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    Happiness is working hard for your dream each and every day..

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    मेरी ढूबती कश्ती को साहिल तक पहुँचाया,
    मेरे लड़खड़ाते कदमों को सम्भलना सिखाया।
    जब ज़िन्दगी के अन्धेरों में खो गई थी मैं कहीं,
    मेरे पापा ने तारों की तरह मुझे सही रास्ता दिखलाया।

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    2020 is about to end and a new era will start.
    But I would take a moment and thank 2020, though in this year many bad things happened too, but I would like to concentrate on the good.
    I learnt to take my own decisions,
    I learnt to say no,
    I learnt to do what I have to, not what I should be supposed to do,
    I gained self confidence (still need to work a lot on it, but yes)
    I learnt to not to think about appearance much,
    Because what others think or how they react, does not bothers me at all!
    I realized my capabilities and my worth!
    And I'll no more settle for less.
    This year I gained a lot of weight, may be because of stress or because I ate too much cakes during lockdown! Lol!
    But I'll work on it in 2021, and we can call this a new year resolution.

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    Happy New Year Everyone!


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    Dear love,
    You know it's been a long time since I've seen you or talked to you. You have always been my constant. You know that no one understood me better than you ever and I'm pretty sure that no one will. Your absence haunts me and these four walls of my room where I used to share everything with you they seem like coming closer and closer as if they are trying to crush me between them by shrinking everytime I go to that room.

    No, I don't want you to feel bad for me or anything. It's just I wanted to tell you how much I miss you because woman like you are really rare to find and I clearly know what I've lost. You are a strong lady. Though, you look fragile but I know you are really strong. Your vibes, your magic is irreplaceable. I just want to thank you for making my life so influenced with your light. Though, your absence will still haunt for sometime, but I know I'll handle this, and someday I'll not get scared while entering my room, because then I'll not feel that loneliness. I know that I never acknowledged your company but you were like a star, who never left my side even in broad sunlight.

    I appreciate your decision of leaving me, I know I filled your life with toxicity and tried to have control over your life. I confess that I was a kind of man that no woman would have ever dated. But trust me, you completely changed me and this is the reason that now I have become a better human than before. I admit that I disrespected not only you but other women in my family too. I never cared about any woman because I considered them weak. I thought that they rely upon males and can't do anything for them. They can't even stand for themselves when they are right.

    But you, you just stood up against me, you raised your voice against me. And I remember that I got too furious and wanted to bump your head to the wall. You taught me how to fight the urge to hit not just woman but to any human being. I was a complete psychopath back then. But, now I can say that I respect people and their choices.

    I want to thank you for seeing something good in me and loving me at some point of my life. I understood that women are no less than men. I understood that power does not lie in gender, the power comes from within when you fight against wrong. You don't know how thankful I am to you. You are a great woman and I hope you continue to influence other women with you personality and positivity. I wish you succeed in changing the mentality of as many people as possible who think that women are weak!

    With love,
    Your debtor for life.

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    तू लेता नाम भगवान का दिन और रात है,
    फिर भी तू करता, अपनों का ही मन अशांत है..
    इस बात से आज तू अंजान है,
    कि सबसे मुश्किल काम बनना एक सच्चा इन्सान है..
    मोह माया में डूब कर देखो हो गए सब अंधे है,
    वैर भी उन्हीं से है, जो खुदा के ही बंदे है ..
    हर मोड़ पर चाहिए तुझे अपनों का साथ है,
    फिर भी तू करता अपनों का ही मन अशांत है ।

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    No friend!
    No supporter!
    A struggling freelancer!
    I was tired of trying and trying,
    But nothing happened and no one helped,
    Nor did anybody praised,
    All I faced was criticism,
    And one word from the world,
    'You can't do it!'
    I was broke and tired,
    Tired of hearing the same thing again and again,
    And broke by the harsh words of the people.
    My confidence was getting affected,
    And my performance was getting worst day by day.
    Is there no one who can hug me,
    And say that, 'You can do it.'
    After crying the whole day,
    I collected all my broken pieces,
    And stood in front of the mirror,
    I saw someone standing beside me,
    And that was me MYSELF.
    Yes, there's is someone to encourage me,
    To say that 'I can do it!'
    And even better than the ones,
    Who say that I will fail.
    Astha Yadav

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    Beside Myself

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    I was standing on the rooftop,
    Looking at the sunset and pink sky,
    It doesn't seem beautiful to me anymore.
    Suddenly, I felt someone,
    Standing there by my side.
    It was my conscience,
    Asking me to not to give up.
    But I was tired,
    Tired of all these daily chores and unending problems.
    I no more enjoyed the things I used to love,
    Neither my favourite food, songs,
    Nor hanging out with my friends.
    Was dealing with anxiety and depression from a long time,
    I was fed up of anti-depression pills
    And many more medicines.
    I didn't wanted such life
    That's running only with the help of medicines.
    I tried a lot,
    To be happy like I used be before,
    But then, I decided to give up
    On everything and everyone.
    Relationships were getting worst day by day,
    There was left no reason for me to stay.
    I decided to give up on my life,
    Because life's nothing without our loved ones.
    But, my conscience stopped me,
    And told me that,
    You can't taste rainbows,
    Until you dare to cross the storms.
    I took a step back from the boundary of the roof,
    And asked myself,
    Am I this weak to give up on my life,
    Only because of some mere problems?
    I gathered my courage back,
    To fight back from the problems once again.
    I picked my broken pieces,
    And ran to my parents and my loved ones.
    I apologised for everything I did
    And all the harsh words I said in frustration.
    And now, my family and my loved ones are beside me,
    Helping me to fight back,
    And win the battles of life.
    Astha Yadav

    @reetu_k @divya_patel @immature_heart @malay_28
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    Beside me

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    Childhood memories are a little part of our lives that facilitate in spending our lives smoothly and happily. In short childhood memories are really special and irreplaceable. They let us learn from our mistakes, build confidence in us and experiences. In my opinion, childhood is the best phase of everyone's life when you have no worries about your career and no hate for anyone. These memories of our childhood keeps the kid in us always alive. These sweet memories are also a reason for our smiles in between adult life, when we struggle and have no time to create an another memory.

    We see however childhood reminiscences form our future. It's not vital that somebody with traumatic childhood reminiscences might end up to be not well. Individuals get past their traumatic experiences and grow as persons. But, these reminiscences play a good role during this method further.

    Most importantly, our childhood reminiscences never let the child in us die. Notwithstanding, we get old by number, but there's perpetually a toddler hidden within all people and he comes out at totally different times.

    For instance, some might act sort of a kid on seeing swings, some might get excited sort of a kid when they see ice-cream, some get emotional and remember the old days when they see children playing in a park with their grandparents.

    All this happens because some scenarios keeps on reminding our childhood memories. That makes us excited, happy and sad sometimes. We might forget anything related to our work or anything else but what always remains in heart is our childhood memories.

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    Childhood Memories

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    Abhimanyu looked at his watch, it was 4 p.m. 'She must be leaving for her tuition classes', he said to himself and ran towards the window. Niharika was her childhood best friend but later she stopped talking to him and never told the reason behind her changed behavior. She wearing a red dress that day and hair were open. He looked at her through the window of his room and blushed.

    Abhimanyu was in love with her since they were in same kindergarten school. He always liked her and now he was truly in love with her. But, never gathered enough courage to confess his love for her. Niharika was an immensely beautiful girl and abhimanyu was sure that she must be having a boyfriend who must be really better than Abhimanyu. He used to be sad most of the time thinking about this but, this can't be the reason that he stops loving her.

    One day, he was playing cricket on the street, he saw Niharika with a boy of her age. He got really jealous at first because, despite of studying in the same class for five years, sharing a great bond in childhood and living in his neighborhood since a very long time, Niharika stopped talked to him in such a friendly manner. But later, he calmed down and though that it's her life and she has all the rights to do whatever she wants to.

    He loved her, not for her physical appearance but for her beautiful heart. 'No matter, she loves me or not, I will never stop loving her' he said to himself.

    He became sad and went to his house, locked himself in his room and cried there. One sided love is not that easy right!?
    He continued looking at her when she used to leave for her school or tuition classes. And honestly this much was enough for him to spend his day peacefully. He didn't wanted any special kind of attention from her because he understood the meaning of 'true love'.

    It was his birthday eve, his mother told him to invite neighbours for dinner this time, as his father got promoted and it was his birthday too!

    He went to Niharika's house to invite their family on dinner. What he saw there was, his father was beating her mother. He was shocked because in front of the colony members, they always used to behave like an ideal couple, but, what he saw right now was unbelievable to him. He saw Niharika standing in a corner sobbing and begging her father to stop.

    Now, he understood the reason why Niharika never talks to anyone in the colony and why she rarely comes out of his house. He has rarely seen her smiling. He felt really bad for her and till date he used to think that Niharika does not like to talk to him.

    Leaving everything aside, he was thinking what to do now, 'should I call police? or should I call my family members to stop her father otherwise he might kill her?'

    He called the police instantly and also called his family, everyone knocked their door but they did not got any response. Within 25 minutes, police arrived. He explained everything to the police. Police knocked the door of Niharika's house, rang the bell many times, but no one came out of the house. He got worried about Niharika and her mother.
    But was hoping that everything must be fine there and he didn't got late to call police.

    After, half an hour, Niharika's father came out of the house, blood stains on his shirt and hands. Everyone was shocked. Abhimanyu had tears in eyes, he got late.
    Niharika's father killed Niharika and her mother with a knife.

    Abhimanyu's life got shattered in few minutes. He couldn't believe that he would never get to see that charming and innocent face again in his life. Now, he can not confess his love to Niharika ever! More than that he drowned in an ocean of guilt that he couldn't saved the two innocent lives.
    Everything got ruined and his heart shattered into million pieces.

    After two year of Niharika's death and his battle with depression, he finally moved on from that phase. He now works as a social activist against domestic violence and makes sure that he did not get late in saving women. Niharika is still his first love and he still hides her photograph in his wallet and looks at her picture at exact 4 p.m. in the evening when she used to leave for her tuition classes.
    -Astha Yadav

    @reetu_k @divya_patel @immature_heart @malay_28
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    Without You!

    Without you by my side,
    I'm still alive.
    The body is still living,
    But my soul is dead.
    And this dead soul
    Does not smells like love anymore,
    It does not smells like
    Never ending dreams anymore,
    It does not smells like joy anymore.
    Rather, it smells like a person
    Who gave up on life,
    It smells like unrequited love,
    It smells like guilt,
    Regret, heartbreaks and pain.

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    ये प्यार भी बडा खूबसूरत अहसास है

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    वो रूप भी क्या खूब है जिसको
    देखने भर से सुकून मिलता है,
    ये आसमां, चाँद, सूरज, सितारे हाययययय..
    देखो कैसे तुम्हें देखकर इनका नूर खिलता है

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    And the reason is you!

    I found myself changed
    When I looked at myself in the mirror.
    Face was same,
    But, the glow was something new.
    Eyes we're same,
    But, the shine was new.
    Lips were same,
    But, the smile was more radiant.
    I went close to the mirror,
    Saw your face in my eyes.
    And I understood,
    That the reason behind this change,
    IS YOU!

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    हे कृष्ण!����

    हे कुंजबिहारी! हे बृजलाल!
    तुमने मिटाया रंगों का भेदभाव।
    हे नंद बाबा के प्यारे! हे यशोदा के लाल!
    तुम हम सब के पालनहार।
    हे देवकीनंदन! हे द्वारिकाधीश!
    तुम ही हो हम सबके प्रीत।
    है गिरीवर! हे गिरधारी!
    रक्षा करना सदा हमारी।
    हे गोविंदा! हे गोपाल!
    हम सबको है तुमसे प्यार।
    हे गौ चरैया! हे कृष्णेणु!
    सबसे प्रिय है तुम को धेनु।
    हे नटवर! हे श्याम सुंदर!
    आंखें तुम्हारी जैसे गहरा समंदर।
    हे जगमोहन! हे कृष्णमुरारी!
    दीवानी तुम्हारी हैं गोपियांँ सारी।
    हे नित्य नंदा! हे मनहर!
    बातें तुम्हारी है कितनी मनोहर।
    हे बंसी बजैया! हे घनश्याम!
    कितना मोहक तुम्हारा धाम।
    हे मनमोहन! हे वनबिहारी!
    आंखें कितनी चंचल तुम्हारी।
    हे पार्थसारथी! हे जगन्नाथ!
    सदा मार्गदर्शन करना हमारा हे कमलनाथ!
    हे धर्माध्यक्ष! हे द्वारिकाधीश!
    बस इतनी सी कृपा कर देना,
    धर्म सत्य और अहिंसा के मार्ग से भटके
    मनुष्यों को सद्बुद्धि तुम दे देना,
    फिर से कोई महाभारत ना होय
    इसलिए सबको धर्म का पाठ पढ़ा देना,
    अगर फिर भी कोई पथ पर ना आए
    तो एक बार फिर तुम पृथ्वी पर जन्म लेना।
    -आस्था यादव

    @reetu_k @immature_heart #priu #osr #kriti_13 #pari_s #cami #lyricsofheart @divya_patel @malay_28

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    हे कृष्ण!

    (शीर्षक पढ़ें!)

  • red_rose431 30w

    इश्क़, मोहब्बत की इस राह में चाँद अहम किरदार निभाता है,
    जब भी दिलबर से बात करनी हो चाँद एक ज़रिया बन जाता है,
    उसका नाम सुनकर ये चाँद गुलाबी सा रंग जाता है,
    वो गुस्सा हो तो ये बादलों में छुप जाता है,
    उसके नटखट किरदार को चाँद बड़ा बखूबी निभाता है,
    जब नाराज़गी बढ़ती है उसकी ये चाँद बड़े प्यार से मनाता है,
    घनी रात में रोशन ये चाँद उस दिलबर को और करीब ले आता है,
    ये चाँद सिर्फ चांदनी नहीं एक अनकही मोहब्बत फैलाता है।

  • priubansal 30w


    वहम था कि आंखे सच कहती है,
    लेकिन इनमें तो सिर्फ झूठ की नदियां बहती है

  • red_rose431 30w

    Surprise your love with
    A handwritten letter for them,
    Instead of those flowers.
    Flowers wither within few days,
    But words blooms forever.

  • red_rose431 31w

    My home! My love!
    My moon and peaceful dove.

    Loving you was the most
    Beautiful sin I committed,
    Though, you had locked your heart,
    And that area in your heart was restricted.

    I dared to move closer to you,
    The flowers of love,
    In your heart were few.

    Your heart was like a rock,
    So hard and stiff it was,
    Scratches on the walls of your heart,
    Felt like someone mercilessly
    scratched with it's paws.

    The wounds in there,
    Were asking for love to heal.
    Some patience and a little warmth
    Of a hug is what they wanted to feel.

    I touched them with love,
    And flowers grew in place of wounds,
    The barren land there became moist,
    And that place started to bloom.
    -Astha Yadav

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    My love! My home!
    I'll be there for you always,
    From dusk to dawn.

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  • red_rose431 32w

    The day when he went down on his knees,
    Asking me for marriage,
    I felt shy,
    So the sky,
    We both turned red,
    As the dream came true.
    Person, whom I loved,
    With all my heart,
    Is now proposing me for marriage.
    Sky was the only one who knew,
    About my love and feelings for him.
    He was sharing my happiness,
    During the proposal too!
    Our engagement was fixed,
    By our parents,
    No one knew I loved the same person,
    My parents chose for me.
    Destiny played a beautiful game,
    And brought two 'made for other' persons together,
    Though, none of us ever confessed,
    But, we both loved each other a lot.
    Now, finally we are together,
    Two person, one soul.
    May be sky sprinkled some colors of love,
    On both of us and destined us,
    To meet and fall in love with each other,
    Or may be he brought us together,
    And played the role of a cupid,
    But, I'm sure,
    It surely played a role,
    To bring both of us together.
    -Astha Yadav

    @reetu_k #priu #osr #kriti_13 #pari_s #cami #lyricsofheart @divya_patel @malay_28 @immature_heart

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    That special day

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  • red_rose431 32w

    A beautiful creation of God!
    Who prays for everyone,
    Irrespective of their
    Caste or religion.
    Because they know the pain,
    The hardships one bears in their life.
    I remember,
    In childhood I used to get scared,
    Whenever I saw them.
    But my mom taught me,
    To not to get scared,
    Because they too are human beings like us.
    In fact far better humans than us,
    Because they are not selfish,
    Like we are!
    They selflessly pray,
    For our well being.
    They are far better than us,
    Beautiful souls,
    God has sent in disguise.
    -Astha Yadav

    @reetu_k #priu #osr #kriti_13 #pari_s #cami #lyricsofheart @divya_patel @malay_28

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  • red_rose431 34w

    There's something in my pocket,
    I realised!
    I felt some light coming out of it,
    My dreams they were!
    Sneaking out of my pocket,
    Asking me to take them out
    Of that dark place,
    Pleading me to soak some of their light,
    And remove the dark
    From that place in my heart,
    Where they used to live once!
    I had tears in my eyes,
    Because, I wanted to fulfill them one by one,
    I wanted to shine along with those dreams.
    The heavy weight of my duties,
    Crushed them,
    And started stealing their light.
    They in fear,
    Hid themselves in my pocket.
    And finally,
    After 4 years,
    I decided to take them out and to release them,
    So that they could grow more,
    And shine like never before.
    My dreams are now growing!
    And I'm working day and night,
    To fulfill all those dreams of mine!
    Protecting them from the dark,
    And from being crushed again!

    @reetu_k #priu #osr #kriti_13 #pari_s #cami #lyricsofheart @divya_patel @malay_28

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