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  • maya_m_ 9w

    Dear Radha and Sita,

    Hope you both are fine... I think, that night you both might have moved to Mumbai as Sita wanted to live in Mumbai and see the ocean.
    I can imagine the difficulties you both faced after that night. The world wasn't as free as it is now.

    When I think about you both, I feel like, destiny played a very pivotal role in your story. If Sita was not married to that family, if Jatin didn't have another relationship, if Ashok wasn't a follower of the swamiji, this couldn't have happen. In your story the whole world conspired you in conquering the dream of living your life the way you both wanted.
    In fact, you both have an inspiration to many women who desired to have love life like yours but was tangled up by the societal norms.

    Sita, I'm very glad that you took a very bold decision to leave that home where you were just another woman who was not accepted by your husband. If you haven't decided, life would have been very miserable for you. You would've spend the rest of your life being a servant for Jatin. Thank God, you took right decision at the right time.

    Now it has been more than 2 years since the article 377 judgement. Now you don't have to hide yourselves from the society, now you don't have to be scared to express your love and affection in public. Life is more free and happy for you both now. And after all, it's this freedom and happiness that matters.

    With love,


  • tinka_b 9w

    I wanted to post this during the Pride month, but I'm a little late... Yeah, this time intentionally late because I believe it's not just about a month, we should celebrate it every day...
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    Love is love.
    It isn't about the gender.
    Neither it is defined by sexuality.
    Love comes in all forms,
    shapes and size,
    with gender different and alike.
    It comes with colors and vibrance,
    to be nourished with liveness.
    Celebrate it with pride,
    no need to be shy.
    Nothing needs to be clarifed,
    as we stand unified.
    Because love is love.

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    Love With Pride


  • shinjini_mukherjee 9w


    I remember the first time I fell in love with her.
    It wasn’t the first time I met her, with her piping squeaks
    and unabashed opinions of the world.
    Nor was it the time when I spoke to her
    about people, colours or types of doorknobs.
    I fell in love with her when I realised what she truly was-
    She was the sun, scattering all her warmth
    in the farthest corners of the world,
    but also branding the ones who dared to call her weak.
    She was a myriad of colours, marching down the streets,
    yelling at the ones stamped with the badge of privilege
    to take notice of her,
    and pay heed to all those who walked by her side.
    I stood there, a girl with wonder in her eyes,
    blinking at her in unrestrained awe,
    at the woman who so proudly flaunted
    what I had been hiding for eons.
    I yearned to let go of every jab, every shred of dishonour,
    and when she held my hand
    the chains clinked themselves free with the fire of a thousand suns
    urging us to scream even louder.
    We yelled together, our pride be damned;
    for we knew, pride was seven colours woven into each other
    into a glorious mess of love and honour.
    We looked up at the sky, our hands intertwined,
    and it smiled back at us, its happy tears splashing onto our cheeks.
    The rain promised to walk by us, and we knew it in our bones
    when it pointed at the bemused spectators and whispered to us-
    “if the sky can paint a rainbow in its heart,
    why can’t you paint the same in theirs?”

  • krystallos 12w

    The end of pride month got me thinking about love and how we have to fight for love. I've been struggling with this my entire life. The fear of being disowned by my family and friends because of who I am has hindered me from being close to anyone. I always kept my family and friends at a distance. I'm not sure if I'm ready to come out yet but this piece of writing is just a small step in the right direction for me.
    @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork

    Anyone going through something similar or need someone to talk to, I'm here for y'all. DM me on Instagram @krystal_kovathur or @queer_bih

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    Queer love

    Do I actually love everyone and everything or is it just pretence?
    Or do I try to find love in anything or anyone
    'cause I know the love I'm looking for can't exist in my world...

    Why is hatred considered righteous but love a sin?
    Isn't love what makes us human?
    Am I not worthy of love, if I don't love like them?
    Is my love just pretence...?


  • autumnwillow 12w

    I hate the idea of people from the LGBTQA+ community having to come out. Why can’t we all just exist as people. Accept each other with love. And allow everyone to be who they are? Bigots preach that their freedoms allow them hate. Fine. Hate. “But why do you have to shove it down our throats?” Isn’t that what they’d say to us. Keep your hate to yourself. Pride doesn’t end with Pride month. #pride #pansexual #bisexual #gay #trans #asexual #nonbinary #PRIDEMONTH #LoveIsLove #lgbtq #lgbt #autumnandwillow #mirakeepoets #poetry #equality

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    You spew bigotry from your lips
    Smoothly like the air you breathe
    Excuse yourself with intentions of jest
    As though every word wasn’t lined with hate

    Shame suppressed the truth of me
    A secret I feared as much as they
    Walls decorated pink, yellow and blue
    On display, I express my Pride

    What will it take for you’re understanding,
    A Facebook post preaching acceptance?
    Come out from hiding publicly?
    To be proclaimed as confused, I refuse.

    I won’t announce it, but I won’t hide
    I’ll exist simply as I always have
    Clearly shown without speaking, yet you deny
    I suppose it’s your right to remain blind

  • _alfaaz 12w


    Is above
    • Cast
    • Color
    • Religion
    • Nationalities
    • Gender

  • ilfiore_ 12w

    #love #loveislove #pride #pridemonth #lgbt #asexual #gay #bisexual #lesbian #transgender and every other things making this statement legit/correct/any other word appropriate

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    Action, romance, comedy

    This are the main three components of life.

    Then comes the tragedy,

    Guilt, depression

    Consequences of action

    Depression of love/romance

    Lack of humor/comedy/fun

    Basically all the these are in one person

    Your one true

    If you find that person

    You can cure your depression

    Redo the action to make your relation healthy,without any guilt

    And they'll bring enough fun/humor/comedy in your life


  • falak_k 12w

    Times never pauses
    And it brings along new seasons
    And also new reasons
    For change

    The universe isn't the same as it used to be
    People aren't ruled by a some monarchical head
    69 isn't just a number anymore
    Pluto is no longer considered a major planet
    The patriarchal system is breaking down
    Every stereotype, every practice, every mindset is being questioned now
    It's now that we are actually realizing our wants, needs and desires
    That's how we came to know that male and female aren't the only genders
    Members of LGBTQ+ acquire as much right on
    Property, marriage, love and respect
    Both morally and legally

    Just think about it, will you won't surrender your true love just because some idiots think they have the right to judge you or your love? Will u fight for it or just give it up?
    Well, if the feelings are strong you will do whatever you can to protect your love. Right?
    Now think about them, why should they sacrifice or forfeit their happiness if they didn't do anything wrong?!!

    Pride month may be ending now, but don't reserve all of your respect for this community only for this month.
    Because they too deserve to live with pride
    Not just for a single month
    But for all months of the year

    #pride #pridemonth #writersbay #writersnetwork #love #ceesreposts

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    Love is different, inexplicable
    Cuz it's love❤

    You won't give up on your love
    If some fools tell you to...
    Will you?

    So why should they?!!

  • little_birdie 12w

    Love it is...

    The pure affection basking her
    Indeed felt like the morning sun after a rainy night,
    She knew the world was biased
    But today guilt won't be on her side.
    Gathering all her self
    She marches for her pride,
    Hoping the world favours her this day
    And indeed equity will reside.
    Let her be in harmony
    With the rainbow,
    All she has are strong wills
    For her triumph coz love it is...


  • _nsmangtani_ 12w



    इन्हें परख़ ही नहीं प्यार की,
    ना है इन्हें कदर किसी के यार की।

    इतना मूल्याहीन है इनके लिए हमारा प्यार,
    जैसे के हम में हैं लाखो दोष, ना कि दो चार।


  • khyatishrivastva 12w

    Recollect !! Recollect !!
    An experience of turmoil
    It was a bright sunny day,
    Sun was shining at it's best
    First day of summer vacation, my head recalls
    I found myself locked in a fired room
    Big enough to bury me down, small enough to suppress
    I felt suffocated,
    I was red-hot,
    I sweated,
    sweated like a scratched water bag leaking badly.
    I was short of breath, got stuffed with fear
    I wanted to open the door and sprint
    But I was too dread and out of will
    So, I sat there
    struggling, screaming, crying
    Until my heart shouted
    " Escape for my sake ", Get out of here
    I opened the door and ran immediately,
    Stopped to gather the needed breathe and ran again, until I felt uncaged and free.
    I often think back to this memory now
    Whenever I stare at locked closet stashed in the corner of my room
    For again, I feel the same
    Too dread and out of will to open it's door
    And so, I am sitting again
    struggling, screaming, crying
    Until my PRIDE screamed
    " No more waiting, No more hiding"
    I lead to unlock the door, with lingering sense of insecurity
    For I opposed to wear my struggles any longer, and be closeted
    Came out of closet, out of shame cycle 
    Not able to help but sore in anger
    breathed, breathed, breathed
    to jam my lungs with sufficient air
    screeching out my presence to everybody
    I am me,
    I am valid,
    I can choose who I love,
    I can choose how I look,
    I am not abnormal, neither are my actions
    for I can be as masculine and as feminine
    I am still a human, howbeit I prefer a different pronounciation.
    I deserve to taste freedom,
    I deserve to feel proud,
    I am here to be loved,
    to be hugged,
    to be accepted,
    and to be celebrated.
    We're living in the time of love,
    I'll not hide
    I am here to surrender the happy colors of RAINBOW,
    not to stare blankly at sadly stroked grey skies.
    She loves her,
    He loves him,
    Her/Him are they/them.
    // Bheed mein alag hai koi,
    Toh koi hai bheed se alag,
    Kya ? padta hai farak
    ya, padta hai farak ?? //


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    She loves her,
    He loves him,
    Her/Him are they/them.


  • apoorvology 13w

    Barf ka Gola

    vo darta tha
    sehem jata tha
    gavon mai rehta tha vo
    ek dost tha
    na jane uski taraf kyun
    khicha chala jata tha vo
    kuch samajh nahi pa raha tha
    ek ajeeb sa dar use sata raha tha
    koi na tha jisse vo keh pata
    bas lehron ki tarah
    behta chala ja raha tha
    maa use shadiyon mai le jati thi
    barf ka gola use bahut pasand tha
    lekin shadi nahi smjh pata tha vo
    aksar poochha karta
    maa, kya dulhe dulhe ki shadi nahi hoti?
    aur aksar
    is sawal ko taal diya jata tha
    kya yahi sach hai?
    kya mai galat hun?
    kai sawal uthte the uske man mai
    use laga usme hi koi kami reh gyi
    kya karta bechara
    akal ka mara tha vo
    bada huya sheher aya
    tab kuch samajh paya
    itne samay jo chhupa kar rkha
    khulkar bata paya vo
    tez barish mai jaise
    ek indrdhanush sa aya tha
    aaj phir laut raha hai vo apne gaon
    aur maa ke liye
    us jawab ko bhi apne sath le ja raha hai
    'maa dekho
    ab dulhe dulhe ki shadi mai bhi
    bacche barf ke gole khayenge !'

  • _anushka_xoxo_ 13w


    The first time I saw her,
    It was like all the stars were aligned.
    Like my boring, dull world was suddenly flooded with colour.
    I knew that nothing would ever seem as perfect as she did to me in that moment.
    In that moment I forgot the world around me for it didn't exist anymore,
    She was my world from that very second and I knew that nothing would change that.
    But in that moment I also realized that my love story will forever remain incomplete.
    Maybe if I were a boy instead of a girl and we fit the definition of an ideal couple, I could have the girl of my dreams in my arms.


  • rashi__xo 13w


    You and me
    Our history is not just about us but ancient mysteries
    Knowing that, I we get closer
    Every day I love you
    Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up
    Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love

  • maybeyourtale 14w

    Random snippets : love and colours

    Some day you will meet someone who will let you see everything clearly.

    Through their eyes life would have so many astonishing colours.

    Each one so enchanting that they would paint your world forever.

    And you would realise that love doesn't look the same to everyone and can come in so many spectacular forms.

  • __sld__ 14w

    God said Adam and Eve , so i did both.

    Happy Pride Month ️‍️‍️‍

  • _rupalii 14w

    The secret.

    One fine summer afternoon, I sat on my front porch with the warm rays seeping into my skin as I wondered about you. I was good at keeping secrets, but this one was becoming a little too hard to keep. I knew it was true for a while now but acting like it wasn't had become a habit. But then I met you. From the moment I saw you, I knew my secret wouldn't last long. From the moment I saw you, I knew I'd fall for you and I had, like never before. It is especially hard to ignore your feelings when things like you happen. That is the thing about feelings, sadness and melancholy can still be avoided but sulking in a newly found joy is a completely different feeling and you can't, nay won't avoid it. I stand there and watch my heart beat peak up everytime you walk into a room, I can't not see myself blush and smile idiotically when your hand brushes against mine. That little electric shock I get, that spark, it is impossible to avoid that. And it is a matter of time before I realised, I was completely hooked on that feeling.

    The way your lipstick smudges a little when you sip something, the way your hair flows along the wind, the way you smile subtly, I can't help but feel butterflies flutter away in my stomach. My secret was only mine, it was a little thing I kept to myself. But everything fell apart because of you, you never deserved to be a secret. Your charm wasn't something to hide and neither were my hands on your hips. Once I decided it wasn't going to be a secret anymore then I couldn't stop myself. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from making you laugh and laughing with you. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from being distracted everytime the thought of you crosses my mind. Your voice was soothing and your arms were soft. Nothing I was used to. You were different and you made me feel different, but in a way I felt like a song you and I swayed to, together.

    Even the little moments we shared, meant everything to me and each second we spent together was like stored like polaroids in my head in a vintage album. Everytime I was alone, I flipped through it looking at you and how happy I was with you. Not to mention the day-dreams that came along and I floated on a cloud in my imagination away. But everytime I was brought back by the fact that I was falling for a girl. A girl like you, from which there was no coming back. But I had my tongue tied and when the secret spilled who knows what kind of heartbreak it would end in.


  • ilfiore_ 15w


    If Harry Potter taught us anything,
    That is
    One should never
    Stay in a closet


  • samuelsprings 15w


    We are living in the era, where,

    Twisted means straight,

    Gay means sad,


    Bi means ... You know... Middle agents.


  • scribbles 67w