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  • rona_12 1h


    Prayer is the most important conversation of your day. Take it to God before you take it to anyone else.

  • sproutedbeauty 1d


    Causative agent is wide-spreading
    Everyone is physically distancing
    People are panicking
    Supplies are lacking

    No more partying
    They are at home quarantining
    Others say it's boring
    Never know some are suffering

    Check your neighbours and share meal
    Deliver goods evenly, do not steal
    Obey orders, do not reel
    Turn from wicked ways, pray for the ill

    The real deal
    Is found when you kneel
    Ask God to end this ordeal
    That is how we heal


  • keithallencovell 1d


    I needed to see
    Yet I already saw
    I challenge myself
    Yet I become appalled
    I free myself
    Just to return
    To cause

    I jump to see
    Though remove positivity
    The mental swarm
    Is becoming me
    The outward lights
    They beckon me
    Yet I remove, retreat

    I feel a sense of awkwardness
    She senses my protectiveness
    I challenge her in many ways
    Not one of them are invalid

    The fire sits behind my eyes
    I know myself before the lies
    They face me so that I may see
    The difference between she and I

    She flutters embrace, distractedly
    I commonly would distance me
    But then again I challenge I
    To never seek to fade from seed

    The feeling is so dignified
    Yet I know that I crucify
    My own intentions, signified
    My God is warning me

    She challenged me
    To challenge her
    Now all I see is vivid flurry
    I want her close to me

    But so not to betray a friend
    Though chances duly were given
    I fall into a space between
    The setting sun and moon, dancing

    He notices the obvious tension
    She closes in past his projection
    Alarmingly, passive aggressive
    He should be cautiously reflective

    I do what I do
    Yet I know I don't have to
    Though it seems to be
    The best course of action
    To fall in line with his perdition
    Yet keep myself in God's persistence
    To stay us from confliction

    The desire left in question
    However emboldened
    I choose to not know what to choose
    I seriously resent this
    Though, not to fault on previous thought
    The plan is of retention
    I know what's not


  • rishiraj17 2d

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    Duniya ki khubsurati kitni aachi lagti hai,
    Dekho to kitni pyari lagti hai,
    Zamana jisme khubsurati dekhne lagta hai,
    Usme ab sirf Patthar he dikhta hai,
    Patthar ki us murat ko chappan bhog lagate hai,
    Do roti ke vaste log bhukhe mar jate hai,
    Tarashne wale aaj bhi patthar ko tarash lete hai,
    Is khubsurat si duniya me log heere ko bhi patthar karar dete hai.
    - Mere lafz

  • thatchristiangirlhymsing 2d

    In an ever increasing world of positives.
    I pray to remain a negative!

  • theidealist 4d

    And when the church bell
    sounded in our heart that night,
    We prayed.
    Some spelled, Some chanted,
    But every lips moved and every
    hands folded in supplication.
    It didn't matter the colour of our
    skin because we were one,
    Unified by faith, the sky our roof,
    Speaking the language of love.
    Oh, how we prayed that night!
    We prayed to break this
    chain of sickness that
    feasted on our bodies,
    Threatening to throttle
    the lives out of us.
    We prayed for every fallen
    heroes and every struggling souls,
    For sweet deliverance from our afflictions.
    As hot tears drenched our bodies,
    His unfailing Mercy coursed through us,
    And Peace settled in.
    We knew then that we were saved.
    Our hearts aflame,
    Our religion our love,
    His Grace sufficed,
    And all was made well.
    Then Calm settled in,
    Because We Prayed.

  • neeluv2 5d

    #prayer for him
    No words can ever express my feelings for you
    That's why I wrote
    When I think of you


    so much.��
    One thing more
    Don't u dare to leave me��

    Otherwise ����

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    धड़कनें मेरी

    है एक शक़्स पास बहुत ही खाश मेरे
    जो ना जाने कब इतने क़रीब हो गया है मेरे
    जिसकी आवाज़ सुन के धड़कने तेज़ हो जाती है मेरी

    दुआ है मेरी की दुनियाँ की सभी ख़ुशियाँ तुम्हारी हो ....
    ख्वाइश ये है कि उसमें शामिल मैं भी रहूँ!!

  • latent_words 1w

    I love to write in double way ONLY you can figure it out if you went deep in it. Here raising hands also symbolises prayer(duaa) and sun rays symbolising guidence.
    Illusive stays represents the delusion of this temporary worldly stay. Hope you could unveil my words.

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @muslimin #dua #prayer #love #loveAllah #islam #muslim @muslimah_ @oneummah #ummah #sujood #life #tahajjud #aakhira #salah #wod #pod

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    And She raised her hands
    To feel the warmth of sun rays
    Whose brightness seems to illuminate
    The hollow darkness that encompassed in her illusive stays.

  • lunalight 1w


    I never did a prayer until
    They wished something


  • dil_se_dilshath 1w

    I give my prayers the power
    to define the love I have for him ❤️

  • palakcreations 1w

    Forgive me for what I had done
    Thank u for giving me the gift of life
    And a beautiful world to live
    You created all of us equally man and woman
    But some how we created difference
    We allowed ego and anger to come into play
    We filled our bared hearts with hate and jealousy
    We have forgotten to love even to those who are nearest to us
    But it's not too late
    It's time to wake up
    God Almighty;
    Give me strength to stand alone in this world with firm heart
    Bless everyone who is working hard to fill the bellies of their families
    Guide me to spread serenity and harmony all around and make this world a better place to live
    Give me strength to heep the needy and spread goodness all around
    Let everyone's soul may feel with kindness, satisfaction and self assurance
    Let's promise ourselves to desist wrongdoers and create a new world of rapture with no rapacity
    This is all what our courtesy teaches us
    Humanity is the sign of being human
    So, don't allow it to die in any case
    Just love , care and respect for others and u will be definitely getting it back..!!

    {I wrote this one when I was in 7 standard..I just recalled it now��}
    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli #random #pod #prayer #god

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    Dear God!!

    Thank u for even the single
    breath u have gifted me..!!!

  • brmnzz_ 2w

    चेतावनी समझो इसे ईश्वर की या प्रकृति का प्रकोप..
    गलतियों की क्षमा याचना और ईश्वर से प्रार्थना...
    हे ईश्वर !! अब रहम कर ..
    गलतियो की सजा मासूमो को मत दे।।

    #prayer #corona virus #2020

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    ये मौसम..ये महामारी..ये तबाही का मंजर,
    बेगुनाह-बेसहारा गरीबो की मजबूरियां,
    दिल को देहलाने वाले ये हादसे.
    प्रकृति का मानव पर ये प्रकोप.
    साक्ष्य है मानव ने प्रकृति को बहुत रुष्ट किया है।


  • ajnabi_musafir 2w

    Dedicated to all the labourers across the country. Just try to pen down their positivity amidst of Corona Crisis.

    #home #memory #prayer #mirakee #love # affection

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    Feelings of Labourers across the Country in Corona Crisis

    Ghar se dur hun,
    Par Yaadon se nahin....
    Mana ke majbur hun,
    Par duaon se nahin.....


  • cactuspenguin 2w

    During my prayer time with God this afternoon, I wrote this, because it's so true. There is no better place than in the arms of the Father.

    #God #Christianity #prayer #religion

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    In God's arms

    Safe in Your arms, God
    Is where I'll always be.
    In your warm embrace
    Is where I'll forever choose to stay.

    You tell me You're here for me,
    And You are.
    Wherever I go, no matter the place,
    You're always waiting, no matter the way.

    All You want is for me
    To embrace you back--
    Pray the prayers and live the life,
    Love others as Yourself.

    That way, we can work
    To build a garden:
    One filled with life without strife.
    That way we can love as You love the Self.

    ©Cactus Penguin

  • quarantinistani 2w

    Most IMP Wastu

    E Corona!
    Dua he meri,
    ho jawe tera
    Inna lillah!"

    Allahumma Ameen!

    © mohammed bhai, m.b.b.s.

  • cactuspenguin 2w

    It's been a rough couple of weeks, but God is always there. He always has been and He always will be. #God #Christian #prayer #comfort #tears #healing #religion

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    You Store My Tears

    You see my tears,
    And You store them.
    You see my fears,
    And you tuck them away.

    How great a friend you are, God,
    That I cast my cares on You
    And you don't even gossip.
    You don't tell friends, family, or coworkers.

    I sob in my room,
    My face twisted.
    I missed it:
    Your caring presence.

    My worries are silent,
    Yet You hear them.
    And when my cries are violent,
    You don't even tremble.

    How great and wonderful a friend You are,
    Who stores my tears
    And will never betray me.
    I love you and can always trust you,

    ©Cactus Penguin

  • aspiringnisha 2w

    मालिक मेहर करोना

    हे ईश्वर आन पड़ा है कहर कोरोना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    भूल गए थे हम हस्ती तुम्हारी
    मालिक संभाल ले अब कश्ती हमारी
    अपने बच्चों को अब और सीख मत दो ना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    प्रकृति की वेदना हम क्यों ना सुन पाए
    आज अपनों की चीखे हमें यह बताएं
    बहुत बड़ा ऋण प्रकृति का है चुकाना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    रूह कांप जाती है आज ऐसी घड़ी है
    फिर भी तेरी रहमत की आशा सबसे बड़ी है
    ऐ विधाता विधि का यह लेख बदल दो ना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    मोल क्या है अपनों का आज तूने सिखाया
    घर बंद कर दिल के दरवाजों को खुलवाया
    मकसद तेरा था हम सोते हुए को जगाना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    आज हिंदू मुस्लिम सिख हो या इसाई
    सबकी आंखें करुणा से हैं भर आई
    कितना मुश्किल है अपनों से दूर जाना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    नतमस्तक हम देश के उन रख वालों के
    खुद को भूल जो लगे हैं लड़ने महामारी से
    इनके नाम जले दियो को मत बुझाना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    गाते पंछी ,निर्मल नदिया वायु बिन जहर
    बरसों के बाद आज देखी ऐसी सहर
    साफ खुला आसमाँ कहे अब तो समझोना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करोना

    मानते हम हुई भूल हमसे बड़ी है
    माफ बच्चों को करना जिम्मेदारी तेरी है
    हाथ जोड़े इन बेबस बच्चों को क्षमा दो ना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम महर करोना

    हे ईश्वर आन पड़ा है कहर कोरोना
    विनती मेरे मालिक तुम मेहर करो

  • writes_solemnly 2w

    Itni taaqat hoti hai dua me k
    Dua maangna ho to itni shiddath se maango k rab tumhe dene par raazi hojaye.!

  • ajnabi_musafir 3w

    Give you the Roses,
    Give me the Thorns.

    for your


  • mamarhs_ink 2w


    In my sujud I share my problems,
    In my sujud I sort out my problems,
    In my sujud I pour out my pain,
    In my sujud I speak to my Lord,
    This is where I regain my hope,
    When i get missing, this is how I find my way back.
    In my sujud I pour out my heart, knowing my Lord is forever intent.