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  • whatiwanttosay 10w

    The remnants of the past
    And the fear of future
    Reside at late night talks.

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    You see me smile
    All through the miles
    But I guess you never see the tears
    Jumbled and mixed up with fears
    'Cause you never cared
    To look inside
    To understand
    What I can't hide
    There's more of me
    That you've never seen
    There's a lot you think
    That I've never been
    And you think you know me?
    I declare you're wrong
    'Cause if you dare to bare and read my soul
    You'll know it's with you
    Where I belong...


  • haemsun 47w


  • haemsun 47w


  • darlingdd 55w

    #49 ( Shattered Pieces)

    This is how my world died

    I am dieing on the inside
    My light went out
    The train never stopped for me

    I once chased the sun...
    No more kisses,
    the sun whispers
    But why do I have dispair?

    I need to kill my trembling mind
    I lived, I cried, I screamed, I loved,
    No one....
    Will come and save me
    From this hell

    The answers I am sure
    One day will drop from the sky
    To help me find my way

    Today, my name will be pain
    I live among the suicide trees
    Dancing with the demons
    That haunt at night

    I buried myself in the dead dust of hell

    I do believe I am beautiful loser...
    Dancing among the crowd
    Of the suicide trees

    Here's the face
    That keeps staring back

    My love,
    Are you there?
    Do you live among the suicide trees?

    My love,
    Do you know my face?
    Your suicide trees grabbed me

    Let me go
    I am child of disgrace

    So, here we are again
    Lets rejoice with the demons one more time

    I have a illness sneaking in
    Can you see her?
    She's the face you stare at

    Let me go
    I am innocent
    I swear its not my fault

  • thataquarious 90w

    if I could fly

    if I had wings
    I would fly far away
    Never come back again
    Start a new life again
    Somewhere amidst clouds
    Where I can dream whatever about
    No rules no clues
    No noise no rooms
    Only freedom and space
    To fill up everything I left
    No worries no haste
    Can start up a new race
    A race of wonder
    A place to wander
    Above the horizon
    Heavenly surrounded
    Only if I could fly
    Up above the wondrous sky
    Come down like an angel of life
    Rather than a human alive

  • nikkiminaj1369 91w


    Its hard to find the right words to say
    To describe what's locked up inside
    I don't want to get hurt
    I don't want to hurt

    I'm here alone
    In my head
    In my heart

    Just a lost soul looking for some meaning
    But I can't find what it is
    I don't deserve what I've got

    I made mistakes
    I hurt the ones I loved
    I hurt myself

    I've failed

    I just want to be loved
    To be wanted

    I've got feelings too
    And they are delicate
    From others before
    Who have trashed them

    I don't want to let go
    Or lose
    The ones I loved

    Promises of tomorrow that may never be
    Just a glimmer of hope
    Trying to hold onto
    And having a piece of mind
    For you

    I will try
    To make it better
    Make myself better
    Its all I can do

    I'm not perfect
    I try
    I fail
    But I'm only human


  • kaylynnicole 97w

    I was almost 17. I know this was for my family but I cant recall what the situation was exactly. God, over ten years ago I wrote this. Its crazy to see how much I've changed, how much I've learned and grown...how my writing has grown. Love it. @mirakee @writersnetwork @mrgrey @robertwjeter @raven63 @soulwriters #youth #oldpoems

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    I dont need it, why do it?
    I have plans to get through it

    Your opinions, your ideas, all mean nothing to me
    Quit trying to tell me what you think I need

    Go ahead, keep on. I dont need your stuff
    Quit trying to tell me what's gonna be enough

    Quit worrying. Go to bed.
    I'll be fine on my own
    I've gotten used to it now, since I've been alone

    I'm happy for now, dont you see this smile?
    It's only a matter of time...but it'll be here for a while

    I'm just tired of this, I wanna get out
    Look around, you'll see what I'm about

    Again, dont worry.
    I promise things will work
    As long as you will comfort me when you see that I'm hurt

    They did it. Why cant I?
    Just back off a little and give me the chance to try


  • brynie_writes 105w

    You've given me so much happiness. But you've given me even more sadness. The worst part? You'll never know about either.


  • brynie_writes 106w

    Help me
    I scream, reaching for the hands that are just out of reach.
    Don't leave me alone
    I whisper to the shadows where you should be
    I love you
    I cry as if you were there to hear the words

    I'm afraid
    I say with a wavering voice
    Come back to me
    I plead when you were never here
    I love you
    I cry out to the world
    But I'm so afraid
    I'm afraid if I told you
    You would never get the chance to learn to love me too.

    A hand on my shoulder
    You spin me around
    And hold me close as I weep
    We've been through so much all alone
    And then you fade away from my embrace
    Because you were
    Never really there.


  • artisticallyworded 131w

    Monsters Make Way For Sun

    Dedicated to the sunshine who didn't let me love her from only afar.
    The sun that saved me.

    I loved a monster; she liked to hide.
    What people don’t know, is that she stayed inside.
    She think it’s funny, to mess with what you say,
    Now nothing you'll speak, comes out the right way.
    She sometimes leaves, she had more victims than me,
    Everyone has someone like her,
    Sweet and tortuous.
    Unrequited heartbreakers.

    She messes with thoughts, feelings of greed
    She laughs and cackles when she becomes what they need.
    She’s a toxic addiction, a drug in all ways,
    You can’t just forget her.
    At least not in one day.

    I sat on this roof, and trird to pray,
    Back when I knew she'd return,
    Before the end of the day.
    She haunted my dreams, and played games with my heart,
    When she’s around the longing will wake with a start.

    It doesn’t matter however,
    I have more strength within,
    I have my hope,
    It’s a small ember, still dim.
    But I will fight, live to see the day,
    When I am greater than any sins.

    My light, that will never know.
    When my sun smiles, I swear I can see the stars
    When she laughs, I hear music
    In her eyes is the galaxy I love
    On her lips is the drug I crave
    I’ve always been addicted so easily.

    Honey you’ll be the death of me
    And to you I’ll give my life gladly
    To the drug that is you
    Your smile
    Your eyes
    Your hair
    Your lips

    Just please don’t break me more than I’ve broken already
    I don’t think I can handle what the monster has done to me
    Just, continue to be my angel in the sky
    But there was the moon is nigh
    And the stars near you rise
    Only proving your glow is unrivaled
    I’ll sit there, watching with a smile

    My angel, let me send love to you from afar,
    We both won’t get hurt then.

  • prettylikenature 133w


    I was lost in this world,
    World full of poisoned people,
    And suddenly he fondled,
    Giving the butterflies that was hard to handle.


  • sukhvir05singh 174w


    In the glory of God, 
    The Guru raised his sword. 
    He demanded the heads of five, 
    In return gave a Khalsa to thousands of lives. 

    The Khalsa was pure and divine, 
    Formed for the evilness' decline. 
    Ending the discrimination in the society, 
    Uniting people to battle the mighty. 

    Battlefields filled with the sounds of bravery & courage, 
    And the Khalsa recited the name like a sage. 
    For lacs one alone stands, 
    Battling the fierce neglecting their ends. 

    Conquering the wicked being strong and wise, 
    This end to evils was their rise. 
    The wicked ones threatened and killed them, 
    But they sticked to their Guru's words like ring with a gem. 

    They were tortured and killed with brutality, 
    But till the last breath they kept their morality. 
    Never frowned in front of death for a while, 
    And welcomed the end with a smile. 

    Cannot defined the Guru's Khalsa so great, 
    The more in love with it, the greater a person's fate. 
    Guru Gobind Singh Ji's life is Khalsa, undying its legacy, 
    No one can match it, so is the Khalsa's Supremacy.

    by - Sukhvir Singh

  • sukhvir05singh 174w

    The Young Revolutionary

    He started a revolutionary fight, 
    To claim freedom and rights. 
    He had no fear, 
    And he knew how a deaf can hear. 

    Not Bombs & Pistols, Revolutionary thinking was his weapon. 
    He fought against every barrier to free the nation. 
    He was Young, Strong and Brave. 
    Who broke the chain of Slave. 

    Freedom was his only Soulmate, 
    But merciless death was his fate. 
    To shake the ruthless, the one who came, 
    Remember, Bhagat Singh was his name.

    by - Sukhvir Singh