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    Song of the Wild Woman

    Precious girl,
    You carry within you
    The embers of hope &
    The smoldering flames of
    So many dreams unfulfilled.
    The yearnings of all of the
    Wild Women, Free Spirits,
    Priestesses, Medicine Women & Shamans
    Who practiced their magic
    In ancient groves & hidden coves,
    Passing down their divine knowledge
    And sacred wisdom in whispers
    Through the ages.

    All of these ladies
    fervently yearning for the day a woman
    Just like you would run free
    With that same fire in her veins,
    To fulfill the dreams & unattainable desires
    Of all the Mighty Females
    Who came before,
    But were denied the right to achieve.

    The blood of your ancestors
    Runs riot through that
    Untameable heart & savage soul of yours.
    Your ravishing body, your unkempt hair,
    Your defiant spirit,
    You in all your feminine glory
    Are the embodiment of promises kept,
    And so many wishes come to fruition at long last.

    Remember this every time life
    Seems to conspire against you:
    You are the breathing culmination of
    The longings & aspirations of
    Thousands of mothers & daughters & sisters
    Who came before you.
    Born into gilded cages,
    Tied into corsets so tight
    they could hardly breathe,
    All wrapped in pretty little bows,
    Meant only to speak when spoken to
    And marry well.
    Never knowing true freedom.
    Never knowing true bliss,
    Never experiencing lasting happiness.
    All living with the dream that one day
    Their daughters & granddaughters
    Would be able to do whatever they pleased
    Without fear or shame.

    So you listen to the voices that
    Scream from within you.
    Hear the echos of anguish carried by the wind
    Of witches burned for healing people
    And innocent girls marked with
    scarlet letters
    For daring follow their hearts,
    For practicing their healing arts,
    For being born the wrong gender.
    You Live.You Love.You Rage.
    And you Fight.
    For you. For them.
    For those women who came before.
    For our own daughters.

    We are the generation
    Our ancestors prayed for in the moonlight.
    We are their hopes made real.
    So you revel in the sun,
    Burn brightly & never let
    Anyone or anything
    Dull your perfect shine or douse
    That searing inferno of a warrior spirit
    You possess.
    You are too important
    To do anything other than
    Honor all those matriarchs,
    Live your life as they never could.
    Hold onto the privileges they never had.
    Hold fast to your rights & your principles.
    Be bold. Be loud. Be fierce. Be free.
    Be your unstoppable, incorrigible, audacious,
    Hell-raising, headstrong, compassionate,
    Provocative, resplendent, savvy, sexy
    Beautifully unique self.
    © Jane Hunter / JFH Poetry