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  • shashiinderjeet 5d

    ईद मुबारक

    ईद मुबारक ........

    विश्व भर में यह पावन ईद सुख और समृद्धि लाए

    हर और शांतिपूर्ण , सौहार्द्र की पताका फहराए


  • mcbee1200 14w

    Soldiers in White

    Days are dark and fearful
    The cloud of curse veiled
    The street and populated walls are emptied;
    And everyone is isolated
    No touch, no kiss, no hugs
    The virus has changed our lifestyle
    It sink down the fear in everyone
    Even just to show our smile.

    Yet you the caring hands of God
    The soldiers in white
    Through the valley of melancholic darkness;
    You are the fearless light
    For every breath you take
    Worth our breath of million times
    For, beneath the disease cloud
    You're the only silver line.

    You stand on the last line in the borders of life,
    On the edge of the cliff of death,
    Fighting for every falling soul
    And tries to hold their every last breath;
    Your silent tears and personal emotion buries
    Under your brave anx dedicating heart
    Laying your distance from your loved ones
    And torn your contact apart..


  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 56w

    Poems are for life

    The word that can't express,
    The language you can't feel,
    The murmurs you can only hear.
    Write it down.
    Cause the magic lay's in the wonderful
    Piece of paper.
    The words you can't speak,
    The story that was untold.
    Are can be possible to hear by all the people, and poems are example and instrument for all the people to hear, what our heart wants to tell.

  • apoorva_kamath 59w

    Dandelion seed

    Being crushed under oblivion,
    How I wish the wind could carry me like the seeds of a dandelion.
    Up and down, round and round,
    So light and free, without being bound.
    Far away everyday, enjoying the dusk and dawn,
    Escaping from the burden of relationships to rely on.
    Savouring the cold breeze and mist,
    Hoping for the nature to be my therapist.
    Wandering will bring my true self whom I had lost long back,
    Rivers flowing with high spirits will guide me towards the right track.
    I wish, I too were a blessed soul indeed,
    To live the life of a dandelion seed.

  • _poetbloom_ 64w

    I know those sad eyes
    Sparkling with some unseen emotions
    Swallowing a hailstorm within
    Trying to stand against all forces
    stalking to reach the colors
    Which are painting every single art
    Melting the glaciers of high mountains
    which trying to reach you and
    Want to freeze your fragile heart
    I'm learning to read your
    drowning eyelashes trying to
    control a burning dam
    concealing something strange
    So vulnerable so soft
    I'm peeping inside your irises
    blazing with a spark
    which can torch your mind
    Or can start a wildfire.

    -Aurora Bloom



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    Sad eyes

    I know those sad eyes
    sparkling with some unseen emotions
    swallowing a hailstorm within
    trying to stand against all forces.

    -Aurora Bloom

  • _poetbloom_ 64w

    This is a poem I wrote for cancer patients who are battling big wars with their life.
    Salute to this heroes who survived and who became a memory to cherrished.

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    The sin of cancer

    For those who died for the sins they have not committed
    And the pain they suffered, the blood they have vomitted
    The seconds, the hours and the days what they counted
    For the moment of silence for the day they never wanted
    Is this the fate, the destiny what they really deserved
    Bad things happens to good peoples, that's what I finally observed
    Instead of a laughter, or a little cry
    They lost their all hopes, their eyes are dry
    They stopped thinking about them selves, their loved ones are for whom they are worried
    May be the time is expectedly less, they have to catch their flight very hurried
    They tried too hard to find the peace before they became nothing but a corpse
    But the journey is not easy, all the courage they had drops
    Some started knitting sweaters, some checked out their bucket list of what they desired
    Some cried everyday, some were smart to know that bullet was already fired
    The body is disappearing, but the soul is already dead is what mattered
    Their hearts are broken glasses and the pieces are everywhere now shattered
    The medicines, the prescriptions and the falling hair
    Oh! This excruciating last days is that really fair.

    -Aurora Bloom

  • _poetbloom_ 64w

    Sometimes it became so difficult even wanting, dreaming something which will never gonna be yours.


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    So difficult

    Our world is so difficult so close but so far
    But when I tried to reach you, you disappeared like a smoke of char
    But how devastating it became
    Two parallel lines in horizon but never the same
    I tried to melt the lines
    So we can meet one at a time
    Alas forces are difficult to break
    It's like valueing something which is nothing but fake
    But I really thought I will found you one day
    Dreaming for you, praying for you but guess I have at last nothing to say.


  • thiyaguhawker 70w

    Sound of night

    At the end of a hard battled day,
    Let us feel the voice of innerself and beyond,
    Let us think about the self and
    people of us, let the song play in me,
    Try to count the star try to feel
    the air try to feel the breathe
    The special the moment which
    is always the night
    Where we think of our special one where we speak to self and the person in it
    When we release the caged bird in us ,when we smile like the lost chirping bird
    When the nature speaks to human and the heart which speaks to another
    Let the lights of World off and one
    in you lit slowly by slowly
    Let the night beat all the joy of days

  • vishalkarmakar 84w

    Deafening Silence

    Don't ahoy me now.
    I'm surrounded by deafening silence.
    In the midst of the blue grove,
    I'm practicing my eternal rest.
    Don't train me less;don't
    I'm mastering the trick now.

    I saw you shouting, screaming
    for your decayed pudenda.
    Oh! I cherished you,
    Ain't I?
    Now, don't ahoy me more

  • soumenn 97w

    মেসের কবিতা

    মেসের কবিতা...

    রাত্রিবেলায় দুঃখ দিলাম ব্রাউন খামে,
    আর যা কিছু ফিরতে থাকুক ডাউন ট্রামে।

    টুকরো কাটা স্যালাড কুঁচি, বরফ গ্লাসে,
    বন্ধু দুজন মাতাল হল মেঘের মাসে।

    বাইরে তখন বৃষ্টি গুঁড়ো পথের কোলে,
    উল্টি আসে দু-পেগ বেশি ভডকা খেলে।

    হাওয়ায় নাকি দারুন নেশা লেমন জিনে,
    দেখব বলে পা পেতেছি পাতাল ট্রেনে।

    আমরা আজও সস্তা বেকার কলার তুলে,
    প্রেম প্রপোজাল গোলাপে নয়, কাগজ ফুলে...


  • poetrybyshloka 99w

    Happy Teacher's Day Ppl❤
    Haters are teachers who taught to be in your world and ignore them..
    Friends taught us to live
    Parents taught us to be best and
    Teachers was the best part in them❤


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    Teachers are the lamp,
    In the darkness around us❤
    The way they teach, makes us feel
    The chapter is easy for real..
    In the eyes of students
    They are rich,
    Not only by money
    But the way they teach
    They are flawless and lovely like flower,
    And Sweet like honey
    But, if you dont study
    The bitter but never sweet like chocolate..
    Every minute and hour
    They prepare to make us best
    They are the most hardworking

  • _quoem_ 100w


    Sail everything, found nothing,
    What i found, meant nothing
    Sky above so high with pride,
    My belief is here to hide

    Your will kept overpowering mine,
    Wanting me to go away
    It made me stable enough,
    Enough for me to kill the efforts

    It was so great to stay still,
    But my heart smiled and pulled me back
    It made your will weaker than mine,
    I started sailing through you this time.


  • theignoredone 109w


    ऐसी बेशकीमती चीज़ जिसे बनाने में साल और निहारने में जिंदगी निकल जाती है।


  • mystique_bird 114w


    Often lost in my wonderings
    I have a straight face to show the world.
    They say you are not generous
    If you don't smile back.
    I do not know if they want me happy
    Or just want to see me smile.
    I've smiled enough
    Now my cheek muscles ache.
    I roll my eyes
    When I don't get their fake laughs,
    Their remarks on me remain unheard
    'Cause I've made my ears shut.
    Silence is soothing.
    Peace is all I want.
    Don't wake me up from my dream.
    I don't want to be pulled back.

  • alternatemedia 118w

    In a way...

    For you are just a body
    I am the soul
    How would you see me through
    Wishing for the best time
    I have come to you
    And you are one for me

    No one have ever had you
    Because the way you see me through
    You are a soul
    And the one I for me
    For I am not just a body
    I am endless time....

  • alternatemedia 118w

    All the ways...

    No matter how hard it may sound
    All it take is one last step
    Before your heart hits the ground
    So, for now rise up soul
    Because there is you and you in all
    I wonder where would I be
    When the world becomes one

    Now there is only one ground
    Our mother Earth keeping us all
    No were is all the love be
    So I took my change to my soul
    And become one loving sound
    This was my step
    To be all and to be all in one

  • felixpaul 122w

    Gati prabal pairon mein bhari
    Phir kyun rahoon dar dar khada
    Jab aaj mere saamne, Hai raasta itna padaa
    Jab tak na manzil paa sakoon
    Tab tak na mujhe viraam hai
    Chalna hamaara kaam hai

    (Why should I stop while my feet still have speed, and there are roads to be traveled ahead. There will be no full stop till I reach my destination. I will keep walking)

    Kuch keh liya, kuch sun liya
    Kuch bojh apna baant liya
    Accha hua tum mil gayi, kuch raasta hi kat gaya
    Kya raah mein parichay kahun
    Raahi hamara naam hai
    Chalna hamaara kaam hai

    (It’s good I found you on the way; we got to exchange a few pleasantries and the journey became easier. If I have to introduce myself, my name is ‘traveler’ and my work is ‘this walk towards my journey’.

    Jeevan apporna liye huye
    Paata kabhi khota kabhi
    Aasha niraasha se ghira
    Hansta kabhi, rota kabhi
    Gati-mati na ho avaruddh
    Iska dhyaan aadhon yam hai
    Chalna hamaara kaam hai

    (With the incompleteness in life, I face gains and losses, I fight hope and hopelessness, I battle tears and smiles. I ensure my speed doesn’t get hit and I keep walking.)

    Is vishad viddh-prahaar mein
    Kisko nahi behna pada
    Sukh-dukh hamari hi tarah
    Kisko nahi sehna pada
    Phir vyarth kyun kehta phirun
    Mujh par vidhaata vaam hai
    Chalna hamaara kaam hai

    (Everyone has to flow with the tide of time, everyone has to face the two sides of the coin. I will not blame the almighty for any of these, for walking is my only work.)

    Main poornata ki khoj mein
    Dar-dar bhataktaa hi raha
    Pratyek pag par kuch na kuch
    Roda atakta hee raha
    Niraasha kyun mujhe, Jeevan isi kaa naam hai
    Chalna hamaara kaam hai

    (In search of consummation, I kept wandering here and there. And at every point, obstacles bugged me. But why should I be sad, for such is the nature of life; such is the nature of this walk of life.)

    Saath mein chalte rahe
    kuch beech hi se fir gaye
    gati na Jeevan ki ruki
    jo gir gaye so gir gaye
    rahe har dam, usi ki safalta abhiraam hai
    chalna hamara kaam hai

    (Many started walking with me; some continued some dropped out mid way. Life didn’t stop for anyone, those who fell, were left behind. Unhindered success comes to only those who keep walking non-stop, this walk of life.)

    fakat yah jaanta
    jo mit gaya who jee gya
    moond kar palkein sahaj
    do ghoont has kar pi gaya
    sudha mishrit garal, vah saakiya ka jam hai
    chalna hamaara kaam hai

    (The one who is ready to die for this journey, who is not afraid to drink in the joys and sorrows of life with a smile on his face is the one who lives the most. This elixir, this journey of life, is the most intoxicating of all.)


  • missjango 131w

    the wind
    reminds me of
    all the smiles
    you left
    by my ears.


  • imaginer 142w

    Happy and Sad
    These faces are mad,
    What are they trying to say
    Are they on the half way
    Tears and smiles,
    Are not so far in miles
    Don't run for the destination
    Just enjoy the journey
    And learn salvation
    My anger is in flames
    It's not in ashes
    I think I burnt the impurities
    And left the minerals for life.


  • rubendrabagdash_ 171w

    Something bloom so vibrant,
    tender and luminous;
    That made him lustful
    As the depth of her beauty grabbed his heart and soul; Turned him just
    like her, So clam and melodious;
    So sereine and beautiful.
    Which make bonds with souls...
    Heal pains; Blow clouds of
    darkness from a broken hearts
    Making it clear like the blue sky
    In a wound of his heart
    Poetry bloom like a river
    Drenched drought hearts and souls
    Heal invisible scars..
    Through beauty of words....
    She gave him wounds but beneath that wound he found infinite treasure...