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  • faiqah_ 3d

    Your love came to me like a missing piece of a puzzle which I was searching for years just to make it complete.

  • trident_of_sky 1w


    I am only one of a million in your box of puzzle pieces..
    Lost in the shuffle
    just waiting to be found

    I hope I will be
    The last remaining piece that make this puzzle a complete masterpiece

  • articulated_thoughts 1w

    Puzzling Heart

    This puzzle sits before me
    The pieces are all scattered.
    I think I'll start with edges
    And then go into the center.

    This puzzle sits before me
    A jumbled kind of mess.
    Its pieces fit together
    All closely in a nest.

    I wait for you to tell me
    What piece I should do next.
    Cause this puzzle is your heart, Dear
    I'll try my very best.


  • stella_writes 1w

    I wish there were no boundaries at all,
    I wish there was a world where I could find you with me in every step and every thought,
    I wish we could meet and feel that instant connection that we longed for so long in our past lives,
    I wish that when our eyes meet I could see my life with you,
    I wish when you smiled looking at me our world's collide,
    I wish when we finally meet we'd know what we have been missing,
    I wish when we meet I add the missing puzzle in one shot!

  • tsubasaa 5w

    Fools rush in.
    What was I, if not a Fool?
    A mammoth, at that.
    Would it be a lie
    If I say I knew
    I knew what it meant
    What you were, before
    I came to you
    Because I knew
    Oh I knew of the evil little sparkle
    That lit your eyes when,
    You looked at me
    The hunger and something else
    I quite couldn't figure
    Drawn all over your face
    A wolf looking at its prey, a foolish lamb
    It was unnerving and scintillating
    A feeling that took over my senses
    And I was drawn towards you.
    Very much like a moth towards the fire,
    Knowing it's fate yet unable to resist
    The temptation and the desire to be seen
    I'd rather turn to ashes than take my eyes off you
    Every night was an agonizing pleasure of lies being etched on my skin
    It lulled me, awakened me till I knew not myself
    Dawn broke away the sheen that covered the marks
    Haze melting away from the light.
    Realization. Yet..
    Every morning was filled with endearing kisses
    They erased the remnants of night
    Scribbled promises on my skin
    I couldn't get away and I couldn't get enough
    A drug that consumed Me.
    Sweet. Oh so sweet was the poison
    You poured in my being
    I knew what it would do. What you would and were doing.
    I let it happen anyway.
    I was led and I followed.
    It was a game.
    Of spirals and a maze
    A labyrinth. ( Of my own making) And I was it's designer
    The architect.
    You were my monster roaming the halls
    I let you in. I let you stay
    I let you play and punish
    Basking and roaring in between
    Pain and pleasure
    I found not you but myself
    In the mirror
    Laughing at my own making.

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  • thornsarose 5w

    The Things That Didn’t Send

    Your ending does not haunt you,
    It’s the space that’s hiding there.
    There were things that simply faded-
    Now in the place that’s hiding nowhere.
    It’s a book with missing pages,
    Or an empty promised lie,
    Forgotten things you knew
    That passed on with no goodbye.
    You’ve a question with no answer
    Where your consciousness did sit,
    A jagged shape with sharp edged corners
    In a space it will not fit.
    It remains an untold story
    Made from moments of the past.
    Sliced open thoughts that healed,
    Maybe hoping they would last.
    You don’t know that’s what scares you,
    You have trauma left to mend.
    They are your puzzles missing pieces-
    And the things that didn’t send.

    #send #puzzle #consciousness #trauma

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    The Things That Didn’t Send


  • poeticstears 6w


    You said you'd never leave.
    You said you'd never go.
    I woke up to your name and a crazy text on my phone.
    You texted you love another.
    Worst part is said you could handle the pressure.
    How do you think diamonds are made?
    I guess I'll just fall apart...
    Like a puzzle, a puzzle of my heart, just falling apart .
    © Poetictears

  • thatchristiangirlhymsing 7w

    Letter by my Inner Child

    Dear Adult,
    Express love. Embrace me. Hug me. Laugh with me. Explore with me. Hold my hand and allow me to take you around my world through my eyes- my innocent, curious, blemish free eyes.
    Kiss my pain away. Wipe my tears. Fill me with strength and confidence to run free again no matter how many times I fall.
    Give me space to make mistakes. Don't smother me. Leave me alone sometimes with my thoughts and dreams. Watch me from afar silently if you please!
    Guide me when am confused indirectly for I want to solve the puzzle of life on my own and in my own sweet time.
    Throw pieces at me but do not complete the puzzle for me.
    Don't force me to tie my curls. Let it be free. I know it may get weak, it may get tangled and it may even break!
    Still, give me the space to untangle myself slowly. Nourish me with your love and care and watch me grow back stronger again!
    With love,
    Your inner child.

  • sapna2019 7w

    After you.......

    I have become a lonely piece of puzzle,
    still incomplete.......


  • james_taumas 8w


    Time stopped
    No windows
    Sterile walls
    No doors
    White ceilings
    Florescent dawn
    Where am I?
    Twisting corridors
    Paths leading nowhere
    Search for the exit
    Just dead ends.


  • sarahrachelea 9w

    She's not searching
    A missing piece to complete the puzzle
    There is no something missing
    Her cup is fulfilled by herself

    She's already whole, rich and complete on her own
    However, she's open to love
    And be loved mutually

    ~ Mature Lady

  • shamli_mali 9w

    काहीच विषय नसताना सुद्धा बोलत बसणं,
    मला फक्त तुझ्याच सोबत जमलं..
    तुझ्यासोबत असताना शांतताही बोलायची,
    तितकीच जितके तुझे डोळे माझ्याशी बोलायचे..
    मला आठवतं आपण कधीच
    आपल्या मनातलं बोलून नाही दाखवलं
    तरी आपल्याला सगळं कळायचं
    कित्येकदा लांब असून सुद्धा..

    कदाचित हेच उलगडलेलं कोडं
    आयुष्य सोप्पं करेल म्हणून
    म्हणून आपले रस्ते वेगळे झाले

    कारण आयुष्य म्हणजे कोडं उलगडणं
    आपण कदाचित ते जरा लवकर उलगडलं!!


  • she_wrote 9w


    Do you think all of us are Kafka?
    Trying hard to escape the inevitable prophecy
    by walking away from it ,

    Specifically walking towards the end of the world
    and then realising that
    there isn't any escape from present
    no matter how hard you labour , How far you go
    but once you reach the shore
    it's over.

    All of us are Kafka who are treading towards the shore to find the missing part of the life puzzle and coming back with a reason to live
    with the present circumstances.

    I won't say that all of us meet the shore at the same time
    but when some of us moves towards it
    Others come back with a vision in their eyes

    And those who can't afford to return decide to go beyond the shore,
    Into a world where time stops, life comes to a halt and no one wants to escape

    Indeed all of us are Kafka.
    empty from within,
    searching for the missing part of the life puzzle
    hoping to find it at the shore of our consciousness.
    Kanchan Balodi

    #postoftheday #pod #kafkaontheshore #life #reason #consciousness #emptiness #puzzle #inspiration #poem #writersnetwork #mirakee #time #escape #vision

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    All of us are Kafka who are treading towards the shore to find the missing part of the life puzzle and coming back with a reason to live
    with the present circumstances.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • itsmelakshika 10w

    You Life Is Like A Beautiful Puzzle You Search And Search With That Urge To Bring It Into Reality Indeed 'THE PUZZLE OF YOUR LIFE'.
    #Puzzle #Positive #Write-ups #Mirakee

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    Puzzle is full of different pieces.
    just like the combination of big and small theses.
    you search and search with that curious urge.

    Making the ends meet,
    and the puzzle pieces greet,
    upside down and across the side,
    and guess what I found!
    The real PUZZLE that was just around.

  • secrecyofthemind 10w

    A missing piece

    The jigsaw puzzle
    searched for its piece,
    under dusty benches,
    and smothered sheets.

    The jigsaw puzzle
    shuffled itself,
    a different image
    still with one left.

    The jigsaw puzzle
    no longer in tact,
    always searching,
    for a piece in black.

    The jigsaw puzzle
    was never complete,
    until the other pieces,
    see what they miss.


  • ritik_sharma 10w


    Sometimes things go so predictable that even I can't believe or maybe I know her very well. Some bad habits fade away with the course of time. I guess I think about you alot, maybe it's my past experiences that I've caught you multiple times doing the same mistake. The questions inside me will remain inside me as I know you won't answer them the way I want.

  • shaileshkp 10w

    Used to be a dream
    Now it's a nightmare...

    The puzzle of life..
    Doesn't actually care...

  • nancybhardwaj19 10w

    Maybe you were an unsolving puzzle
    to me So that I'll you forever
    But i take that as a sign to
    Stay with you forever.

  • rishitha_rapuri 11w


    Life is a complicated puzzle which would be nearly as exciting as tackling real crimes


  • alxita 11w

    Note: Illecebrous means "tending to attract; enticing"

    -- Illecebrous Lights --

    In the patches of darkness throughout the forests
    A captivatingly minute light in the northwest
    Shining among the insouciant eyes of such glow
    Adumbrating though is the interest being bestowed

    Illecebrous scintillations enticing the minds
    But rather too much that it may go blind
    Nearing the source is the entrance of puzzlement
    In the middle of dark greenery sparking the sentiments

    Perplexity of such origin is prevalently observed
    Though the body's functions still doesn't swerve
    The entrance just settled without a demulcent sense
    Still chilling the nerves, yet interest is of no dents

    Enticingly walking through the door with no dogmas
    Still wondering what it is as a concluded enigma
    Though since interests fuels them like the sole vehicles
    Better luck to hope, for expecting a miracle

    #poetry #interest #lights #peculiar #enigma #miracle #badluck #mystery #puzzle #sentimental #hope #life #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 93
    May 20, 2020, 1:43 PM (GMT+8)

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    Illecebrous Lights

    "Enticingly walking through the door with no dogmas, still wondering what it is as a concluded enigma"