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    Sometimes i think energy is that stretching elastic with infinite potent which can be shaped in any form,after entangling previous version it can be remoulded in any geometry.
    All i have to do is give my own intention
    The only force which is capable to do this is purest form of vibes i.e. pure heart and the will is choice.
    Choosing goodness every moment
    That's how transformation happens and curses are broken.
    All we need is to cleanse the heart so that energy can flow in the direction of intention
    So,life is matter of instant acceptance and rejection of thoughts.
    Notice it personally because one sided shocks creates regrets,mostly we realise it after the damage.
    Like sudden decisions and reactions without reorienting it in right directions cause they are taken from evaluating outer world but not over right or wrong.
    A downward force pushes your core which creates disbalances in lives not only in yours but also in other like a sudden rude judgement materialise as curse in people lives.
    We just leave or forget it after few moments but if at that time we re-orient its direction against that negativity there will be no mishaps.E.g. saying no to that foul;i think it nullifies the effect of fear or negativity
    Give positive thought to cut the wrong arrows effect shot in impulse
    Evaluate thought at that moment when it outbreaks that it will be flappable or create storm in life.
    In the end,its your or people both will have to see the consequences because what lives in heart materialised and no one gets happy seeing suffering.
    Release hate or other misdeeds from your consciousness to have peaceful surroundings.
    You need to say no to not only others but also your own thoughts;all are not pure as few are traps though

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    Intentions are hidden

    Sometimes we know
    Sometimes we don't accept the dark truth cause we cover up over excuses
    Sometimes we intentionally do wrong in hate
    Take it back in positive way
    Let peace bloom
    Choice is the way
    Intention is the direction and result

  • ritikasareen 11w

    "Don't cry, just fly"

    Thousands of notion all around;
    Why? The charmest bird always wound.
    Fictitious praising of her achievement;
    Yes, the mind needs to be mend.

    The covetous of other crown;
    The envious heart, i found.
    Just attain her medal;
    By seeking hoax smile, they tries to cut her feathers.

    So , what if she is charm;
    To her, we should be serene and calm.
    For that graceful bird, we can become a sky;
    So, let's give her the life to fly.

    Actually ,she is not our strain;
    She is the one who has the ability to strengthen our brain.
    If she is not least ;
    Then, we too are best!!

    If she is elegant,
    Then we too have talent.
    If she is a bird,
    Then, let's win other's heart.

    Don't be jealous,
    Don't be zealous,
    Just toured yourself all over,
    By showing your Insaneness.


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    Don't cry...
    Just fly ,
    high above the sky!!


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    I'm late to finally write this, but still truly wanted to. Well done to those behind the passing on of this prompt ✌️����

    Photo credit: myself

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    Peace is possible, if we found our purpose to usurp a position of particular peace maker.
    To exist as though Prometheus personified...
    Empathetic. Benevolent whenevet in a better position in life.
    Always concerned for those less fortunate before himself.
    Capable of catalysing change to the Earth's entire civilization
    Through small and simple acts of care.
    To live as virtuously as this the world would surely flourish;
    We'd exist with a shared love not hate of any differences between us.
    We'd be more inclined to do goodwill with our freewill.
    We'd seek not do no harm. To always enrich not hurt.
    All might be possible were we to collectively find our purpose,
    To usurp a position
    Of Promethean makers of peace...


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    The kingdom of peace


    When the kings and rulers of the earth
    blare to the world on their mics
    and proclaimed "Peace "
    But how can they call upon peace
    when they are crazy for
    Power to rule over the mankind ?

    Then the kingdoms of the world
    in every language they preach
    "Let there be peace "
    How can there be peace
    when words and actions
    are not in tandem
    behind the closed doors
    they are running for competitive
    race to create those powerful
    nukes, arms and ammunition
    to make wars against each other. ?

    So let through layman cometh peace
    Let's not xenophobia fear the mindset
    Let's hold the lamp of lights
    to outshine the darkness of hatred
    In life journey who ever we met
    build the bridge of peace
    In diversity of caste and creeds

    In multicoloured colours of races
    In plethora languages of tongues
    In God's eyes we are equal
    Who bless sunshine and rainfall to all

    God gives freedom to way of life
    But nay to colours of skin and race
    That's God's choice for everyone
    Nay to date of birth and death
    That's God's fixation for every one's
    In the end we all turned to dust on death
    We are all equal, we are all Mortals

    Let's make our life worthwhile
    Creating peace with one and all
    For God loves and gives peace
    to the soul of a peace maker

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    Let's create the kingdom
    Of peace amongst


  • medhaa_aanand 11w

    Ok so maybe I'm the last person posting on it... And I really really apologize for it. Really sorry Carolyn Ma'am for being this late. It's really tough for a procrastinator like me to be early. ��

    First of all thanks a million Carolyn Ma'am @carolyns_challenges for initiating this much needed movement. It really brought a lot of hope and optimism in all of us! A warmest thanks from the bottom of my heart! :)

    And also a big thanks to you bro @nivi07 for bringing this into attention! Eternally grateful!��


    So whenever in doubt, hopeless and dejected, just remember this saying by heart....

    "No matter how long the night is, the morning is sure to come."

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork


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    I know the times are tough,
    I know the lives are rough.

    A lot of grounds to brood over,
    Sirens of red have to just hover!

    Those columns occupied with
    terrifying numbers,
    of some dark slumbers.

    I know it's seeming like a dead end,
    but believe me my friend,
    fortunes shower and adversities mend,
    just give time a little time to spend!

    It's just another hurdle,
    overtook as blood curdle,
    I know,
    The fore path is
    veiled with haze.
    But together we stand united,
    And we'll certainly surmount this phase.

    Yes I'm also baffled with this dilemma,
    memories flashing like bashing inside out.
    But remember guys;
    In your soul,
    never let pessimism take a sprout!

    After every miserable night
    A splendid dawn awaits!
    Never let the spark die out
    Oh my dear mates!

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    for Hemingway

    Soldiers will die on both sides. That's what soldiers do Captain. (Wonder Woman)


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    my enemy and me

    One day when I was there
    Midst ocean blue at dawn
    Saw a Spirit, midair
    Whom I greeted with a scorn

    "What thou art inform
    Thou wretched being drawing near?
    How dreary is thy form
    What purpose brings thee here?"

    This was when the west wind blew
    And the billows roared so wild
    His form, more closer grew
    His aspect, calm and mild

    "O Mortal! Mortal! Of the Earth
    Don't fear this foul form
    This Spirit once had a cheerful hearth
    Which kept it's body warm"

    "Midst mountains, barren, wide
    Where bluebell grew forlorn
    But humanity never sighed
    Nor winter blight brought scorn"

    "It was on such mountain top
    This spirit once sojourned
    And when its mortal life was lost
    Its death was shortly mourned"

    "By kindred far and near
    The men had lost their joy
    Nay, friend you shall not fear
    What's destroyed shall not destroy"

    "My story is untold
    No mortal ever knew
    On that day, behold!
    The guerilla northward drew"

    "Our life was like that
    Follow orders, serve, and kill
    Neither blink, nor a bat
    Their wishes, our will"

    "I was leading them ahoy!
    Our numbers, not so grand
    Our orders, to destroy
    The enemies of our land"

    "The mission was precise
    To blow the bridge of Taht
    It would hit them, hard and nice
    Would severe their only path"

    "The bridge was manned by two
    On either of the side
    The charges, we had few
    The bridge was long and wide"

    "Came dawn, and we prepared
    For the task which was at hand
    The charges were all laid
    Neath the bridge, as was planned"

    "While the two of us were at play
    The third was standing by
    Watching near and far away
    His task, to keep an eye"

    "And so that moment flamed
    The first gunshot was heard
    Hit my sentry hard and maimed
    The enemies, roused and stirred"

    "Their numbers, more than two
    And gunshots, everywhere
    My fingers worked and blew
    The charges did their share"

    "It seemed no one had survived
    And my comrades too were gone
    To my joy, someone had thrived
    But from the Other, not my Own"

    "And my time was fleeting by
    I had gunshot wounds, some three
    Heard my enemy moan and sigh
    His back resting on a tree"

    "I started crawling downhill where
    The tree, stood below the ravine
    And pain, usurped my valor there
    My visage, wild and raving"

    "He was wounded very badly
    His legs were blown away
    His countenance, pale and sadly
    His valor, torn away"

    "His flickering life abated
    There were tears in his eyes
    Saw his pupils, dilated
    His eyes asking, many whys"

    "I wished to know his name
    But the blood just won't stop pouring
    Such was the terms of game
    Never occured, before this morning"

    "And I wished we had some time
    A few words, about each other
    Both lads, in our prime
    Born of some different mother"

    "I wondered what would be like
    Had we met, a place, another
    My woes, his woes, alike
    Could have called him my brother"

    "So, I laid my hand on his dying breast
    Knew his sufferings been enough
    Felt his last breath crest
    And witnessed its final trough"

    "And then when he was gone
    I lay me by his side
    Knew this war thing was forlorn
    It was then, I think, I died"


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    Rhyme scheme

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    Essence of Peace

    The essence of peace makes my day graceful.
    It is in my heart
    No more feelings of hurt
    I am so grateful.

    Every breath of mine connects with the core.
    Tranquility, hope and energy forms
    Hundreds and thousands of warmth.
    Peace surrounds every corner of my door.

    I inhale and exhale peace all the time
    Broaden my world, explore, in extreme
    Peace is bliss, experience and share.

    Holding it dearly because it is prime
    Giving peace to everyone is my dream.
    I ever love and care.

  • zohiii 12w

    ᴀ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟ ʀᴇᴠᴏʟᴜᴛɪᴏɴ

    Careless and carefree; there's merely a measly debt you owe to the soil. To pursue the butterfly temperament is your independent decision; soar through the jovial skies, piercing the breeze of captivity, renouncing your confinements.

    A strange voice might not scorn your dance of dissociation but your own; will your wings not shiver out of the mourns of many clipped ones?

    Freedom is your privilege but is it fair for an individual to solely lay claim at, does this not seem inhuman to you, does this cowardice suit you?

    A crime against one human, justice deprived to him, is noted as the defeat of the entire mankind; turning a blind eye towards injustice doesn't eradicate it, but promotes it and indulges you in the act as well. Silence is a stand too and more often labels you as guilty.

    A naked birth can't be altered, but a bare death is shameful; in a lifetime, you stumble upon countless opportunities to clothe yourself; empathy is the robe of honour that immortalises you. Not a thousand silk threads could weave a more elegant dress, than an empathetic fit; it shines in the eyes of the beholder like a veil of hope.

    A human is not one because of flesh and blood but due to his values, sacrifices and rage to not kneel down against suppression and injustice.

    Revolution breathes not when a vessel voices it but with the surge of a sensation of helplessness and sympathy towards people, throughout one's veins.

    Repression could be smelled; it's stirred in the air and the souls who inhale it without a sign of disdain deem unworthy as human.

    Resentment against the slightest acts of apathy must perpetuate until and unless the air you breathe in has the scent of liberty with every zephyr.

    You don't owe this world even a strand of your hair, but a chance to prove yourself human, to cloak yourself, is due. Then maybe you could be more than a human, you could become an idea, a pedestal of change. You owe it to yourself, but the effect and consequences will resonate.

    An empathetic rebel is the most lethal, cause he recognises that there aren't any stakes except humanity to preserve; the people he fights for having lost everything are no more threatened by losses, even the slightest of favourable uproar could result in a triumph.

    It sounds mythical to vanquish someone so unstoppable, someone, who has nothing to lose but dares to claim all that he needs to.

    A revolutionary lives forever, as a paradigm of retaliation and indomitable human spirit; he's buried with a flag of gratefulness. But he leaves his story behind, to spark empathy in the hearts of people, to plan a new revolution.

    Love will be a farce in the multitude that bends its definition to ease itself; empathy would sustain and save this world, for it is felt indiscriminately towards those who deserve it and also the ones that don't and are devoid of it, without any pretence.

    If you feel empathetic towards the pain of at least one life even though momentarily, something in you is burning with fury to retaliate, you are an integral part of the revolution to resurrect and revive humanity, comrade.


    Che Guevara is an inspiration!

    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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  • glittery_ink 12w

    Just Random��

    You can be hopeful when you remember
    the essential goodness of humanity and
    when you recognise that you have the
    courage to change youself :))



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  • bethinkful 12w


    Your DNA melts, heavy, drip drop, into Earth's rooted wellspring; every spine and blossom alert to attention, ready to help fuel your journey

    You rise on yellow and black flutters, so light that the wind controls your rising, and you attune to your body below, sleeping beneath the constellations

    Of a dark, deep night, which as you now know, was always there waiting behind the clouds, waiting to break open its mist, to show your soul

    The archetpyes of meaning that the dense, fearful night holds in her womb; but tonight, you are not worried, for, it turns out, you are the night

    And the wings that carry you, the breeze as well, the twinkle of light. All can be seen from this dark, starry vantage, and you laugh at the old fear

    That kept you from being absorbed into this beautiful oneness, this loss of the lonely, from suctioning into the stardust, the big bang...

    From emerging as creator.

    The mist droplets rotate, in darkness and light, pulsing with anticipation, and all you were waiting for is released, as you slip into waking sleep

    Revealing the swirling fractals that contain the total of All in their tiniest section. And they whisper to you (thank God you no longer have ears), yet, you hear:

    I Am the knowledge - You Are too - that
    You were never just you
    To begin with


  • the_frozenn_heart 12w

    Dancing in the rains
    I was embracing droplets for a while,
    Suddenly I jotled with someone
    and he excused me with a broad smile
    Yes, his gracious Smile....
    which was eloquently transparent,
    and within a fraction of second to the eyes something was apparent.
    "The scars of pain longing from the past, an imperial tragedy of broken heart. A veil of fears too vast, simply yet powerfully torning him apart."
    Suddenly my eyes closed,
    sweat on my body reluctantly froze,
    but the meadow of my soul kept thinking about the nostalgia in which my zeal was enclosed.
    I wanted to forget this as soon as possible,
    but the retina captures this scene making all my nightmares too horrible.
    Next day we met again,
    at same time, on same lane,
    where his deep emerald eyes petrified me and gently read hidden scars of my pain.
    As I regained my senses it was bizarre to see, the intertwining of our shadows, even the face was ornated with a glee.
    The movement of his lips forged me to kiss his soul, the soul which was so fragile craved for love to behold.
    Days passed, months changed,
    I refrained a language only the heart could sustain.
    The language of benevolency,
    the language of loves currency,
    which after all these aeons led my heart beats to an extreme frequency.

    #love #writerstolli #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #soulfulwritings #poets_pen_for_peace #ceesreposts #pod
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  • anmol_muskan 12w

    Positivity: that's what you need!

    A positive attitude towards life...
    How much it costs?
    I guess, not more than some smiling shots!

    So, discover happiness no, why to frown?
    In gloomy river, the more you'll sink the deeper you drown!

    Let's put all the negativity aside,
    It's your life, so you only decide...
    Are the things gonna be better with tears?
    Don't you wish to see your parent's cheers?

    Let's not leave the hope!
    There's always something better at the end of the rope!

    What if the things weren't as you planned?
    Why don't you learn to redemand!

    Simultaneous to crests there are troughs,
    Life might be lenient or way too rough!

    Everyday is a new start...
    Get up! And hit your dart!

  • thermy 12w

    I'm so glad to share this lovely piece I found, it speaks volumes... I hope we all find our inner peace
    Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence
    Peace is liberty in tranquility ---- Marcus Tullius Ciero
    "It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it". ----- Eleanor Roosevelt


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    Poets pen peace

    My Pen Speaks For Peace..... 
    Impulse that my pen intends to create 
    Reveals heart beats of millions, indeed. 
    Words that I speak through my pen 
    With ink of blood from bleeding heart 
    Will restore peace for voiceless world 
    As a destination that my pen has to gain. 

    Let my pen spell peace again and again 
    To create intense impulses in dead souls. 
    Like ripples ensured their lives in rain fall 
    To spread wave of liberation and peace 
    Throughout the world and universe itself. 

    Peace for brotherhood and solidarity 
    Humanity is an essence for their beats. 
    Let my pen draw rainbow hues for them 
    To celebrate celestial peace, we regained. 

    The seeds of Exploitation, invasion and racism 
    Bear fatal fruits of destruction and war. 
    Fragrance of words that A Pen initiates 
    Ensures beauty all around you. 

    Written by Tulsi Shrestha 

  • colourfulgreys 12w

    //for #poets_pen_for_peace campaign. Thanks to @carolyns_challenges and @nivi07 for this humble initiative//

    Words birth infinite power
    Feelings within the love they shower
    Creators of a world of kindness
    Clearing our visions beyond this mortal blindness
    Showing us that our world is iridescent
    No shade to praise no shade to resent
    Peaceful lives matter for all
    Lending support to those who fall
    Black, Caucasian, brown or pale
    These colours can't make humanity fail
    Bestow grace to all you meet
    Share your love with all you greet
    Sexuality is a rainbow and we all are a part
    Prejudice can't hamper our romances or art
    A world of peace for the poorest of poor
    A world of support for those who are fewer
    A world of peace for people of all shades
    A world of peace for the pride parades
    Let's create a world that is more forgiving
    Bountiful, merciful and a better place for living.

    @writersnetwork #mirakee
    #supportlgbtq #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter

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    A Place For Peace

    Black, Caucasian, brown or pale
    These colours can't make humanity fail
    Sexuality is a rainbow and we all are a part
    Prejudice can't hamper our romances or art

  • blinganshu 12w


    It's not easy to explain
    How I felt being a bystander
    Because it was not easy
    To know your own feelings
    As a 10-year-old
    When you saw the same thing every day
    Leaving scars in your subconscious
    Along with his body
    Which disappears later but never fades.

    You see your classmates,
    Your seniors, your juniors
    All targeting that one kid
    Justifying it as a form of justice
    For something that he did

    It's not easy
    To know your own feeling
    When you see teachers being ignorant
    While an innocent life is treated
    As a tyrant.
    It's not easy
    To explain the turmoil of emotions
    Those innocent tears could arise
    In your own heart.

    You feel angry, forlorn, torn.
    You feel waves after waves
    Of empathy, sympathy, and self-pity
    For not standing up
    For not standing out
    For being coward
    For being a crowd.

    Until that one wave
    Which breaks your restraint
    Which makes you brave.

    You take a step forward
    You are no longer a coward
    You are no longer just a crowd.

    Suddenly it becomes easy
    To explain what a bystander is.
    He is not the bully
    Neither the bullied
    Nor the crowd
    He is just a bystander.

    A bystander
    Who sees everything
    Who knows all the names.
    The bullied never needs a messiah
    To save him
    He just needs a bystander
    Who could be his witness
    Who could stand by his own principles
    Who could tell the right and wrong
    When the need be.

    #blinganshu #forlorn #bullyingc #poets_pen_for_peace #thebystander #ceesreposts #pod

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    A bystander
    Who sees everything
    Who knows all the names.
    The bullied never needs a messiah
    To save him
    He just needs a bystander
    Who could be his witness
    Who could stand by his own principles
    Who could tell the right and wrong
    When the need be.

  • penny_pavi 12w


    A Poet plants their pain and pleasure behind their poetry in a piece of paper...

  • colourfulgreys 12w

    #forlorn #supportlgbtq #poets_pen_for_peace @carolyns_challenges @nivi07

    //Dedicated to Marsha P Johnson-- gay rights activists as a tribute to the pride month ����❤️//

    Forlorn amongst
    The "normal" community
    I stand gathering
    My flailing sanity.
    Detested, forsaken
    Left to moan
    Solace denied
    To people my own.
    My harrassed soul
    On the cusp of denial
    Rejected, dejected
    Fleeing my trials-
    I came to new york
    To be unchained
    Like yet another prison
    It kept me restrained.
    A transvestite
    A drag queen
    Scowls of many
    I have seen.
    Survival sex
    Petty jobs
    I have since
    Tried them all.
    Liberty, and free will
    Still an arduous
    Journey uphill--

    But I won't let it
    Remain forlorn.

    #NoPrideWithoutLiberation #MarshaPJohnson #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Liberty, and free will
    Still an arduous
    Journey uphill--

    But I won't let it
    Remain forlorn.

  • away_with_words 16w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #poets_pen_for_peace
    #faith #hope #dreams #peace #positivity
    **Updated Imagery**

    hope walks through fire
    but faith leaps over it
    it doesn’t sit
    on laurels
    never begs or borrows
    quick to quell quarrels
    making mountains mild
    and taming wilds
    gaining glimpse
    of forming plinth
    its footing found
    deep underground
    a bedrock beneath
    fortifying feeble means
    so we can dream
    because on faith
    hope leans

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