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    My path changed into pain
    Pain changed into tears
    Tears changed into words
    Words changed Into sentences
    Each sentences says about you

    வலிகளும் வரிகளாய் போனது.....

  • in_fragments 2h

    Written by someone who was feeling very lonely and sad, and very violent against themselves...
    Stay with us. One day, one hour, or one minute at a time.
    #pod #poem #prose #pain #depression #life #mentalhealth #mentalillness #ptsd #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    4-8 am
    (Volatile Mornings)

    Our human bodies are merely rags,
    love flows like water-
    life is a series of absorbing it, lustily oversaturating ourselves in it, then wringing ourselves out because of the pain and heaviness that eventually
    builds up.
    Where we go- where death is- there is no pain and heaviness, only
    the love. There is no need to wring ourselves of anything, because nothing is ever too much and we have no bodies that are too weak
    and fragile to handle it.
    We become less like dish rags and more like, one with the water entirely.
    Why are people so afraid of it?
    They try to mop away what can never go. They try to mop away themselves.

    To embrace death is to embrace the self, to take back the control that others want of your body and say, "Enough. I am mine and God's alone, and I belong only to the water."


  • karanagrawal 3h

    Everyone everytime is going through a pain which is inevitable and irresistible but the patience keep's driving is hope and the believe that I can make it anyhow is faith in own. Keep that you will succeed because you deserve it.


  • aparnashipra 3h

    Koi Toh Ho

    कोई तो हो जो सुने तो सुने बस मेरी मेरी निगाह को ।
    क्योंकि जुबान पर अक्सर ताले और नजरों में बहुत सारी कहानियां रखती हूं मैं।
    वह मुझसे बात करने आए और कहे कि मुझसे नजरें मिलाओ,
    फिर हो यू कि वह कहे मुझसे कुछ कहना चाहती हो, जो नहीं कहना चाहती हो वह तो मैंने सुन लिया।
    दिल तो हर जगह से टूटा है , मेरे दिल के हर कोने हर दीवार में छेद है।
    कोई तो हो जो अंदर झांक कर अंदर आने में दिलचस्बी रखे झांक कर भाग जाने में नहीं।
    दिल तो ढेर हो चुका है एक घर है जो मरम्मत नहीं मांगता साहब , मांगता है उस शख्स को जो इसकी टूटी दीवारों को अंदर आकर इसे जोर-जोर से बताए , इसकी बची खुची दीवारें मैली हैं जो रंगी जा सकती।
    कुछ तस्वीरें टंगी है अब भी पुरानी जो फेंकी जा सकती हैं।
    हां काफी नुकसान हुआ है दरो दीवारों के टूटने से इसकी बुनियाद अभी सलामत है।
    कोई हो जो देखे तो बस देखे मुझको कहे मुझसे यह मुस्कुराहट खूबसूरत तो है ,
    मगर खास नहीं।
    खास है तो यह जख्म जो तुमने कमाएं है पहने नहीं।
    कहे मुझसे कि खुशी मेरी है, मैं नहीं।
    कहे मुझसे मैं जो दिखती हूं वह मैं हूं नहीं।
    कहे मुझसे मेरी मुस्कुराहट नाकाम कोशिश है। अपने जज्बात पर लगाम लगाने की।
    कहे मुझसे नकाब उतार के रख दे तू ।
    और आईना देख महज खुद को देखने के लिए,
    खुद को छुपाने के लिए नहीं।
    कहे तू दर्द का चेहरा है दरारो से भरा हुआ बिगड़ा हुआ ।
    दर्द जो हसीन है इश्क है कहे मुझसे।

  • hrkhanhk 3h

    Apne dil ki bat kabhi is zamane ko batana nahi..

    Ye zamana maze leta hai tmhare jakhamo pr namak chidak kar...

    Bada zalim hai ye zamana tmhara humraaz nahi...

    Maine jaana hai bade Kareeb se is zalim zamane ko...

    Bada bedard hai ye zamana tmhara hamdard nahi...

    © HR khan

  • sanaprawen 3h

    I need you every single time I just want to be with you I don't want you to lose, I am smiling when I look at you, you are my soulmate I can't see you in pain�� I always wait for you until the my last breath ❤️❤️#missyou #sad #hurt #pain # wait #feeling # my soulmate #lifeline❤️❤️❤️
    @farheen_dreams_ Nobita and Shizuka ❤️❤️����

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    Kaise kahu na jane ye kaisi mohabbat hai
    Tujhse Bat nii hoti fir bhi dil ko
    Fikar bas teri hai
    Kaise batau tujhe,
    Dil krta hai tujhse lipat
    Ke kahun
    Tere bina mar to skti hu mei
    Par jee nahi sakti....❤️❤️

  • swethaphoenix 4h

    Slow kitchen dances♥

    The closed windows open
    To seek the chirping of birds
    Which become the acoustics,

    By the rhythm of morning light,
    With the lit of shoulder bite,
    And the hips close tight.

    The twinning moves of our legs
    Cross each other-Making
    Close one another

    Sling and swing
    Bow and above
    Slow kitchen dances!♥

  • inked_feeling 4h

    बेरूह जिंदगी

    बेरुह जिंदगी है बेरंग नजारा है,
    लगता है दूर कहीं टूटा कोई तारा है ।
    दर्द बहुत गहरा ,कुछ अपना कुछ पराया है,
    सासें हुई है मद्धम,आंखे हुई है ये नम ,
    धड़कन ने मेरी तुमको बड़े दिल से पुकारा है।।


  • girish_naidu 5h


    I wish someone could listen to my story as I always do my best to make them happy with all my words!

  • hotaru_ 6h

    The door opened with a loud thud as I watched Shannons twin daughters run around inside without a care in the world. I froze. Looking in front of me, my eyes landed on Zack. I felt myself tense up, I didnt expect anyone else to be here. Remembering that he lived here, I moped. Why couldnt he have gone out or something? He looked serious as he played video games. Maybe he wouldnt notice me. Shyly greeting him, he acknowledged my presence. Quickly turning away from him, I saw another new face and I inwardly cried. Why didnt anyone warn me?!

    After an awkward introduction, I found my way to the couch. Glancing at Zack, I couldnt help but stare. It had been so long since I last saw him; I noted the change in his appearance and how he still caught my eye regardless. He didnt seem interested in making any conversation, not that I minded, my nerves couldnt handle it if he did. Remembering the small crush I had on him, I looked away. That was a very long time ago.

    My lips felt dry and plain, uncomfortably reaching for my lip-gloss, I immediately regretted it. James, being the usual jokey person that he is, screeched out:

    "Melissa who are you putting that lip gloss on for? Is it for Zacks friend? Im watching you!" I felt my face begin to burn. I had just met Randy, Zacks friend.

    "Im not!" I looked down as I said that, making sure to avoid all eye contact.

    "Randy has a baby on the way; he cant be catching on shit like that." Said a laughing Shannon. The awkwardness grew. He was going to be a father? Emphasis on father! How did I manage to land myself in such an awkward situation? I was more focused on Zack than Randy. Thats just my luck.

    It was over in a split second as James and Vincent made their way out the door. Falling on the couch, Zack followed. Leaving a decent amount of space between us, I tensed up. He chose to sit closer to me when there were other seats open. Was I reading the signs correctly or was I being delusional? Hearing a knock on the door, my brother Brian made his way in. Taking a seat between us, I sighed. Always leave it to my brother to read the signs with me.

    Before I knew it, James and Vincent had returned but Zack and Randy were nowhere to be found. Maybe they finally decided that this was lame and wanted out. Not long after, I saw Zack pull up with a new person who I assumed to be his friend. His friend, William, looked friendly as he carried a platter of snacks, probably as a house warming gift.

    Deciding to sit on the floor, I sighed. This night seemed to be taking the turn for the worst. Looking up, I noticed Zack come outside. I was surprised. He seemed more anti-social than an actual social butterfly. Seeing him take a glass of alcohol, I blinked. He drinks? I never imagined him to drink, especially out of Barbie plastic cup.

    Eventually he sat down in front of me, giving me a light hearted smile. I felt my heart beat faster. Looking away, I didnt know what to do since we were the only ones sitting on the floor. Not making much eye contact or conversation, I stole glances out from the corner of my eye. Everyone was having a good time, socializing and bonding and yet I was so nervous that all I managed to do was awkwardly laugh at everything. He soon got up, maybe because I wasnt speaking to him or maybe he just grew tired from sitting on the floor? But I felt somewhat disappointed.

    Letting it go, I too stood up and made my way inside to place my phone on charge. Remembering how I left John on read, I ignored Spots too. I could tell Spots was serious about me and yet my heart refused to go his way. Was I made of stone? I could not accept the sincerity of someone who was trying to win me over. I could only think of myself and how my heart has grown tired. How Im slowly losing myself, how I see a stranger in the mirror and how I drown in my tears. How life had given me reason to give up.

    Pushing the thought out of my head, I returned to the big group. Everyone seemed happy, as if their need for socialization had been filled. Accepting that I wont be speaking much, Zack interrupted my train of thought.

    "Have you seen the new Dragon ball movie?" I looked at him and softly said no. I knew he was a fan of anime, I just never knew he would speak to me. Do you even like DBZ? He asked, hoping for me to say yes.

    "No, I dont like it." I replied honestly. He looked surprise and yet he never stopped smiling at me. Was he trying to speak to me? Me, Invisible Melissa? I couldnt help but smile back at him. If these were signs then I wouldnt mind playing along.

    Sitting on the floor yet again, Zack didnt hesitate to join. These were definitely signs. Either I was hallucinating or he was actually giving off a certain vibe. Before I could give much thought into it, Shannon spoke.

    "Melissa doesnt like Lilith either." As she spoke to Zack he turned to me with a smile. Zack hates her." Shannon looked at me and I looked at Zack. He looked happy as he stuck his hand out for a high five. Feeling something in my stomach drop, I realized he wasnt truly over her the moment I saw him give off a sad smile. Could I blame him? They were dating for years until she decided to cheat on him. I had no place in his life and yet I felt the urge to help him move on.

    Rethinking the lift club, I might actually accept it. I didnt understand it but I felt drawn to him. It could be that I would find the missing piece to my puzzle if I get to know him. But, what if its a mistake? Growing attached to a new friendship only to watch it fall apart. Was I ready to have another knife pierce my heart? Or will he be able to heal the wounds I could never mend?

    #chapter3 #books #writing #story #happiness #pain #defeat #growth #love #romance #gifted

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    Chapter 3


  • soyal_p_boby 6h

    Pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala. She was fed pineapple will crackers stuffed.. She died standing in the river...��
    #animals #love #mother #death #pain #childhood #yourquote #elephant

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    There was trust, there was hope and there was two lifes in one.. As a man once said an elephant's eye can speak a thousand languages and all she ever said at that moment will be the pain she was suffering and the worries which she had for her baby. And the baby's words would be "dear mom; i am hungry; i am thirsty, i can't feel the warmth, am I going to die... And at the end of the day the question that remains is who is the beast? The elephant or the humans...

  • hemaacchu 7h

    Given up..

    Sometimes giving up doesn't mean
    it's the end...
    It just means that we are tierd of
    trying hard......

  • girish_naidu 8h


    I may not understand the things as much easier as you but the writer in me can understand the things much better than you!

  • being_amatuer_writer 9h


  • amysticalmess 10h

    How do you describe the feeling when your heart is breaking, like a rock placed just over your chest and its breaking your ribs and it broke the bones and the bones are piercing in to your heart one by one each time you breathe and blood is gushing out in all the possible ways which you can feel in your guts. Your eyes are burning, like your eyelids are burning as hot coals are kept on each of your eyes you can't help but feel the pain and the burn squeezing the life out of your eye muscles. A huge lump stuck in your throat; you feel like throwing up but you can't, you want to swallow it which is also out of question. You experience a suffocation which you can't put in to words. You try to breathe, your heart pain and your head spins. You want to cry but you can't cry. So you just lie there staring at eternity eyes wide open, mouth half open gasping for breath ,your hands squeezing your neck legs so close it could explode your stomach as you get the stabbing sensation in your abdomen. But you just lie there helpless and hopeless. Death is way better than this!


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    Unknown Feeling

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  • susiewp 10h


    Hey, my little one.
    I hope you are at peace today.

    For you were the soul that
    Stitched whole my broken one.
    My tiny one, I can't say if I had given you
    Enough and all, you needed and loved.
    And, though you were never created
    To bring life to my dead being, to bring
    The warm glow to my tarnished soul,
    Yet when they left you over, to
    My trembling hands, somehow they never Trembled again, as I held on to you.

    How could I forget the day
    You called me mama - I was born again.
    The day you took your first step
    My love, you taught me how to walk again.
    And when you brought me those
    Little purple flowers, that evening
    The frills of your blue dress dripping in mud
    Your voice dripping in joy - my love
    I knew I had, way more than I deserved. Again.

    And yet, today, as the cold white walls
    Of that wretched building took you in,
    The disease that had taken us over
    Chained you down to that ugly bed,
    To never give you back to me;
    As Nature snatched you back, my all!
    My puny petulant soul -
    Pinned down to ground by Nature's fury,
    My hand trembled in guilt, once again.
    My world burnt in Her wrath.
    My soul froze to Her cold fury -
    Drowned into this vast nothing.
    Only to watch and watch and watch -
    How yet they never let me watch -
    My little life, trapped in those cold walls.
    How the disease withered you away
    My love, how the disease withered you
    Away from me.

    Away from me.

    Away from me.

  • tazmanian_angel 11h


    Let her tiptoe through the shadows
    Let her stomp along this trail
    You led her into darkness
    You you set her up to fail

    She begged you way too many times
    She tried to make demands
    You stonewalled her too often
    You tried to tie her hands

    Now she’s waltzing with the nightfall
    Now she’s singing to the stars
    How beautifully she wears her pain
    How lovely are her scars

    You can’t wipe out her spirit
    You can’t destroy the brave
    She wasn’t meant to be your scapegoat
    She isn’t meant to be your slave

  • rhymesbypie 17h

    I let you define me in the
    Most hurtful words
    Taking in every word as
    A picture of myself
    I accepted to be defined by
    The voices I had
    Speak of me
    Speak at me
    Speak in me
    I tagged along just
    For the comfort
    Of conversations
    And validation
    A feeling of loneliness
    Not to be experienced
    All this in the name of
    For pain only to become
    A monster within
    Being fed by the rejection
    Of self
    My instincts
    Torn apart
    At rock bottom I am
    The thought of a taste of
    My blood is enticing
    Maybe the smell
    Will awaken my insides
    Maybe the rich red
    Colour will awaken
    Courage within
    Maybe the taste of
    It will make my
    Taste bud wish
    For more life
    Just to be



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    It's in my red that I find myself

  • the_shattered_feelings 4h

    I thought it was infatuation untill, it consumed my happiness and ripped my heart out...!

  • mishujhamat 1h

    Just because..

    I look as if i have hard mind stone heart ..
    Body with heavy bones , enough to endure mind numbing scars...
    That hard looking structure so contrast to what's going inside....
    I'am the one who dared to hide just because inexplicable it was...
    I Apologize ..i couldn't endure it so far..
    It deteriorated me and my lips sealed my heart ,left this world , remained in seclusion.
    One day my soul screamed...sorry!
    I give up ..plz shout ,you are done in this invisible bars...
    But I'm afraid what if this world don't feel the pain. ..
    laughs at me or saying i am insane