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    "He walks on by, his long beard swaying gently in the wind
    Two bags and a rucksack, all his worldly possessions fit in.

    She sleeps deeply, deaf to the sounds that surround and mistreat.
    A threadbare blanket, her bed is cardboard on the street.

    What happened to her,
    All her bags at her feet?
    Homeless ...
    She's homeless.
    What happened to him,
    That he ends up on the street?
    Homeless ...
    He's homeless.

    Used to have a job - he worked hard canning at SPC.
    Had a wife and kids, but no work broke up his family.

    Abused she lost her will to fight -
    to stay alive she left ...
    Then silently she slid through all society's cracked nets.

    Sad it happened to her,
    Now she's all but browbeat.
    Homeless ...
    She's homeless.
    Shame it happened to him,
    All he's got is the street.
    Homeless ...
    He's homeless.

    He lies perched on the steps of the park's conservatory,
    In his red sleeping blanket cocooned in purgatory.

    Broken, defeated, with no glasses everything's blurry.
    And her sadness prevails, she doesn't think that she's worthy.

    It's her life on the road,
    There's no chance of reprieve
    She's homeless ...
    Always homeless.
    He's down and hopeless.
    Lonely and just can't believe
    He's homeless ...
    Forever homeless."

    Words: Sigrid de Castella
    Photo: Garry Knight

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  • chabala_vii 1d

    Chasing riches
    Has led many
    Into the clutches of poverty


  • poet_tho 1w

    "The day has changed,
    but the war continues.."

  • _the_introvert_boy__ 2w

    बेहला रही है भूख को पानी में उबाल कर
    ज़नाब वो माँ हैं
    दिखा देगी बच्चों को पाल कर

  • therealmariachi 2w

    Untold Battles no. 1

    Poverty a knife held against my soul,
    The pain I so wish to escape
    Is pushing me to let go.
    Lost my pride,
    but in the eyes of society
    I lost my mind holding on to life
    Yet with so many spectators,
    no one can tell I'm losing my grip
    And poverty is about to take
    the only thing I have,
    My life.


  • mukurshing 2w

    #poverty in Nepal

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    My emotion

    I feel as same as you feel
    I want laughter as same as you have
    Iam capable as much as you are
    I have brain as same as you have

    Our body is equally gifted
    Some body born in fertile land and some born in rocky mountain
    They have no equal choices and resources

    The more resources the more powerful
    The only thing matter is powerless people suffer in every way

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    Her vacuous stomach wailed out of hunger,
    Prognosticating fate of the clouded canvas of her future,
    Her tiny soiled fingers clutched onto the bowl,
    No tears left to cry, dreams defiled to granules.
    Begging for a penny in vain,
    her aphonic eyes are used to this pain.
    Wandering through the heated streets
    with no shoes to wear,
    The rugged footpath was her bed
    where she always dwelled.
    And on nights when starvation
    enshrouds her tiny form,
    She'd quell her hunger with
    hands clutched onto her stomach,
    Caged within the disgusted glances of human race,
    She's Impuissant under the brittle Roof of contentment effaced.


  • itskhan 3w

    @pingu_s_diary__ @silent_screamerss @afffuu
    @thoughtfull_writer @ashooo

    Kbhi kbhi zarurat na ho tb bhi kuch kharid Lena chahiye,
    Hmare kuch paise kharch hone se agr koi 2waqt khaana kha le,isse zyaada Kya chahiye zindagi mein,
    Be a kind Human,
    Not just a human ����
    #life #society #poor #kind #poverty #childlabour
    #lifelessons #oldage #pitty #feelit #hurts

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    Kbhi kbhi apni khwaisho ke liye nhi,
    Dusro ki zarurato ke liye jee kr dekhiye

  • dreamocracy 3w


    Houses so small with unfed lots,
    Houses so big where none share a meal,
    Purpose has been lost over purpose.


  • shwetalily 4w

    गरीबो कि बस्ती

    ये लक्ष्मण रेखा बीच कि, ये गरीबो कि बस्ती है.
    यहाँ दू टूक रोटी महंगी, जान कि कीमत सस्ती है!

    ये उस पार कि दुनिया है जहाँ बदन पे वस्त्र नहीं,
    भुखमरी, त्राहि, विपदा से बचे ऐसा कोई अस्त्र नहीं!

    गरीबो कि रोटी सूखी, तवा गरम न होता है,
    मर्ज़ से बेटी मर जाती है, कर्ज़ में बाप रोता है!

    कौन है मालिक इन दीन, हीन दुतकारो का..
    हे राम मेरे घन्श्याम बनो सहारा बेचारो का..!


  • ashish_j 4w

    कुछ पूरा तो नहीं,
    अधूरे का मज़ा लिए जा रहा हूँ,
    कुछ तेरे हिस्से का, ज़िंदगी,
    कुछ मेरे हिस्से का जिए जा रहा हूँ।

    तू रेत बन बिखरी है वही,
    मैं पानी सा बहे जा रहा हूँ,
    हर शाम समुद्र किनारे, ज़िंदगी,
    मैं तेरा हुए जा रहा हूँ।

    तू शब्दों में उलझी है कहीं,
    मैं कहानियाँ लिखे जा रहा हूँ,
    तू पिंजरे में कैद पड़ी है, ज़िंदगी,
    मैं आसमान में उड़े जा रहा हूँ।
    कुछ तेरे हिस्से का, ज़िंदगी,
    कुछ मेरे हिस्से का जिए जा रहा हूँ।

  • ranjha 5w

    India through my Eyes

    This is India,
    A democratic country
    People here are called indians
    But the population is no less than a poultry.
    Day by day rises the technology and global warming,
    But it's better to keep our mouth shut when it comes to economy and farming.
    This year too we are celebrating republic day
    And independence day will be celebrated soon,
    But does that make any sense to the Indian women who thinks
    Whether they are really a blessing or a misfortune.
    But are the men truely monstrous and out of frame!!
    We do know right! that not all men are same.
    There is always a protective father, a possessive brother or a caring husband
    Born from a woman itself and not making her ever offend.
    "All Indians are my brothers and sisters" we all say while taking the pledge,
    But where does the humanity goes when murders, destructions, rapes and wars ends with a deadly edge.
    Let India breathe, let India dance
    Let India be peaceful, Atleast give it a chance.

    ©Bandana Pathak

  • ashish_j 5w

    मैं गरीब, हर रोज़ गुब्बारे नहीं,
    सिग्नल पर खुद को बेचता हूँ,
    अपना कहाँ साहब, सिर्फ बच्चों का सोचता हूँ।


  • minus_e_plus_v 5w


    मुद्दतों के बाद मिली ये आज़ादी, के लगा अब ख़ायफ़ हम नहीं।
    यूं तो क़ैद हैं आज भी कई, के आज़ाद अभी और भी होना था।
    मगर वजीर-ए-आला ने तो आज़ादी की आरज़ू को ही गुनाह करार दिया।


  • sparklingteja 5w

    Somehow, we deprived their childhood.


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 6w

    Hallow Pain

    It's such a deep pain,
    I keep trying to forget,
    Every corner another reminder.

    A hallow ache,
    A distant rumble.

    My teeth burn,
    My cheeks shallow.

    I never had much to give in pounds,
    But I had plenty in bone.
    If I had soul left to give,
    I'd give that to.
    Just to feel whole.

    Empty cupboards.

    The scale keeps ticking back.

    Empty shelves.

    The weight of simply things gets heavier.

    Empty fridge.

    It doesn't matter how bad I wanna get better.

  • muhiyuddink 6w

    Jeena to hai hi so hum younhi jee letay hain,
    Dard hota hai to hum dard hi pee letay hain,

  • iampranav1496 6w

    There is a mess of all the tears
    that came for a reason.
    Pain that was buried inside
    the impatient heart,
    inside the empty stomach and
    inside every meaningless breath.
    Do you really understand
    their poverty or do you prefer
    to see dead people smiling
    in every corner instead?


  • ktk_soul 4w


    Cracker sounds throughout the town, trembles the earth and sky!
    People were enjoying by staining their hands, creating the garbage!
    The poor boy was staining his hand with pen ink to reach his goal, to uproot his poverty..!!