESSED WITH A PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL EYES).

    [My bad��]

    My earning was lost in that drain and I lost all my hope.
    The last and the only hope left is to wait for me to go to '�������� ���� ��������' for celebrating Dussehra
    That's where and when wealth is distributed to common people of the kingdom for their act of care and helpfulness.

    Nanu, a retired banker, knows that these little entrepreneurs weren't helping and providing their services for free.
    In my history of providing feet massage services to all my my grand parents I have never asked for money, although ����������, ������ ���������� and ���������������� ���� ���������������� �������� �������� needed money so yeah indirectly.
    But that day, I asked for 10 rupees.
    Nanu was dumbstruck.
    He freezed for a moment while taking out money from his pants hung on the toggle of the wall.
    He gave me a 20.

    (And there you go...
    As they say, "Give a teenager 20 bucks and watch him turn into Pablo Escobar.
    A child wasted on the road to
    alcohol abuse,
    bars and lounges,
    Drug addiction,

    [I'm gonna stop you right there...
    Or I will punch you right in the face..������������
    And smack that illogical thinking about me out of your brain.]

    (And violence..)

    I bought two pack of cards.
    Cricket and WWE.
    Showed them to Nanu.
    Kept it hidden until we came back home.
    Showed them to dad.
    Even his eyes were sparkling seeing those cards.

    "How's mom gonna react after this dad?"
    Dad looked up in the sky, just like Spiderman look at Iron Man's portrait on the wall, and said in a deep heavy voice, "She's gonna rip our hearts apart
    Drain out every ounce of blood in our body
    feed our flesh to the crows."

    (That's not what your dad actually sad,
    And your mom isn't a cannibal.
    Is she?)

    [No he didn't, but that's what it sounded like]

    The illegal property that I bought was sealed by the government and I was detained for 1 week.
    That's when I realized
    Cards are for kids.
    How old was I then! 12.
    I was a 12 year old man.
    I've outgrown the childish nature of buying stupid things like playing cards.
    I was on my way to achieve nirvana.
    I don't need cards.

    (He's crying inside....
    Now on the outside too ��
    I didn't expect this end though..
    I would have written it way better)

    I can still hear you..

    (What's your deal with crying anyway)

    [You won't understand man......]

    *And the conversation faded away*

    P.S. - (he still has those cards but unfortunately her sister packed it in some carton and forgot ��)

    #playingcards #nostalgia #ucomic

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  • udit94 3d

    _____������ ���� �������������� ����������_____
    _____________________PART 1_____________________

    It’s about the time……..

    [Long pause……… ��
    Still continued………. ⏳
    Actually I can’t remember….
    When was it again? Ughhh never mind..]

    Long Long ago….

    (�� : too mainstream….)

    Let’s say, It’s about the time when I used to pee in my pants

    (�� : So, you mean until 8th standard….)

    [��Sshhhhh… What are you saying!!???….]

    He’s kidding…��
    When I was little

    (�� : you still are…)

    [��Would you let me complete??]

    I got to know about the law of attraction : THE SECRET.
    The summary of that documentary is -
    "Kisi cheez ko agar shiddat se chaho to puri qaynaat use aapko milane me jut jaati hai."
    "When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it" - Paulo Coelho.
    I thought how about giving it a try.
    The thing that I wanted at that time the most and dreamt of it too was getting playing cards of WWE.

    (Playing cards!!��
    Are you serious!!??
    You could have wanted to become a millionaire if you had watched it right..)

    [Hey hey..
    I was a kid ok
    And be realistic
    First wish and that is to become millionaire ��..]

    You remember those playing cards displayed so elegantly in the mirror drawer of shops.
    and many more
    I was a fan of WWE back then you know.
    Even though my body was like Tajiri but my will power was like Big Show.

    (They can't understand your references ��)

    [Please also search on google if you don't know them]

    Ok, in simple terms,
    You'd blow out air from your mouth and I'd be displaced a few metres away.

    (*Blows raspberry out of mouth*��)

    You just spat on my face
    �� ��]

    No matter how massive you are, I would challenge you to fight.

    (And then run away ��)

    [Maybe you should run away before I take your soul out of your body ��]


    I was all set with my dream, all I needed then was mom's permission to buy those cards.

    (Why take a permission!!
    It's not like you're playing with cards and the next moment you'd end up in some Casino in Vegas)

    [Damn, you feel me.��]

    (You aren't going to kiss me now,
    Are you?��)

    [Gross! Why would I do that!! ��
    *Happy thoughts*
    *Happy thoughts*
    Getting back to where I was....
    Well it's an Indian family we are talking about and we always tell our parents what are we gonna buy with the money]

    Mom said, "Don't try to fool me. I can see the cards have Ace, Jack and Queen on the top right corner"
    But how could I explain that it's not what we play.
    As usual,
    Mom said No and suddenly the spring changed into autumn, the last leaf has fallen from the tree of hope.����

    I can't give up on my dream.
    Come on, what do I learn from that documentary.
    So, I made a coalition with dad.
    A secret coup against mom.
    Now the only thing left between my mission and me was - money ��.
    Only way for a guy of a middle class family to earn money is to save it from every time he/she goes to buy something from the shop.
    According to my calculation I just have to save 1 rupee per day and in 10 days, cards would be in my hands.

    (1 rupee ❗
    Sad to know about your pocket money mate..
    Seems like you didn't see the world
    *Patting my back in sympathy*)

    Everything was going awesome, I resisted all my temptations.
    The 5th day used to be hard.


    Well it's because if I ever get 5 rupees, I would spend it on buying Yummy biscuits elaichi flavour, my favourite.
    And I somehow surpassed that too.
    9 days had passed and I was just 1 rupee away from my target.
    That's when Ram Navami came.��

    (How's this related to your buying of cards?)

    On that day mom asked me to give me a change of 10 rupees all in coins and she would give me that 10 rupee note later.
    I had 9 only and moreover getting a 10 rupee note for 9 is a great deal.

    (You literally are dumb man.
    When mom directly says Later, it means never)

    [You are right bro��]

    I was so sad watching each of my saved coin being taken by those 9 girls.
    The coins which I saved day by day resisting my temptations.
    It was hard to believe that day if those little girls were actually DEVI or DEVIL

    (Apne bacche ko bhi langoor �� bana ke ek 10 ka note de dete)

    [Wahi to... �� Khair]

    Still I'm not giving up.
    Now just like Adi of Dhamaal, as per my new calculation I just needed 2 sources (mom and dad) of 1 rupee each per day and in 5 days I would buy my cards.
    But then something horrible happened.
    On the 3rd day when I had earned 6 rupees.........

    (BEGGED* not earned)

    [Ok let's say SAVED*]

    On the 3rd day, I don't know if it sounds stupid or what but -
    I fell in a drain,

    To be continued....


    P.S. - Second part is already out.

    #playingcards #nostalgia #ucomic

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  • juby2507 3d

    More precious than Gold

    I look through my photos old,
    They look happy;
    More precious than gold.
    I miss the smile;
    So innocent and pure,
    It belonged to someone;
    I don't know anymore.

    She didn't seet approval on her shopping cart,
    She carried her grocery bags alone from D-mart.
    She was not caught in a frenzy of body shaming,
    She was never into attention craving.

    Yet now I have changed
    Infront of my laptop, all slain...

  • sruthy_writes 3d

    പണ്ട് പണ്ട്..

    കുട മടക്കി മഴ നനഞ്ഞന്ന്
    വിറച്ചും പനിച്ചും കിടക്കയിലായപ്പോൾ
    പനിക്കുറുക്ക മരുന്നായ കാലം..
    പുസ്തകവും പത്രവും തീരം തേടി ഒഴുകുന്ന കടലാസുതോണികൾ..
    ഇലയ്ക്ക് പണത്തിന്റേയും പണത്തിന് ഇലയുടേയും മൂല്യം..
    സ്ളേറ്റിൽ ആണെന്നാലും കൃതൃമം ചെയ്യാത്ത മാർക്കുകൾ..
    ഒറ്റമൈനയെ കണ്ടാൽ കൈക്രിയ കാട്ടിയൊരു മന്ത്രം ചൊല്ലൽ..
    മഞ്ചാടിക്കുന്നേറാൻ മഞ്ചാടിക്കുരു പെറുക്കിക്കൂട്ടിയ മൺച്ചെപ്പുകൾ..
    ഏറ്റം ഇഷ്ട്ടം ആരോടെന്നൊതുന്ന കുപ്പിവള മുറികൾ..
    കുഞ്ഞ് പായലിനാൽ യുദ്ധം ചെയ്ത് തലയെടുക്കുന്ന വീരന്മാർ,
    പാല പൂത്തെന്നറിഞ്ഞാലോ ഓടി ഒളിക്കും പുതപ്പിന്നടിയിൽ..
    കുഴിയാന വരയ്ക്കണ ഭാരതം കാത്തിരുന്നു കടന്നുപോയ സമയം..
    പിടിത്തരാത്തൊരാ അപ്പൂപ്പൻത്താടിക്ക് പിന്നാലേ ഓടി തീർത്ത വഴികൾ..
    ഓലപീപ്പിയും ഓലകണ്ണടയും വെള്ളയ്ക്ക കമ്മലും പ്ലാവില കിരീടവും നിറച്ച കൗതുകം.
    ഇടവഴികളിൽ പൂവിട്ട പ്രണയത്തിന് ദൂദ് ആവുന്ന ഹംസങ്ങൾ..
    കുഞ്ഞ് പീലികളേ താലോലിക്കാൻ പുസ്തകത്തിലൊളിപ്പിച്ചൊരമ്മ പീലി..
    തേൻ കിനിയണ മാമ്പഴവും തേൻ മിട്ടായിയും പുളി മിട്ടായിയും നാവിലൊടിച്ച കപ്പലുകൾ..
    ചിരട്ടക്കുടുക്കിൽ അകപ്പെട്ട മീൻ കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങൾ..
    കിലുക്കിയും തൂക്കിയും എണ്ണം ഉറപ്പിക്കുന്ന വഞ്ചി സമ്പാദ്യവും..
    മാവേലിയേ കാത്തും ഉഞ്ഞാലാടിയും ഓടിക്കളിച്ചും ആഘോഷമാക്കിയെന്റെ ബാല്യവും..
    പണിയെടുക്കുന്ന തുമ്പിക്ക് മുതലാളി ചമഞ്ഞൊരീ ഞാനും..
    പൊയ്പ്പോയ 'പണ്ട് പണ്ടെന്ന' എന്റെ നല്ല കാലവും.

  • ivysossion 4d

    The memory of you
    Makes me sleep with
    A tear-y eyes
    Smile-y face

  • raisjavid 4d

    Doori Dorey chekhei Aashqan cxe Tamblaavan...
    Nish Vaetith Royes Thur thaavaan...
    Parde tulte Traavte sharamdaeriye lo...
    Sozi dil bozi Wanhaeriye lo...

  • doctorceastra 4d


    I look at the old pictures,
    You stood in the pictures too,
    The pictures had a smile.

    I think of the old memories,
    Miss those memories,
    The memories, bring a smile.

    I look at the stars at night,
    Wait for them to fall again,
    That hope of us, bring a smile.

    I think of the old times,
    Wonder what we could be,
    The feelings bring a smile.

    I look for myself,
    Wonder how long will it take,
    For me to once again, smile.

    I think of when will we meet again,
    Maybe, Somewhere in the stars?
    The hope, it brings a smile.

  • zephyr_of_fire 1w

    Thoughts :03

    I'm losing myself, losing myself in the newfound nostalgia that I never had, I felt so left out and so out of touch,
    So I've been letting myself become consumed in the simple things I never had, and now do,
    All because I never felt happy, all because I want to stay in the past, as if I could affect the past instead of the future, but I suppose that's the point I'm trying to make,
    Pretending the past is something I can reshape into something it just wasn't, wasting the present and the future, in hopes that I can travel back in my mind and live there in a different past,
    To live life again, the way I want, pretending the present isn't real.


  • sara_writes 1w

    The ashes of nostalgia
    and the smoke
    cage her broken heart 
    and seize her breath
    Sky is woeful
    and lost the blues
    and the earth has mislaid
    all the hues
    The glass fragments
    and the windows rattle  
    But she persists to gaze the roof
    of the empty dreadful room
    She feels no air
    But a knot in her throat
    Yet she elicts
    the fading memories
    of her aching past...


  • obsovert 1w

    Bullying !

    Well the very idea of bullying is quite deep-rooted in the annals of Indian history. Even the great Karna wasn't spared off this ordeal and the bitter irony is that instead of being frowned upon, bullying is something which has been traditionally accepted to be very basic and part of growing up. We have historically been so liberal about condoning bullying that one can literally feel it in the air. Well the binary basis of categorisation and distinction between the "bullying ones" and the "bullied ones" is quite steep and literally no can climb the chasm of disparity.

    The bullied ones have to battle the perpetual fear of being bullied and ridiculed right from the day they step in the school premises. Moreover, unlike the equations of amicable companionship and coarsened animosities which are susceptible to varying degrees and changes with due passage of time, bullying is not dynamic and the equation once formed remains unaltered for eternity. The "bullying ones" tend to bully always and "bullied ones" tend to remain bullied forever.

    My sincerest thanks to the advancement in communication technology which has facilitated mankind in general to take a giant leap and have brought us all together with the help of internet. So there ain't any shying away from the truth that irrespective of the fact that whether we extend our cordial participation or not but we are participants and part of plethora of WhatsApp groups dedicated to our respective class, batch, house, team, zone, school, department, batch, branch, office, school and there won't be any end to this.

    Sometimes these groups are voluntarily constituted and sometimes much to your chagrin you just simply allow yourself to be roped into those WhatsApp institutions sometimes owing up to peer pressure and sometimes fear of being left out. Now circling back to the inherent agenda of these WhatsApp groups which are excellently organized institutions often formed by the sucessful and influential alumnus of alma mater, who have certainly done better than their counterparts and with motivation to bring everyone under an universally unified and recognised umbrella.

    So when the immaculate sense of Noblesse oblige and belongingness brainstorms the heart of sentinels of unity, then they take the initiative and armed with dedicated passion and sense of unity in addition with pinch of inclusiveness, modicum of nostalgia alongwith not so apparent agenda of exercising the very idea of subjugation and domination to the optimum establish WhatsApp groups, which by and large are virtual cum digital bullying setups where the "bullying ones" indulge into verbal arm twisting of "bullied ones" in bid to maintain their dominant status quo in the garb of fun and reminiscing about the lost nostalgia.

    These WhatsApp groups often tend to ignore the prevalence of bullying and a lot of people act so cool about it. Bullying is practiced without any inhibitions and certain episodes which are harsh and difficult to make peace with are clandestinely brushed inside the rug of jocular nature of school bosom buddies and their birthright to mock and make fun.

    We Indians are so supportive about bullying that people can actually make a career out of bullying. We are super cool about ridiculing people and people who can perform cyber bullying can actually make fame and fortune out of videos mocking people for their choices and ironically become national heroes. We must understand that how blurry and hazy it may look, there is a thin line between humour and humiliation, sarcasm and subjugation, comedy and constrain.

    How indifferent we remain to the prevalence of bullying but it'll always remain an uncomfortable truth and very part of our existence. Bullying ones can actually never feel the pain and pang of humiliation which bullied ones go through. The bullied ones are made to believe that they are misfit and unfit for being the part of that group or organisation. The bullied ones are one who actually live the fear of being part and still be apart in flesh and bone. The permanent damage and pyschological repercussions that bullying casuses are actually beyond repair and impossible to overcome. It's indeed hard to resurrect oneself from millions of shattered shards of self esteem and confidence.

    One can never feel the real pain of being bullied untill and unless one steps into the shoes and walk a mile but sadly enough there are millions of pairs of feet but there aren't enough shoes to accommodate those feet.


  • postcards_fromheart 1w


    You existed in my words
    But never in the moments of my life.

    I'd look at a dressed up mannequin
    And suddenly my mind would go to you
    Oh how great you'd look in that suit!

    But then a horn would blare on the busy road
    And I'd be standing alone
    Looking at the glass door.

    I was alone
    And the place next to me
    Which I hoped for so long you'd occupy
    Was empty.


  • poeticallyincorrect 1w

    Come home

    Come home,
    O' wanderer,
    Rendezvous with love,
    Once again,
    If not in space,
    Then in reverie,
    Where homes,
    Burnt down, destroyed,
    Still exist,
    To welcome,
    After a day in school,
    the little you.