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  • rajeshreejunghare 1d

    * Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi ❤️*

    Aahat tumhari Muskan meri
    Baatein tumhari Jazbaad mere
    Khushboo tumhari pasand meri
    Chot tumhari Dard mera
    5 min tumhare ⏳ Din mera
    Chehra tumhara Kwab mera
    Hasna tumhara Dhadkan meri
    Khuda tumhare saare dukh Hume de de
    Aur humare saare Sukh tumhe mile❤️
    Banoge kya mere Humsafar ?!?!?!?!?

  • starkanonymous 1w

    Party Pains

    Wretched and wanting
    Left with nothing
    Surviving no one
    With nothing but you

    In good company
    I can still fade
    Or be the center of attention
    Displaying my charade.

    And now I have the floor
    All drunken affairs in order
    Never by my hand
    Competent but unreliable.

    I smile and I
    Well, I accomplish nothing
    Not for unknowing
    Just for not wanting.

    Try not to push me
    I just might fall over
    My breath smells like vomit
    So far from sober.

    Head spinning, take advantage
    Looking for my date
    I see no one I really love
    Just a few I hate.

    I stumble up and down the stairs
    Searching through the rooms
    And what I saw I can't unsee
    I guess this "relationship" is doomed.

    I step outside to get some air
    I think it's time to leave
    When, from the shadows, stepped a girl
    Simply calling herself "My Eve".

    She leaned up, softly whistling
    Then whispered in my ear
    "I know a thing, a thing or two
    About getting even, dear".

    Looking in her darkening eyes
    I could see she was legit
    And, give or take, two minutes later
    We were one hot, sexy hit.

    Once the party did die down
    And all came to a close
    My date and I went separate ways
    Finding each, our own way home.

    I thought of "Eve" occasionally
    As time dwindled down the by
    And never forgot that night with her
    When heart both lived and died.

    - Fin

    "Party Pains"
    2018 ©starkanonymous

  • lady_lavender_rose 1w


    You are the fake smile
    That I wear
    To hide the tears
    Like you hide my fears
    From the cruel world
    Of strangers' lies
    You protect me in fake smiles
    As I wear this mask
    In front of faces tonight
    Still I long for the time
    When this party would end
    And I wear your laughter
    Right there in your arms
    I don't need to pretend.


  • whatrealityisthisagain 2w

    #hilltopcastle #storytime #fun #fridayfun #distance #therewhenyouneedit #party

    In a far away land they, dance and they play
    In a far away land, in the mountains they say. 
    There's a hilltop castle on the cliff it was built,
    On the cliff of a hill, yet the castle had no tilt. 
    Strong and tall, wide and vast!
    It's beauty they say is unsurpassed!

    The townsfolk that live there are unique as well,
    In this land they work magick, or so they foretell. 
    They're happy and kind, 
    And so funny it's divine! 
    As they sing and they dance in their haven on a hill.
    And party and love in the castle that's there still. 

    They help the lost traveler when no hope can be found,
    When he's frightened and scared with noises all around,
    He'll stumble on their village, an accident to some degree. 
    They feed him and sooth him, and fill him with glee!
    Then they guide him back home with plenty to eat,
    And enough joyful memories to help him complete the hard feat!

    The travelers always go back,
    For this castle, they seek!
    They long for the parties, the food, and relief. 
    For the town in a castle they search with all their effort!
    Though none find it, we know of its existence,
    It's there on the hilltop, way off in the distance. 


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    Hilltop Castle on the Cliff


  • chitraa_shankar 3w

    Evening after the party (part 4)

    He drove the car home super fast and he was shirtless. As soon as we got into the driveway, he got out of the car, opened my side of the car door. I got out and opened the house door and turned on the lights in the hall. He closed the gates and came in, hanged the car keys, locked the door, came close to me, held me by the waist, lifted me up and we again started to make out, real good this time. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he then took me to the room. He banged me on the bed still kissing me hard. Moments later he pulled apart and he looked at into eyes, " you taste so good" he said.
    "You still don't know what I taste like babe" I spoke back. He raised his right eyebrow and told " you're right" and he started to undress me. He slid his hand through the dress slit, pulled down the zip at the back from his other hand, unhooked my bra, took off everything and threw them on the bedroom floor. Held me by the face, started to kiss me from my forehead, he lowered and lowered slowly from there. Kissed my nose, my lips, my chin, my neck, held my boobs tightly and kissed me all over my chest, my waist and all until he reached down there. He stopped. He made me lie on the bed, came face to face, ran his fingers all over from my face till my inner thighs, I let out a soft moans. That feeling his fingers running on my body was undescribable. He moved down and made his way between my thighs and moments later he left me moaning loud and louder, his tongue played down there, so good that I wanted him to stay down there and never stop. I pressed his head harder letting him know that I want him there, I want it harder, grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up and kissed him not considering where his tongue was right before that.
    I rolled him over and got on top of him, my nipples pressing against his hard chest, his hands on my butt, squeezing them. " Now that I know how you taste, I crave for you even more" he told. I sat on his stomach with my legs on either side, ran my fingers all over his upper body, nibbled on his ears, whispering stuff he'd love to hear and all. I made him get up, took out his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them out. There we stood in front of each other, bare, naked,eyes and heart filled with burning desires. Kissed him everywhere on his face and chest and all and finally got down on my knees. I wanted to hear him moan. And I did.
    He pressed my head harder and I knew he desired that. A solid blowjob and he was moaning so good, I loved seeing him like that. His breathing so heavy, at that point it sounded like a Melody.
    He pulled me up, banged me on the bed, got on top of me. "I need you inside me now" I whispered pulling his ear closer to me. He nodded with a smirk. Considered that as a yes. Sweat was dripping over his chest and heat surrounded the whole room.
    Our bodies were hot but that didn't stop us. He pinned my arms above my head, held my wrists tightly, widened my legs, teased me for a while until I could no longer wait " just do it already!" I shouted and moments later I felt him inside me, it felt more than good and I don't even know how to explain it. I've craved for him inside me for a long time. He pushed harder and harder each time and my moan got louder and louder. " I love seeing you moan, I love it!" he spoke in a tough voice. Ugh it was so sensual.
    I love how this night turned out to be, better than what I thought it will be. The darkness in the room, the heat around us, the sound of our hearts beating so loud and our heavy breathing .. everything felt amazing. And what felt more amazing was him. We felt each other skin on skin, sweat dripping all over, our inner desires shouting out that we didn't want this night to end. We kissed until our lungs were out of air. He really left me craving for him.He gave me hickeys everywhere and so did I. The red marks on my wrists looked so beautiful, the nail marks on his back seemed painful but there is nothing about this night that we would ever complain about.

  • charvii 3w

    Happy silver jubilee anniversary

    मुबारक हो शादी की रजत जयंती
    जगमग रहे चांद सी रोशनी
    जगमग रहे चांद सी रोशनी
    आसमान हमेशा नीला रहे
    फूलों से महकता जीवन हो
    फूलों से महकता जीवन हो
    मुबारक हो शादी की रजत जयंती

    थे हम छोटे से जब आप दोनों हुए एक
    थे हम छोटे से जब आप दोनों हुए एक
    बचपन से चाचा चाची करते रहते
    बचपन से चाचा चाची करते रहते
    आज भी याद है books par नाम लिखना
    इंजेक्शन लगाना
    हसाते रहना
    सुख हो या दुख हमेशा खड़े रहना
    मुबारक हो शादी की रजत जयंती

    चाचा का प्यार है अनोखा
    चाचा का प्यार है अनोखा
    जैसे शीतल हवा का झोंका
    चाची की ममता सबसे प्यारी
    चाची की ममता सबसे प्यारी
    सबसे सुंदर सबसे न्यारी
    हमेशा मस्त रहने वाली
    हमेशा मस्त रहने वाली
    थोड़ी हट के
    थोड़ी बनके
    अपनापन देने वाली
    मुबारक हो शादी की रजत जयंती

    आज दिल से दुआ निकलती है
    खुशियों से भरा संसार हो आपका
    सब रंगों की सौगात हो
    ज़िन्दगी का हर पल सुख दे आपको
    दिन का हर लम्हा खुशी दे
    सपनो की बुलंदिया कम ना हो
    सपनो की बुलंदियों कम ना हो
    बहुत बहुत मुबारक हो ये संमा
    खुशियों बाटों हम सब के संग
    रास आए anniversary का हर एक रंग
    यू ही मुस्कुराते रहिए
    और हमें यू ही प्यार करते रहिए

    Wish u both melodious n amazing silver wedding jubilee

    Luv u both।।।

  • iam_nidhi 3w

    It's my girl, it's my love
    O, that's she knew she were
    Two of the fairest stars in all heaven
    Having some business do interest her eyes
    To twinkle in their spheres till they return


  • chitraa_shankar 4w

    Evening after the party(part 3)

    The whole car ride home, his hands were in my thighs. Tickling them, squeezing them, trying to run his fingers inside, pulling off my panties.
    And I being turned on to a next level decided it was time I turned him on doing things to him.
    I squeezed his hand between my thighs, stretched out my hand, placed them on his thighs and slowly started stroking them. He got harder in less than few minutes. I gradually moved up my hand until his zip, let my hands into his inner thighs, giving him gentle strokes and watching him get turned on. He started to sweat, I know it wasn't a good idea to do that to him while he drove but hey I'm turned on.
    "Easy there, I gotta drive" he nervously spoke up. And me being the freak I was, stroked his thighs a little more, moved up my hands near his neck and ran my fingers softly all over his neck and face, he couldn't stand me doing that. He was clearly loosing his control and that's what I wanted. I wanted him. Right then and right there. He took a left on the signal instead of a right. Drove faster and stopped the car suddenly. We were parked behind the park, there was no one except me and him.
    He took off his seat belt, looked around to see if there was anyone out there, turned towards me with a smirk on his face. Oh God I knew it was time were we're going to commit some sins, real good sins. He took off his t-shirt and threw it in the back along with my purse. He slowly came closer to me, took out my seat belt, pulled down one of the dress strap, looking into my eyes "I'll leave you craving" he told, literally leaning fully upon me. And just before I could tell him anything all I could feel was his tongue down my throat, his hands in my hair and my hands around his neck, hold each other tighter and tighter, we kissed and kissed until our lips were sore, he held my boobs and squeezed them hard, his other hand inside my panties, making their way through and down there, deep in the place where I actually crave for him to reach. I pulled him closer to me and kissed him back even harder, moaning at what his fingers were doing to me inside. I lowered my hand to his chest and gradually to his hip and moments later I unzipped him, letting my hand make way through his boxers and gently stared stroking. He pulled away when he felt my hand inside his boxers "feels amazing isn't it?" He asked "more than that" I replied giving him a smirk and a gentle hand job.
    " Let's take this home and see how I'm gonna make this night for you" he told controlling all his senses. "Sure babe" I replied in a slow yet seducing tone, he smirked back at me.
    (To be continued)

  • chitraa_shankar 4w

    Evening after the party (part 2)

    The hall was filled with so many people. It was a house party and there was red cups, snacks, people like everywhere. The crowd was huge and I didn't like it but isn't this how a party is supposed to be?
    He held my hand and looking at me jokingly said "there's too many people, just don't get lost please"
    Looking at the mass "I'll definitely try" I told him. He laughed. Later he took me to meet his friends. They were a group of 5 and all of them were in the backyard near the swimming pool. He greeted all of them there by hugging and giving them a hand shake, later he introduced me to them. Must say they were really pleased to meet me and I don't even know why but the way they spoke to me and joked around, everything felt good. I was in their gang within few minutes of meeting. Making friends is not that bad either I guess. Haha.
    We spent the next few hours drinking, making jokes, talking about everything in the world. He was by my side the entire time, telling about how him and his friends spend their time partying and stuff. His eyes gleamed while talking about all this. He was happy and it felt really good seeing him that way, laughing, making fun and roasting his friends, getting roasted back, it was all good. I had a warm feeling in my stomach all of a sudden, butterflies maybe.
    So after hours of talking, dancing, drinking and partying, people started to leave one by one and after sometime I, him and his friends were the only ones left, so the birthday boy suggested we spend some more time together since they all friends got together after a really long time. We sat down on the lawn near the swimming pool and were all taking. Everyone were pretty drunk so everything seemed funny, even the lamest of topics. Among the 6 of us, one already fell asleep on the ground, the other was swimming in the pool and the other two were on their phones listening to music. And he was sleeping on my lap, vibing to the music he was listening to. He seemed so calm, shaking his head to the music, eyes closed, lips trying to murmur the lyrics but his tongue too tired. He looked like a baby. I kissed him on his forehead, he smiled widely knowing it was me, his eyes still closed. I ran my hands through his hair, he turned towards his right, his cheeks landing on my laps, he kissed my thigh softly. I felt chills run down my back. After an hour or so we left from there. It was really good to meet his friends today. I insisted I would ride but he assured me saying he wasn't that drunk and he could manage to drive, we got into the car and left from there. We played soft music and were talking about how well the day went and how it was so much fun to meet all of them. "I'm glad you had a good time babe" he told. I nodded with a huge smile as my answer. We drove in silence for a while and suddenly he placed his left hand on my thigh, I placed my hand on his hand and told "I love you babe" instead of the same "I love you too" he answered, "I'll make you love me more tonight" uff, his smirk set the all butterflies in my stomach free.
    He moved his hands up my thighs through the slit it had and somehow managed to reach up to my inner thighs. He rubbed them softly making me go crazy and wet. "It's warm in here" he told referring to where his hand was. He squeezed my thigh causing me to squeeze his hand in between with both my thighs. "Ah looks like someone is already wet" he smirked again saying this. "Take me home soon" I whispered and he heard.
    (To be continued)

  • inks_of_everything 4w

    Being Possessive is good
    unless or until
    It turns into annoyance for your love!


  • dimplegola 5w

    udne do na
    kyu rok rhe ho
    mere bhi kuch spne h
    unhe poora krne do na


  • chitraa_shankar 4w

    Evening after the party(part 1)

    Around 11 in the morning I heard my phone buzz. I picked it up, "Hey babe" he exclaimed.
    "Hey there" I replied back. Without wasting a moment he told me that his friends invited him over to a party and they wanted him to get me along. And before I could tell him or ask him anything "So be ready by 8, I'll pick you up at your place. Love you babe" he spoke up and cut the call. Honestly I was actually excited to go to the party with him. I really needed some time to spend away from my assignments and other college stuff. He woukd pick me up by 8 so I had to start getting ready by 6.
    I made myself a face pack, took a good bath, dried my hair, straightened it, put on my black spaghetti strap dress which had a slit near the left thigh. The dress was of above knee length.
    Got my make up done, finished off my look with a new pair of heels I bought long back but never wore it anywhere because I never left the house. "Done!" I exclaimed looking at myself in the mirror. That's when I heard him park the car near the gate. I took my phone and went down to get the door. I opened the door before he could knock, left his hand hanging in the air like that. He laughed "seems like someone's excited for the party and oh my! look at how stunning you look!" his eyes widened as he complimented. I pulled him into a hug, kissed him on the cheek "I sure am" I told him.
    Without wasting a moment we got into the car and left for the party. "So my friends wanted to meet you so bad and today was perfect. It's one of my friend's birthday and he has invited us over." He told me. "Yeah that's good I anyways wanted some time to spend with you" I answered.
    I'm really glad, an evening with him is what I want.
    Songs were playing in the car and he was talking to me about his day and how it went until now "I hope this evening makes my day even better" he told placing his left hand on my thigh. "Me too" I told giving him a convincing smile.
    After a 30 minutes drive, we reached his friends house. He got down first and like a gentleman, he opened the car door for me and held my left hand as I got down and we went inside.

  • aphrolighte 5w

    Just messing around. Anyone think of a title???

    #songwriting #dreams #party #change #friends

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    Crescent cuts in my flesh
    Baby you
    Make me feel my best

    Present-tress I am
    A mess inside?
    No ma'am

    Dressed in fox hydes 
    I'm what those Doctor's prescribed
    Your brain's gonna get fried

    Nevermind come hold me
    Don't scold me
    Forget what you told me

    What's your name again?

    Ace King Jack Ten
    Shots in my hand Eric Clapton
    Look at all these new friends
    I have And they're all pretending to be men 

    Gone to bed again 
    Wishing I was alone
    But I never deleted your number
    From my phone

    Atoning for my sins
    I scream out his name
    Who's to blame for 
    This sick game 

    God only knows we're not the same
    But we both enjoy the pain
    Get dirty in the rain
    I can't complain 

    In my dreams I refrain
    In my dreams I'm respectable
    In my dreams I'm not made a spectacle 

    Didn't your daddy ever tell you
    That dreams can come true
    You just need to change what you do

  • lpnm2020 6w

    January 06

    Party's that comes to remind you the year you had everything and you didn't knew it.

  • raashiv 7w


    दोस्ती शब्द का अर्थ
    बड़ा ही मस्त होता है .., ( दो+हस्ती )
    जब दो हस्ती मिलती हैं ..,
    तब दोस्ती होती है ... ...
    समुंदर _ _ ना हो तो _ कश्ती _ _ किस काम कीं ...
    मजाक_ _ना हो , तो _ _ मस्ती _ _ किस काम की ... _
    दोस्तों _ _ के लिए तो कुर्बान है , ये _ _ जिंदगी... _
    अगर _ _ दोस्त _ _ ही ना हो , तो फिर ये _ _ जिंदगी _ _ किस काम कीं ...

  • sagacious_miss 7w

    I'm on exile.
    This soul,
    The peace
    And everything just at ease. .

    Lemme be lost,
    In streets.
    Lemme wait once more,
    Maybe You'll appear again,
    Dancing in rain,
    Again, we'll meet
    Back in the night,
    On the city street. .

    Let's get back to the night,
    Where you were dressed black,
    Hold my hand again,
    Under the starlight. .

    Make the same promise,
    "To never go. To always stay."
    And this time,
    I'll promise myself,
    "To go, to never stay." Let your soul cry too,
    You should know it felt when my
    Heart was broken by you. .

    I'll leave you,
    With a shade of complete hopelessness.
    Seeking mercy,
    Seeking refuge,
    Seeking a heart to call your 'home.'
    . © Sagacious_miss
    #picture #perfect #romance #party #poet #poets #writers #writers_around #writersnetwork #love #life #beautiful #heaven #wordsofwisdom #words_scribbler #club #pub #forever #loveforever #liveforever #hate #betrayl #poem #hatespeech

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  • raman_writes 8w


    महफ़िलों में अनजान से क्यों मिले ।

    दूर रहने वालों से सलाम क्यों करे ।।

    रिश्तेदारियाँ बस हम की क्यों निभाये ।

    कभी तो वो भी आकर हमसे हाथ मिलाये ।।


  • thisoneiscozy 8w

    coming clean, pt 2

    do you remember when you showed me those videos?
    professional dancers
    all hips and rhythm
    i wanted to dance for you
    unprofessional hips seducing you
    begging for your hands
    i wonder what would have happened
    if i'd let my hips do the talking that night

  • darrianlynx 8w

    New Years 2019

    A repost of my New Years poem...
    It fits every year really...

    It starts tonight, a brand new year
    Can we love and expel the fear?
    Make it the year we stop the hate
    Realize that we share our fate
    Let's kick it off and start it right
    By seeing there's no need to fight
    Break down the barriers between us
    A world wide party is a must
    Take a stranger's hand and dance
    As tho you've just found new romance
    Plant a kiss upon the cheek
    Of someone old and someone weak
    No one should be left alone
    No one should be left at home
    This year is the year we shine
    Show me yours and I'll show you mine
    It's time to open up your eyes
    Time for all to realize
    Reality is what we make it
    Still confused? That's okay, fake it!
    You can weave your history
    Make it what you want it to be
    You can drive your own car now
    It's not that hard to learn just how
    To steer your life in the right direction
    Through the chaos with perfection
    Let this be the year we love
    The year we learn to rise above...


  • canadian_cowboy 8w

    Her boozy lifestyle and
    constant partying left her
    feeling empty inside.