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  • udit94 3w

    _____________CAT(��)CHY TALES_______________

    I took cat for the first time in my hand when she came to me rubbing her body to my legs herself..
    I was terrified at first so I closed my eyes because I was told that cats would scratch the hell out of you.
    I gave her a cup of milk and she suddenly came near me.
    She didn't bite, she didn't scratch.
    In return I got this soothing caressing of her soft fur.
    I pick her up and took her downstairs expecting my mother would accept my new date.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaa..... ��������������"
    "Mammi ye billi lekar aa gya ��"
    "Mujhe pata tha meri maut ka kaaran billi hi hogi..
    Kal raat ko sapne me billi hi aayi thi...
    Mere naam ki pooja karwa dena"
    "Gate band karlo andar mat ghusne dena"

    (It was enough for me to figure out that love for pets is something which is not at all an INHERITED but an ACQUIRED TRAIT.)

    And you know what,
    out of all of us the most terrified was THE CAT.
    I could see in her eyes she was saying to me like an upset girlfriend,

    �� : Jab tumhari family ko mujhe accept karne se itni problem thi to mujhe yahan lekar hi kyu aaye!! ��
    Main jaa rhi hu.��

    And I yelled above all,
    "Calm down mom,
    Calm down everyone..
    It's just a cat.
    What harm can she do?!"

    Mom's only argument to keep me away from any pet is -
    "Iski poti tera baap saaf karega"��
    I used to look at dad with hope with a puppy face and I could already see a big NO on his face.

    So, I finally took the responsibility of doing that too for my cat.
    (See I am already saying MY cat ❤️)
    To save her from my mom's fury and her question of

    "Ye soyegi kahan, tere bed pe"

    And I would look at my cat and she's like,
    ��: Sorry but we just got to know each other.
    Give this relationship some time.
    Let's get ourselves acquainted with each other.
    You don't even know about my likes and dislikes yet.
    You're taking it way too fast.....

    So I came up with a wonderful solution of making something for her.
    A CAT HOUSE. ��
    (YouTube is a blessing these days)
    She smelled it and she totally loved it.
    All she needed was a cup of milk and few biscuits some time.
    She would love to sit on my lap and just like I used to ask my dad for ������������ at my back, she expected the same from me.
    And no matter how long I've been caressing her furry body, she would never get enough of it.

    Mom in one corner would watch this with a disgusting expression and would say,

    "Haan shaadi karle na isse��"

    I would look at my cat again just to know the possibility but her eyes would say this,
    ��: Sorry but I've a boyfriend....

    ��: Whaaaaatt!!
    (I exclaimed in astonishment)
    Then what am I to you huh
    (I said with a broken heart ��)

    �� : I just need you to feed me and my boyfriend. He's a lazy-ass boyfriend and don't even go for hunting sometimes.
    I can't let myself starve.
    Come on now, scratch my back... ��
    A little up there..
    Ahh!! Aren't you the sweetest ��
    By the way,
    I'm pregnant with his kittens.��

    *Jag soona soona laage playing in the background*

    Now her boyfriend used to pay one or two visit to know whether I'm keeping her safe or not.
    It was already so heartwarming for me and the happiness became hundredfolds when new members joined our squad.
    Within a week 6 kittens made an auspicious presence in our home.
    I saw those cute little kittens snuggling and rubbing and sticking close to their mother and their eyes were still closed and their cute little paws cycling again and again.
    Awww ❤️
    I was feeling like a mother already ��
    Well, I had to spread this good news.
    I yelled in excitement and told everyone like Asha Behenji,
    "Jacha aur baccha dono swasth hai.."
    Mom be like,
    "Pehle 3 baccho ko paal pos kar bada kiya...
    Ab in 6 ko bhi mujhe hi dekhna padega..
    Tere ghar me itna raashan hai..
    Khud to 1½ pasli hai.."��

    Daadiji saw six causes of death and reacted like that horrified pandit of Maahishmati saying,
    "Ye mrityu hi to hai"

    I covered it up and didn't let this ruin my joyful moment by saying,
    "Mammi main dhyaan rakh lunga sabka..
    Aap sab apna apna kaam karo.."

    6 cute kittens,
    One mother and
    An occasional visit by their dad.
    Our home was not less than some pet shop or a zoo...
    (According to mom)
    I used to feed the mother then kittens too.
    And her lazy ass boyfriend too.
    She would only allow me to touch her kittens.
    (I felt so special ❤️)
    Then my sister added,
    "Mammi aapka ladka 6 bhanje bhanjio ka mama ban gya"
    Those words sounded like Bahubali said,
    "Maaa...maaaaa" ��

    Everything was going smooth until one day.��
    One afternoon when mom and dad were out, my younger sister had gone to college.
    Only me and Daadiji were the at home.
    I forgot to close the kitchen door and went for an afternoon nap.
    Mom and dad came back as she was already expecting something, she ran to the kitchen as soon as I opened the door and damn ��
    3 of the kittens came running out of the kitchen.
    After drinking milk, ��
    Mom became furious.
    She yelled in rage,
    "Where the hell are these cats of yours!!! ����
    Aaj nhi bachegi ek bhi"
    I shooed them away for their safety.

    I apologized on their behalf though but mom was still angry on them.
    They didn't come back.
    One week passed and I couldn't eat properly.
    Mom told dad,
    "Tumhara ladka to billi ke chakkar me pagal ho gya hai"
    (Just like stubborn kids, I would quit eating for days.
    *Maybe that's why I'm skinny*
    I couldn't eat at all)

    And then one fine day, mom came running downstairs yelling,
    "Ye 3 billiyan upar leti hui hai...
    Kya karna hai inka"
    I ran upstairs with a wide smile on my face.
    My happiness had no bounds that day.
    I ran like Jaya Bacchan of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.��
    And just like those 3 kittens have been treating me all those days, they greeted me with the same
    And I knew at once these are my bacchas.
    Gave them milk again which they were really fond of.
    We lived happily ever after...(fiction)




    One of those notorious kitten pooped.
    And just to be sure not to make a re-entry in my life he pooped somewhere where mom would freak out Angry to the power infinity.
    The dropped the bomb ����

    So now, it's like an ON and OFF kinda relationship with my cats.
    She would bring her kittens at our terrace occasionally and I would feed them when mom wouldn't notice.
    (Or maybe she knows it ��)

    P.S. - Her boyfriend knows how to pose in front of a camera better than me.
    The 1st and 3rd pic is in the cat house.
    He didn't even let his own kitten sleep in them.


    #ucomic #cats #kitten #petlove #pets

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  • ramsundar_prasanna 10w


    Senselessly someone harming the senseful creatures which can't even bear the pain. In todays generation some senseless humans needs to remember that without 5th sense we can't survive only by using our 6th sense...

  • lallitha 12w

    First Touch

    The Moment I touched you, I was speechless. Tears rolled down my eyes.. My misty eyes couldn't stop looking at you...

    I was dumbfounded.

    Sooner, Darkness turned into light.. 
    Sadness turned into happiness... 
    A new transformation of myself...

    The only words which I could ever say is that "I LOVE YOU" ❤


  • nibedita_mahapatra_ 13w


    କୌତୁକୁଆ ଆମ କୁକୁର ଛୁଆ
    ନା ଟି ତାର ଫନି
    ନାମରେ ଯେମିତି କାମରେ ସେମିତି
    ସୈତାନ୍ ର ସେ ନାନୀ।
    ମୁହଁ ଟି ତାର ଭାରି ସୁନ୍ଦର
    କଣ୍ଢେଇ ପରିକା ଲାଗେ
    ଆଖିରେ ଅଛି କଜ୍ଜଳ ଧାର
    ବିଜୁଳି ପରିକା ସେ ତୀବ୍ର
    ଦେଖିଲେ ଥରେ ଚେହେରା ତାର
    ଫେରାଇ ହୁଏନା ମୁହଁ
    ସୁନ୍ଦର ଆମ କୁକୁର ଛୁଆ
    ଏଇ ତାର ରୂପ ବର୍ଣ୍ଣ।
    ଆମ ସାଥେ ଖାଏ
    ଆମ ସାଥେ ଖେଳ
    ଏଇ ତ ତାହରି ସୁଖ
    କିଛି ନ କହିଲେ ବି ମନେ ବୁଝି ଯାଏ
    ତା ମାଲିକର ଦୁଃଖ।
    ଗାଡ଼ିର ଶବ୍ଦ ଶୁଣି ଦେଲେ ଥରେ
    ତା ମନ ହୋଇଯାଏ ଅଥୟ
    ଖୁସି ରେ ସିଏ ଡ଼ିଆଁ ମାରି ଥାଏ
    ନ ମାନି ବନ୍ଧ ବାଡ
    ଯେତେ ଦୁଃଖ ଥିଲେ ତା ମୁହଁ ଚାହିଁଲେ
    ଭୁଲି ହୋଇଯାଏ ଦୁଃଖ
    ଦୁନିଆ ରେ ଆଉ ବଡ଼ କିଛି ନାହିଁ
    ଏଇତ ପରମ ସୁଖ।
    ଆମ ମନ ର ଖୁସି ପାଇଁ
    ଠାକୁର ଙ୍କ ସେ ଏକ ଦାନ
    ରଖିବୁ ସମ୍ଭାଳି ନିଜର କରି
    ଏଇତ ଆମର ପୂର୍ଣ୍ୟ।

  • rukhmini 17w

    Your hair that flies in the air
    I can stare forever��
    Your small paws
    And the footprints
    Is no less to rose petals
    Those jumps ,fetches are true fun
    And finally.
    Your beauty ,cuteness, innocence
    Is worth of pure lovee babieeee

    #petlove#puppies @rukhmini

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  • chappsyo 17w

    Bring a

    Dogs bring the required sense of empathy to ones life with the happiness that's spread around.


  • the_scribbler_girl_ 23w

    Love pets bcoz
    Humans are just disappointing

  • pushpahas 25w


    Dog is just not an Animal, it is the one who was there when no one else was.
    #Gharya #DogLover #PetLove

  • doglover1 30w

    Puppy love!

    He was damn cute. I fell in love with him as soon as l saw him, even more when I held him. It was definitely love at first sight. Giving him away brought tears to my eyes, but did I have an option, no. Adopting a puppy was not possible this time.
    He was amongst the last 2 left to be adopted, of total 80 for the day. Adopted ones were not allowed to touch, he was allowed to be held as he was not adopted yet. The tiny creature silently sat in everyone's hands that tried to hold him and pet him. His tiny eyes looked tired but there were no signs of complaints. He was not even named yet, 'Boy number 3' is all that his tag read, they said he was too tiny to be named too. He was too tiny to understand all that was going on, that he was going to get a permanent home today.
    Hope he gets the best home and most loving family!

  • juhiyverma_ 32w

    कुछ यूं हुआ होता
    तुझे प्यार करने का हक़,
    ख़ुदा ने सिर्फ
    मुझे दिया होता....

    ~ हक़


    Yesterday my pet dog "Honey" met with an accident and got injured. He is unable to walk and is in immense pain. I just hope he recovers fast. Do pray for his recovery.��


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    कुछ यूं हुआ होता
    तुझे प्यार करने का हक़,
    ख़ुदा ने सिर्फ
    मुझे दिया होता....

    ~ हक़


  • vox_de_incendio 38w

    I love pets and I say
    LOVE is a Four legged word...

    Received a text once,
    That made me feel loved
    "Love is Five letter word"...

    Somewhere in between,
    Life made me realise
    Love is just a WORD...


  • audacieux_lass 42w


    We sometimes treat you so awfully,
    But you never returned it in the same way.
    People named you just as "dog",
    But you are no less than a pure soul.

    You magically turned the bad days to a bliss.
    Your enthusiasm always boosted the day.
    You pain was never forcasted,
    Though your happiness always glittered in your eyes.

    Posing for Instagram, tagging in pet posts,
    are not just the way to express love and affection to them.
    Respect and loving them are just simple way to make them feel special.

    At the end, none can be pure and adorable as you all!!!


  • thoughts_of_oneself 50w


    A dog can tear your shoe
    It would never tear your heart❤

  • simispeaks 55w

    To my dear pet,

    The touch of your little feet,
    Used to give me all you feel.

    The sound of your yelp,
    Used to get me out of every anxiety, you help!

    The doleful growl,
    Used to touch my fragile soul.

    The yip-yips,
    Did actually fill my coffee sips.

    Hey pet,
    I survived my lone time,
    'Cause you were there to be my partner in crime!

  • anamica_nanda 57w

    Conversations with Dog

    Dog (while slurping his treats): It's finally Friyay mumma! We go to the dog park tomorrow. Make sure you brush my coat real well and put on the new bandana. I got a date tomorrow.

    Mom: Makes a face

    Dog (taking a pause from munching): Uh-oh! I know that face. What's up? There better be some good news. And heck we are not going to the wretched vet.

    Mom: Umm... actually I need to shop for groceries tomorrow. And do the laundry. Dada is gonna be back on Sunday and the house needs to be in order before he arrives.

    Dog: Duh-oh! Come on now don't be a spoil sport. You know you love the dog park. Hunting groceries is mundane Mumma. We are meant for luxuries like foodgasmic meal and afternoon siestas.

    Mom (introspecting): Well when you put it that way, I can order groceries online and can put the laundry before leaving for the park.

    Dog (getting excited; well more excited as excited is a permanent state): Sounds like a plan. Done deal, pinky pawmise!


  • rebekah_spencer 58w


    To have a dog is the best part of your life , It helps you to understand love, sympathy, friendship and becomes a family member. But the hardest part is to say goodby to your little dog . Who talked to you for food, cried like a little baby if you scold him and loved you when no one was there. Its hard , it hurts you more than your breakups.

  • deloradavis 61w

    Royalty I guess?

    Silky hair,
    So soft to touch
    Beautiful eyes filled with love
    Widen as she watches me
    She comes running my way
    I embrace her with a tight hug,
    I kiss her head
    She pushes me away
    Runs away with a little meow
    Probably wondering why her Hooman's so clingy
    Cus all she wanted was food and no more.

    Animals deserve unconditional love

  • rith21594 64w

    An Ode to the Wagging Tail

    You wait for the door click or the car's honk,
    To jump on me, lick my face, should i play with you?
    Those misty dark eyes, do I deserve you?
    For you have loved me, more than myself...

    Yes, because you never asked anything,
    Except for those beautiful pair of eyes,
    Which portrays nothing except a sensation,
    Of truly unconditional love...

    I sometimes wonder, what would it be if you could talk?
    What's in those eyes, that snuggy nose, that cute smile?
    You want to say something? Or am i to read your mind?
    Sorry my friend, I can't. For I don't have a heart so rich as yours....

    At times through my drifty workloads, I ignore you,
    I might have hurt you, I am sorry?
    For you never made me realise that i did wrong..
    Coz i always found you beside me, resting your head on my feet..

    When you will be gone, maybe I will be alive.
    I don't know how this emptiness would be filled my friend...
    I can't imagine what would it be to return home, without you,
    Waiting for me, jumping on me, with those worthy eyes?

    I wish you could speak, for I wanted to know,
    Just for once, Could I make you happy?
    For sure, the answer would be yes,
    Because, your love for me never had any condition..


  • enchanted_words 65w

    It's exactly one year. I lost my bestfriend. ��
    In the loving memory of my pet .. Bruno ❤️

    And all the pets I had. ������������
    Miss u all �� ��☹️
    You all will always stay close to my heart

    Pyaar jitna kartey thae tum..
    na kar paya koi insaan ����

    #writerstolli #mirakee
    #petlove #pets

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    Miss you ❤️

    Pyaar jitna kartey thae tum,
    Na kar paya koi insaan..

    Thae toh tum bejuban,
    Baatey kartey thae dil se bayaan..

    Intezaar kartey thae humesha mera,
    Baith k yu darwaze pe...

    Saath detey har dafa mera..
    Dartii thi mai tumko khone se...

    Tumhra yu bhag k ana..
    aur pyaar jatana..

    Yaad karti hu tumko..
    bin tumhare lagta h soona..

    Kaash aajao tum waps..
    khuda se tumhari umar maang lu..

    Rakh lungi dil k pass..
    Ab judaa na mei tumko hone du..

    Pyaar jitna kartey thae tum,
    Na kar paya koi insaan...


  • truth_inked 74w

    Pet love.. Do any one have a pet so dear to you heart ? .. I did not mention any person because I want everyone to relate...
    #petlove #pets #dogs #cats #birds #yeontan

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    When the evening bell rang
    I ran without turning back.
    I was inattentive in class
    My thoughts were about my little friend.

    Innocent smile flashed before my eyes
    Which I never seen before, such a sight.
    No human showed me that love
    But that little life had that for me.

    No human are being them, today
    Behaves like a wild animal.
    But so humanly are them
    Who is called to be a wild animal.