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  • thatgeekgirl 2w

    Night Space, My Place...

    Late to bed, late to study, late to relax.
    Late night is only when I'm allowed.
    Last moments of day wait for me.

    Ordinarily nights are mine...
    Ordinarily I don't mind.
    Only I'm bothered when they're stolen.

    Very rarely do I feel at peace.
    Very seldom am I not rushing.
    Vacant streets bring me solace.

    Everyone needs me by day.
    Everyone depends on me.
    Everything would be a mess if I stopped.

    Fast pace is draining as hell.
    Fast cars, fast talk, fast money.
    Frankly I'd love it to all go away.

    Occasionally I dream of leaving it all.
    Occasionally I imagine getting away.
    Only I'm brought back to reality by midday.

    Racing to school, racing to shops
    Racing to appointments, racing doesn't stop.
    Reprieve comes only at sundown.

    Time to do this, to do that.
    Time to feed the dog, put out the cat.
    The day to day, sure, but exhausting.

    Help doesn't come when you need it.
    Help is what I'm called upon for, not granted.
    How I manage the days without it I'm unsure.

    Endless loads of dishes, half-filled coffee cups.
    Endless mountains of laundry piling up.
    Extra on weekends, of course.

    Nothing is ever good enough, some days.
    Nothing pleases everyone, always!
    Nobody notices how much of my day is theirs.

    Independent women are supposed to "roar".
    Independent and strong, they apparently ally.
    I personally can't stand much of most of it.

    Grieving isn't said, it screams from one's eyes.
    Grieving can't be obvious! Hide that you cried!
    Going out can be harder than people think.

    Home is what I strive for, despite the effort.
    Home is different entirely than "house".
    How oft forgotten pains me; I refuse to" keep a house".

    Tonight I managed to get it all done.
    Tonight I can safely say that I've won.
    The reward for that? I get my night...


  • thatgeekgirl 2w

    Anxiety Monster

    Oh, this monster... I loathe that you dwell
    Deep within my child, she's too small a shell;
    A shell too fragile, too easily broken.
    Too naive to make her words be spoken.

    Why there should such a creature reside?
    In such a young mind it should not be inside!
    She should be free in heart and in spirit.
    A monster like this should not be allowed in it.

    She hasn't yet got a grasp on life,
    This monster creeps up and causes her strife.
    She hasn't the strength yet to pull in the reins.
    This monster is the cause of the most of her strains.

    It confuses her thoughts, lashes her tongue.
    Difficult as it is to control when young.
    It shouldn't cause a fresh soul such anger or sadness.
    Little girls aren't meant to go to bed with their head hurting and heart a mess.

    Armouring a child against anxiety doesn't happen overnight.
    It takes layers applied gradually to get a mindset right.
    I long for the day when she retorts with a bold scoff:
    "Monster?! Whatever... You can "eff right off"..!"


  • thatgeekgirl 2w

    Care for the Carer?

    Whether it is innate, or through life has become ingrained
    I ordinarily consider it a blessing, not a curse;
    I'm a person who cares very deeply for others.
    In Teutonic, my name means "Universal Healer", or "Nurse".

    I pour all channels of myself into helping others,
    I mother greater than I was ever mothered myself, too.
    After a while though, it becomes undeniable:
    Care for myself becomes well overdue.

    I need a huge vat of lovingly made chicken soup,
    Not just for my body, but also my soul...
    I need someone to stroke my hair like I do for my children,
    For that's the cure for most things, after all!

    I fell asleep on the floor before the children even last night,
    Woke today with a aching head and a stuffy nose.
    Who'll come along to care for the carer, I wonder?
    Unfortunately "nobody", the usual answer, I suppose...


  • thatgeekgirl 3w

    Beautiful, Wonderful Two

    One from my recklessness
    One from somebody else's
    Neither are themselves, though.
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    Chalk and cheese? Such an understatement!
    One outgoing, full of moxie; one a gentle, old soul.
    Both entirely parts of me, amplified,
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    They've gifted more than they realise.
    They've matured me in a way I couldn't alone.
    They make a chain houses a now warm home,
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    Words alone can never tell them
    Just how much they mean to me.
    Each in their own way, they've set me free -
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    I still don't know what I'm doing half of the time.
    As a parent, don't think I'm alone
    Yet even then I know what guides me to give it my best:
    My beautiful, wonderful two...


  • unsscribbledwords 4w

    Relationships have become so fragile that
    We started celebrating every month we make it

  • paperdolleve 5w

    Light of a child

    How can we grow up
    With the Light of a child?
    How could we grow up
    With the Love of a child?
    How do we retain and expand
    On the Heart of the child?
    How do we resist the parents
    Who although meaning well
    Teach us their failing ways?
    Enlightenment is not
    Leaving the child, becoming adult,
    But integrating their Light,
    And Love, in our full size hearts♥️

    Eve Sanchez

    Mother of 4


  • unsscribbledwords 5w


    Brown Parents:I want my child to be a Doctor, Engineer,CA,Actor, Dancer,Space Scientist,PM and everything that applies

  • arunaarjunram 6w

    I moved farther
    from the mountain
    of youth;
    that arduous trek
    my parents
    charted out
    for me now
    seems clear.


  • zensalad 9w

    Birth control is an IMPORTANT part of quarantine. Consider if a baby is in your plan within the next 9 months, if not, plan accordingly. Please visit your local clinic to obtain the correct and sufficient amount of birth control to get you through the quarantine.
    #responsibility #healthyfamilyplanning

  • crazyash 10w

    Struggles of Life

    People now a days are so tensed and busy to achieve what they want in their life, that they forget what they really wanted.....
    They forget the joy of their childhood and their first wish to get that icecream.....
    Along the long run of life our wishes grow so do the price of our wish....
    We soon realise that money is key to our all wishes.....
    But in this long struggle we forget our wish and remember only the struggle.......
    We Stop enjoying the life and start struggling to save more.....
    We forget that we earned will not last long, what will last long is those sweet memories we live....
    We don't understand that a small gift with love to our kid today brings more joy than after getting a Duke after many arguments, which Duke will latter turn into a Bukati as a never ending lust......
    So be happy and enjoy your life, learn to forgive and move on, spend wisely and "Enjoy Your Struggle"

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 5w


    It all began with a simple bite,
    "He's teething so it's natural,"
    The family replied.
    Next he began pinching every child
    Whether in school or in park.
    "It's alright,
    He's full of energy but is
    Ignorant of the wrong and right,"
    The family justified.
    Later he began taking everyone else's toys
    "He's small, let him enjoy."
    Much later, he was caught stealing.
    "No, that's my son who's been accused,"
    To accept the truth, the family refused.
    Gradually, he became a menace;
    Unfortunately, his parents continued to praise
    Finally, when the society took the matter in their hands,
    Family simply watched from the stand.
    Repenting and sad, they said-
    "If only we exercised better control over our life's precious."

  • passerby_ 12w

    summary of being a parent:

    you bring children to this world hoping to love them with all your heart and give them everything you think they need, your kids however grow up to define what love is to them and what they actually think they need and the most painful part is when that definition doesn't sync with yours; then you find yourself not being able to understand them and you sometimes can't help but wonder what you ever did wrong.

    The truth is, your children will be whoever and whatever they want to be in spite of you because they are after all, humans with their own thoughts and ideals.


  • anupamsabhivyakti 14w

    Inspired from the talks of Dr Shefali Tsabary of the fame 'The Conscious Parent'
    #discipline #drshefali #parenting #concious #nature #life #thoughts #diary #inspiration #success #failure

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    Success & Failure

    We ourselves categorise our children as good or bad in the initial stages of their development forgetting that there is no good or bad child, it's their behaviour that can be categorised as acceptable or unacceptable.
    Kids are categorised as intelligent and dumb, bright and dull, active and lazy, genius and fools, scholars and back benchers, ethical and ruthless etc etc.
    So the question here is, how do we categorise our kids in such categories? Are we really a suitable judge to give our apt judgements in defining what they are? No! We actually force them to be in that state what we are categorising them. It's okay if our child is not good at academics but showing him/her that he/she is a loser because of that reason kills the true self or identity of the child. It's us who make white categorised as pious and black as darkness or hellish. While the truth is that both of them are just two different colours. A few can believe red as divine and the others may take it as a symbol of devil. It's all our personal belief. And we don't need to impose our personal beliefs on others.
    As a patent we need to nourish their inner self so that they can cross their obstacles and come ahead as far as they can just with our positive boost up.
    But ironically, we make our children feel like failure is the end of their life and any single achievement is the end of their problems. But in reality both the beliefs are wrong as neither the failure is fatal nor the success is the final for any life, both of them are just a part of life after which the life keeps on moving.
    While failure helps us to introspect and recover, success is just an outcome of that process. Overall success in itself a very complex term which is misinterpreted most of the time.
    People consider themselves successful based on their good academic results, monetary benefits, and availing the desired job opportunities. Neither of these things can make a man successful if he/she isn't satisfied with his life. If he/she is willing to have something more and more. Success can be felt every moment or not at all. It's again variable on how one perceives one's achievements.

    Anupam Mishra

  • anupamsabhivyakti 14w

    Inspired from the talks of Dr Shefali Tsabary of the fame 'The Conscious Parent'
    #discipline #drshefali #parenting #concious #nature #life #thoughts #diary #inspiration

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    We have been talking for a long time to tame our children, to discipline them to bring them on track, to train them in the way we want them to become. But at the end how many of us have listened that the parents who do this get the best result? Doesn't that mean that the children of all the strict parents should be perfect then?
    The examples that we see answers to this in negation. Recently on one of his show of 'Comedy Nights with Kapil', Kapil Sharma jokingly told that he was on that platform today just because his father was a great disciplinarian and he only did the things to show him but not actually, which resulted in bad results in his academics.

    I have been in a Christian school which is known for its strict discipline. And a decade ago the teachers and principals were openly allowed by the parents and the laws to hit the children. I had been disciplined both at home and at school which made me a little dumb. Ironically I was a revolutionary child but was forced to be an introvert. So many dreams were flourishing, I always dreamt of becoming a good orator, a famous writer and an artist. But it's sad that time it was considered as nonsense (not much surprised as it's there today as well).
    There was a solo act competition in the school, I was in grade second then. I along with my two other friends was practicing in a classroom to get into that competition. The principal of our school came for the inspection and hit the three of us with the stick on our underarm. He didn't even listen to us and asked us to go back to our classes stating that we were wasting our time as we couldn't act at all. The physical pain passed away soon but that fear that he put it in my mind retained for almost two decades. This statement of the principal haunted in my mind for years and years, "You don't have that talent to act.”

    A similar thing happened when I was in 7th grade. Now I wished to speak in public as in private conversation I used to do my best. I gave my name for a speech competition. A teacher looked at me and said to the another teacher, "Do you think that this dumb girl can speak in public?" I didn't listen to the response of the other but the words of that teacher echoed in my mind and took away something from within. Still my inner self fought back and I prepared very well for the competition. I wrote my speech and learnt that. Before going to the stage I recited that in front of the mirror. I was confident, but the moment I reached the stage, I got the glimpse of the same teacher with some disgusting expression on her face. The glimse of her shattered my confidence that I tried to build. I was frozen. I couldn't even tell the topic of the speech or introduce myself. I was unconscious and was forcibly taken out of the stage. That teacher was known to discipline the students like me and treat them as oxen. People like them want to run the whole world based on their perceptions and while doing so they ruin the naturality of many young ones like me.

    Story has not ended yet. Now the result matters. There were so many disciplinarian in my life, both at home and at school. Did that make me a good human? Not at all. Still I have been infamous as a spoilt brat. This too much of discipline and bondage made me revolt against everything. I had no way how to interact effectively with others. I resulted as a ruined and rude teenager. I don't remember any such friends or relatives with whom I shared any strong connection. The whole world was just a trap for me and I wished to be a free bird. I was married just after my high school and undoubtedly I had been a failure in my life till then in every sense. I had already stopped dreaming by then.
    Thanks to my in laws where I got liberty and was able to frame myself in such a category where I can make healthy relations. I started to dream again. I completed my higher education in the subject that I always wanted, English literature. I became a famous writer. People started to read my poems, and stories with great interest.
    Moreover, today I'm a teacher, having my bread and fulfilling all my needs with my speeches in public.

    Anupam Mishra

  • the_village_poet 14w

    The Rose Fairy

    Not a song,
    Not a dream,
    Not a written piece of mythology;
    She is real.

    Dancing and laughing
    Before me,
    Big, bright eyes shining;
    She is beauty.

    Singing songs,
    Playing games,
    Picking dandelions all the day;
    She is natural.

    Drawing pictures,
    Writing words,
    Playing in the sun;
    She is creative.

    Flowing long hair,
    Sun-kissed skin,
    With her spirit smiling;
    She is a flower.

    Saying kind words,
    Giving big hugs,
    Crying over another’s pain;
    She is love.

    Blooming beautifully,
    Under my love’s
    Shining sun;
    She is perfection.

    Sprouting up,
    It seems,
    Inches a day;
    She is growing.

    Spreading her arms,
    Like a fairy,
    Getting ready to fly;
    She is freedom.

    Stacey Welsh

  • conquer_from_within 15w

    Good Mom

    Motherhood is hard enough without the constant criticism.

  • mrnikku 16w

    HâppÎñêss ♥️

    Seeing Mom In The Saree

    I Gifted her With My First Salary ♥️

    - mr nikku

  • beautifulgirl 17w

    Even thinking of having the next baby haunts me

  • thoughtfountain 17w


    He looks and sees beauty
    Where I see a weed

    He looks and sees the light
    While I worry about the shadows

    He jumps right in
    And I tell myself not to pull him back

    His untainted view is an inspiration to my tired mind

    His eyes provide that rose coloured tint that mine lost somewhere along the road

    While he gazes at the world around him I stare into his beautiful, innocent soul


  • mrnikku 17w

    Maa ♥️

    Sararat Karne Wale Ab Sab Bade Ho Gaye
    Ghar Ka Aagan Aadura Sunsaan Padaa Hai ,

    Aur Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Ladke Apni Mehboob Ke Baaho me Chand Taare Durrthe hai ,

    Jake Dekho MAA Ke Achal me pura Aashman padaa hai !

    - mr nikku