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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    It was indeed the day of lovers- the valentine day,
    The zephyr smelt euphoric with love that blew million hearts away.

    Whilst we were confessing our love to our long-time crush,
    They manifested it to their nation by letting the bloody hush.

    Whilst we were drafting letters to create a fairy tale like love story,
    They were busy adding pages to the brave books of Indian history.

    Whilst we endeavoured to conquer the hearts of our beloved,
    They surrendered their lives, the motherland they safeguarded.

    Whilst we enjoyed our love dates with sachharine grubs,
    They tasted the explosives and bullets ripping off each of their nerves.

    Whilst a few of us lied to parents when we left our homes in the eve,
    They made their parents proud their martyrd bodies who recieved.

    Whilst we attempted to entice novice bonds in our life's hearth,
    They selflessly forwent the ones bestowed upon them since birth.

    Whilst we scaled the whole city to hunt for the best of red flowers,
    With the petals of their patriotic blood, they adorned the icy white borders,

    Whilst we melted in our beloved’s arms, at the epitome of intimacy,
    They froze on the laps of our land holding patriotism as their primacy.

    Whilst we were busy buying best of presents with the most apt wrapper,
    They served their bodies as a gift in their casket wrapped in the tricolor.

    Even If we take a million birth we can't love someone more than they did,
    Living for and loving mortals is great but dying for motherland is the most splendid.


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  • rupendrapatel 1w

    ऐ वीर तुझे सलाम !

    तू शान है मेरे देश की, संगीत तू मेरे देश का |
    ऐ वीर तुझको सलाम, तू जीत है मेरे देश की |
    कर्ज है इन साँसों का, क्यूँकि तू खड़ा निर्भीक है |
    छलनी हुआ है सीना, जब - जब युद्ध हुआ गंभीर है |
    लहू का हर एक कतरा, करता तेरा गुणगान है |
    देकर अपनी शहादत, तूने किया इस मिट्टी का सम्मान है |
    शत शत नमन उस माँ को है, जिसकी कोख का तू लाल है |


  • yourbrownbard 1w

    Ode To Indian Soldiers

    To all the courageous soldiers this is my ode,
    a small poetry of their scarifices & valor.
    The soldier has returned abode,
    not on foot, but wrapped in tricolour.
    That mother who gave birth to him,
    weeps aloud holding his lifeless body in grim,
    That brother who was to join the platoon,
    was terrified, by this scene very soon.
    That father tries to hide his tears,
    trying to console his peers.
    That wife who wore a red saree with gold crest,
    was now crying, beating her own chest,
    weeping loud, broke her bangles,
    she was trying to wake him up, by all possible angles.
    She knew that a soldier is never sure of his life,
    not even if he'd meet again his family or wife.
    This awful, horrific, hideous event,
    filled everyone with lament.
    They were really filled with pain,
    still after 3 months, younger brother joined the army again.

  • words_flake 1w

    Pulwama attack

    अपनो से ही बैर लिए बैठे हैं लोग,
    और हमारे जवान बिना जान पहचान के ये हमारी जान बचाने के लिए खुद कुर्बान हो जाते हैं।

    भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली हमारे जवानों को जो पुलवामा में अमर हुए


  • sruthikaliyaperumal 1w

    Pulwama Attack!

    They also loved,
    Loved their Country!
    But the difference is,
    Their love was to the extent,
    Of giving up their life!!

  • khwabedaa__ 1w

    ~ वो भी दीवाना था ~

    हाँ यही दिन था, वो भी
    कर रही थी इंतज़ार प्यार से,
    मेरे प्यार के पगाम का
    हाँ यही दिन था वो, के दिल में
    तमाम हसरतें लिए भी तैनात था मैं
    मेरे लिए मेरा प्यार भी ज़रूरी था
    और मेरा वतन भी....
    हाँ यही दिन था वो के
    काटे कट नहीं रहा था वक़्त
    चंद लफ़्ज़ों की अदल बदली को
    मैं बताना चाहता था के
    वो भी ज़रूरी थी मेरे लिए
    जैसे मेरा वतन ज़रूरी था
    वो बेताब सी बैठी होगी मगर
    क्या पता था हमें के
    ये इंतज़ार आज उसके हिस्से में
    सदा के लिए बस जाएगा....
    मेरा प्यार उसके लिए महज़
    फ़िज़ाओं में रह जाएगा....

    ©ऋतु नेगी

  • heather_ 1w

    Blood stream flowing through
    His wife is waiting for his call
    The call came but it wasn't him
    It was his rescue team .

    She wanted to hear "I love you"
    But ended up listening"He is no more "
    In the morning he died
    Which made everyone cry.


    It was 14 th february I was waiting for his call. He said he will be coming in March and will live with me. Today is valentines day I want him by my side but he is busy protecting our motherland I am glad that I am married to someone who fight and protect his country. Well his birthday is coming too. I should plan a secret party.
    (Suddenly the telephone bell rang.)
    Uhhh... It must be his call.
    'When you're coming back dear?'
    'Ah.. Miss I am his friend... Sorry to say but he is no more'
    Phone fell from her hand.
    Bahu (daughter in law )what happened?
    Maa (mom) He ii.....is
    What happened to him ?
    I cried ... Even if I wanted stop my tears I couldn't.

    Its been 2 years. Still now its a big shock . because of our heroes we can enjoy our life we can sleep freely. Without them we couldn't be more free.
    Jai Hind.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pulwamaattack


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    Because of you I am alive still now.

  • ksherpa 1w

    My condolence to those soldiers who lost their lives to the broken democracy hijacked by the corrupted.

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    In our country, we get to see soldiers only from the poor, middle class families n jobless youth


  • game_of_words07 1w

    #PulwamaAttack #वीरजवान

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    पुलवामा मे शहीद हुए हमारे वीर जवानों को भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजलि

  • saggy_vns 1w

    For You

    तुम्हारे लिये
    बहुत प्यार उमड़ आता हैं
    और आंसू भी
    क्युकी आज के दिन ही तो
    तुम वतन के लिये शहीद हुए थे
    तुम सदा के लिये इस दिल मे बस गये

  • prose_of_soul 1w

    A day dipped in grief and blood
    Bloodshed can never be justified...
    Not even in terms of religion...

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    This day will always
    Be remembered as a black day
    A day of cowardly act
    By sick minds
    Who have only projected till now
    What they have been raised into...

  • lifenotes_saloni 1w

    May this black day turn into a landmark for our soldiers on and off duty.

  • poetry_of_sjt 1w

    भ्रम पाले तुम बैठे हो कि कश्मीर तुम्हें मिल जाएगा ,
    जिस दिन भी गर हुआ सामना तब समझ फिर आएगा ,
    अभी वक़्त है समझ सको तो ना भूलो औकात को,
    काश्मीर के चक्कर में पाकिस्तान भी हाथ से जाएगा

    टुकड़ों में पलते आया है टुकड़ों में ही मिल जाएगा ,
    हद की सीमा पार किया तो ऊपर सीधा जाएगा ,
    माफ़ी नहीं दी जाएगी अब गया समय पहले वाला ,
    इतने टुकड़े करेंगे की सौ जन्म भी गिन ना पाएगा ,

    जो अब भी ना माने तो इतिहास वही दोहराएगा ,
    क्षमादान तब पाए थे अब कोई को न छोड़ा जाएगा ,
    नीच हरकतों से गर तुम अब बाज़ नहीं आए तो फिर ,
    दुनिया के नक्शे में से पाकिस्तान हटा दिया जाएगा ,

    जो दोहरा रहा गलती इक दिन बहुत पछताएगा ,
    अभी समय है सुधर जा नहीं फिर मातम छा जाएगा ,
    तरस करो उन मां बहनों पर बूढे बच्चों का ख्याल करो ,
    क्या बोलेगा उस रब से या फिर मौन खड़ा रह जाएगा ,

    ����जय हिन्द ����

    #pulwama #pulwamaattack #blackday #indianarmy #indian #india #modi #bharat #jayhind #jaihind #vandematram #jaibharat #armylover #army #armyqoutes #veerras #poetryofsjt #14feb #ramram #jaishreeram #mahakal #mahadev #hindiwriter #hindinama #reetey #hindiquotes #igwriters

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  • 2chinmayee 1w

    "14 February isn't valentine day for India Bcoz it is black day"
    #pulwamaattack #blackday #Indian

    If you'll question me what is the pride then
    I will answer I'm an "Indian"
    If you'll question me what is the love then
    I will answer you "Sacrifice."
    If you'll question me what is the colour of sacrifice then
    I will answer you "Red...."
    If you'll question me what is the patience then I will show you "The salute of a newly married bride to her husband honoured with flag in a coffin."
    If you'll question me what is the colour of love then
    I will answer you "Black.."

    #wod @mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the 1st kind repost in 2021
    Pic credit goes to the rightfull owner

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  • abhayprverma 1w

    "उस वेलेन्टाइन वो अपने महबूब को तोहफा क्या खास दे गये,
    गुलाब, गुलदस्ता तो सब देते हैं वो वतन पर अपनी जान दे गये।"

  • jeba_sahana 1w

    A tribute to the great Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the Pulwama attack. #PulwamaAttack#IndianSoldier#OneLinerStory

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    It was Valentine's Day, and with a sense of both pride and anguish in her heart, she welcomed her husband who was wrapped in the tricolour and the medals on his chest to bid him the final goodbye.


  • just_feel_it_ 53w

    वतन से मोहब्बत
    वो इस कदर निभा गया।
    के मोहब्बत वाले दिन,
    वो अपनी जान लुटा गया।।


  • rahul_kumar 53w

    नम हैं आंखें क्योंकि वो चले गए
    सात जन्मों का कसम खाकर पल भर में चले गए
    जब पूछा था मैंने उनसे, किससे करते हो मोहब्बत?
    भारत मां की जय कह कर, मुझे छोड़कर चले गए

    राह उनकी तकती रही, मैं अभागन भटकती रही
    ना आया संदेशा कोई, ना खबर मेरे सुहाग की
    माह बीते जा रहे थे, तक रही थी राह मैं
    उम्मीद में बैठी थी मैं, मेरे सुहाग की

    आई एक दिन ऐसी आंधी, सब कुछ मेरा उजड़ गया
    जब आई खबर मेरे सुहाग की, कफन में लिपटा हुआ
    पूछा था मैंने जो एक सवाल, मिल गया उसका जवाब
    कर दिया खुद को कुर्बान, आज फिर एक और जवान


  • sarbari_thinks 54w

    Black Day

    Valentine's Day is a myth for those who awaited meeting their valentines,
    they waited for a phone call from them,
    or a handwritten letter,
    or even a message;

    Valentines Day is a myth for those who waited for their valentines,
    with mere photographs,
    their old clothes,
    and perfumes to remember their smell,
    as each day passed by fading their redolence;

    The real promise day for them was that day when their valentine promised to visit and couldn't make it;

    Valentines Day is a myth for those who awaited that one day,
    and finally when the day arrived,
    it took severals away,
    from their loved ones;

    Valentines Day is a myth for those parents,
    and for all the unnamed relations,
    whose children,
    and the loved ones, went,
    but, never came back;

    And that one day was marked as
    "Black Day".


  • shayeri_and_facts 54w