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  • pallavimaruji 1d

    The essence of poetry,
    And the food so yummy!
    Clothes for the skin,
    And a note of how have you been?
    Melodies for life
    And to cut fruits, a knife!
    A blanket to wrap,
    And a cool cap!
    Plants for the survival
    And the things I can recycle!
    Air to breathe
    And floor underneath!
    Water to drink
    And a heart that can sink!


  • pallavimaruji 2d

    कुछ ज्यादा नहीं कहना था
    बस चुप ही रहना था
    उसे देखना था
    और देखते ही रहना था!


  • pallavimaruji 3d


    Such a huge word, with such a humungous meaning.
    Created just by adding over to the thinking!

    You know, this is how it works, just by adding some more letters to a word, the meaning of the word changes utterly.

    Similarly, just by adding, some more thoughts, you reach somewhere, where you have never dreamt of going to! Where you blame yourself, compare yourself with others and just keep on thinking fruitlessly.

    Many times, when you are thinking about what you should not, either you are distracted by someone out there and your mind just take a leap and try to recollect why, why on this earth were you thinking all this!

    And many times, when there is no one around, to wake you up from those not-so-dreamy-mind-eating-silly-thoughts, I try to deviate my mind by either listening to the soothing melodies or by talking to someone who would rejoice my mood in one go.


  • piu_writes 2w

    Valentine day

    As the day is towards closure I was wondering what a lovely valentines day I had ,first of all I was rudly awakned by my dad's shouting that the maid had arrived I got up with a start as I had to supervise her moping the freshly painted guest room meanwhile dad asked her to fetch a bucket of water for which she back answered my dad I was hopping mad at her for disobeying my dad so I told her what was the use of having a maid who could not even fetch a pail of water she in return complained to my dad that I was picking up a fight with her she also found a sympathatic audience in my son who got up with the comotion then my dad son and maid declared I started the fight happy valentines day scene 1 then arrived the painters who drove me mad with their soddy work after cajoling shouting and cursing them under my breath I could get some work done asked my mom if she could provide us lunch(my parents and brothers family stay downstairs) my mother wanted to discuss the menu with me my irritation knew no bounds I asked her just to provide us some morsels of food as my kitchen was getting painted then we tried fixing the curtain rod and the fixing ring broke I hurled abuses at my son who was standing and laughing at me cursed my entire family and was sure I wanted to run away from the house anyway it was lunch time and we had rice fish curry vegetable chutny daal and gajar ka kheer then again it was back to supervising the painters scene 2 after a day of madness went downstairs had a cup of tea and told mom how dad was trying to bully me to paint the walls a shade of yellow I didn't like for which he told the painters how children back answer parents now a days(by the way the child writing this post is a 50 yr old lady ) scene 3 now after cleaning my loo and having a bath I feel a little human by the way after being half undressed I realised my bucket and mug were removed from the bathroom I had to call my son to get me the bucket which was followed by his hystirical laughing scene 4 anyways I am dead tierd to retaliate and await my dinner at my mom's place and I sit and write this piece of todays Valentine celebration but needless to say I am blessed with a loving family and I love them all for putting up with me and yes I have maintained my sanity still I have not run away from my house by the way still we have the house painting remaining if I can survive it I can survive anything

  • pallavimaruji 3w

    चलो आज एक दूजे संग,
    वादा करते हैं
    भले संग ना रहे
    पर साथ सदा रहेंगे!
    भले एक दूजे की ना सुने
    पर मसला हल कर लेंगे!
    भले बात ना करें
    पर मुस्कुरा दिया करेंगे!
    भले जवाब ना दें
    पर सुन लिया करेंगे!
    डाँट दे अगर तो भी
    मना लिया करेंगे!
    चुपचाप हो तुम
    तो हँसा दिया करेंगे!
    और जब भी याद सताने लगे
    तो तुम्हें कह दिया करेंगे!


  • pallavimaruji 6w

    You're like a song
    That reminds me of me
    A song
    That clings to me like a shadow!

    You're like a melody
    Which is a beautiful remedy!
    A tune
    I dance on like a monkey!

    You're like a track
    That makes my mind crack!
    And imprisons me
    In a fascinating trap!

    You're like a ghazal
    Every grown up wants to listen
    And the one on which
    Even our smaller ones are frenzied!

    You're like a hymn
    Every saint chants
    And a soother
    Every tension taker should listen!

    You're like a lullaby
    A mother recites to her children!
    The one
    A human craves for, till death!


  • pallavimaruji 8w

    चल ना उस द्वार
    चलें कहीं उस पार,
    जहाँ सिर्फ़ ये पानी जाता हो
    जहाँ तक का ये नैया ही सहारा हो!

    जहाँ हो वो मीठी कोयल,
    और हो वो सुन्दर मोर,
    और हो वो ख़ुशी
    जो मिलती ना कहीं और हो!

    कहानी सुनाए वो दाई माँ,
    और बच्चे खेलें सारी शाम,
    जहाँ भले बिजली ना हो
    पर रोशन रहे समा!

    जहाँ वो लंबी गाड़ी ना हो,
    पर हो वो बैलगाड़ी का मज़ा !
    जहाँ शायद वो कपड़ों की अलग अलमारी ना हो,
    पर उसी एक कपड़े को पहनने का सुकून हो !

    जहाँ शायद वो शहरी खुशी ना हो,
    पर ग़म का एक साया तक ना रहे !
    जहाँ वो झूठी खुशी ना हो,
    पर सच्चे प्यार की फ़रियाद रहे!

    ~पल्लवी मारुजी��

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    चल ना उस द्वार
    चलें कहीं उस पार,
    जहाँ सिर्फ़ ये पानी जाता हो
    जहाँ तक का ये नैया ही सहारा हो!

  • sans_bornes 15w

    So hey guys, before starting with these chit-chat stories , I'm going to just gist about all this. So there would be some real-life related Stories in the form of chats and calls . Some stories would give you learning so , some would be funny . You will understand when you will read further ��. So read and enjoy.

    Happy Reading!!!��❤️

    Ritika was traveling in a local train with her husband Kunal. Ritika was getting bored as she never liked traveling in local train. Suddenly her phone vibrates when she opened she saw Rashi's (her sister's message)

    *Opens whatsapp*


    Hey dude , what's up��

    Nothing much bro local
    Train mein travel kar rahi

    Oh that's so cool ��

    Bro cool?��

    Achaa leave it can
    I call you?
    Yeh bhi koi puchne
    Wali baat hai

    Ohk! I'm calling!!!!

    *Closes whatsapp*

    After few moments Ritika's phone rings and Rashi's name flashes .

    *Pick's up the call*

    Rashi : Hello!!

    Ritika : Yess

    Rashi : tu kaafi dumb lag rahi thi toh socha tera mood achaa kar dun��

    Ritika : Shut up ok!����

    Rashi :����

    Ritika : (background noise of group of people singing) aargghh......ye log firse aaa gye ��

    Rashi : kon log��??

    Ritika : aur kon these chakkas(transgenders)!!

    Rashi : Stop it yaar don't talk to them this way !��

    Rikita: Achaa I will call you later bye!��.

    After this ritika and Rashi didn't got time and so they were not able to meet . One day in cafe they both met . Coincidence!.

    In cafe

    Ritika: hey Rashi !

    Rashi : OMG! Hey dude!

    They hugged each other and took a two seater table .

    Ritika : what a pleasant surprise Rashi ! Tu kab ayi yaahan?

    Rashi : areey woh office ki kuch statistics discussion ke liye ayi thi. What about you?

    Ritika : Nothing much bus aisie hi ��.

    Rashi : wese uss joh bhi tune train mein LGBT community ke logon ko kaha that was not good yaar .

    Ritika: why , I wasn't correct?����‍♀️ They deserve to be called 'CHAKKA'��.

    Everyone was looking at Ritika in a sarcastic way.

    Rashi raised her voice and said -

    Rashi : SHUT UP RITIKA!!! You shouldn't have said like this ��. Just think about them , there would be some sort of circumstances they are doing so . They even deserve respect . You are a normal person got a birth as a female even me and everyone sitting but just think about this person ( there was a transgender waiter standing nearby bowing her head down in embarrassment) . From Birth - Death inhe toh sirf taane aur disrespect hi mila hai na . Kabhi inki situation samji hai . Ye log train mein jakar paisa Kyun mangte hai ? Kyun , kyunki inke paas paisa khanan se ayegen agar inhe koi job pe nahi rakehga . Tum toh aisa bolrahi ho jaisa inhe maza aata hoga yeh sab karne mein . Inka ka bhi toh hamari tarah kabhi Sapana raha hoga ki ' mein bhi ek din doctor , engineer banungi ' woh toh hume sukriya ada karna chahiye Mr. Verma ( cafe manager) jaisai logon ka ki woh bhedhbav nahi kar ke aisa logon ki madat kar rahe hai . Aur haan, yaahan par jitne bhi log hai yeh sirf meri bhen Ritika nahi aap sabke liya hein start respecting every gender . Maybe hamne inhe male, female , transgender ke naam se separate kardiya hai but emotions aur feeling toh sabke same hi hai na��.

    There was a silence in the whole cafe for a while . Then someone from the cafe stood up and clapped, everyone joined him.


    So, guys my main Motive yeh story likhne ka tha ki the respect for each and every person should be same . Hamne transgender ko kya naam diya hai ' chakka ' and that is what the main problem hum unhe aisi disrespect karte hai bolkar . Unki feeling bina samje hi baas bakwaas karte jaate hai. So, I would request you all ki agar aaj se sabko equal respect dene ke liye hai toh tabhi like kare nahi toh there is no need��

    Hope you liked this whole illustration . drop your views too in the comment section. Thank you ��. SPREAD LOVE����


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  • sans_bornes 15w

    Suddenly Naira entered.

    Aditi and Darsh were shocked to see Naira. They both maintained some distance and stood .

    Naira : areey, darsh kya chal raha tha haan����

    Darsh : kk.......uuuu......cccc......hhhh nnn....aaahi na.....ii.....raa.

    Naira : sab pata hai mujhe darsh�� chal sone ja��.

    Darsh walks away from the room and move towards his .

    Naira: and haan aditi agar tumhe kisi cheez ki jarurat hogi toh muje batadena,��

    Aditi : thik hai��

    Naira steps out of the room.

    Aditi pov��

    Thank god aaj toh mein baar baachi . Thank you Bagwan Naira ko bhejne ke liye ��.

    Pov end

    And she wents to sleep

    Darsh pov��
    Kya yaar �� naira ko bhi usi time hi aana tha . Patani baghwan aaphiko mujhse koi dushmani hai . Chalo aditi aaj tum baach gayi lekin ek na ek din toh tumhe mujhe sach btana hi padega.

    And Darsh and goes for and deep sleep .


    I know guys these are really short parts but but abb hogi asli story shuru and I am sorry bich mein love gussane ke liya paar app log hi batoa aaj kal bina love ke koi story aachi lagti hai�� Aur haan sorry but surprise cancel( aur thode parts ke baad ayega)hogaya toh issi se hi kaam chalo abhi����. aur apke liye ek question hai answer zarror karna�� .

    Q. By which actor / singer is name darsh is inspired ��? ( HINT: woh ek Indian singer hai aur woh mere favvvvvvv hai . Aur woh bhot cute hai�� aur usne last year navratri ke gaane gaye the) mere hisaab se itne hint kaafi the aur thabhi nahi pata toh Google search karo��

    Answer: comment karo��

    Spread love��

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  • sans_bornes 15w

    She started crying silently , tears fell down from her eyes but she kept cry with a lots of pain in her heart��.

    Suddenly she heard someone knocking the door .

    She wiped off her tears , got a small smile over her face�� and went to open the door, she was shocked for a moment to see Darsh infront of her then she invited him inside.

    Aditi : ummm.....hi darsh itni raat ko........kuch kaam tha kya??

    Darsh : Aditi!! saach saach batoa tumhe sab yaad haina.

    Aditi : sorry darsh.....what are you saying . Hum first time mile hain .

    Darsh held aditi arms tightly and said " jhoot mat bolo aditi!!!!!! Meri aankhon mein ankhen daal ke baat karo"

    Aditi closed her eyes ,tears fell down from her eyes.

    Darsh : kya hua !!!

    Aditi : sorry darsh�� mere haath chhod do please.....

    Darsh: tum mujhe phele saach batoa , Kyun Kiya mere saath tume aisa

    Aditi : tum ek baar mera chod do mein tumhe sab bata dungi.

    Darsh : thik hai toh lo chod diya tumhra haath bolo saach batoa abb mujhe tum.....

    Aditi :woh.........

    Suddenly Naira entered the room .

    Now guess what happened next ??


    A small survey for you guys, who is you favourite character??? And I hope you are enjoying the story so pls drop some reviews ����♥️♥️

    Spread love��
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    PATHWAY TO DEATH (part.6)


  • sans_bornes 17w


    A Loud harsh sound came.

    Neha threw her phone on the bed and ran outside to see what happened .

    Neha : Shreya!! Did you heard the sound .

    Shreya: Neha mujhe kuch nahi dekh raha hai mein kitchen mein hoon��.

    Neha : Pagal ! ����‍♀️ Mein bhar hun ajaa

    From Rakesh's room

    Rakesh : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........��������������������

    Rohan : oh bhai !!! Thik toh haina tu

    Rakesh : oh kutte ���� !! Jaldi aa room ke andar .

    Rohan : haan haan!! Ata hun abhi....................

    Neha was a bit worried after hearing Rakesh's scream. She was standing outside Rakesh and Rohan 's room hearing each and everything and was lost.

    Shreya patted her hand on neha's back.

    Neha came back to her senses.

    Shreya : neha khahan koyi hui thi tu

    Neha : ha......aa....n woh actually mene Rakesh ki cheakh suni andar se , i think we should bang the door .

    Neha and Shreya started banging the door .

    After few moments everyone was out , actually everyone thought someone burst the cracker but no it wasn't true............



    Sorry guys for keeping the ch. Small actually I wanted to keep the suspense �� so, pls adjust and guess what actually happened.......

    Why did rakesh screamed??

    What actually happened ? (HINT : something happened in Rakesh's room����)

    Tell me your guesses in comment section ��

    Spread love��



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    WE FOUR ch.10


  • sans_bornes 17w

    She (aisha ) took a pause and started telling the flashback.............


    (This one is not narrated by aisha but by me)
    2-3 weeks ago they had a college reunion in which all of them met . They all we really good friend but after completing thier college they never met each other and were busy in their lifes. They all didn't got married and their college love was still alive I mean -
    Naina ❤️ Sameer

    Aisha❤️ Aditiya

    Abhinav ❤️ Diya

    Naira❤️ Rahul

    Avni❤️ Arjun

    Tara❤️ Siddharth

    And Darsh was single 'cause he didn't got a perfect girl till now.Lol��!

    When they all met they were happy to see each other . They hugged eachother , sharded thier memories and then they started talking

    Naina: yaar guys we met after so long . Nothing has changed , sab wese ka wesa hai wahi college wala pyaar ab Tak zinda hai humlogon ke bich mein .

    Aisha: sahi kah rahi hai yaar......ab tak toh hamra darsh bhi single hai������

    And everyone started laughing ����

    Darsh : sahi keh rahi hai aisha, aisa lag raha hai single hi marunga ����


    Aditya : nahi bhai ! Miljaygi koi chinta mat kar��

    Darsh : nahi adi woh toh sirf agle janam mein hi possible hai��


    Anvi : achaa guys let's be a serious and I wanted to say something

    There was pindrop silence and everyone became serious.��

    Avni :�� ok itna bhi serious nahi ��

    Siddharth: achaa chal bata kya hua��

    Avni : ummm.......toh mein aur naina kal mile the cafe mein toh humne decide kiya hum kahin par trip chalte hai........

    Arjun : Avni tumne mujhe tak nahi bataya.......matalb itni buri kaise ho sakthi ho....

    Sameer : Haan yaar naina tumne bhi mujhe nahi

    Avni and naina : areey areey humari baat bhi to sunlo ek baar .

    Diya : achaa chalo batoa.....

    Naina : haan toh hum dono tumhe kese bata te matalb ek toh hum touch mein bhi nahi the ek dusre se ek saal se , Avni aur mein toh achnak mile fir hume yaad aya ki aaj humara reunion , so we thought ki agar hum milenge hi toh we should plan a trip and go for a proper vacation and spend some time with each other 'cause we are also humans and we also need a break know.��

    Avni : exactly ����‍♀️

    Aditya : achaa toh yeh bolo na

    Avni : tumlog toh sune ke liye hi tayar nahi the , toh kaise batate hum ����‍♀️��

    Siddharth : okay........so yeah batoa ki plan kahan hai jaane ka?��

    Naina and Avni looked at eachother and naina said" ummmm woh toh patani��"

    Arjun : yaar ! Tum dono bhi na

    Naina : but as far I know diya ke village paas ek jagah hai jahan par bhot saare forts hai aur udhar ek haveli bhi hai woh bhi jungle ke andar �� . Socho wahan par kitna maza ayega .

    Darsh : Haan yaar sounds interesting ��.

    Naira : Haan yaar diya sahi kaha rahi hai naina wahan chalte.

    Sidharth : areey diya tu bhi kuch bol. Asei chup bethegi toh kaise hoga��

    Diya : Ummmm...............

    Aisha : kya hua kuch toh bol......bta kya hai uss jagah ka naam uss jagah ke baare mein wehgera wehgera.......



    To be continued..............

    So, I hope you all are enjoying the story . Please support me , not only me but all newcomers because without your support it doesn't feel likes writing something . Thank you , spread love����❤️❤️ god bless

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    I Know guys you might not be getting intrest in this story right now but after 2-3 parts you will get as the main thrill will start ��.

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  • sans_bornes 17w

    Before starting with this ch. I would urge you to suggest me :

    NEHA + RAKESH = ???

    And both of them went away from the office and moved towards rooms afterwards.

    Neha was really tired after a long a long day and does Rakesh was .

    Neha went inside the room got fresh and jumped on to the bed ,��

    Then she opened her phone to check messages and missed calls.........

    *On the other hand*

    Rakesh got fresh , had some snacks and started completing his assignments. Although he was tired but he had a lots of work to do .

    Neha's pov��

    After coming back from the cabin I was really tired so, I got freshed and jumped on to the bed .


    Oh god !! It was such a long day, this bloody Rakesh patani kahan se tapak padta hai. Chalo finally you are free neha from that mandahk �� .

    After few moments I grabbed my phone in my hands and when I opened my phone another nightmare ( first nightmare is Rakesh ) was there waiting for me , I mean I got 10 missed calls from my mumma.ok ! I am not calling my mum as nightmare but , 10 MISSED CALLS!!!!!! Like literally��

    Within a second I just called my muma , and thank God she picked it up��

    Neha: Hello mumma , thik toh haina na wahan sab? Aap toh thik hona ? Kisi ko kuch hua toh nahi? Aap javab Kyun nahi de rahe??��

    Mummy: areey meri rajdhani express!!! Doo minute ruk toh sahi muje tu bolne toh de kamse kam����‍♀️

    Neha : Sorry mumma , bolo kya baat hai??��

    Mummy: haan toh joh sab tu bolgayi woh muje bolna tha naki tujhe!!!........aur mera call Kyun nahi utha rahi thi??��

    Neha : Ummm��.....woh mumma......kuch College ka kaam tha toh phone silent par tha isliye nahi uthaya ��

    Mummy : achaa College ka kaam tha �� . Tu toh ruk mujhe baas wahan aane de phir pata chalega college ka kaam tha ya khahn ka kaam tha����.

    Neha : achaa Mumma woh sab chodo mujhe aap se kuch baat karni thi��

    Mummy : kya baat karni hai bol��

    Neha : woh mumma..........



    Guess what happened ?? Btw you might be thinking how come neha and her mother talk so, freely . This so because her mother loved her alot because her father usually was not at home as he was in Army like he was alive�� but he used not live his family. Neha's mother gave her both mother's and father's love.

    Support ��

    Spread love��



    @mirakee @writersnetwork @odysseus @childauthor_345 @aaditi_

    #mirakee #letssupport #writersnetwork #supportnewcomers #spreadlove #odysseus #wefour

    sorry Guys I know you missed neha bad Rakesh alot �� but I was a bit busy these days that's why I wasn't able to write these . But now you have to not because the are back and pls suggest me

    NEHA + RAKESH = ??


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    WE FOUR (CH.9)


  • the_summar_snow 20w


    Is not only a season which chooses to dry, fall and dead
    But a purposeful pause of nature which keeps
    Changing it's colour for a reason
    That is beauty of impermanence is the permanent beauty...

  • shilpagk 22w

    Fistful of salt

    Allow them to hurt you now,
    And fistful of salts shall follow later.

  • shilpagk 22w

    Long dead

    Missing someone is like searching a part of you that is long dead

  • shilpagk 22w

    A part of me buried in solitary

    What is it like to miss someone
    They ask me
    What is it like losing anyone
    They wonder..
    And I always remember this story ...
    The river born and brought up
    In a hope to meet the ocean one day
    Suddenly gets to know
    The ocean has all dried
    It's path all blocked
    Now you ask this river
    What it feels like?
    And it will turn cold and crimson
    And sob uncontrollably
    Lost and abandoned
    Desolate, devastated, broken
    Life as it was is no more same
    A part of you is taken away
    And buried into solitary
    For forever
    Never waking up again!

  • shilpagk 22w

    Do you fear or fare?

    Gushing through
    The mountains of doubt
    You land on the bed of cacti
    Is one of the hallucinations
    Or the hormones
    That stop you from believing
    From taking another step
    This emotion dwells
    Deep inside your skin
    And tries to erect
    through your follicles.
    Brazen and terrifying..
    Stops you to fare
    Stops you from being aware ..

  • tuhina_sharma 23w

    वो कहतीं नहीं,
    बस चुपचाप सहती रहती हैं,
    वों दर्दं में रहकर भी,
    बस मुस्कुराती रहती हैं,
    वो टुटे फूल सी हीं सहीं,
    फिर भी महकती हैं,
    वो कहती नहीं,
    फिर भी बहुत कुछ कह जाती हैं.
    #sya #odysseus @heartless_chinu @love_whispererr @rani_shri @starrdust @wearyearl

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  • tuhina_sharma 24w

    Rise like the sun,
    shine like the stars,
    colourful like the rainbow,
    happy like the moon,
    smile like the flowers,
    dance like the wind,
    always be like the nature.
    #sya #odysseus @wearyearl @love_whispererr @heartless_chinu @sanjay_kumr @rani_shri

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