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  • misspoet 1d

    The Ocean

    I want to be like the Ocean.
    As beautiful as the waves,
    want to have those sparkling pears,
    Deep inside the caves of my Heart .

    I want to smell the sea .
    And feel the sky,
    I want to hear the roaring sound ,
    Sitting on the sandy ground.

    And want to dream ,
    even deeper than the sea.

  • sweetcherry 2d


    I feel like drowning in the ocean of your pure love floating with your persuading words

  • himanshusisodiya 2d

    You were like a silent storm,
    When you came into my life,
    But when you did,
    It's like a storm hitting into the ocean!
    Scary at first,
    But you and me become us like the
    Cold breeze passing on the beach


  • its_smn 3d

    The vast blue ocean
    In front of her
    Was reminding the blue eyes of him
    She was wandering on the shore
    With bare feet on sand
    And the her hair were flying like soft feathers
    Carrying broken heart in her breast
    She forced herself to smile
    But a tear flowed down
    Made a line through her rosy cheeks
    And slipped...
    Fell on the shore
    Absorbed in the sand
    She looked down
    And a fast wave came up to her feet
    And the tear was probably mixed with it
    And became the part of ocean
    She took a step forward but felt something
    Took the sand of shore in her hands
    she found a seashell, she cut it
    And smiled
    Her tear wasn't actually mixed with waves
    It was converted in a pearl...
    She fixed the pearl in her ring
    Cause it was the Pearl of her pure love...
    #mirakee #ocean #seashell #love_for_ash

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    Pearl of Love!


  • mahima_sangwan 3d

    I poured an ocean into you
    we get only one in a lifetime..!

  • chebsmani 5d

    God's gift

    For the time we met.
    I felt a ripple wave through my ocean.
    The ship on my waters rocked.
    We rocked.
    And now?we rock our bundle to sleep.
    Peace is his for he has brought same to us.
    Love is he for he is God's gift.


  • akosua 1w

    A scenery filled with warmth and joy rests beneath the ocean with pure breeze

  • lunalumina 1w

    Becoming One

    I want to rest in the forest for so long that the moss covers me and the flowers begin to grow in my hair, for so long that the forest accepts me as a part of its own.

    I want to drift in the ocean for so long that the seaweeds wrap me into a cold embrace and oysters make me their home, for so long that the ocean accepts me as one of its own.

    I want to burn for so long that the heat of fire feels like a warm embrace, for so long that the fire lets me burn at its core just like it burns in the deepest depths of my heart.

    I want to gaze at the stars for so long that my eyes hold in them the universe itself, for so long that the universe turns me into stardust and spreads me across its infinite existence.

  • scribblingsofateen 1w

    Thirty years later I stood
    before the infinitely vast ocean
    Wherein myriad creatures pass in ceaseless motion
    It touched my feet gently with affection
    And I took a step back aware of the familiar clear cold water.

    I was not the same little girl anymore.
    I was a woman of forty
    My limbs were longer
    My hair is short
    And I don't frolic around
    building sand castles and picking shells from the ground.

    I stood there long soaking my feet in the salt turquoise water.
    The sand grains oozed away from my feet
    Widening the distance between the ocean and me.
    May be it knows I am not her child anymore.

    Why did I grow up.?
    Why did I abandon my sand castles?
    Why didn't I allowed the waves to touch the hem of my dress?
    Life.I would say.
    The kid in me is lost here calling out to the sea.
    Still writing in sands the playful names
    I am her but she is not me.
    And after a while I walked back
    Carrying the colour of ocean in my eyes
    And from them rose waves of tears.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersnetwork #ocean #life #thoughts #mirakee

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    Ocean and me

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  • shrihari_nandini 1w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #moon #sun #dye #blue #sky #night #reflection #dark #kohl #eyes #lotus #smile #rosy #rose #cheeks #crown #million #suns #crest #jewels #ocean #treasures #chest #locks #ananta #vrinda #graland #angvastram #queen #shri #striking #yellow #clothing #silk #limbs #justify #justifucation #seeking #devotion

    So, ShriHari is Soooooooo Beautiful! Right! So much that no one can really say how much! But the mind always needs to describe the glories which couldn't actually be described. This poem is just a funny one, where the mind tries to justify that beauty, justify those features, he is stupefied by that beauty and out of madness tries to justify how this might have came into being. He says that the Moon dyed itself with colour of sky, rather took that colour on itself and the Sun seeing that new dye, making the Moon, Moonlit Blue(Shining Blue) melted the Moon, the melted blue Moon then fell on the Beautiful Lord, Since Moon is visible in night, so the dark night accompanying the blue moon which fell on ShriHari reflected on him, giving him a dark blue complexion. Then there came another Moon, and a Sun, as his eyes, and a thousand lotuses became his smile. But the mind is now confused how shall it justify those roses on his cheeks(rosy cheeks)? A million Suns became his crown. And his jewels are treasures of Ocean he derived after Samudra Manthan(Churning of Ocean) that is Shri and Kaustubh(here no justification is needed, these were actually derived after Samudra Manthan��), which always shine on his chest.
    Now his dark, thick locks, they seem like necks of Ananta(Sheshnaag) which are as if encircled around the garlands of Vrinda(Tulsi), (ShriHari's Tulsi Mala on Head)
    The Van Mala and Angvastram, rest on his chest and caress the Queen Shri on his chest ❤ The striking yellow as bright as lightening is his clothing.
    And in the end, the mind loses for there are infinite more attributes of ShriHari, how shall he justify all of them? Or anyone can? Continuously praising and beholding which is the pastime of wise and blessed!

    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana!

    Param (Utmost Beauty)
    -A hypnotic Portraiture of ShriHari
    By Bhavya Gogia

    See, the moon has worn
    The Sky Blue colour of Sky!
    And the Sun melted him
    Seeing his new dye!
    The Blue Moon, melted, thus
    Fell on My Lovely Lord!
    And the night reflects on him
    Making him darker than Kohl!
    Then another moon and Sun
    Came as his eyes,
    And thousands of lotuses
    Became his endearing smile!
    But Oh People, tell me thus
    How shall I justify?
    The roses he carries on his Cheeks
    My Darling Lotus-eyed!
    And a million Suns
    He wore them at his Crest
    And his Jewels, the treasures of Ocean!
    Adorned on his breast! (Shri and Kaustubh)
    And his darkest Locks
    Seem like the necks of Ananta
    Dancing and encircling around,
    The garlands of Devi Vrinda!
    The enchanting Van Mala
    Resting on Vishnu's Chest
    Along the Angvastram
    Caresses the Queen abreast!
    And his striking yellow
    The Clothing, prefered by him,
    Is softer than the Silk!
    Adorning on his limbs!
    At the end, I say the Same,
    By whom can the beauty be said!
    Beholding which is the Pastime
    Of the wise and blessed!

    Title credit- @ally_18 ❤��☺
    Pic credit: To the original owner, edit by me��❤

    @aarsha_ns @_garimapamdey_ @vandi123 @krishn_ratiii

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    By ShriHari Nandini

  • divyabulchandani 1w

    Our desires are as deep as an ocean.
    So, they can cause tornadoes too.

  • gasics 1w

    All those lost souls
    Steering their hearts to me
    Lonely lay their woeful boats
    In my haven far from life's sea

    But the waves of harm keep crashing
    Climbing over the ramparts I built
    And I see the light of insight flashing
    That with all my tears, my problems and guilt

    I am not fit to accommodate
    The tears and hurt that everyone carries
    My smile, my laugh is an empty bait
    And as soon as they know, nobody tarries

    I let go of them and under the dusky moon
    Breathe them away, watch them sail
    Through the emotions' furied typhoon
    From my lighthouse, my soul, my infinite jail


  • prettyproses 1w

    Mind in storm yet it desires to write
    Feeling breezy in this summer vibe
    This air soaking the warmth of sunlight
    Birds flying in air weave some poetic lines

    Then at dusk sun dissolves
    in ocean immersing completely
    with passing seconds its shine convolve
    Calming the uproar of tides in serenity

    Gently caressing those waves
    Illuminating every stream with sunrays
    Across the beach and around caves
    Teasing the sand covered seashells

    To meet my poetry it has become keen
    Starting its journey azure sky it greets
    Traverses its way with gliding dolphin
    And touches the bottom of my feet

    #dusk #sun #write #breezy #summer #air #sunlight #poetic #shine #tides #waves #ocean #illuminating #beach #caves #poetry #journey #dolphin #feet

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    To meet my poetry it has become keen
    Starting its journey azure sky it greets
    Traverses its way with gliding dolphin
    And touches the bottom of my feet

  • _un_familiar 1w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #my_own_words #diary #poetry #so_called_poetess #thoughts #love
    #ocean #ecstasy
    BG credits : obviously my knight Pinterest ❣️

    I'm immersed
    In the ocean of possibility
    of You and me
    As I'm a puppet in their hands
    Tied with uncountable strings
    And I'm covered with the shore
    I'm screaming and trembling
    As in my every open wound the pain drills
    They take me high as the full moon attracts em
    And then drown me deep down in dark sorrow
    I'm floating with the flow of tides
    Of hope helplessly
    I'm trying to reach you
    But in my path There are seven oceans
    And uncountable hills

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    May be I need you the way
    an ocean needs full moon
    To get high in ecstasy

  • london_sky 1w


    Vocals to the lyrics: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12y40LvKK9Vqj7pn53rpFyoW8KemZjBmv/view?usp=drivesdk

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    Carry Me

    How could I know I would fall below
    That I wouldn’t make it out alive
    How could I know that I would cry
    That I would cry out “Let me die”
    As the waves pulled me under
    Forcing me to bleed
    And forget about my dream to fly I-

    Carry me-
    To the mountains
    Carry me-
    To somewhere I can breathe

    How could I know that I would give it all up
    At the sight of snow
    How could I know hm-
    That I wouldn’t make it out alive

    Carry me-
    To the mountains
    Carry me-
    To somewhere I can breathe

    Please don’t let me drown
    Please don’t let me be found
    Just let me be
    As the waves crush me
    Let the darkness surround me
    Let me bleed

    Carry me-
    To the mountains
    Carry me-
    To somewhere I can breathe
    To somewhere I am meant to be-

  • elicia 1w

    Hope everyone is doing well and still staying safe and taking care.

    #world #stars #fate #journey #travel #life #paths #explore #setsail #dreaming #peace #discover #harmony

    Image from jplenio on Pixabay: #ocean #starrysky #milkyway #rest #night #stars

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    Sailing Along the World's Paths

    Time flies
    When everything is in suspense
    Propelled by invisible strings
    That cover the world in its web of fate
    What lies entrenched in these silver lines
    Are countless questions of what lies yonder
    Of how to rejoice, how to reconstruct, and build
    How to explore to what awaits us still
    All while keeping afloat through our journeys
    In this plane of existence
    That is just as mysterious
    Dreaming of a better destiny
    A better harmony

  • james_taumas 1w


    Paper jellyfish
    Discarded wrapper
    Join the trash
    Dance with the refuse
    Floating the seven seas
    No home for me
    Torn into bits
    Currents unforgiving
    Falling apart
    Smaller and smaller
    Till nothing more.


  • silver_she_wolf 1w

    She's an ocean of emotions.
    Calm one minute, restless the next.


  • _a_i_d_ 1w

    One sided love

    You'll give oceans and recieve drops.
    but you'll continue
    because drops make ocean.

    ~ Incipiò Dwivedi