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    Who is gonna listen my cries,
    My raised hands to sky, a yell for my son,
    Even my home fused with dust,
    Horrific sounds that echo in my ears,
    Remind me the oppressive beasts in uniform,
    My flowers of garden consume smoke,
    Rose has turned it's colour to black,
    Even the rain failed to wash ,
    Patriotic blood of Zahid and saif,
    Since my infancy I walked for funerals,
    Only to achieve freedom for my generation,,

    With deep inner voice

  • thehealer10 15w

    Disheartened Day 39

    Our love for architecture is frightening,
    We call it Art;
    I can not help but wonder, if those who died building these Master pieces, felt the same.


  • aiman_bhat 15w

    Shaheed Burhan koka

    Not all angels reside in heaven
    Some walk the battlefield

  • jarriabidi 16w

    Wish and Receive

    Express a wish, O Sakina, a wish that you can receive,

    "Safety for my father, the Master of the Youths of Paradise,"

    No, O Sakina, a wish that you can receive,

    "Shelter, in which our veils are not excise,"

    No, O Sakina, a wish that you can receive,

    "Comfort for Ali, whose cradle we've enjoyed only in a trice,"

    No, O Sakina, a wish that you can receive,

    "Water, brought by my uncle, maybe even a grain of rice,"

    No, O Sakina, a wish that you can receive,

    "Freedom from shackles, to not be threatened to be sold for a price,"

    No, O Sakina, a wish that you can receive,

    "Anything, I wish for anything anything anything nice!"

    Then a burial, O Sakina, but imprisoned is the best that you can wish to receive.

  • dakshgoel 17w


    The oppressor and oppressed alike are robbed of their humanity. Oppression is the result of succumbing to hatred. When someone faces extreme hatred, he/she is likely to develop oppression.
    -Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

  • poetic_parade 22w

    This poem does not apply to everyone
    Trust me, there is no exaggeration
    Be glad to be part of the exceptions who do not have to go through this
    I hope that everyone in this country becomes a part of the exceptions
    I am extremely sorry if it hurts somebody's feelings for It wasn't meant

    Thanks for stopping by ��

    #women #india #torture #indianwomen #patriarchy #herworth #educategirls #educatewomen #eveteasing #groping #rape # rapeculture #toxicmasculinity

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    Is it the Same India?

    Patriarchy is not her cup of tea
    She doesn't understand the the pride of toxic masculinity
    bring her the logics behind the rules of the beloved society
    explain her why there is this level of hypocrisy

    She's not allowed enter a temple while she's menstruating
    let me tell you this blood is purer than the one from the violent bleeding
    they'll say she's unpristine
    for they don't the pain she bears since she were a teen

    there are people who'll grope and eve tease random girls but will make their sisters feel secure
    and how can she forget that random uncle on the street
    who never hesitates to call her a piece of meat

    if she births a 'ghar ka chirag'
    she's the best wife one could've asked
    but let her birth a daughter
    then they will find all ways to have her slaughtered

    She sometimes forget the fact that this is the same country which had swayamwar in its culture
    and today let her rejected a guy and she'll be ready to see him being a vulture
    this is the same country which worships goddess Saraswati as the God of knowledge wisdom and learning
    then why do we have so many uneducated girls yearning ;
    Yearning to learn
    and to be sent to school and be someone ;

    someone other than 'his' daughter and 'his' wife
    tell me why is she supposed to live like this all her life?
    get married, birth her son and that's all for a woman to achieve
    why does a woman should feel complete only when she conceives?

    if she wants to have a career before she starts a family
    she'll just be proved wrong and will be said this is not what she has to be
    this time she has had enough
    she want answers..why is that so tough?

  • harshalohanii 22w

    The Minion Under Veil

    Story of every woman who refrains from calling herself a feminist and acts so as not to demolish her family / society / equivalent bizzare values and ideology and lives in dark about the power she possess.
    #pod#mirakee#oppression #poem#poetry

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    @rabiah_mukhtar @mrpsycho @sahiba___ @sahnah
    If I knew her what could I say?
    that there's something
    beautiful about skinned knees
    and the fault lines in her eyes
    and the way she scrubs
    her blood from the floor
    and the fact that
    I can't stay quiet anymore
    Blood boiled in every vain,
    Like a flicker in every flame.
    Every night she lie awake,
    Wondering how much she can take.
    If only someone would have listened
    To the screams and to the pleads.
    As she screamed
    with the sweaty hand over her mouth
    She thought that this was it,
    She was going to die.
    The pain was something
    She'd never felt before,
    it wasn't a cut nor a scrape.
    This pain would
    never go away or heal
    If the voices of the voiceless
    remain unattended to,
    In our tomorrow,
    will there be a dream to run to?
    They cry in silence
    as their dreams are being tattered.
    Finger prints stain
    From touches and pain
    And afterwards embarrassment and shame
    She didn't even know his name
    Water and soap won't hide
    The horror and betrayal inside
    They showered her with leers
    Eyes dancing all over her body,
    Snickering as she walked by,
    She felt naked to their gaze.

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  • uzlifatzahoor 29w

    @rabiah_mukhtar @mrpsycho @sahiba___ @sahnah
    I Still believe that I could breathe
    in free air of heavens.
    Still believed that
    My fortunes would take turn
    and I would be free
    However far away you elope
    into the valleys
    of forgetfulness
    of your victim's frail memory
    Or blissful graveyards
    where screaming guilts
    or throbbing
    Memory is an autumn
    of massacres and resilience
    a winter of torture, rape, disappearances and resilience
    Memory is the unsettling dust
    of our beings
    Memory is opposite of time
    When I looked up
    Sky became paper
    I began writing images
    With my eyes
    I wait and witness
    with other mothers, wives,
    fathers, children their stories
    fied to them like explosives
    tied to a suicide-bomber
    embracing photographs
    of their 'disappeared beloved
    as they last existed uncontested.
    Every night death thaws
    in your embrace
    homes burn in our dreams
    hope screams,
    desires become memories
    The world has forgotten
    how to mourn
    Isn't it time to remember
    the act of mourning
    Let the roads carry us barefoot
    till reason loses
    its last battle with madness
    till Empire crumbles

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  • in_shaa 29w


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    Humanity cries for peace,
    Attainable with greater show of character and compassion.
    Humanity cries for justice,
    For untold vast suffering, prejudice and oppression.
    Which are the status quo.
    Humanity's tears couldn't be more apt in this cry for peace.
    There is a hierarchy in this cruelty, and it goes all the way to the top guns, those in power, state government, world government.
    As humans, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt, but we refuse to adapt to inhumanity, prejudice and oppression on all levels.
    We fight for a cause, willing to die for this cause,
    Two of arguably the greatest human strengths come into play; mind and perseverance.
    We go to great lengths to achieve success,
    This particular success we will and must persist for.
    World peace is not a lost cause, a herculean task if you may, but never a lost cause.
    And as long as humans never go extinct, we will remain fighting for this holy grail.

    This starts with YOU and I, nevertheless.

  • bilkeeswrites_ 32w

    We live in a world
    Where humans are less human.
    Women defiled in places of sanctuary,
    Abused in their homes and judged by society.

    We live in a world where people are murdered in broad daylight,
    Their only crime; being black.

    A world where innocent souls are put behind bars while monsters roam the streets with heads held high.
    A world where injustice prevails and the truth is concealed...


  • covert_4r_u 32w

    The story of kashmiri and Palestinian mothers #oppression #wailingmothers #kashmiri # Palestine #writersnetwork

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    Wavelengths of oppression descended from felon Coagulated in the hearts of lugubrious mothers...

  • alxita 32w

    -- Leverage --

    Classes starting, the teacher's doing nothing
    Lessons plummeting to where the trash bin's hiding
    To where we'll fall at, a pitfall for our idiocy
    Undisciplined and unknowledgeable of literacy

    Teacher, no lessons mean valuable time's wasted
    Meaning no knowledge to gain from money spent
    If you're not teaching, we're not really learning
    We're visiting a school for practically nothing

    But excuse us for instigating our rotting brains
    As our rights tell to mark a mistake down the lane
    Excuse us for the thousands of dollars you're earning
    A one-sided inequality which we're hopelessly balancing

    Leveraging, dying, stupidity's gained in our bodies
    Demeanor's wasting, but your side is inanely earning
    Divulging is an oppressive place we're going to
    Wasting our cash to feed their egos so cruel

    #poetry #school #oppression #unfair #stupidity #lessons #abuse #money #teacher #justice #inequality #time #gold #classroom #melaniemartinez #life #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 110
    Jun. 7, 2020, 10:15 AM (GMT+8)

    Note: This is, again, heavily inspired by Melanie Martinez's song called "The Principal". Just like the song, this is actually concerning to Trump's actions and lack of sympathy towards a whole country he's leading.
    The teacher and the school symbolizes Trump, the least to say here.

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    "Divulging is an oppressive place we're going to
    Wasting our cash to feed their egos so cruel"

  • alxita 32w

    La Poupée is French for "the doll".

    -- La Poupée --

    Exscinding is the exuberant enclaves of ecstasy
    Exposing is the doll for renditions of synchronicity
    If the audience does not approve its deemed performance
    Expecting will be a waterfall of backlash in dissonance

    If unwilling to let out an atmosphere for their wishes
    They will suffocate, and backfire like a crisis
    Imperfectly perfect, they demand for perfection
    If perfectly imperfect, they execrate for imperfection

    What will happen if they too, present for show-and-tell?
    Will they bleed the same blood like her, shyness dwells?
    What will happen if she doesn't entice their lame guts?
    Will they die from their expectations on the spot?

    "Je veux la liberté," her soul says in a callous way
    Imprinted is the indoctrinated society of dismay
    If darkness chokes them, they weep for the help signal
    If she chokes though, will she just be so typical?

    #poetry #doll #showandtell #liberty #freedom #oppression #society #life #system #darkness #controlled #stage #drama #mirakee #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 108
    Jun. 5, 2020, 10:31 AM (GMT+8)

    1. This poem is partly inspired by Melanie Martinez's song "Show and Tell".
    2. "Je veux la liberté" roughly translates to "I want liberty".

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    La Poupée

    "Imperfectly perfect, they demand for perfection
    If perfectly imperfect, they execrate for imperfection"

  • mimi2235 33w

    We march


    Three words: "I can't breathe"

    The "crooks" on Fox News or in the White House tried to silence us but we will NOT stop until our voices are heard our system is fixed

    We need justice
    Not just for George Floyd but for everyone that the system has turned against.

  • fatimaarshad 33w

    It's high time we start listening after watching rather than ignoring and playing deaf and dumb and stop being the oppressors supporter by not doing a thing.

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    Black lives matter.
    Opression of our kind by our kind.

  • covert_4r_u 33w

    In kashmir they call battalions for trapping a single brother or philosopher or scholars or the matyers. Are thy expected us weak ones...
    Yes , we may be weak physically but we are more powerful spiritually beyond their thinking....
    They can cut us externally but they can't touch us spiritually....
    #kashmiri #wailingmothers #bloodshed#oppression #injustice..

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    If they make us feel like we are weak , why they assault in battalions against one beloved....