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    Now days promises are lies.
    While memes are truth.....

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    Broken Promises

    Now I'm waiting at our ledge
    Just like every night
    Waiting for you
    Like I've always done
    Promises were made to be broken
    Just like our memories
    Not a wave not a hug
    Not even a goodbye
    Followed me like a shadow
    Just didn't know when that shadow slipped away
    The hands which held me
    Hands which held the lines of fate
    Now seem empty
    You used to show me the stars
    Now you're gone to live with them
    Hoped to make it to the other side
    Maybe the chance just slipped away
    Were quick to grab an opportunity
    Maybe not fast enough to catch a proper grasp
    You told me you hated when I cried
    Slowly you became the reason of my tears
    I was begging you please don't go
    You just left in an instant
    All that's left now is half broken memories of our ledge
    The one true time I hold on to
    Now maybe you aren't with me
    But just know, I'll always be waiting
    Run through the distance and spaces between us
    To find you, wherever you are


  • dreamer_4 5d

    A long shitty poem about loving someone..

    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live.. every day.. just to see you smile..
    And for that smile.. I know I'd travel to the moon and back..
    Yes.. that line's a bit tacky..
    and maybe even cheesy..
    but my love.. trust me..
    you do make me want to fetch the stars for you.. travel to the moon.. and back..
    If you're ever with me..
    it will be a wonderful feeling..
    to see you beside me.. and smile..
    as we walk beneath..the moon and the stars.. under the damp street light..
    all alone.. just the two of us.. with me completely dazed..
    with your hand in mine..
    And if there's an ocean.. I find..
    I will take you there.. and run from you.. and hope you chase me.. cus baby.. I never want to run away from you..
    but to you.. into your arms..
    and hope that you catch me..
    hold on to me..
    and never let go..
    because I know I won't.
    And if you're ever mine..
    I will live every day just to see you smile..
    cherish you as flowers cherish the sun..
    as the night.. cherishes the moon..
    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday.. just to see you smile..

    Till then.. I hope you know..
    I love you..
    And I will always love you..
    Even when you fall for someone else..
    Even when someone else catches your eye..
    And makes you want to be with them more than you've ever wanted to be with me..
    I love you..
    And so then, I will let you go..
    For a person who will make you so much more happier than I ever possibly could..
    If she is the one you want.. yes.. I will let you go..
    And I will still be yours..
    Even though you may not be mine..
    The world may call me a fool..
    But I will still worship and adore you..
    And even then.. you will still be the only one I see.. in this whole wide world..
    with millions of people in it.. yes.. I will still have eyes thirsty for only you..
    Because.. I love you..
    And I will always love you.
    And every day.. I will miss you.
    wonder about you..
    And if I ever have the chance to love you.. like you're mine..
    I will.
    And like you once said, I will soak my soul in efforts to never make your heart ache too..
    Till then.. I will simply wish you stay..
    And hope that you know.. that I loved you..
    Intensely.. passionately.. madly like a loon..
    to the point my heart aches.. and almost breaks..
    I'll hope you know.. that you're the air..
    I breathe everyday.. to live..
    that darling.. you're really all I need.
    that I lived and breathed..
    just for you..
    just a glimpse of you..
    just for the want of your warmth..
    just to hold your hand..
    just to be around.. you.
    Oh.. darling.. trust me..
    you're the reason I even exist.
    you're the best thing that's ever happened to me..
    And if you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday..
    Just to see you smile..

  • the_writer_beyond 2w

    Promise Me

    Promise me that when I break
    you will pick up the shards left behind in the dust of my bones
    Promise me that when my heart cracks and my soul shatters that you will be the one to sew back the seams of my flesh together
    Leaving behind a scar that you will kiss until healed with passion
    Promise me that you will love my flaws
    Even when they do not love you back

  • wise_man 2w


    Are ment to be respected and kept
    Not to be
    Shattered and changed as per our way of life

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    Will never break....
    Can promise...
    Will never bend
    Can't promise


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    #Promises #thatwasbeautiful #mirakee

    Promises are meant to be fulfilled

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    *father's mass

    father: promises are meant to be?
    crowd: broookkeeen
    father: (nag smile) no, promises are meant to be fulfilled if it was not fulfilled it was never a promise.

    everyone was silent and obviously full of realization, that was beautiful.

  • sketcher 3w

    Don't present need of acceptance masked as love to others.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #love #life #masks #lies #promises #pain #letgo #acceptance #words #poem

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    Calculated love

    When you have worked your way towards me
    You see in my eyes the want you needed to achieve
    For you to be happy
    And for me to be perceived
    This magnetism towards me was a way for you to be a part better in yourself
    I'm just your mirror
    To show you the person you want to see
    But you failed to perceive the inside of me
    For I still see the person away from me to plan the journey towards me


  • wordsonly 3w

    Walk me through my harsh winters,
    I promise you my blooming springs.


  • sagar_varma 3w

    Kissing goodbye to our past,
    Kissing last time to your photo that I still keep in my wallet.

    Kissing goodbye to my future plans with you,
    And a goodbye to those names that I thought we'll give our children.

    Kissing goodbye to that house we lived in,
    And a goodbye to the city where we met.

    Lastly I'd say I could kiss you the last time,
    On the forehead, to say...
    Though it's a goodbye, but I still care...

    Happy kiss day love,
    Wherever you are, whoever you're Kissing.
    I just hope you never meet someone like you,
    Cuz it'll break you to pieces and you'd never be the same.
    I fell for that innocent face and cute smile, and I hope it stays.


  • sproutedseeds 3w


    Some promises are just made for the sake of it
    which is temporary and cannot be relied upon
    makes us sad.

    But some promises are genuinely made
    with firmness assuring to be fulfilled,
    which doesn't need any reminder of the
    words promised or to be rewinded as
    their intentions are clear and refined.

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    Promises just made in air
    can scatter anywhere
    leads us nowhere
    but only feel despair.

    Promises made with firmness always bind,
    the words needs no rewind
    to be connected with to remind
    as their thoughts are always refined.


  • _lunar_eclipse_ 3w

    "Sand castle" - Susan Rios


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    Promises are like castle of sand
    They seem so spectacular until the first bigger wave of expectations destroys them.


  • darkmaybloom 3w

    Hope Fails
    a thousand Promises
    It's easy said than done
    In the end all was left
    Is a Scar in the Heart.

    "Promises... dont Expect."


  • akirabee 3w

    I am only wanted as I am needed. ��

    #relationships #love #promises #need #want

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    I never needed you,
    I wanted you

    But you needed me,
    Hoping you would want me as much as I wanted you

    You discovered selfishness
    realizing what you wanted is not what you needed

    And so you left...


  • word_breath 3w

    Make no promises,
    Don't delay heartbreaks,
    Don't try to prevent sleepless nights and silent cries,
    Keeping me under the illusion of honesty forever..
    Don't we all run away constantly from the uncertain nature of life and humans?

  • colourfulgreys 3w


    Promises me friendship
    And then they leave
    Without warning.
    Promises me friendship
    But then they tell me
    That I've crossed a line
    And they leave
    Without a warning, of course.
    But if it was friendship
    That you promised
    Then why did you keep the line intact
    In the first place?
    Why was it not okay if we yelled or cried or blundered?
    Why was there still a fear of judgement?
    And if one of us was hurt, unknowingly, by the other
    Couldn't we just start afresh?
    Why is leaving the only way you got?
    And if blocking me out the only way then why was a goodbye so tough for you?
    I don't know the answers but
    Has left me
    With broken promises of friendship.

    © Harfkaar 11-2-2021 #promises

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  • the_miss_x 3w

    अनकहे वादे

    जब दुआओं में अपनी खुशियों के नाम
    उनकी सलामती मांगने लगी,
    पता चला कि मैं भी उनसे
    कुछ वादे निभाने लगी।
    कह तो उन्होंने पहले ही दिया था,
    मैं ही शर्माने लगी,
    वादे जो उन्होंने किए थे
    थोड़े मैं भी निभाने लगी।

    अनकहे वादे थे निभाने लगे हम
    जिन्हें वजह दिलाना ज़रूरी था।
    कदम मिला लिए थे उन्होंने,
    हाथ बढ़ाना मुझको था।
    मन में सजे खयाल बहुत थे
    बस कहना थोड़ा मुश्किल था।
    वक़्त दिया था बहुत उन्होंने,
    हांँ कह जाना मुझको था।


  • p_pranali 3w

    I will be the moon
    In the starry dark sky
    To bliss the thorny path
    With ray of light where you lie.

    I will be the rising sun
    In the naked grey dawn
    To scarlet the hopes
    Before they mourn.

    I will be the gigantic waves
    Of the tranquil sea
    To vanquish the pain
    of placid nature in misery.

    I will be the dewdrop
    On the refreshing rose,
    To give your life
    A graceful conscious arose.


    #promiseday #promises

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    I will be the dewdrop
    On the refreshing rose,
    To give your life
    A graceful conscious arose.


  • mane_auraa 15w

    I Want...

    I want a world where
    my Voice is Heard.

    Where the drops of Rain
    Aren't louder than me.

    Where the rays of the waning Sun
    Aren't brighter than me.

    Where the questions I ask
    Aren't dismissed like the buzzing of a Bee.

    Where the answers I give
    Aren't lost in the Sea.

    I want a world where
    my Face can be Seen.

    Where the shade from my Shadow
    Isn't belittled by the Tree.

    Where the touch of my Fingers
    Isn't whisping past like the Breeze.

    Where the oyster in the Ocean
    Isn't crying for the pearl it can't seek.

    Where the bird in the Cage
    Isn't begging to be free.

    I want a world where
    my Voice can be Heard.

    Where the pictures in the Caves
    Aren't waiting for humans in Envy.

    Where the people on the Streets
    Aren't running, soo Busy.

    Where the children in the Garden
    Aren't feeling ordinary.

    Where the promises that are Made
    Aren't making me Weary.

    I want a world where
    my Face can be Seen.

    Where the Sloth on the tree
    Isn't moving soo slowly.

    Where the Butterfly on the flowers
    Isn't wandering aimlessly.

    Where the Respect for a human
    Isn't made into a Plea.

    Where the time that is Past
    Isn't making me Empty.

    But alas,
    The world isn't what I want.
    I can not be free.
    As invisible as a spec,
    That flies between you and me.