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  • sarcasticbong 11w


    Those stories, I scribble 
    Smashing Metaphors to people's quibble
    Dark night to a bright moon
    My words kills like a typhoon. 

    "Year end is near 
    Lived with many fear
    Yet see my words are adhere
    They seek a dark alley cavalier."

    Chimerical thoughts out aloud 
    They make me proud, loud, cloud
    Unbreakable work of words 
    Seventy four syllable wizards pause. 

    "You see what I did?
    Ah! Leave you better have brains
    That's same frog in well complains 
    I know, I know I play freaky games." 

    A little dilate, I wouldn't violate 
    Few silly punks trying to assassinate 
    I'm the god of unknown, checkmate. 


  • 300roses 11w

    Letter to me

    You are just a faceless figure in
    a sea of faces,
    You are often bypassed & overlooked,
    That's just the way it goes,
    You are simply forgettable,
    Yet its not all bleak,
    You see a glow in the darkness,
    It's your passion aflame,
    You love to write.
    Writing is magical,
    Like a magic carpet,
    it transports you from realm to realm,
    You are the heroine of each realm.
    Writing makes you forget
    your insignificance.
    You may not amount to anything
    in the eyes of those around you,
    But with a pen in hand,
    you are something.
    Embrace it &
    Be proud.

    Love you.


  • bonitasarahbabu 11w


    Dear Bonnie,

    Stand your ground honey. Stand your ground, do not allow the world or your family control you. One day, they will have to leave. If your follow their edicts, at their departure, you'll be left with nothing more than regrets.
    Bonnie, you are ENOUGH. You were created by God, in His image. God never makes mistakes, so be proud of who you are and be proud of what you bring to the table. There is only one you. Don't stand back and allow others to walk all over you. Remember the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? You are a hidden master of your life. Your life is written by God and yourself. Chin up, head high, and be spectacular. Let confidence be your skin tone. Haters are a plenty; don't allow their hate and jealousy bring you down. You have people who love you for who you are. Never give up and keep on trucking.
    Remember, you have been through a lot, and you never gave up. Keep standing up, keep working hard, and please LOVE yourself. At the end of the day, you only have God and yourself. Stand strong and stand your ground.

    I love you,


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  • wilmaneels 11w

    Don't you just want to rest for a while
    Close the door on those eyes that see right through people
    Don't you just want to immerse yourself in that illusive peace
    That you witness others do without blinking an eye
    Take a time out
    Shut out the world
    Focus on you
    Feel whatever it is you sometimes ignore
    Just because it makes you uncomfortable
    But be at peace
    Be at peace with where you are
    Even if there are things you wish you had
    I know you love yourself
    Otherwise you would not have survived all you have thus far

    I am proud of you
    I am proud of me

  • h_yuki 11w

    Look up.

    If I would write to myself I would say that it's okay.
    You are still young and life has it's twisting ways.

    But you'll get there.
    That hole there in your heart will fill up and everything will feel fair.

    But it will be a slow progress so don't give in.
    Just close your eyes and think.

    Keep writing your tears.
    Keep writing your fears.

    Bleed for the ones where there love for you is a given.
    And sweat for the pages of the unwritten.

    So know your okay don't hurry, don't rush.
    Just stand up and look at the star written sky you love so much.

    Picture right to the right full owner.
    #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #poemtomec

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    Look up.

    Kindly Read caption.

  • rekhuu 11w

    All my life I've looked at words as though they were mere scribbles in black and white. The metaphors and syllables all meant one and the same to me. .

    Since you left, I have started devouring them as though they were syrup filled rings and savouries alike. They are my mood managers now and I can see through them at any given time. They don't make fake promises to me, but rather embrace my scars and the negativity in me. They embolden me and keep my spirits high. The mid-life crisis may not be over yet and words of others still echoes in my head like before, but all that matters to me now is the pristine seraphic verses that soothe my soul. .

    I shall find my purpose the same way I found my love for words. .

    #poemtomec @writersbay

    #writingcontest @writersnetwork


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    I'm still the same old pessimist that I was

    But darling, the love that was etched in my heart bleeds words and spins out poetries


  • writeranavah 11w

    My Reflection and I

    It's time we learned to smile at our reflection,
    I tell her through our mirror,
    She does smile back,but reluctantly.
    We admire the rainbow hue
    Reflected off transparent wings on our shoulders.
    Our ebony tresses trace the curves of the night,
    Our mahogany eyes drink the dark cocoa of a winter morning.
    It is time to put on the blue eyeliner and the black mascara
    This time they are going to stick around.
    Give those cheeks a bit more powder
    And promise that they won't wash away.
    Today is a new day, I told her.
    She was reluctant to agree.
    Today is our day, I told her
    It's time to show the world
    That I am me.

  • madhushree 11w

    You at the begining showed me what pain actually was
    I did good to everyone i could but had a mighty fall

    You made me learn to fight when i am alone in the field
    Pack of wolves don't scare me now as i have survived

    You made the cold winds slap my face and i fell hard
    This time you gave me a muse to help me get back again

    You made me lose all my friends and even my batch
    Instead you gave me a dream and a fire to proove it to all

    You made me just like my muse; darker and deeper
    The world around me changed with a new outstanding hue

    You gave me corona at such a crucial time i did froze
    But you gave me what i wished from you this very year

    You were really special to me; all i can say is the truth
    Never really i felt so empowered after facing each obstacle

    As you will go and someone new will take your place
    But the flame in my soul which you brought can never ever be replaced.
    #poemtomec @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    If 2020 was a person..who is about to leave ;
    These would be my final words to him!

  • santor_674 11w

    Your soul that rests over a bed of thorns bleeding incessantly, healing the bloodshed as an exception were a yard of roses , of which you craft a bouquet that embellishes your soul caged within yourself..

    Heart that plays it's rhythmic beat , a stroke of grief that discords it , still the strings of hope you weaved waves out a beat , more aesthetically than ever..

    Your eyes that hums and whispers silently- the unuttered words - gardening them into an orchard over which the butterflies flutter.. Thanks to your tears self! Which waters the orchard of unuttered words without fail..

    Oh self! Your whole figure was a garden with an orchestra humming your grief and worries into a melody that relishes your happy moments forever - lending them to you to cherish as always..

    //Soul that bleeds, heart that strokes, eyes that shed tears, that weaves out a song in the yard//


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    Stranded in an island of hush, oh self - you still delude about the chaos years bygone ! Aren't you an angel having a pair of wings shaped with starry spheres - galloped when fell asleep on the lap of the gloomy night!

    Yes! You do possess a harp in hand , tuning a melody in the chaos 'round!

  • soulfulstirrings 11w

    I often fall .
    An emotional being I get disturbed by the unkind ways of this world .
    But then there's one thing I have always held on to through this journey .. hope .

    #poemtomec @writersbay @odysseus @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful .

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    Dear you (me) ,
    You often think of yourself as September ..
    Turning ochre , walking on trails of burnt ember . You fall oft like that last lonely leaf hanging from a bereft branch . Only to be trampled by winds of time .
    //You see in yourself the soul of this earth . The one that's learnt to flow like the mighty river Ganges ..making her way through tumultuous routes to finally unite with the ocean of hope . You carry the spirit of the seasons in your being .. knowing that everything shall turn around but only when it's time //
    You have patiently sat on the edge of a fading world with the only thing that keeps your pneuma alive .. the will to be you no matter what the odds might be .
    /I often see you thinking of yourself as a meaningless void
    But remember the power to fill this void with hues of your choice is in your hands/


  • alextheft 11w

    To myself

    Might want to piece together
    The torn pages you cried at,
    Stop fighting and look back
    At the ones who wanted to interact,
    It's fine for the faults you nailed
    As long as you knew the price,
    Ofcourse you thought of brain,
    But heart stopped by surprise,
    Feeding yourself with lies
    Was just another fiction,
    It's okay you really tried
    To overcome your addiction,
    You can't think, can't explain,
    Neither can the skies,
    Just breath until you get it right
    And I'll wait by the apple pies,
    Once you're done with every strand,
    I'll find you in the most imperfect way,
    For once, you'll have choice,
    To run or to stay.

  • say_me_krish 11w

    Disclaimer: Contains sensitive information. Read at your own risk.
    A LETTER ✉

    The one who is
    genuinely loved.

    Dec 14, 2020

    Dear REAL,
    My body is burning when I'm sitting here to write out this. I don't know why (You can keep a count of the words don't know, feel, strange, lonely; just in case). Life is a hard mess, and there aren't visible threads which lead to a path of clarity. Life to me was pretty strange, or if I were weird for the existence of life, is a myth. And myths aren't meant to be resolved, but are meant to be talked about over and over in the path of searching a solution without knowing that at the end, death is everyone's destination. But the journey can still be different, through different paths, in different perspectives. The sentences I'm writing might feel irrelevant to each other, but read it again darling, it makes sense when you vanish from my shadows and reach my heart. It is just a movement of mere 90 degrees, and I want you, at least you, to understand that I exist, I want to, and I do not want to.

    Sometimes, I feel so lonely in a wedding function of a thousand people, and I don't know why. I pretend that I've puked out the heavy meals and sleep in a corner with some whispers which aren't about me. I feel that nobody can understand what I'm going through, and I don't dare to test anyone. I definitely wouldn't portray myself and you to be feeble and fragile. I'm just too alone in this world, where all I can talk to is my pillow, pen and music. I talk to people so well, they talk to me well too, but there mumbles a gut feeling of sadness when I realize that they aren't loving me as much as I do, and I don't know if it's true. My thought runs so complicated that I cannot understand myself at times. The world has 7 people who look similar to me, and yet doesn't have one to explain and elucidate me with what's going on around me. I'm too surprised with how people are so good at pretending, I'm too shocked at how some people always stay happy, I'm too confused with the difference between winter and fall, and my mind is sprinting towards strange thoughts.

    I wonder what if condoms get a life, would they bellow or be filled with lust themselves. What if arteries and veins were meant to be entwined instead of a sexual intercourse? Why is this very normal thing feels embarrassed to be spoken upon, and why I myself feel peculiar to make some jokes upon? I think of whether people are flashing their looks at me since I walk strangely. I want to fall from the terrace and see how it feels, and check upon who bring flowers and greetings, and who actually cry. I also think if I can dissect my own mind and find some answer to my existence, whether I was an accident or an intention. My mind is just so very complex. I feel sad that everyone calls me cute but not handsome. Strange again. I get angry over a man who shouts on his son on the road, and I say to myself that he's poor in parenting and that he was a son of short temper. I feel Empathetic for a depressed person , but I feel scared and angry for no reason upon them. I wonder what if I was handicapped, and I think of dying the very next moment. I think my life is the worst, and I think some existences come with 'worst' in their melanin. I don't even know if I'm completely happy or depressed, and I don't know why I'm living right now. Why are you meant to live with such a mad? Why?

    I hate people who are pretentious, but I remember that I've lied to my mother at times. I hate people who wear a facade, and I'm the one who forcefully curves his lips up when someone waves at me. I want some nice person to talk to me, bring the problem out of me, and nobody in this universe cares for this atomic structure. Do you? I feel like crying when somebody doubts me and my honesty. It feels like I'm caged in a vacuum. I don't believe in love at young age, I believe it's just attraction towards somebody's thoughts and physique, and I wonder if it is the problem of the age or the mind. I am not sure. I wonder what it feels like to love somebody, to share your lips and melt with the other's, and how it feels to be loved. I feel numb. Do you understand?

    I recently read "All the bright places" once, and I'm reading it again, and my artificial bookmark lies in page 201. I wondered what if Finch would have actually lived. If I had met him, he would've definitely understood me. I could've blocked the Blue Hole for him, maybe. He was right in dying, but he was wrong for not speaking to Violet. Violet was a whole mess of a mistake at the end, let us forget Ma'am Markey. His death brought me a feeling of death for myself. I felt like a breathing carcass who is shedding his sadness ou of waters. I'm just Perplexed with how the world is, and I don't know why I'm living. I. Don't. Know. I'm in a quicksand and I'm panicking, if you know what I mean.

    I just have even tried to die and withdrew my feelings many times, it sounded so stupid. I've made unsuccessful deaths by holding my breath, mixing two soaps in water and swallowing it, trying to look down from a tall building, pricking my hand by my compass etc,. I want to find a way for a perfect life. A life where someone believes me when I say I get good marks out of fortune, a life where I can find my Personal legend, a life where I can find some stardust for myself, a life where I matter for someone in this cosmos, a life where I can write good. A. Life. Where. I. Can. Live. Knowing. The. Reason. Of. Living.
    I don't have a bipolar disorder, just shut up, if you were to say that. They're just "labels", go read the book. I don't need treatment and physicians, I need some solicitude, and some love.

    I just want something, some happiness I wish too. I want my strange feelings to disappear. Bring a painkiller, a fire extinguisher and an oxygen tank to make me feel better, and a poisoned knife, some hallucinations, and a sleeping pill box just in case I don't like to love myself. I know you aren't bringing the last three things. But still, I wanted to say. I like to be myself with you. You understand? Write a letter soon. Come to me and define my existence.


    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S

    Sorry for the boring read, if you made it till here.
    @writersnetwork #poemtomec #skp_writes #skp_letters
    @writersbay Poem was tough, sorry ��

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  • pooja17 11w

    Hey! Why to feel sad?
    Why to always think negative and bad?
    Why can't you understand the
    True meaning of life?

    Without ups and downs
    Life is incomplete **

    Try to wake up soon
    Otherwise it's Too late
    To enjoy the best boon

    To work through
    To achieve your dreams
    Otherwise these may flood your mind unnecessarily

    Just move ahead
    To Define yourself
    To identify yourself

    Try to use the best time of life
    Don't let it go in vain
    Use your brain
    If you want to enjoy your lovely life's train **

  • pallavi4 11w

    Poem to me

    Lay back, reflect on the year gone by
    And recount all that you’ve done
    Recollect the days of darkness and gloom
    And those merry days filled with fun
    It doesn’t matter what the past held
    What is gone can never be retrieved
    You can only learn from your mistakes
    Rather than mope, regret and grieve
    Just like snow melts one day
    And dewdrops fall from leaves
    Troubles that look insurmountable today
    Will be overcome tomorrow and will leave
    Don’t fret and beat yourself up
    For what you could not do yesterday
    Don’t let failures of the past loom large
    Remember today is a brand new day
    Forgive those who caused you harm
    And tried to your spirit break
    Forgetting slights helps you move on
    And unnecessary people forsake
    Be kind to yourself as you are to others
    Your worth is more than you know
    You were strong when the going got tough
    And not the one who conveniently let go
    Feel free to take the reins of your life
    In your hands- of your destiny take control
    Your fate will align with your destiny only when
    You move relentlessly towards your goals
    Let the year that went by be a teacher
    And help you heartily appreciate today
    You are alive, well and breathing because
    At the end of every tunnel there a light ray


    14th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #poemtomec #poemtome #musings #thoughts #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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    Be kind to yourself as you are to others
    Your worth is more than you know
    You were strong when the going got tough
    And not the one who conveniently let go
    Feel free to take the reins of your life
    In your hands- of your destiny take control
    Your fate will align with your destiny only when
    You move relentlessly towards your goals


  • _diyapatel_ 11w

    To me

    Spend day, and days , and
    The veranda is now open
    The flowers are blooming
    But soon it ll shed dear
    Soon it ll again be doom
    And will you startle ?

    Nothing is down ,
    Its just hidden in cave
    Cave of mystery
    Cave of heart
    With just me and me .

  • art_is_dead 11w

    i plant a hyacinth for you

    you're twenty and you're tired
    (it's okay)
    you cry a lot and you've a hard time telling people how you feel
    (it's still okay)
    you want to run away (pretend you're in a studio ghibli movie) - you put a slice of cheese in your picnic basket and a flower crown on your head
    you want to walk barefoot on cobblestones and you want to tell your lover you remember what they smell of - you want to chase butterflies you can never catch -
    you want them to smile at you and shake their head and call you an idiot
    and you want to smile back and say
    you love them and -
    and it's all good for a while

    (know that you can have all of that -
    i love you.)


  • trumpetcreeper 11w

    Dear me,
    Stop hanging on to the things that are making your life harder to live and destroying all of your happiness.
    Stop worrying about what others will think about you . you are living for yourself,not for convincing others..
    You are really overthinking about your future,so just calm down and take a deep breath and stop worrying about it.
    The future can't be predicted.But you can treasure the present.Try to enjoy the present more ...
    You have more potential than you think..
    So spread your wings ,embrace your true self and take the leap...

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    Spread your wings
    Embrace your true self
    And take the leap.....

  • love_whispererr 11w

    ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ᴍᴇ...

    They told me to run towards the stars while tying up my legs with some viridescent moonvines and I started crawling towards the courtyard of darkness.

    They told me to smile infront of the world while sewing my lips with some purple threads and my wings started to paralyse under desultory clouds.

    They told me to croon my favourite tune of Taylor Swift infront of them while strangling my throat with their hands and I started to be an unexpressed anthropoid.

    They told me to celebrate myself with the melody of world while caging me inside a raven castle as a antique and I started to become ashamed inside the coffin.

    They told me to flaunt my emotions infront of them but my uncherished voice pulled me towards my furtive scars and made me a POET and I hid behind my verses forever.

    ©вι∂уα в.

    #poemtomec (pc_pinterest)

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  • geweldig 11w


    Dear me,

    Don't worry you pretty little heart,
    people throw stones at things that shine.
    Someday when you are in the right hands of love,
    tell out what you suffered,
    spread love like you're doing now,
    Stay strong to heal people
    who are wounded like you,
    Never expect someone to love you,
    until you find a real one.
    People say, friendship is strong
    to be forever, well that may not be
    true! Do not worry for what is gone,
    delight yourself with what you are,
    and who you have:)

    Yours so much lovingly,

    @writersbay #poemtomec

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    Permanent is abstract,
    but can be found!


  • monika1 215w

    It's for me

    ❤I love me...
    Bcoz I need me...
    I need me...
    Bcoz I know me...
    I know me...
    Bcoz I understand me...
    I understand me...
    Bcoz Iam with me...
    Iam with me...
    Bcoz Iam always right...
    Iam always right...
    Bcoz Iam always happy with me...
    Iam always happy with me...
    Bcoz Iam always true to me...
    Iam always true to me...
    Bcoz my true love is me....❤