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    "Your time is limited,
    so don't waste it living someone else's life.
    Don't be trapped by dogma – which
    is living with the results of other people's thinking."


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    Stop overthinking

    If u Think tooo much u won't become NAWAB, Instead ur Dimaak becomes Kharaab #KHARAAB.

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    Dear Guy

    Don’t look at me
    Don’t talk to me
    Don’t touch me
    Don’t love me
    I’m much better now

    Signed the one unappreciated


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    Naye saal 2021
    Finally 2020 khatam ho gaye par mask abhi tak pehana parega

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    Akele hum reh gaye

    Ek ek kar sab apne dur hogye ..,
    Hum kuch iss kadar majbur hogye..,
    Na roo paye unke jaate waqt..,
    Aur na hi soo paaye unke jaane baad..


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    Embrace their absence

    It's okay if you feel miserable,the person you loved left you. They don't seem to love or care anymore. You are allowed to feel bad for as long as you want. But life doesn't stop. Don't give so much control of your life to anyone that their absence affect it in a way it's ruined. Sometimes love doesn't last forever and then sometimes people loose feelings in a millisecond. It's not your fault it's just how it was supposed to be. You were not meant to be. Don't chase them, they are running for a reason. Keep your self respect and standard high. Focus on what's more important.You.Don't hope this never would have happened because everything cannot last forever in your life. It would make it perfect and life is not perfect. Let them go. Let them be happy. It's the only way you'll ever be able to get over them. It's okay that it's over. It was a good time that you spent so cherish it. These are memories and they will fade away with time,you won't even notice. Don't hung upon people they aren't worth it. Love yourself and the world will love you.


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    It's okay to fall out of love

    Sometimes you have to accept that things have changed and that you have changed. Sometimes it's not possible to love someone forever. People always fall in and out of love. When you encounter such realisation instead of waiting for long and trying to love someone harder just let go. Because love is not something to be tried it has to come from within. You have to understand that people who mattered to you so much yesterday are not that important today due to some reason and it might or might not be their fault. Sometimes it's just you. You can't love them anymore. You love yourself the most in the world,it's not selfish it's self care. Don't try to fix things that are broken beyond repair. It's not worth it. Leave them for good. Don't be friends it will get them through hell. Choose yourself and your happiness. Sometimes do what's necessary not what's right. And you'll realise over the time that it was after all the right thing to do.


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    One day I am going to wake up,
    roll over on my side,
    and kiss
    the love of my life
    good morning.

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #raam #rama #ram #sita #seetha #siya #ma #pita #vishnu #madhur #sweet #very #extremely #dussehra #dashami #victory #of #good #over #evil #ayodhya #brothers #mothers #three #vatsalya #father #shri #janki #jaanki #raghav

    Happiest Dussehra!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤����������

    ShriVallabhAcharya wrote MadhurAshtakam on ShriKrishn. It had eight paragraphs describing the various attributes of Bhagwaan, but it had only one adjective that is 'Madhur' or 'Sweet' each line ending with MadhurAdhiPaterAkhilam Madhuram' meaning everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

    Just like a lover finds everything about his loved one as sweet, his speech, his voice, his gait, his smile, his hands, his feet, his eyes, his eye movements and everything, similarly did Shri VallabhAcharya wrote about our Bhagwan with whom he was in love with.

    It is veryyyyyyyyyyy sweet to hear and recite.
    In fact it is said to be the favourite hymn of Bhagwan ShriKrishna himself!
    No wonder it is a gem in itself!

    My best friend and my sister @aarsha_ns di told me to write something similar on ShriRaam. Since I do not know Sanskrit, I gave my naive attempt to write something like this in Hindi for ShriRaam Bhagwan with eight paragraphs using the adjective Madhur in each line for each of his attribute and the last line for each para being 'Akhil Madhur SiyaNaath', that is 'The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet' ��❤��

    And on this occasion of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, I am sharing it with everyone.
    Let's celebrate the sweetness of the King and Queen of Sweetness- ShriSeethaRaam!!!

    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -भव्या गोगिया

    मधुर नयन, मधुर चितवन
    मधुर श्यामल सुंदर गात
    मधुर चंचल नेत्र पुण्डरीक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |१|
    मधुर भुजाएँ, मधुर करपंकज
    अति मधुर धरे शर चाप
    मधुर स्वर, मधुर श्रीमुख के
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |२|
    मधुरतम चरणारविंद अद्वित्य
    अतिशय मधुर वक्ष विशाल
    मधुर श्रीनिवासाल्या प्रभु
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |३|
    मधुर लीलाएं, मधुर कलाएँ
    मधुर आनंद सुख धाम
    मधुर वरदायी युगल करचरण
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |४|
    मधुर चतुरभ्राता की क्रीड़ा
    मधुर वाद्य सा हास
    मधुर मतवारी चाल मतंग सी
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |५|
    मधुर कोशलनंदन की लीला
    मधुर वात्सालय मूरत तात
    मधुर त्रिमाता, सुत जगत्राता
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |६|
    मधुर जानकीवल्लभ श्रीहरि
    मधुर नवनित्य प्राचीन साथ
    मधुर प्रेम अनुपम दिव्य युगल का
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |७|
    मधुर भक्त वत्सल श्रीराघव
    मारुति वंदित मधुर भगवान
    मधुर लवकुश पिता, जग जनक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |८|

    His eyes are sweet, his lovely eye movements are sweet
    His beautiful black body is sweet
    His restless (joyous) lotus eyes are sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |1|
    His arms are sweet, his lotus hands are sweet
    He holds very sweet bow and arrows
    His very sweet Shrimukh (mouth) utters a sweet accent/voice
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |2|
    His incomparable lotus feet are the most sweet
    His large chest is extremely sweet
    The Lord who is the abode of Shri is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |3|
    His plays are sweet, his skills are sweet
    He, the abode of bliss and happiness is sweet
    Sweet are his pairs of hands and Feet which always bless,
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |4|
    The sport of the four brothers is sweet
    Sweet is their laughter like a musical instrument,
    Their joyous gait like elephants is sweet!
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |5|
    The play of the joy (son) of Kaushalya is sweet
    His father who is the epitome of Parental love is sweet
    The three mothers are sweet, the sons are the guardians of the world
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |6|
    The beloved of Jaanki, ShriHari is sweet
    The comradery which is new everyday and yet the oldest one is sweet
    Sweet is the matchless love of the divine couple
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |7|
    Sweet is ShriRaghav who loves his devotees
    Sweet is the God worshipped by Maruti (Shri Hanuman Ji)
    The one who is the father of Lav-Kush and the whole world is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |8|

    ✿ �������� ������������������������! �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Ever Youthful ShriSiyaRaam (नित्य किशोर श्रीसियाराम) showing their lotus feet to make us completely surrender to them! ��❤��
    ���������� ������������: @dollysehgal

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • ehteshamansari 18w

    Sound of your name! :,-)

    I still remember the sound of your name!
    It rings in my mind like a prayer wheel on a circular trail,
    Even though I have been busy and long apart,
    Trying my best to move away from pain,
    Being in loud places where it's even hard to hear someone calling your own name,
    But I still remember the sound of your name!
    Like a wave of long lost melodies traveling through my brain,
    Every note strikes so elegant and so gorgeous which leave me in a trip purely subtle and plain,

    It hurts so badly,
    Missing you out of proportion so madly,
    Missing your echoes and nibble on my ears when you had me!
    I still remember the sound of your name!
    No matter how hard I try to shake it off from my brain ,
    All my efforts are in vain.

    Walking on the same road we did before,
    Stoping by the same broken bridge we fooled around,
    Sometimes you reach me up unexpected!
    I hate it that I expect it and why am I still affected seeing you with someone else??
    I don't know if I want to forget or keep remembering the sound of your name!?

  • kush___boi 18w

    Why is it so easy for you to say its over???


  • anegeorge 19w


    How come our memories that I adored became the nightmares that haunt me now?..


  • c73poetry 20w


    It's over
    The curtains close
    We fade to black
    In the battle
    Of capitalism against nature
    Nature is losing
    And we will ensure
    Our own extinction
    We fade to black
    The show is over

  • writer_mohit_kumar 20w


    इंतज़ार कितना भी करलू वो नही आएगा,
    फिर से एक साथ बैठकर आखों में आँखें डालने का समय अब कभी नही आएगा,
    कल जब एक जोड़े को एक साथ बैठकर एक दूसरे पर हक जताते हुए देखा,
    तो सोचा कि अगर उस समय मेने उसे रोक लिया होता,
    तो आज का समय कुछ और ही होता,
    लेकिन अब कुछ भी करलू पहले जैसा नही हो पायेगा,
    ओर न तो वो आया है, ओर न ही अब कभी आएगा।

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    Stupid boy thinks that i need him...
    Yeah...stupid boy was really stupid to think that i need him...

  • _orlitt 21w

    Please be a full stop this time.

    #cease #end #finish #dot #past #over

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    You are the chapter
    that I desire to end,
    somehow instead of full stop,
    you always cease with commas.

  • spellwithnir 21w


    She'd fed on the emotion as long as it had lasted, and when it was over, she'd moved on without tears or recriminations.

  • kajalthakur31 21w

    तीस दिन है, और बारह महीने;
    फिर भी तारीख बदलने का हुनर रखता है,
    'एक साल' ।।

  • naveen_the_pessimist 23w

    Excess :

    If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.