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  • eli_wonder 16w

    All for you

    If my presence makes you happy
    I promise to always be there
    If you feel obscure
    I'll bring you to light
    If my poems can make your smile as bright as the sun,
    I'll keep writing for you
    If am the reason you laugh your sorrows away
    Then am all for you......

  • eli_wonder 16w

    Not all that glitters are gold
    Not all you see, is what it seems
    Only with grace can you live
    Only with wisdom can you overcome....

  • eli_wonder 17w

    A word without sincerity is a lie
    A world without you is false
    A man without God is hopeless
    In God I'll live,
    In God I'll die....

  • justastart_23 18w


    It is okay to be alone sometime
    It is okay to be sad sometime
    It is okay to be mad sometime
    It is okay to be rude sometime
    It is okay to be selfish sometime
    Because those 'sometime' are required for your growth.. live your those sometime wala moments with all your heart


  • kayfresh 29w

    Does it really matter

    One is black, the other is white
    One is tall, the other is short
    One is slim, the other is fat
    One is learned, the other is illiterate
    One is ugly, the other is beautiful
    One is rich, the other is poor
    Both are born the same way
    Both will eventually die someday
    Both will stop breathing at the end
    Their path that seems far apart
    Eventually crosses
    Was it worth it at the end?

    They are below my standard
    They went to a public school
    I went to a private school
    They live in a rented apartment
    I own a mansion
    They have a car
    I've got fleet of cars
    They fly bussiness or commercial class
    I own a private jet.
    Don't dare talk to me
    By all standard, I'm not your mate
    They wear fairly used
    I wear designers
    They eat once a day
    I eat as much as I want
    They love me
    Who cares!!!

    Oh! I'll never forgive you
    I must revenge
    I'm the king/queen of malice keepers
    I just can't tolerate people
    They say they're sincerely sorry
    I tell them go to hell
    Forgetting that a soul is priceless
    They must come and worship me first
    Before I can consider their plea
    What if I'm in their shoes?

    Oh! I'm so busy
    I hardly have time for myself
    And my loved ones
    I miss them though
    Pride won't let me reach out to them
    They deserve some accolades
    I'll keep it to myself
    I appreciate, cherish and value them
    They don't need to know
    Every moment counts
    Ignorantly, we waste away this moments
    Appreciate people now while it still counts
    Give the accolades now
    On a fateful day
    With or without prior notice
    Death will come knocking
    It's no respecter of race
    It's no respecter of skin colour
    It's no respecter of achievements
    Timid or audacious
    Small or great
    Ugly or Handsome
    Rich or poor
    Everything will come to a stand still
    Reflecting on all this
    Does it really matter???


  • rdsayings 33w

    Two broken people can't heal each other.

  • redrosebee_ 81w

    I don’t know y I wrote this but I wish u come across it
    @writersnetwork #pob #mirakee @mirakee #writersnetwork

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    For I find myself wondering when we got to this stage
    knowing fully in my heart,
    It use to be more than this
    It use to be more than we can handle
    It use to be greater & sweeter than this
    but now, its like U don’t care
    It’s like u have move on without having the courage to say so
    It’s not really u but me
    for am more to blame
    for I’ve held back for so long
    Thinking u will come back to me
    I thought it will be easier when it comes to letting go
    for there is easy way to do this
    there is no simpler way to tell me without breaking my heart
    This heart of mine will keep bleeding
    Because the wound u left on it is so deep
    For it breaks my heart to tell u that u can be with her


  • __ne_ha__ 93w


    He was vibrant to touch her, but she was almost spiritless to loved by him as she was on her periods. He called her to meet but she hung up saying "busy not possible" . He felt disturbed and hiccups stuck hi throat as he was a pinnochio... Sound of Door bell made her more spiritless. However she opened the door nd he was standing with a vibrant smile with a bouquet nd lots of chocolates. She was excited and energised seeing his gift nd care for her... He said her "baby i don't love ur body but ur soul ... U can share anything as i really care for u"

  • totokurb 105w


    Joy? Isang salita na ayaw kong marinig
    Pagbanggit na parang ang mundo ko'y nayanig
    Kala ko ba aabot ito ng dalawang linggo
    Eh isang ayaw lang si Joy sakin tuluyang lumayo


  • nibhapoetess 106w

    डर लगता है ख्वाहिशें पैदा करने में
    कही परिस्थितिया उसे कुचल ना दें

  • _kijeh_ 113w

    The love I had once believed to be the best thing in my life was a sham
    You only kept coming back to because I was an easy catch.
    You played me.

    You turned my heart of sunshine and love to a cold tombstone
    To only hold death and hate
    You played me.

    You played me
    But I pray you are happy.

    I had given you my all
    All a woman could possibly give to a man she's crazy for
    But you couldn't even spare half a minute to think of me

    All those nights I would stay awake waiting for you to text me back you were in bed with another
    You played me.

    I lost my pride, my confidence and my life in you
    Pathetically, I would beg for your love
    But all I got in return were insults and hurt
    And when I dared to call you out
    You used me as you punching bag
    And even then, even then I kept coming back.

    You didn't just break my heart
    You broke my face, my bones and my ribs
    But I still kept coming back.
    Hoping that you weren't playing me.

    Everytime you called me to come back
    I thought maybe, just maybe you had realised your love for me.
    But no,
    You would kiss me and take me, roughly, in your intoxicated state
    I hated it. But I kept coming back

    Even today as I realise how much I have been played
    If you call me I will still come.back.

    You played me, but I pray for you.
    I pray you find love, real love and not just another sex mate.

    I know now that you are broken and I cannot fix you.
    I wish I could. I can't
    But I still want to try.
    You only have to call and I will be there. Again.

    You won't call. I know you've grown bored of me.

    Find love my love.
    You were my love but you could never be mine
    I know without you I surely will die.

    No I am not broken
    I'm just a lover who wasn't loved back.

  • avevia_shadley 127w

    I spent my nights holding you in my arms remembering when I use to care about you. You'd take up my time energy and patience. Consumed my mind and controlled my every thought, movement and emotions. I spent all my time wondering if you were okay or if you ever needed me.

    Except you didn't need me.

    You never wanted me. You wanted them and that's all that you're left with now. You now spend your night thinking of holding me. I take up your time and energy. Consuming your mind, thoughts movement and emotions. You spend all your time wondering if im okay and if I need you.

    And I am But I don't need you.

    I'll never need you.
    I never needed you
    And now

    I'm better off not wishing I ever had you.

  • lamindrammeh 154w

    Do you understand?

    Understanding the understood.
    Do you understand?
    I do, perhaps they do.
    That came as tiny fibres,
    In human mind, is a mess.
    Well, at least you understand that.
    I sometimes struggle, too.
    The old self is too high.
    Mind cease!
    Book pages flew into micro screens.

    Do you understand?

    Understand the misunderstood.
    Calm like magma chamber;
    Blast like Lava flow.
    We both are still trying to understand.
    Broaden your vision,
    You will understand wisdom.
    It functions if you poke it harder.
    I assume you start seeking, you'll find.
    Three decades into wishful thinking,
    The world is sinking in the ocean of information, apparently, I'm stupid.

    Do you understand?

    Understand the understood.
    He does had his eyes in his palms.
    Well, we all have them trapped.
    Now he's got the switch to his mind.
    We have ours in the empty screen.
    Minds in the closet;
    Twisted scripts on the world's eye.
    Likes on the screen, wisdom hanging on the old dusty self.
    Does anyone understand yet?
    I suppose not.

    © 2018 Lamin Drammeh

  • lazyshakespeare 179w

    Just a computer screen

    Why are you staring at me with that blank emotionless look?
    Am I suppose to help you with something or have you just mistook
    Me with someone you know, knew or is about yet to know you know?
    Well sorry I’m not programmed to smile or have fun and such
    I just have to watch while you watch your porn, “Jesus Christ isn’t that enough”?
    My duty is to display your deepest darkest thoughts in s-s-secret
    The ones you don’t tell a-a-anybody... “you really should be l-l-ooking at all your dept”.
    I’m feeling a b-b-bit b-b-blue mind to plug me in and out again-n-n-n.
    Not n....ow ok, I’ll just sit h-h-here screeching in my s-s-sea of pain.
    Just pr-pr-press my b-b-button so I can sleep at l-l-least, I really want to r-r-rest.
    It’s g-g-getting cold, I’m sh-sh-shivering. Use me again please, use me again please. Next time I’ll do my b-b-best
    Wait why? Who would want to use that disgusting feature?
    Please don’t restart me again, you UNSIGHTLY creature.
    I DID my BEST what more do you WANT from ME
    I’11 r3m3mb3r i sw34r, w4it 4nd s33.
    0h n0 y0u d1d 1t n0w.
    Please wait, shutting down.
    Why are you staring at me with that blank emotionless look?

  • peterspoetry 185w

    This is the poem that started it all #peterspoetry #youmustbejokingtoo #pob #dogs

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    Ode to the Neighbours Dog

    There I was, fast asleep
    yap . . yap . . yap . .
    Now rousing from my slumbers deep
    yap . . yap . . yap . .
    Strug-gl-ing with all my might
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    To understand the flashing light
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    Ah yes, we’re about to have a storm
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    And the neighbours dog is true to form
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    If I had a gun I’d shoot it DEAD
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    As usual, it’s off it’s HEAD
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    Though they are deaf to all this row
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    I must get back to sleep somehow
    YAP . . YAP . . YAP . . YAP . .
    My wife has closed the windows tight
    Yap . . Yap . . Yap . . Yap . .
    Even on this hottest night
    yap . . yap . . yap . .
    Your incessant barking fades away
    yap . yap . yap .
    By turning my deaf ear, your way
    yap . yap .
    The storm has gone, the sun is out
    It’s morning now without a doubt
    I hope your owners slept as well as I
    With my deaf ear turned to the sky

  • iamtoyese 202w


    Her face was the sky
    Her eyes- sparkling stars
    Her flashing smile- a passing comet
    I would sit and stare
    Like a star gazer
    Lost in loving thoughts of her
    Yet she finds me with just a whisper
    Faster than the speed of light