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  • mkwrites20 4d

    अगर उसे अपनी इज्जत बनाना है तो फिर उसे संभालना और सहेजना सीखो उजाड़ना नहीं।।
    #pride #strong

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    मर्द हमेशा अपनी इज्जत को औरत से जोड़ कर रखता है।
    खुद भले ही कितना भी नालायक और निखट्टू हो,
    पर शर्म से सर उसका बस औरत के कर्म से झुकता है।
    मुझे आज तक नहीं समझ आया,
    की वही मर्द अपनी ही इज्जत खुद क्यूं लूटता है?
    आखिर क्यूं और कब तक ये यूं ही करता है?


  • intuitivepoet 5d

    The morning light slowly started to shun away with the beginning of the dusk. People were talking, children were playing and it was quite an evening so replenishing. The streets filled with chaos and her mind with ranting and ruminating thoughts. She rushes out to witness the beautiful sunset, to feel the tender winds. It makes all her worries and stress to vanish within moments. Whenever she feels at loss or is worried about the uncertainties she's dealing with and to seek peace, she simply chooses to be caressed by the evening suns. It's getting darker, yet she was staring unwaveringly into the depths of the sky, letting the nature cure her anxieties. She was loving it at its best. And she almost forgot the house hold chores to be done, the responsibilities she has chosen to keep herself busy. She went back in after the dusk appeared. All the stress she has carried and was holding inside her for pretty much the entire day disappeared with a little ray of shine bestowed upon her. With a bewitching experience, and a smile on her face she continues to stay peaceful that night.

  • vatsala_m 1w


    The pain my eyes flinch away from
    The pain whose thought alone
    Faints my heart, as the sight of a ghost
    That pain, insufferable
    I know, millions suffer
    even as I speak, even as I write
    Oh dear heart,
    The Enormity of the sorrow,
    Mocks and makes merry
    out of the little the prideful does,
    Fiddles with a pebble
    And cherishes that s/he moved a mountain.

  • good_soul 1w

    Word Prompt on Pride :

    #pride #love

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    Do it with LOVE,

    Not Pride.


  • __sld__ 2w

    Oh darling, we all have been with bunch of other guys!

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  • antarraal 3w


    Years ago as a young girl,
    with dreams in my eyes
    and wheels under my feet,
    I was eager to meet the sky.

    Now with salt and pepper in my hair
    chipped nails, scruffy elbows and a painful back,
    my eyes still shine with joy
    even though lots of dreams have gone off track.

    My head is held high, steps are firm,
    I have paid the price for being honest
    but proud that I kept my promise to myself
    of never letting myself down.


  • black_p_m 3w


    Let him ride his wave until he falls into the ocean
    Maybe then his eyes will be open

    Imma let you stay up in the clouds
    Until you realize that the ground is beneath you

    Why don't you wade in your prideful river?
    Don't you dare drown cause I am no swimmer.
    Honey in your lining there is no silver.

    My eyes tell a very dangerous tale of heart breaks and rivers only my tears could fill.
    My life is all black and white
    The days are either sad or bright.
    You could try talking to a part of me that would care to listen.
    Please watch silently as my world crumbles.
    Stand back 6 feet, I am about to blow your high from underneath you.....
    I said stand back 6 feet, I am about to blow your high from underneath you.

    I cling to nothing for too long.
    Whatever is solid I disregard.
    So your body drowning in your own pitiful puddle I choose not to see.
    Don't you dare look at me for I am not to blame for your irresponsibility.

    I'll watch as you carelessly toss words around.
    I'll watch as you gamble with life.
    I'll watch as you drown in your prideful river
    Cause I am no swimmer.
    Honey in your lining there is no silver,
    In your story there is no saviour.

  • allen2377 4w


    Sometimes as a human we have the urge to be right always, as if there is that person who will prove you wrong no matter what you will still hold on to your idea, whatever you try to do it won't be enough to change it.

    So when things just goes against you, you feel your the one who was totally wrong, but it's all the opposite just that the other hand to be stronger.

    What did we learn from old days and the mistakes of our elders, that we aren't equal but pride and age wins over scientific arguments.

  • jigna___ 4w

    #soldiers #pride #family #love

    सैनिक एवं उनके परिवारों को समर्पित ��

    मन्नत में जब उसे माँगा था,
    सारी बेबसियों को तब मैंने,
    साहस की खूँटी पे टाँगा था,
    उसने कहा था जब भरी थी,
    माँग वो टूटता तारा था।

    माना उसके लिए मक़सूद थी,
    उसके दिल वासते मक़बूल थी,
    जबसे हुआ था वो जवाँ,
    इक बात से था वो रवाँ,
    हर साँस उसकी मुल्क की महबूब थी,
    उसने कहा था जब भरी थी,
    माँग वो टूटता तारा था।

    हम भी तो ना कुछ कम थे,
    कम थे क्या ना अब भी है,
    जब तिरंगे में लिपटकर वो आया था,
    एक फ़ख्र का बस अश्क़ टपकाया था,
    उसने कहा था जब भरी थी,
    माँग वो टूटता तारा था।

    एक टूटते तारे से माँगा था उसको,
    उसने देश को अपनी रूह की चमक से,
    सितारों की लड़ियों से चमकाया था,
    आज सूकुँ ए दिल से कहती हूँ,
    संजो के रखा है वो जब भरी थी,
    माँग वो टूटता तारा है मेरा सहारा; हाँ,
    उसने कहा था जब भरी थी,
    माँग वो टूटता तारा था।


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  • yashvibansal 6w

    I echo slowly
    I repeat things when I can't remember them.
    Like History.
    There's power, there's prestige
    But I have forgotten that there's pride, and tyranny, and an ultimate downfall.
    And since I have forgotten these crucial parts,
    I take the class again,
    This time with me being the central character
    Rather than Robespierre or Hitler.
    They were only one
    I am many
    They were glib speakers
    And I a silent screamer.
    They ruled humans
    I ride them.
    But there's a similarity too
    We believe ourselves to be unlikely heroes
    Despite appearing as villains through and through.
    27 January 2021

    This is the perspective of the new villain,
    Covid 19.

    #covid #covid19 #coronavirus #corona #terror #villain #history #pandemic #lockdown #power #prestige #pride #tyranny #downfall #center #character #control #fear #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely

    Image credit to rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.


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    The New Villain

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  • soni_ss 6w

    The morning sun breaks the darkness into a morn that commemorates the day on which the constitution of the newly formed Bharat came into existence, when India truly became a Republic. Honorable president hoist the flag, and addresses the nation. Respected PM visits the National war Memorial remembering the brave hearts who sacrificed their lives without thinking twice after the Independence war. A heart swell moment for every citizen of the country when you see the forces, the pillars of country, the Air Force, the Navy and Army parading their achievements for the year on the 'Kingsway' Rajpath. Discipline is reflected in every of their actions, every of their words, like a mechanised version of the humans and the horses and the camels..could you witness any better example of courage, confidence and pride? A dignified display of the statewise achievements in the tableaus that passes saluting reverence to the country heads, astonishingly presented by various departments of our nation, the performances of the students and just so much to enjoy and absorb in. The band that fills our ears with the glorious melodies of victory. The glorifying awe thrilling fly past..just making us more excited and more thrilled with every of its formations and the happiness knew no bounds when the most awaited Rafale Jet was there in the sky showcasing its ability which gave us all goosebumps..culminating the entire parade.

    My heart, my eyes and my soul are glued to these images, my habit which I got from grandpa, to never miss the parade every year. India, the country of countries, the land of glory, the place where creativity knows no bounds, the mention at which my heart screams patriotism and I swear I don't know what to feel than being so so proud of being the citizen of the largest democracy and an awe admirer of the forces that keeps us safe.
    Wish you all a happy 72nd Republic day.

    Pic credits:Pinterest

    #wavesofwait #republicday #india #freedom #pride

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    A heart swell moment for every citizen of the country when you see the forces, the pillars of country, the Air Force, the Navy and the Army parading their achievements for the year on the 'Kingsway' Rajpath.


  • sirfsadharan 6w

    ज़िंदगी में आधे से जयादा लोग प्रेम के दुश्मन है कहलातें।
    लेकिन जब बात देश प्रेम की है आती फिर देखो कैसे सबकी है बोलती बंद हो जाती।
    True love of life "Happy Republic day"

  • sirfsadharan 6w

    I love my india
    Happy republic day.

  • magebelle 6w

    I'll swallow my pride for now
    Cause I really need you now


  • muskanbaid 6w

    Life lessons!

    When we lose someone who meant the world to us,
    The first and the hardest thing we have to go through is- ACCEPTANCE.
    Yes, it will hurt watching a person who made you feel like the luckiest human on earth, ignore you or maybe kill you deep inside.
    Yes, it will hurt waking up to zero notifications where you saw red hearts popping up every morning,
    But, hold on. Life doesn't end here.
    Your sensitive nature is not a weakness.
    You still are worthy of being loved,
    You just have love and no hatred to share.

  • muskanbaid 6w


    I hope someday he'll understand,
    How the demons inside me are killing me,
    Picking up my broken pieces ,
    Watching my pride being shattered,
    The way i am being unloved,
    By the person who is more than my life to me,
    All the dreams i had,
    A satisfying career,
    A home,
    A happy family,
    And a happy us
    Are all now nothing more than an impractical thought to me,
    Is it that easy forgetting everything?
    Is it that easy unloving someone?
    Or maybe being with someone without loving them at all!
    I need no answers though-
    I am trying and surely will move on
    I will let us free,
    Maybe someday i will find someone whose love will be worth all the pain i am going through right now,
    Or maybe i will be strong enough to sail through this world all alone.

  • random_nandy 7w

    Poverty and Pride
    Clashing side by side
    Picture perfect
    Life on outside
    Gnawing hunger
    Watered down by water.
    Words come to mind
    in the form of retaliation
    But is stopped
    By air like pride and honour
    Before it's uttered.
    Studying, the only way out
    for Poverty born
    People with self-respect.

  • jenaroaragon 8w

    Homoerotic memories of studying scripture alone

    The subject grips me tight as would a lover. Chapter after chapter. Revelation after revelation. Succumbing to the pleasure, I surrender unto Him my will. My head pulled back, I gaze upward in contemplation of His glory. The thrill of His force overtakes me. Gently guiding me across the page, He folds His arm around from behind and presses His hand against my throat. I am held steady. He is my foundation. My rock. I can feel the first embers of His spirit within me, and in desperate longing I beg to be filled.

  • jenaroaragon 8w


    Put no stock in diplomatic compassion. Well mannered tenderness disguising malicious, old fashion, factions, politely performing infractions on our civil liberties.

        They wear their propaganda like a Coronet, and their 16 millimeter short films echo still to this day. Their words, it turns out, speak louder than their actions. 

    So be honest with the dying, lest the kakistocracy fill their heads with thoughts of immortality. Because here at the end of days they grasp for the delusions of a mythic past, desperate to blind themselves to the suffering they’ve caused us. 

    One myth sits atop the other, however, and the blind can be made to see. What is more, they must. For what can forgiveness mean to one who refuses to accept it’s necessity? And aught we let them rob us even of the ability to forgive?


    And they call our pride a sin.

  • painandpassion 8w

    When you cannot measure the depth of an ocean, then why do you try to supress your pride?