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  • samtheowl 13w

    -Foundation of Life-

    With yearning arms,
    I reach out to the foundation of Life.

    With a gratuitous heart,
    I intentionally lay down my stones.

    With one foot planted on Earth,
    With one foot planted in the Otherworld,
    I straddle the balance and become,
    The shaper shaping the shapes.

  • samtheowl 15w

    Whiskered creature

    Today I pray to the feline,
    Both tame and wild.
    A beast,
    And companion,
    Revered through all of time.

    Today I thank you,
    Adore you,
    And cherish you.
    Both in fierceness,
    And in comfort.

  • samtheowl 15w

    I am me.

    I am queer.
    Vibrant like the rainbow.

    I am anxious.
    Strong like the gusty wind.

    I am depressed.
    The calm before the storm.

    And I am loved.
    The reflection of the full moon in the water.

    I will always be loved.
    The sun kissing the horizon good night.

    Many thanks to the forces of nature.
    You have taught many things.
    The shapers shaping the shapes.

  • samtheowl 16w

    Many Skilled Warrior

    Many skilled being,
    Bringer of storms,
    And protector of all.

    Lugh Lamfhada
    I call out to you this night,
    Though the storm has calmed,
    And mine enemies wield no power,
    I call out to you.
    Not in petition,
    But in gratitude.

    Lay down your spear,
    Look up at the clear skies,
    And bask in victory with me this night.

  • samtheowl 16w

    I tilt my rain specked face up,
    My arms outstretched to the sky,
    As my naked form is caressed.

    Oh, rain,
    Let us dance tonight,
    Under this vibrant full moon.
    May the animals,
    Under the canopy of the forest,
    Hear our voices.
    Mine squeals of joy,
    Yours like that of a drum.

    Let my dance,
    And my vulnerable form,
    Be an offering of thanks.

  • samtheowl 16w

    Knowledgeable One

    My core is weak,
    My flesh is young,
    Next to you,
    I am ephemeral.

    You who watch,
    The Fates weave,
    You who stands,
    Against mighty winds,
    You who sees,
    Many cycles.

    I call upon you,
    Mighty White Oak,
    Sweet and petite Sugar Maple,
    Everlasting Evergreen.

    Help me be strong,
    Teach me to Thrive.

    May I be as beautiful as you,
    In my time of death.
    May my body,
    Nurture your roots,
    And the stomachs of your friends,
    In return,
    For all the lessons you have taught me.