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    We all had once in our life loved someone just like Snape loved Lily

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    It's been 9 years.. they've moved on...
    But, yet here I am shipping Harry and Hermione! ❤️


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    The Shield And The Sword
    Part 6

    Harry Potter lay down on the floor, fast asleep and snoring. Everyone stared at Ari in shock.

    "You told me she is a muggle." Cried Ginny.

    "She is" said Scorpius simultaneously as Ari said "I am."

    "Then how do you explain this?" Ginny barked.

    James and Albus picked Harry up and placed him on the couch. Ari looked scared out of her brains. Scorpius couldn't look at her like this.

    "We don't know what happened. All I can understand is that the spell bounded because maybe she feels threatened or she wished truly from her heart that she didn't want to be attacked by this spell." Scorpius tried to explain.

    "Well that's one hell of a rebound." Said James. "Boy we should do this spell a lot often on dad. It'll solve his sleeping problem."

    "Not funny James." Barked Lilly.

    There was a knock on the door. Ginny opened and out there on the door step were two men and one woman from the ministry. They were from the muggle control department.

    "It has come to our attention that there is a muggle here who stumbled upon our side of the world." The woman started speaking. "We are here to settle this situation and send her back from where she came from. Bartan, do the spell."

    A tall, dark, healthy and clean shaven man came forward. He raised his wand and and summoned the same sleeping spell. Ari covered her face frightened. The spell rebounded again and the man fell on the floor fast asleep.

    Everyone stared at Ari. Ari was so freaked out, a tear came out of her eyes. Scorpius got mad.

    "Everyone back off. No one will do anymore spells on her." Scorpius growled at everyone.

    "Scorpius. Arrange a place for her to stay tonight. We will take her to Dumbledore tomorrow. There is definitely something fishy here." Ginny shot with her eyes narrowed.

    Ari was freaked out. She started crying. Scorpius put his arm around her. "Come on." He whispered softly to her.

    "But Mrs Potter, we" said the woman as Ginny cut her down.

    "I said what I said. We don't know what the situation is right now Ms Brown. You will go back to the ministry and not utter a single word. We have to know what happened." Ginny said sternly.

    "Very well then Mrs Potter. If you don't mind me asking. Did the same thing happen to Mr Potter?" The woman said looking at Harry with concern. He was snoring at the couch. Ginny nodded. The woman nodded back and left.

    Scorpius took Ari out of the house. Ari sobbed slowly. Once out if the gate Scorpius stopped.

    " I'm sorry Ari. I don't know it would turn out like that. We didn't mean to freak you out." Scorpius said softly. Ari calmed herself down.

    "What will happen now? Are they gonna put me in azkaban?" Ari asked scared.

    "No one is putting you anywhere. You are a muggle who had accidental magic. We just need to figure out how that happen. I promise you I won't let anything happen to you."

    "So what now?"

    Now we have to settle you somewhere. Come at my place. We will give you a room. I'm sure father won't mind."

    "Scorpius. Two problems."


    "One, we left padfoot at the Potter's. Second, all my stuff is at my hotel."

    "Oh my gid Padfoot!" Laughed Scorpius. "Let me tell you what, wait here, I'll get padfoot. Then we will go to your hotel and get your things."

    Scorpius went over at the Potter's again. He got Padfoot while Ari waited outside. When he came, Padfoot started pouncing on Ari. Ari gave him a kiss. They all started walking. They walked a few minutes. Scorpius noticed Ari's expressions kept changing as if she was trying to decide something.

    "Okay. What is it?" Asked Scorpius.

    "Huh?" Ari replied.

    "You obviously have questions so what is it?"

    "Well, um... Is it true that you and Albus went back in time to get back Cedric Degree?"

    "What? Where'd you get that idea from?"


    "That explains everything." Scorpius replied sarcastically. "No such thing happened."

    "So you and Albus never broke into Hermione's office to get the time Turner a d go back to get Cedric?"

    "No ma'am. Mr Amos was hell-bent on getting Cedric back but it wasn't possible. Plus Albus and I wouldn't do such a foolish thing. Albus actually wanted to go in past though but Delphi set him straight. "

    "Hmm. Okay this is going to be a but awkward but I have to ask. How did you feel when everyone called you voldermort's child?"

    "Who called me what?" Scorpius blurted out in shock.

    "Everyone?" Ari saod weakly. "The book said that people would stay away from you because you were rumoured to be voldermort's child."

    "No such thing happened!" Scorpius exclaimed. "What book are you reading? If you really wanna know I actually had a good time at school. James, Lilly, Rose, Hugo, all were good to me. My dad, Mr Potter's family and Mr Weaseley's family all got close after the battle. My father apologized. He did what ge had to do. He has never been the same Rose says."

    "I knew it. The cursed child seemed poor. Its the book. All books are amazing except for that one. So you were never in love with Rose as well?"

    "Okay." Scorpius said blushing. "That part would be true." He paused. " Rose and I were always good friends. Things started heating up during her last year. Of course it was also a little weird as she is older to me but it was good. We were together for three years."

    "What happened?"

    "Stuff." That's all Scorpius said.

    Ari and Scorpius both reached Ari's hotel. Scorpius helped Ari check out. They then reached the Malfoy manor.

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    The Shield And The Sword
    Part 5

    James, Albus And Lilly kept staring at Ari. Ari and Scorpius looked at each other then at them.
    "Well. I thought you had someone in your life. I just thought it'll be someone from this continent." Said James.

    "He has no one in his life. I would've known." Snapped Albus. "There isn't right?" Albus asked slowly to Scorpius.

    Scorpius and Ari looked at them in astonishment then Scorpius said, "She is not my girlfriend. I just met her today."

    "Oh good. Hey love. Did I tell you yet how beautiful your eyes are?" James tried to flirt with Ari.

    "Not happening. 'love'." Ari replied drily.

    "James can you stop flirting with everyone you're not biologically related to? I'm sorry Ariana. Ignore him. So how did you come to this side of the world?" Lilly questioned.

    Ari told them everything from the start in extreme details.

    "Wow." Said Albus. "Its not possible for muggles to come through that door. It was a brick wall at first but door is faster. Well Ari, please stay with us until Mom and Dad arrive. They will handle this situation."

    "What situation? Who in the so called muggle world will believe me?" Ari roared.

    "We're sorry Ari but we can't risk it. Please try to understand." Lilly apologized.

    "Fine. Okay. What am I to do till then?" Ari asked.

    "Party dude! I'll get butterbeers and snacks from honeydukes. Scorp, play the music." James declared.

    Ari and Scorpius looked at each other. Scorpius raised an eyebrow. Ari smiled and made Padfoot get down. They got up from the couch. Albus gave Ari butterbeer while Scorpius played rock music. They played Queen. Ari was glad because she didn't know any wizard music. Lilly gave padfoot some water and biscuits. They all started dancing and stuffing themselves with sweets. Ari had so longed for tasting how these things actually tastes. She had never enjoyed a big party so much as she enjoyed this small little one.

    As they were dancing, the main door opened. A flaming red haired old woman entered along with a unruly dark haired old man who had a lightning bolt sign on his forehead. It was Harry Potter and Ginny Weasely. Everyone stopped dancing at once. Scorpius turned down the music.

    "We leave for a little while and you kids start partying eh." Harry smirked. "Oh, hello." He then turned to Ari.

    "Its Harry Potter! Harry Potter and Ginny Weasely. Oh my god. I had never imagined I'll actually be meeting you both in real life. Its such an honor. I'm a true potterhead sir." Ari squealed in excitement.

    "I'm sorry but you're a true what?" Harry asked confused.

    "Mr and Mrs Potter, we need to talk to you." Scorpius interrupted. Everyone sat down and Scorpius explained everything that happened.

    "We knew there's a muggle here. Lilly had sent out an owl. This is a different situation." Said harry.

    "We have to obliviate her Harry and send her back before people at the ministry find out. Hermione will help us keep things quite for now but the longer she will stay here, the bigger problem we will get into." Said Ginny.

    "Oh no please don't take my memories. I had so much fun. I had an actual butterbeer and the chocolate frogs." Ari cried.

    "I'm sorry Ariana but we don't have an option. As Ginny said there will be problems. We can't risk this. It won't hurt you. Don't worry." Harry said as he took out his wand. "I'll first put you to sleep and when you wake up you'll be in your room."

    Ari didn't want this to happen at all. She didn't want to lose her memories of the wizarding world. As harry jinxed her she shut her eyes tight. She heard a bang as soon as Harry jinxed. She opened her eyes to see Harry fast asleep on the floor. The jinx had rebounded.

    Everyone stared at Ari in shock. Ari herself panicked. She had somehow caused the jinx to rebound. She never had any magic. She possibly couldn't have done this. So how did it happen? How was this possible?

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    Dursley's - When Harry Potter got letters from hogwarts....


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    I wish there was a Muggle spell
    For 'Imperio'
    Need to try it on my Examiner

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    Some love stories are so pure... ❤️
    #Potterhead #snape #lily #james #snily #slytherin

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    In a world full of James Potter I still look for Severus Snape.

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    The Shield And The Sword
    Part 4

    Ari sat over there staring at Scorpius. She had every evidence in front of her eyes but still couldn't believe it. She had so many questions in her mind. How could this all be real? This all was supposed to be fiction. How can she cross that door if it wasn't magic born. She never had any magic. Not even a single sign ever.

    Scorpius kept glancing at her while he sat in front of her. He was going to talk but then thought against it thinking it will be better to give him time. The ice cream sundae arrived. Padfoot started to paw Ari asking for icecream. Ari sighed and gave her ice cream to Padfoot.

    "You okay there lady?"

    Ari narrowed her eyes and stared at Scorpius.
    "Ariana. My name is Ariana."

    "Ariana. Are you okay."

    "I will be if you stop asking this question."

    "Okay.. Can we talk about this incident now if you don't mind?" Scorpius asked politely.

    "Yes." Ari said low.

    " Did you see the door?"

    "Well yes. I used that door to get here."

    "That is interesting. No muggle can ever see that door let alone get past it."

    "Padfoot did."

    "He is a dog. Dogs are not trouble usually. I don't mean to offend you but can you come with me to Mr Potter's place? This is a messy situation we are in. The ministry will not be polite. Mrs Weaseley tries to keep it as humble as possible but she can't always succeed. We need to figure out a solution."

    "Solution? Solution for what? No one will even believe me if I say this to people. They'll probably think I've lost it. I'd rather be known as sane."

    "I'm sorry Ariana. But I don't have any option. I'm trying to solve this as safely as possible. Ministry won't if they freak out. Please come along with me."

    "Okay. Okay yes I'll come. Can we finish our ice creams first?"

    "Oh yes sure. By the way, what were those men talking about?"

    Ari told Scorpius the entire conversation. Scorpius gave a small laugh and smiled but his eyes gave a sad look. He got silent. Ari felt guilty talking about his mother. Scorpius paid the bill in wizard money and they left. They walked till Potter's place. Scorpius asked all kinds of questions about muggle world. Scorpius was a polite and charming man. Ari always spoke in a sarcastic tone.

    They reached potter residence. Ari excitedly kept noticing the smallest of things. They had a huge lawn, the house was two stories tall and well built. Scorpius knocked the door. A young, bright red haired girl opened the door.

    "Scorpius! I thought you were coming at night. The earlier the better." The girl said gleefully as she gave Scorpius a hug. Ari felt awkward standing there. "Oh hi." The girls said to Ari. Ari smiled awkwardly to her and gave a slight wave. "Come in both of you." As everyone went in the house the girl yelled, "Al, James, Scorpy is here. Come down" She saw padfoot and immediately started to pet him.

    Ari, Scorpius sat down on the couch in the living room and the red haired girl sat on a chair in front of them. Padfoot sat on Ari's lap. They geared footsteps and two other men came down the stairs. Both dark haired and good looking.

    "Guys, this is Ariana. Ariana, this is Albums, James and Lilly. Guys, Ariana is a muggle." The moment Scorpius said muggle, the Potters' eyes widened. They stared at Ari an if she came from a circus.

    "You all can call me Ari." Ari spoke weakly, keeping a head low and staring at her feet.

    "I'm sorry but did you just say she's a muggle?" James asked Scorpius. Scorpius nodded. James glanced back at Ari, not taking his eyes of her and not blinking. "A muggle." He repeated.

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    #Potterhead #HarryPotter #mirakee
    Picture Credits - pngitem.com

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    Sometimes I wish, O God
    If you did not send me
    my Hogwarts letter
    At least give me
    the power of 'Accio'

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    The Shield And The Sword
    Part 3

    Ari continues eating her lunch but she doesn't stop eavesdropping on those guys in robes.

    'Goyle was stupid during our school years. He lit the whole room of requirements on fire. They were all not very good company.' said the first guy.
    'I think it was the worst for the Malfoys. Poor Draco pretending to be someone he's not. He turned out to be a pretty good lad. Their family has been through so much.' Second guy replied.
    'Poor Scorpius. Loosing a mother at such young age. He did grow up to be a fine man. My daughter likes him. But I still think its better to stay away from them.'
    'Well, Scorpius is a good lad. He does spend time with the Potters and Weaseleys a lot though.'

    The men stand up and start to go out the back door. Ari stares at the door confused. Were they in some Harry Potter cosplay or something like that? Their conversation was so casual yet so weird. Suddenly Padfoot got up and ran across that back door. Ari grabbed her bag and ran behind him calling him.

    'Padfoot!' she yelled. As soon as she opened the back door she saw 2 more doors. A door in front of her and a door in left of her. She decided to take the left door not knowing which one he went through. She spotted Padfoot running. She ran behind him and he stopped near a man. He was more than 6 or 6.1" she guessed. He had platinum blond hair, light grey eyes, fair as the moon. He didn't look much older than 25. He wore a white shirt, sweater vest and trousers. He looked like a very cute nerd. He was beautiful.

    Padfoot sat next to that man. The man got down on his knees and started petting padfoot. Ari slowly walked towards them and stood in front of him. He slowly looked up and smiled at her. His lips pink and his blond hair shining in the sunlight.
    "Good Afternoon" said that man.
    "Uh... Yeah. Good afternoon." Replied Ari.
    She pulled out a leash from her bag and got down on her knees. "Bad boy Padfoot. Don't run away like that again." She said while putting the leash on Padfoot.
    "Umm. I'm sorry but did I just hear you call this dog padfoot?" That man asked with his eyes wide.
    "Yeah. Sirius black was my favorite character in the harry potter series so when I adopted him I thought I'll keep his name Padfoot. What's wrong?" Ari asked. The man looked at her all confused as if she had spoken another language. They both got up, the man still staring her confused. She blushingly started to look at the street she was in. She noticed people were in weird clothing like the people in the bar. There were shops that looked different. She stared at an ice cream parlor and the board read: Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour - ice cream.

    She stared at the board for a while, knowing that man was staring at her. She read another board that read 'Flourish and Blotts'. Her eyes widened. She started reading boards of every shops 'Apothecary', 'Eeylops Owl Emporium' 'Gambol and Japes', 'Gringotts Wizarding Bank'. Her eyes kept getting wider with every board she read.

    "Where are we right now?" She asked the man in a little panicked voice.
    "Uh... Diagon Alley."
    "This is not possible. Did people make this place for tourism related to harry potter"
    "What? I'm sorry dear lady but you seem a little, well, not well. Can I help you?"
    "Can I know your name?"
    "Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy."
    Ari's eyed were wider than ever. She looked scared.
    "You're not real. None of this can be real. This can not be real." Ari started to mumble.
    "Hey listen to me. Listen. Look at me. Breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. That's good. Calm down."
    Ari started to breathe slowly. Just as she was about to ask Scorpius a question she saw a woman flick her wand at her trunk and the trunk started to float in the air. Ari panicked again. She couldn't believe her eyes. This was too much for her to handle. She started to lose her consciousness. Scorpius catches her. 'Padfoot started to wine looking at her. Scorpius held Ari and they walked to the ice cream parlour. Scorpius settled her down then sat next to her, having a slight idea why she reacted the way she reacted. He ordered some water and ice cream sundae for her.

    "You're a muggle, aren't you?" He asked politely.
    "That obvious?" Ari said sarcastically.
    Scorpius chuckled.
    "How did you manage to come here?" Scorpius asked.
    Ari told him the story and her overhearing the conversation of two old men and how padfoot ran here and she did too.
    "That's not really possible. The door on the left can not be seen by muggles. It has magic that keeps the muggles out. All they see is a brick wall."
    "Well it didn't work on me. Harry Potter is real. Everything is real. Magic is real. I'm definitely loosing my mind. Maybe I've become too engrossed in this series. That's why I'm imagining all this. Maybe I'm not even imagining. Maybe I'm dreaming."
    "Well... You're not. Its a real."

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    The Shield And The Sword
    Part 2

    Ari reaches Privet Drive and pays the taxi driver. All she can see are buildings. 'Huh. Wonder what i thought I'd see here.' she thinks to herself. Padfoot starts peeing on the driveway of one of the houses. She pulls him and leave from there. She walks a little and see nothing but more buildings and a park. Disappointed, she leaves from there.

    After an hour or so she reachs to this place called Charing Cross Roads. She spots a bar that looks a little weird. She realises that she is starving so she goes inside.

    The bar looks so unusual from the inside. People sitting in here are weirdly dressed. Some of them are wearing some kinds of robes and which hats. Maybe it's a theme day or something. She sits at the bar and asks the bartender for some water and a steak. She starts eating and hears someone conversing.

    'Oh yes. The ministry had the grandson of Goyle for interrogation. Everyone says he was just trying to show off so that peor can be scared of him.'
    'he is probably going to go to bed scared from now on.' laughed the other man.

    What are they talking about wondered Ari. Sounds lile Harry Potter talk. She doesn't think about it much and continues eating.

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    The Shield And The Sword
    (Pt 1)

    Ari woke up around 10.30 am in her hotel room. Her dog Padfoot was still asleep. Padfoot was a cute black dog she had adopted. She was in London for the first time in her life. She had won a holiday in London and had come here all the way from India. She was tired because she had a late check in but still too excited to sleep more. She got out of the bed and brushed her teeth. She had a quick shower and wore her bathrobe.

    She gave Padfoot some buscuits and went to her suitcase. She opened her suitcase and started browsing through her clothes. Sje picked out a nice blue sweatshirt and black shorts. She combed her little longer than shoulder lengthy black hair and applied maroonish lipstick which complemented her dusky colour.

    She dressed up and started to pack her bag with water, money, etc. She ate cereal while Padfoot chased around his own tail. Once done, she put the bowls outside her suite, locked the doors and with Padfoot, happily marched out of the hotel. She hailed a taxi and asked the driver to go to Privet Drive. She is definitely seeing all the places harry potter was shot.

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    She walked upto her troubles
    And incanted Riddikulus on its face
    And as she walked away laughing
    She Avada Kedavra - ed their every trace
    So they never come up walking
    And dare cross her way
    Cause she's the one who embodies
    What it means to be strong
    And to stay that way..



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    Potterhead forever..??


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    Expulso on malacious monsters
    Evanesco on deleterious depression
    Reparo on the shattered shards of heart
    Alomohora on fastened feelings to flow out
    Accio on erased elation to emerge again
    Levicorpus on fantasies to fly high with wings
    Lumos on tenebrous thoughts within & around

    If poets were wizards, poesy an elixir.
    Poesy is indeed SPELLbounding !!

    #potterhead #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts 21.01.2020

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    Spells and poesy


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    Dear Molly

    Dear Molly,

    I wish there was a way, just one way to let you know that Fred is happy. You need not worry about him. He is just like my son. I will love him and take care of him just like you did for Harry. You gave my Harry the love and support I was worried he'd never get. You loved him just like I would have if I were still alive. A kid can somehow grow up and have parental figures but how does a parent go through the loss of their dearly loved child? I wish I could let you know how much we all love Fred and how happy I am to be able to take care of him. He is in the best of company I can assure you that. Oh his reaction when he came to know that Prongs is Harry's father, Padfoot is Sirius, Wormtail was your own rat and Moony is actually his Defence against the dark arts teacher. He is in the company of biggest and most mischievous pranksters Hogwarts had ever seen. I know Fred can be handful with all that mischief but worry not dear Molly, as I am most experienced in handling such kids. I've been handling the marauders half my life. Fred loves you all dearly and misses George so much. It breaks my heart to see them apart. Thier love reminds me continually of the brotherly bond Sirius and James shared. Fred is brilliant and smart. He is already James's favorite. They all are so glad they get to take care of Fred. They all keep talking about various pranks they all have done and Fred can not stop laughing. And to my concern Fred keeps noting these ideas in case he's ever born again. I wish you, Arthur, all our kids and everyone who faught for us have a long and happy life. I can never thank you enough. I will be the best mom Fred could have till you arrive.
    My love to everyone but specially you.

    Lily Evans Potter.


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    I thought you were the Lumos of my life,
    But you hit me with a Nox and left.

    Now no Revilio can show my pain,
    No Reparo can mend my heart,
    No Scourgify can clean my mess,
    And no Evanesco can hide my scars.


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    The spell was even worse than the curse

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    "There is only power and those too weak to seek it."

    ©Lord Voldemort