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  • yourkindofyellow 3d

    Have you ever heard a teardrop?


  • paakhiiiiiii 4d

    Kya lagta h tumko???

    Tumko Kya lagta h ???
    Jo log hamare beech m nhi rahete,,,
    Woh sach m taare bann jate ??
    Jaise pedh ki shakho se kuch daal gir jaate ,,
    Ya mano jaise pat-jhad k mausam m jaise saare paate kaha chale jaate??
    Kya lagta h tumko??

    Kya tumne kabhi socha h ki akhir unn taaro ki bhi koi basti hoti hogi..
    Jaha chand ko bhi nihara jata hoga??
    Jaise hum tum niharte?
    Ya uske hone ya na hone ka gum unko satata hoga....,,,
    Kuch aisa hota bhi hoga????

    Tumko Kya lagta!!
    Ki kisi din hum bhi uss gharonde ka ek hissa bann jayenge??
    Ya unhii manzil ki rahh tarashne m khud hi ko kahi bhul baithenge......
    Kya lagta h tumko.....
    Kya lagta tumko ????

  • sirfsadharan 1w

    No one listening

    इf no one is listening to you.
    देn don't worry.
    जst take a deep breath
    देn ask yourself a question.
    केn anyone else really listen to you.
    बेtter than you.

  • tusi456 1w


    She finds herself guilty
    Though she is not the one
    Not the one, dishonest
    Not the one, morally depraved.
    In this time; this ghastly time
    Can you distinguish
    Between truth and falsity?

    Her survival hung in the balance
    Her mind full of questions
    Her existence;
    Is being queried rather brutally.

    Life full of uncertainty
    A passage, so long, shadowy.
    This question mark;
    Full of mysteries.
    This will get her nowhere
    It has no validity.


  • jez_unpublished 1w

    Anyone know this? #love #words #poem #question

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    Why do we long for the things that hurt us the most?

  • diwanankit 1w

    #question:- What we call that force,power?
    Arjuna asks:- o my lord! There is some power which force us to act involuntarily(nobody wants to act wrong intenttionally) there is some force?? What is that..
    Shri krishna says:- O! Arjuna that is Kama(lust, desires) which is filled in every sense organ that make you to follow your sense leads your mind behind your senses and delude your wisdom.
    This is how one falls from higher to lower stage of life,perform inferior karmas?
    #that is kama.

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    A sight of yoga

    Like winds and waves directs the boat likewise the senses takes away the mind to different subjects of their pleasure.

    Example:-suppose you were feeling very spiritual and at sudden you see someone very attractive of opposite gender, Now you are filled with lust,..
    Here your eyes(sense organ) carrying your mind away, it's an example of sensual power(Kama)..

  • timothynorman 2w

    How are you?

    Really, how are you? Right in this moment, with the mask peeled away... how are you?

    I hope you’re okay.

  • alexjr 2w

    The Heart

    When we talk about the heart it's in a physical sense and also a spiritual sense.
    For example you have someone struggling for addiction to cocaine.
    In their minds and heart that makes them feel "sane".
    Distinguishing our heart and our desires we can breakdown our "desires" from our heart.
    Our heart feels pain, sadness, and madness.
    Am I supposed to feel this?
    I have roots in my heart they don't stem from this.
    I feel wrong when I feel these feelings.
    Yet feeling love, compassion, and understanding.
    That feels right.
    Feels like my roots in my heart can grow from that.
    It's not a fact,
    Its more than that.
    I'm not here to preach but your heart is the core.
    It gives us life, pumping blood in our body and or minds.

    A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, But by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.
    Proverbs 15:13

  • mydancingthoughts 2w

    There will always be people who will say bad things about you
    Who will not like things about you
    If you go according to them, they will be happy
    If you don't , they will not like it
    Focus on what you want.
    You have two choices, think of the bad things they are saying and feel low
    The other one, focus on your work!


  • namrata_123 2w

    પગલા ની છાપ
    જાણે વીતી ગયા ની આજ

    ભીની માટી સમા હાથ
    એ ચોળાયેલા ડાઘ

    સસલા ની ચાલ
    પણ મન ના વેગ ને સમજદારી સમી વાડ

    ઉંબરે ઉભી
    આશા ની આજ

    તોય હજીય દુર લાગતી
    મંજીલ ના સફર ની નાવ

  • _writer_at_heart_ 2w

    Self talk

    I stepped out from my den,
    Went to have some delicious food in a restaurant.
    On my way,i saw a beggar,
    Asking for money or some supper.

    I have had seen people in pain and distress,
    People who need attention and quick help.
    I have had seen many miseries,
    On my way, of many ways!
    Above was just an example that i conveyed.

    I have had seen people losing hope, facing undesirable situations,
    I have had seen myself too like one of them.
    Even when i said motivational things or words of wisdom,
    I often forget myself to stick to them!

    Actually all this is in our brain,
    Sadness and happiness are mere illusions, our brain diminish and create.

    The best thing to recall to get all these answer is , " it's part of life " or that, "it too shall pass".
    How we react, see and feel,
    All comes from our brain,
    And that's all where sadness and happiness lies.

    I have had seen mind living in discontent,
    And the people failing, falling and breaking, which none would imagine to face for oneself.
    We all want life to be easy and kind,
    Correct me, if there's something wrong, i said, i won't mind..!

    I met temporary people and selfish ones,
    I too met cruel and rude natured human.
    I met the opposite of what above i said,
    Some kind, some pure and some really good ones!

    Good or bad what actually it is ?
    What is right according to me, may be wrong according to you.

    What i felt wrong,may be nothing for them,
    They did what they follow and how they actually are as a human.

    Who decides what and how someone or something is ?
    What is defination of goodness,
    Where is its complete list, which can vary under everyone's prospects and wish ?

    I consider something right and fine.
    May be there will be people for them my right would be wrong which i can deny.
    And so on goes the infinte talk,
    I often do and search for apt answers for my myriad questions to haul.

    My topics are many,
    I am such a thinker and at times an over thinker,
    that let me do a self talk often and few here i sprinkled.

  • raman_writes 2w


    इम्तिहान लिया जा रहा है मुझ से जवाब माँगे जा रहे है ।

    मुझे मसले बताए जा रहे है तेरा नाम बताया जा रहा है ।।


  • beensn 2w

    Question paper

    Life is the toughest question paper,
    Nobody knows the perfect answer.
    We have to work harder and harder,
    By the time we feel, we got the answer,
    The questions are twisted by the setter.
    Work out the answers at the earlier,
    The right ones makes you feel lighter.
    Till the time questions are in our hands, it doesn't matter,
    But when they slip out, there is a danger.
    Supplementary papers will be even more tougher,
    Still can take a second chance to appear,
    Else, you may miss it out forever.

  • brokengypsysoul 3w


    I cannot cope with reality without abusing a substance of some kind


  • preeti_060610 3w

    The unpredictable thing.....?


  • w3ston 3w

    Speed of your brain

    If you are having to ask yourself what you should or shouldn't do then the question is the answer...

  • brokengypsysoul 3w

    Why did you stay?

    I stayed because he had me believing...
    Nobody would ever love me
    I was ugly
    I was stupid
    I was broken
    I would never find someone new
    I was bad at cooking
    I will meet nobody like him
    I couldn't make it on my own
    He would hurt me if I left
    He would kill me if I left
    He would kill himself if I left
    He would hurt my children
    The warning signs were all in my head
    I was crazy
    I was jealous
    I was annoying
    That nothing I did was EVER good enough
    That I would be a homewrecker
    That I deserved this
    That I deserved the physical abuse
    That he loved me
    He was trying to help me
    He was the only person who would be there for me
    That everyone else would leave me, as my father left me
    That children need their father
    That my children would blame me when they're older
    My children would hate me, for the horrible person I am
    My children would never forgive me for taking their father away
    That I don't deserve to live
    That I should kill myself
    I stayed because he had me believing all his lies.

  • arunpandey 3w


    इक घर के आँगन में प्यारी से बेटी का जन्म हुआ
    खिन्न हुआ मन कुछ लोगों का कुछ का जीवन धन्य हुआ

    किसी ने आनंदित होकर उसे देवी माँ का रूप कहा
    किसी ने कड़वा फल बोला और किसी ने तपती धूप कहा

    भिन्न भिन्न थे भाव सभी के जटिल बहुत परिवेष बना
    समय बुरा था कुछ कि ख़ातिर कुछ के लिए विशेष बना

    कुछ लोगों का दल था जो थे दूर सभी से खड़े हुए
    कष्ट बहुत था मन में उनके थे संशय में पड़े हुए

    आतुर थे जिस क्षण के ख़ातिर क्षण वो आज समाप्त हुआ
    प्रश्न यही था सब के मन में पुत्र नहीं क्यूँ प्राप्त हुआ ?

    कहने को तो सब ख़ुश थे अभिनय भी बहुत अनूठा था
    पर सत्य कहूँ अंदर ही अंदर हृदय सभी का टूटा था

    जन्म हुआ बेटी घर में इसी लिए सब चिंतित थे
    या दूजे शब्दों में कह दूँ पुत्र प्राप्ति से वंचित थे

    वैसे तो शिक्षित थे सब, कुछ वेदों के भी ज्ञानी थे
    पर पुत्र मोह से यूँ अधिकृत थे जैसे सब अज्ञानी थे

    इक महिला ने फिर बोला की ईश्वर हमसे रूठ गये
    जन्म हुआ बेटी का घर में भाग्य हमारे फूट गए

    इसके पालन पोषण में हम सब निर्धन हो जाएँगे
    कहाँ से इसकी शादी को हम धन अर्जित कर पायेंगे

    देख के ये मेरा मन बोला कैसा कलयुग आया है
    देखो इक नारी ने कैसे नारी को ठुकराया है

    यदि नारी नारी की दुश्मन ऐसे बनती जाएँगी
    तो इस जग में फिर कभी बेटियाँ खुश कैसे रह पायेंगी

    पुत्र मोह में पागल हो कर भेद भाव जो करते हो
    नहीं ख़ौफ़ क्या ईश्वर का या उससे भी ना डरते हो

    सृजन हुआ नारी से जग का सब उससे उत्पन्न हुआ
    जुड़ा सिया का नाम तभी तो राम नाम संपन्न हुआ

    शक्ति रूप धर कर जिसने असुरों का संहार किया
    भेद भाव कर उस नारी को तुमने ना स्वीकार किया

  • brokengypsysoul 2w

    Interference: Write a poem that is about someone or something coming in between you and your goals.

    What is something coming in between you and your goals?

    #question #questionoftheday #goals #poem

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    Constant chronic pain
    Negative mind frame
    Lack of motivation
    Self-sabotaging tendencies
    I'll do it later attitude
    Struggle with change
    Self-limiting beliefs
    Inability to budget
    Low self-esteem
    I come in between me and my goals.

  • brokengypsysoul 1d

    Take your time. Sit and ponder these questions for a bit.

    #question #questions #whatif #writingprompt #deepquestions

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    What if...

    What if you stopped caring about what others think
    What if you didn't make assumptions
    What if you loved your body
    What if you truly loved yourself
    What if you didn't take things personally
    What if you stopped talking negatively about yourself
    What if you spoke to yourself with kind words
    What if you only spoke to others with kindness
    What if you didn't push the snooze button
    What if you got up early
    What if you stopped doubting yourself
    What if you saw the lesson in every downfall
    What if you stopped procrastinating
    What if you put your phone down and be in the moment
    What if you listened to your intuition
    What if you realised your worth
    What if you said I can instead of I can't
    What if you stopped judging others
    What if you always tried your best
    What if you truly expressed who you are
    What if you stopped worrying about tomorrow
    What if you lived for today
    What if you follow your heart
    What if you loved and trusted in yourself for who you are and let go of all that is limiting you.