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  • parulsharma 2d

    ना #even देखे ना #odd
    #यादें चली आती हर #रोज
    पारुल शर्मा
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    ना even देखे ना odd
    यादें चली आती हर रोज

  • in_fragments 2w

    "Cecelia Sweet was a curious little girl
    born into a big and crooked world.
    A world where hardened giants roam,
    with their volatile smiles
    and other facial irritations.
    The people there grow up
    into heavy, grizzled children-
    a world where gammerstangs
    are really gangrels deep inside,
    and badmashes are disguised as allies,
    steeped up to their brows in emacity,
    impervious to empathy.
    Cecelia Sweet, with the peculiar eyes,
    she looks beyond what most can see;
    a girl who knows that monsters
    are real.
    They loom over bedposts
    and stare at you forbearingly,
    like bloodthirsty wolves,
    from across rooms.
    She was no stranger to xenization,
    a silent and obedient child,
    timid, terrified, and unable
    to grow.
    Cecelia Sweet,
    born as a mirror for beasts
    to see themselves inside.
    A throat with no voice,
    a body with no soul,
    not really alive,
    a child seen but never heard,
    manipulated and moldable-
    just the way
    the adults liked her.
    She posed for them but puzzled quietly,
    her only scrippage being
    a notebook and pen
    and her dolly, Pollyanna.
    When the grown-ups forgot about her
    choosing instead to get lost in
    their farcical ideas
    and poison snake patterns,
    Cecelia Sweet sat like a stone, so lonely
    and so bored,
    she wished the floors
    would open and gobble her up,
    whisk her away and spit her back out
    into a different world,
    one where she could be Alice
    in her own little wonderland.
    When no one came to save her,
    she retreated
    down the rabbit hole
    and saved herself...

    A tiny visionary
    and her dolly
    create a new universe out of ink.
    Telling stories, writing poems, singing songs,
    cultivating their own kind of unusual.
    Cecelia Sweet
    builds up gold pillars in her head,
    forges castles of great splendor
    with calligraphic ceilings,
    and reigns supreme
    in the Loblolly Forest.
    She is a nature nymph, a warrior princess,
    a grand architect, a master of movement.
    She waters floating flowerpots
    in the Overhanging Gardens,
    befriends dragons and fairies
    and dines with smitten princes.
    She races her companions
    through the pink mountains
    on majestic silver horses,
    getting caught in caramel rains,
    the scent of vanilla winds
    lingering in her hair and skin.
    She feasts on the marrow
    of every vivid adventure,
    sings lullabies among the clouds
    to lull the sun to sleep,
    and tells explosive epic tales
    to wake him up.
    Cecelia Sweet,
    and her world of ink,
    it brought her back to life
    time after time;
    finding strength in imagination
    and impenetrable dreamscapes.

    Oh, how far Cecelia Sweet could go!
    Just by sitting still..."

    Strength in imagination.

    Gammerstang- an awkwardly tall woman
    Gangrel- a toddler
    Badmash- a hooligan or troublemaker
    Emacity- The compulsive desire to buy things
    Scrippage- Your baggage/personal belongings
    Xenization- To travel as a stranger
    Loblollies- Pine trees native to the U.S.
    #odd #story #pod #poem #imagination #writing #fantasy #writerstolli #readwriteunite #writersworld @writersnetwork

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    Cecelia Sweet's World of Ink

    Cecelia Sweet was a curious little girl
    born into a big and crooked world.
    When no one came to save her,
    she retreated
    down the rabbit hole
    and saved herself...

  • jaykirish 5w

    What Ideas R Like

    They're like brain sharts.
    At first,
    You'd think it be a fart,
    Until a little poo comes out.


  • jaykirish 5w

    On Stress

    Like having to pee
    But no bathroom in clear sight
    Is there no release?


  • jaykirish 5w

    Joining The Resistance Pt. 2

    Sign up is easy
    Just go about your day.

    Resist Resistance
    To become Resistant.

    Listen to me
    And Ignore what I say.

    Sign up today
    Just to hear me say -

    " Hey,
    What are you doing?
    What did I just say? "


  • jaykirish 5w


    Raise awareness
    On the word ' Awareness. '

    It is
    In fact
    A word.

    And it does exist.
    And so do many other words.

    ' Awareness '
    Just happens
    To be one of them.


  • jaykirish 5w

    Joining The Resistance

    By joining the resistance
    You have to resist joining.

    That's how you get in.
    By not joining.

    Their group requirements -
    Attend meetings
    By not attending.

    Attend rallies
    By not attending.

    Attend protests
    By not attending.

    In fact,
    Any meet ups is prohibited.


  • jaykirish 5w

    The Easy-To-Compromise Robber

    " Give me all your money. "
    Shouted the robber.

    " No. "
    I replied.

    " Ok. "
    Said robber.

    He then walked away.


  • jaykirish 5w

    Don't Philosophize And Drive

    ' Always proceed forward
    And never look back. '

    A wise thought.

    Though a terrible excuse
    To keep driving
    After hitting someone.


  • jaykirish 5w

    The Devil's Challenge

    " My turn. "
    Said the devil.

    " I spy ...
    With my little eye ...
    Something that is orange. "

    " Is it an orange!? "
    I asked.

    " Dammit! "
    The devil sighed.

    " Can I have my soul back now? "
    I uttered.

    " Yeah. "
    Said the devil
    In annoyance.


  • jaykirish 5w

    Fuckin' Ghost Ate My Toast and Roast

    I saw a ghost
    Eat my toast.

    I made a roast.

    It ate that roast.

    First my toast,
    Then my roast.

    Fuckin' ghost
    Ate my toast and roast.


  • neroamee_alucard 6w


    I've asked a lot of questions about you
    I've noticed it's a theme in my rhymes,
    Haven't you?

    I'm odd like 5/7 time, so maybe it's just how my mind works
    But, all of them are answered in spades whenever I look into your eyes

    And when I touch your soft skin I can't help but flash an awkward grin
    Because something about you, each time just brings something up within

    Your voice caresses my ears, I'm addicted to the comfort it provides with each listen.
    In short, your words are spoken into my soul, and like a diamond you glisten.

  • jaykirish 6w

    You Want To Be Honest,
    Just Lie.

    Both agreed.
    No secrets.

    She went first.

    Egad -
    The horror.

    She showers naked.

    Between awe
    And disgust -
    I felt.

    You want to be honest,
    Just lie.

    It was my turn.

    " I close my eyes
    When I sleep. "

    The reveal
    Of my horrid habit.

    She looked down
    And vomited.

    We both agreed
    To see other people.


  • aynam_ 19w

    Stories all she have
    To listen and to share
    It's a sheer power to win over the odds!

  • blissful_ritu 21w

    Thinking even

    You smiled,
    But I felt something missing.
    As if you were hiding
    From me one of yours;deepest secrets.
    The one you haven't told anyone about.
    I know you are admired by many,
    and that you Do lot
    many great things.
    But yes I know the struggle behind
    and the storms you fight.
    How you bring things on the battle ground
    And resolve everything at once.
    For others it may seem easy,
    But I know the pain you bear.
    The scars that you hide
    Behind the curve.
    You are adamant I know.
    I remember the nights
    You worked till hours.
    And the time when you thought to give up.
    But it's you who took up the trek,
    And so you moved.
    Letting the hurricanes trail all over,
    And everytime I found you
    The storms In every possible way.
    For you know the way out.
    And to align the stars,
    The way you want them to be.
    Aspiring to improve
    You face the odds,
    Believing on self.
    For you started that day,
    And you walk still.
    Confident and

    ~ Who am I?
    The same who is still unknown to the; deepest secrets

  • sruthi_hyungsik 21w

    I hate to dream about you now.......


  • willgosling 21w

    Gary's Shrimp

    This may or may not be true:

    There is a species of shrimp, found all over the world, which lives in the same hole as a fish. The shrimp, known as Gary's shrimp, spends all day chucking stones and sand from the hole while the fish keeps guard, ready to shoot back into the hole to warn his shrimp-pal about any nearby peril. I have never known what the shrimp gets out of this arrangement. It seemed quite a lot like slavery to me.

    Until I recently discovered how this slave-driving behaviour came about.

    Roughly 75 years ago, there was a shift in the nether which pulled all alternate timelines and realities an electron's width towards the USA. This caused a nether overlap of 3 electrons due to the quantum pay-off our universe had to pay to keep existence existing. Between molecules in this overlap, information could pass freely. Scientists disagree over the nature of the other reality, but many agree that the information coming through is the excess knowledge from a race of telepathically-communicating, plant-like animal species without a sense of smell. The information passed through could only be sensed by the antennae of the aforementioned Gary's shrimp. In fact, trained Gary's shrimp have been used by NASA since the space race in order to intercept information passing through planet Earth (from various sources, I wont get into that now).

    So, random knowledge comes from the nether and the Gary's shrimp receive the knowledge and store it. Not many people realise that all shrimp have incredibly complex memory systems, like crabs. They are able to store information even if it is not understood, eidetically and with only a single exposure to the information. This ability had been useless, until the species of shrimp known as Gary's shrimp developed a mutation in their nervous system which caused their previously small bundle of nerve cells to rapidly grow, and change into something resembling a brain. This brain, unlike ours, is capable of only one process. It is essentially a slave-mind. It receives an order and carries that order out until the order is done. Gary's shrimp would have died as a species immediately if it had not been fortunate enough to be taken under the wing... er... fin... of the fish (common blini). The blini is known as an "admiral species" due to their leadership skills, perfectly adapted to evolutionary situations like the one our shrimp found herself in.

    The blini leads and Gary's shrimp follows.

    Now you know.


  • godshalos 21w


    I'm just A Fallen Star In A Burned Out Galaxy Where My Pain Exceeds All of Reality Trapped behind Bars Of Ancient Stone My Heart Beats Alone alone alone until I hear a whistle
    Down an Ole Foot Path
    Where the willows cry and old men Die for Lifes Passing us By Not A Second to Waste on This Ride Through Time
    You can hear the sounds rushing around and your a million miles away Galaxies Shatter and All of Its Stars Fade away to A More Beautiful Place
    Where the Fallen will Rise the Tears will Dry and ALL of our FEARS will Fade away for The Torch Of Life Gods Might will Never let the Darkness Reign YOUR A Fallen Star Shining so Bright you Break away outta Sight Closer To The Light where Love Forever Reigns

  • the_phenomenal_writer 22w

    You're human ,and all you can do is
    Learn from the growing pains you experience .


  • willgosling 22w

    Nether Weasel

    Is this a weird thing to have written?

    Facts we know about the nether weasel:

    You should never make eye contact with a nether weasel, but at the same time do not look to the weasel's left. The left of a nether weasel can quite often contain atoms of weaslite and, in the autumn months, these combine with autumners in the atmosphere via a process known as quantum auteasling. The auteasling process will cause the water in human eyeballs to travel up to 2.3 million years back in time. This would be catastrophic to human vision if the process was instantaneous. But it isn't. It takes somewhere between 2.2 and 2.4 million years. So in hindsight, look where you want just not into the weasel's eyes.

    The nether weasel, being from the nether, has no teeth. Instead, there are 2 points in space on the weasel's top jaw with more mass than 7 of Earth's suns. The incredible number of gravs produced by the gravitational pull of these gravity teeth are kept in check by a field of weaslite atoms. These are in a state of permanent exponential drift eastwards. If you are looking the same direction as a nether weasel on any given planet, east is always to the weasel's right. As you probably already know, nether weasels cannot turn, forcing them to wander their planet of birth until they reach a body of water where they quickly drown (gravity teeth are pretty dense).

    I mentioned making eye contact with nether weasels but that is only a figure of speech as nether weasels are entirely blind. It is not well known however, that the nether weasel cub, or weaseling, has perfect eagle-like vision. They just really like looking directly at the sun when they get into their teens. Some scientists believe this to be "acting out" against the universe in a way similar to human teenagers, and has been dubbed "doing a Kevin".

    Rather confusingly, although the nether weasel can be found throughout all of existence, there are two sub species, the northern nether weasel and the north west nether weasel. Nobody knows why.

    The space weasel is often misidentified as the nether weasel. This can be avoided by in depth analysis of the weasels' fur. Each hair of the nether weasel contains at least 4 strands of DNA from the Nevular family; the only sentient family of DNA. Sounds mental I know, completely nonsensical you may think, but it's proper true.

    Fun fact: When Albert Einstein famously thanked a nether weasel for returning a lost coin to his extensive collection in 1937, Colonel Sanders caught wind of the idea that nether weasels might be able to help him in his own endeavours. This became somewhat of an obsession, consuming every waking moment of the Colonel's life until 1940 when he finally perfected his "original recipe" of 11 herbs and spices. He claimed that all of these can be found on the average kitchen shelf, and this is true. However the 12th ingredient he failed to mention came to him when he finally managed to capture his own nether weasel. This 12th ingredient is still a mystery to scientists and scholars today, though many agree that Colonel Sanders' acquiring of the nether weasel at the end of 1939 and the recipe being perfected in 1940 was no coincidence.