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  • ashamurali 21h

    @writersbay challenge on #picturec
    I have written this from the point of view of a cassette. Many old devices have been rendered useless after the advent of new technology.

    An audio cassette was I
    Capable of taking spirits high
    Used to hold songs in my bosom
    Smiling as you play some

    I would stop playing
    Right in the middle of listening
    To make you gently caress
    Cajole and do all in your prowess

    I would then relent and sing again
    And your soft mood would regain.
    From me, you couldnt abstain,
    And never would you complain.

    Oh! then came my enemy,
    Digital! He invaded like an army,
    He can hold songs many,
    Without even special device any.

    He had his weapon the phone
    Ah! That device is all in one,
    I was hurled from my throne
    I am now old and forlorn

    Goodbye to all as I fall,
    To join my elder brothers all,
    The poor condition that befall,
    Digital has made us seem small.

    Gramophone and record player,
    Even the cute CD player,
    Digital has dethroned many other,
    God knows how many he is after!

    #pod #daadigotyourback #digital @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Old devices fall,
    As "digital" stands tall,
    Technology set to enthral,
    Invading homes all!


  • saved_soul 1d

    Protecting ourselves  by building walls around us
    And hiding under different layers
    Which is
    Sometimes cold ,sometimes warm
    Sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter.
    We end up burrying parts of ourselves
    Deep Into oblivion
    Deep into a state that can't be revived

    We confuse ourselves of who we want to be
    The one who we really are or the one we should be
    And just be the example of a perfect human.
    We confuse ourselves
    of what we should do and why
    Do things just because they are right
    Or do it because u really  want to.

     Confused of your own identity
    U start questioning and contradicting yourself
    Isn't it ridiculous.
    But you can't stop dear just because
    You are stuck at one thing
    Sometimes you just need to let yourself fall freely
    Into the pit of which u don't know the way out
    Just to know what u r really  capable of.

    #picturec#risk#challenges_in_life @writersbay

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    Sometimes you need to let yourself fall freely into a pit of which you don't know the way out ,to know what you are really capable of.

  • silly_lad 1d

    Wine doesn't have a scent that you
    possess turning me incited
    to whispers appearing sacred
    verses of the melody
    named after the fanatics of historic times

    #MondayMantras #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #pod #writersbay #picturec @writersbay

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    Her whispers, Sufi melody.

  • wilmaneels 1d

    Life has become so heavy
    He sometimes wish he could just freefall
    Like he did back in the day
    When love was uncomplicated
    When he didn't have to check in the mirror
    Just to see the expressions of the ones who were watching his back
    People no longer had your six because they cared
    It was sometimes more about what they could get out

  • anugraha_99 1d


    Countenance, stoic,
    Bleeding a potpourri of feelings,
    Incessant self- expression,
    Adorned with little gem like words,
    Zealously inking an influence,
    // A writer is a wizard, magically conjuring a tale,
    Effervescent with passion and bursting with emotions.//

    Words weakening,
    Thoughts thwarting,
    Ideas crawling away,
    Mind numbing,
    Falling into a deep gorge of frenzy,
    Losing self into an ocean of the quotidian,
    But soon rising to revive lexicons once dead,
    //A writer is a warrior, conquering the quietus of banality,
    When plummeted into an abyss of no imagination.//

    © anugraha_99

    #daadisbae #picturec #writersnetwork #daadigotyourback
    #mirakee #genuine_readers #pod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee_ki_daadima @mirakee_ki_naanima

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    A writer is a warrior, conquering the quietus of banality,
    When plummeted into an abyss of no imagination.

    (Refer caption)


  • fleeing_fossil 1d

    Music is a hot stream
    that melts the coldness of melancholia.

    //Dive in.//- Advita

  • bclark2681 1d

    Dream Fall

    I fall from a dream,
    A nightmare if you will,
    Fast from sleep height
    Closer I climb towards
    My grave of dirt and stone
    Awakened by my deaths
    Potential before my death

  • priorities 1d

    sometimes life can be a mean bitch, its always keen on testing you from time to time. it pushes you into situations that seem impossible to climb out of. you keep burning out from all the stress that it puts on your weary shoulders and makes you lose interest in the core belief of what life is supposed to be about; living.
    and i hate how everytime, life gets away with it.

    even though i always come out victorious from the thousands of battles it has forcibly put me in, i despise how i have to wear all the scars over my skin and pretend like they are beautiful. every time ive sat down to stitch my broke self after a depressing battle, i had to scrap away the parts of me, that are actually beautiful and replace them with the ugly stitches. im tired of everything.

    how many more battles till i start looking like someone who's not me?

    #picturec @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    everytime they tell me im beautiful, i show them the countless scars that i hide under my skin, and read out the ugly pain engraved in them.

  • game_of_life 1d

    It was around 8am, Ray of sun passing through window pane Kissed my cheek, birds singing alarm , a warm aroma of hot cup of coffee nudged me awake.

    I was about to grab my coffee cup, mobile placed on the table started buzzing, I tought it could be a random notification and started enjoying delicate flavour of caffeine touching my lips.

    Hearing the buzz again, I took my mobile to attend the call, but it was a unknown number, I was looking at the call to end,but again it was the same number, being shilly-shallied, I had decided to answer.

    Amazingly enough, it was a Dail from 12class mates, part of my dreamt life, being a chatty, we were talking about interesting stuff, words went on for hours together and eventually, revealed about adventurous trip planned by them.

    I used to be extremely curious in adventurous travel, during our college days, we expressed our curiosities, dreams altogether, as days went on, I took career path leaving desires aside. I planned for several times, but different perceptions, scary situations I heard, dropped a fear seed in my mind, it started growing from years, invisible rope of fear tied around my body, projecting inability.

    That day I had decided to untie myself, At that instant, I was in a strange city as a part of work life, I didn't want to forego this memorable moments with my friends, I was waiting since long.

    Next day morning, all of us were eager to choke our heart with warm hugs,
    Everyone with full of beans arrived at skydiving spot, our eyes began the conversation with the overwhelmed heart.

    Along with my buddies, I was about to fly within a few seconds, but scared to jump, as it was for the first time, stuff I heard was flashing on my mind, for few seconds I was pulled back, plucked up courage taking deep breath, just jumped from fear flight, I was flying in sky, blushed with happiness decorated with pinkish shades of moon.

    I was flying like a falcon above the fears,
    Gathering love from air, servity from hills,
    Humbleness from sky, fathom from water,
    Landing on the earth leaving fears behind.

    Fear prevents us from doing happiest things in the world, projecting them with different myths. Just push the fear with the positive thoughts out of negative mind.

    Fright postponed my happiest moment for years. sometimes, it might snatch our happiness for Life time.


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    Fear, falling down from the mountain of myths.


  • madhushree 1d

    It is the time...let go of toxic people that use you always..be free and master of your destiny
    #picturec @writersbay

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    Dive deeper

    I am so done with these shallow double faces
    Smiling with me and then hurting my back
    Its over now i exclaim i will dive deeper

    Deep as i go i learn many hidden layers of me
    Teach me patience hope and believe in infinity
    All these days i searched for happiness in others

    was just an option for them; they were my world
    Got to know my real worth was uncountable
    Wont cry for them ; wont dance to their tunes

    As i found myself reborn as i dived deeper...

  • preetkanwal 1d

    Drowning in the melancholy
    I wrote lyrics of life......


  • sproutedseeds 2d


    Sometimes the parachute
    you are looking for lies
    within you.

  • missplato20 2d

    Doesn't matter it's late
    Your loved ones still wait
    From your world of addiction
    They keep writing a fiction

    That some day, some where
    You will say, you care
    You will change your track
    Get rid of smack

    You will change your way
    This time on your promise stay
    It's extreme of tolerance
    This euphoria pleasure may be immense

    Still they wait for a chance
    When you will end this violence
    When you will change your track
    Get rid of smack

    One day you will be drunk but awake
    One day you will realise the mistake
    One day you will leave your world of addiction
    And they keep writing this 'one day' fiction

    Written by Aayan, class 12,roll no 32

    "I won that competition, I made every body aware of drugs addiction and side effects.
    I told them that it's gravity will definitely make you fall and you will lost your self in world of lust. "

    He uttered with alcohol in one hand and cigarette in another and preparing a dose of cocaine for snorting.

    I have fallen a lot ma, I have fallen a lot dad, I am tired now, I am coming back on track.
    Thanks for birthday gift, my words worked I guess. I guess you tried a lot, Jimmy tried a lot, dad tried a lot but I think it was written by 17 year old me to get himself back from world of addiction and you people kept writing a real fiction

    I am back mom , I am on my way
    It's time to end that 'one day ' wait

    #picturec @writersbay @writersnetwork #mirakee

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    The gravity of addiction will definately make you fall, but you gotta wake up one day for them.


  • rutuja_rj 2d

    Challenge by @mirakee for T Shirt Slogan around the word Music #MondayMantras
    Challenge by @writersbay for #picturec @writersnetwork

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    T Shirt Slogan - Music

    Music drives me crazy.
    Makes me upside down,
    In my mind and my soul.
    Going all insane.


  • kehta_hai_joker 2d

    //Lights will guide you home
    And ignite your bones
    And I will try to fix you- Coldplay//

    #MondayMantras #Picturec #prompt_a_day #pod
    @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Music gives you
    the hope that while
    you are jumping into the
    arms of an unknown
    symphony,by the time
    the ultimate crescendo
    ebbs,the notes will
    guide you home.

  • pallavi4 2d

    The Fall

    I feel myself falling fast
    Like a bullet piercing through the air
    I feel myself tumbling rapidly
    Through the sky I feel myself tear

    The wind that blazes past my cheek
    Awakens the fear of death inside
    Through the tufted clouds I fall
    On a neck breaking speedy ride

    Down I go, still miles from the ground
    And the comforting grassy greens
    I wonder what would be left of me
    Once I were to meet them at this speed

    My stomach gets tied up in knots
    I can feel myself get wrought with bile
    My fluttering arms resemble a bird
    As though I’m trying my best to take flight

    My frail body stands no chance
    As it shoots down like a falling star
    No glory, no victory await me
    Neither does the ground now seem that far

    Ready to meet my maker I fall
    There’s no way I can escape the inevitable
    Then with a thud land on my back
    Waiting for a death predictable

    My eyes open up in shock
    I discover I’m still in my bed
    Dreaming I was of scurrying through the air
    The fall was all but in my head


    21st of September, 2020

    #picturec #fall #falling #freefall #fears #death #dream #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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    Please read caption

    Pic credit: writersbay

  • standbyme 1d

    My heart is breaking into pieces;
    One personality is haunting me like the hundreds;
    I will get rid of the dream;
    I won't be put down anymore;
    Life is gone , no more problems to be faced;

    But it kept moving . . .
    I was Omnipresent . . !
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersabode #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #pod #readwritersbay #challenge #picturec #mpd #multiplepersonalitydisorder #dreams #depression #heart #problems #suicide #life #afterlife #god

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    The entire universe is hidden in me,yet I'm always the lone one..!

  • shristigsp28 2d

    Music- An invisible parachute

    Lets you jump from heights when you're feeling low, ready to save you from colliding with the ground of hopelessness.


  • sangfroid_soul 2d


    these days
    thoughts fall like pellets
    over my head
    on my face
    get entangled
    into the hair
    like butterflies with
    broken wings
    a dried petal
    of rose is glued
    to my crooked nose
    at the edge of my lips
    is a double-edged sword
    blunt and sharp
    hurting and healing
    my own heart
    bleeding and clotting
    stitching and unloosening
    my eyes
    are blindfolded
    with the cloth of
    right and wrong
    and revenge
    my attire
    is torn and
    by the fire of
    envy undying in
    my heart
    there's a part of
    that knows
    life doesn't make sense
    life is a never ending circle
    of nothing significant
    with mortality
    like a noose
    tightly around the neck
    and the bait of
    immortality of poetry
    and love tempting us
    to live daily
    until our end
    denotes a beginning
    and we are still unaware of ours
    we're given choices
    in the course of life
    but brings us
    all back to where we started
    in graves, soil, earth, darkness, unseen, unknown
    we try to find a motive
    to continue
    this cycle for our progenies
    to continue
    my thoughts
    they fall like
    shattering glass pieces
    disguised as snow flakes
    as rain pellets
    as tear drops
    as heart beats
    my thoughts lead
    to my destruction
    to my well fare

    and i would agree with
    everytime the topic around
    life occurs
    to diagree
    not because we're living the same
    life with the same end
    the path we take matters
    matter come to an end
    because conservation of mass
    is incorrect.
    something comes out of nothing
    like the thoughts
    falling like me
    into the pit of

    disagree with me, kindly.
    @say_me_krish (thanks for all the consistent tags you give me)

    "You make me smile with my heart
    Your looks are laughable
    Yet you're my favorite work of art"

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  • tortoise 2d

    Sinking within, a great fall or a rise may be. Who knows? Asking questions, for things no one cares about. Mocked about it, in outer world. An escape lies within, with all the answers that even might not be needed, now.

    Sinking within, silently destroying the noise around or reproducing own melodies. Who knows? Searching madly for peace, that seems almost everywhere yet lost to melancholy. A piece of which lies within, a single bite known to quench the ever ending thirst.

    Sinking within, when sinking out in the world seems scary. Losing oneself within oneself is what sinking within is all about. Some intellectual call it meditation. May be. Who knows?

    Things are chaotic around. Emotions fail to fall under any known word. A tough phase or some life changing event. Who knows?

    May be the one within me.
    Must be the one within me.
    So, here i take the fall. Within.


    #picturec @writersnetwork

    Thank you @writersbay for this prompt. There was so much chaos that i wanted to vent out, but it needed a kick. Your picture prompt gave that kick :p
    You're one of a good friend ����

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    Things are chaotic around.
    Emotions fail to fall
    under any known word.
    A tough phase or
    some life changing event.
    Who knows?