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  • amazemelife 2d

    Some questions deserve the answers but aren't answered, so here I ask the answers for those questions from the universe, applying the secret of life.

    #love #inspiration #life #thoughts #endscene #questions #truth #honesty #relationship


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    Yes! I want to know...

    I want to know what people are, when you are not there.
    The reality of people who swore you, a forever, and you truly do care.

    I want to know the truth behind the truths & reality of love, behind The Love.

    Are they really good behind you and that much fair?

    How much is the truth in there, one needs to be aware.

    I want to know, if raw and plain exists.
    I want to know the originals,
    as I know, they are rare.

    I need my answers since very long time,
    of what, I am very well aware.

    I want to know, all of this,
    from the universe.
    Today, Hereby,
    I declare.


  • nadege 2d

    I will respond to your questions about anything #questions #thoughts

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    Ask me


  • simran1608 2d

    Solitude has an evil twin
    It gnaws at your insides
    As if time, ending you,
    Second by second,
    Painfully slow, isn't enough,
    It clutches at your throat
    With a vice like grip
    Because when feelings
    Get scared of being
    Accustomed to,
    They hurt you the most.
    It creeps into the mind
    And leaves hickeys,
    Of unsolved riddles:
    Questions that were never
    Born with answers to them,
    Premonitions, doubts
    It's loyal sentries that sting.
    And when tears wash
    Your tired eyes to sleep,
    It rests, satiated, to have,
    Taken control, at last,
    Solitude has an evil twin
    And we call it LONELINESS.

  • tathyajain 4d

    Its 4:30 Am !!!

    In the middle if the night
    I am here with a sight
    Most of my future planned
    And here i am thinking was it right ?

    Well its been quater of a decade
    Its been no talks and then one single sight
    Why this ? You know it right
    Ohh wait dilemma is my right !!!

    Its been great since then
    Met some one and i am again on my ten
    But its middle of the night, why this then ?
    May be some answers , ohh its past ten(22:00) , you know it right ?!

    Anyway you aint getting this,
    Because i am in a different folder right !!

  • bittersweet123 5d


    Bakit ba laging tayo ang dapat iintindi?
    Bakit kailangan tayo lagi yung sasapu sa mga nararamdaman nila?
    Bakit kailangan natin sabihin "its ok, i understand"
    Bakit kailangan haharap tayo sakanila na nakangiti?


    Bakit kailangan bukas yung isipan natin para sakanilang mga sarado ang utak?
    Bakit bukas ang tenga natin handang makinig sa mga bungangang tumatalak?
    Bakit kailngan nating buksan ang ating mga puso para sa taong walang mga puso?
    Bakit kailngan nating mag stay para sa taong kailngan nila ng katulad natin?


    Bakit kailangan tayo yung unang kumatok para tanungin sila ng "kamusta kana?"
    Bakit kailngan busugin natin sila ng atensyon habang ang puso natin puno na ng bubug
    Bakit wala man lang tayong naririnig na "kamusta kana? Ayos ka lang ba?"galing sa kanila?
    Bakit lagi tayong sumusuong sa ulan ng pana na tanging payong lamang ang dala?


    Bakit hindi nyo imulat ang inyong mga mata na tayoy may kanya-kanyang laban sa buhay?
    Bakit di nyo buksan ang inyong mga tenga pakinggan ang daing ng pusong sugatan?
    Bakit hindi nyo kami tingnan sa mga mata na puno ng luha?
    Wag ang labing mapanghusga


  • ritik_sharma 5d


    Some questions are yet to be found out. I don't know from where to know about them. This time silence could also not answer those, maybe I'm close to it but couldn't see them from open eyes.

  • jyotiawasthi 1w

    ....... uske hjaro swal or mera ek hii jbab ......

    ��vo hr roj mujhse puchha krti hai
    aaj kya likha
    mera hr din kii trh
    ek hii jbab hota hai
    kuch nhi ...
    vo aesa kyo yrr tu acha likhti hai
    tujhe pta hai tu sbke dil kii baat likhti hai
    Bin kahe se Alfaaz likhti hai
    muskuraht ke pichhe
    chhupe aansuo kii schai likhti hai..
    yrr tu likh naa aaj to
    tu acha likhegi tu kuch likh to
    Aj ek aadhi adhuri sii baat likh de...
    Aankho se bahi neer likh de
    yaa lbo pr khili ek sitaar likh de..
    kuchh gm to kuchh khushi kii friyaad likhde
    Aj ek aadhi adhuri sii baat likh de...

    #incompletestory #diary #storytales #love #poetry #writing #talks #questions #answer #love #friendship #poetry #life

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    Uske hjaro swal or mera ek hii jbab

    ....... uske hjaro swal or mera ek hii jbab ......

    vo hr roj mujhse puchha krti hai
    aaj kya likha
    mera hr din kii trh
    ek hii jbab hota hai
    kuch nhi ...
    vo aesa kyo yrr tu acha likhti hai
    tujhe pta hai tu sbke dil kii baat likhti hai
    Bin kahe se Alfaaz likhti hai
    muskuraht ke pichhe
    chhupe aansuo kii schai likhti hai..
    yrr tu likh naa aaj to
    tu acha likhegi tu kuch likh to
    Aj ek aadhi adhuri sii baat likh de...
    Aankho se bahi neer likh de
    yaa lbo pr khili ek sitaar likh de..
    kuchh gm to kuchh khushi kii friyaad likhde
    Aj ek aadhi adhuri sii baat likh de...

  • sanchari_karmakar 1w

    People are in no way capable of making judgments about you. While we are ourselves incapable of knowing our true selves, how can we expect to know someone else. Its impossible to know a person by their appearance, words, actions and sometimes even when they lay their entire thoughts in front of you....but, what is possible is prejudices and they shall get you nowhere with your questions and the answers shall be misleading. So, if you try, try to get to know yourself....there's a lot you're unaware about yourself...whichever stage in life you may be.

  • pal_lavi 1w


    Kyu toot jata hu main?
    Jab mujhe pta hai tu mera nhi,
    jab mujhe pta hai main tera nhi,
    jab mujhe pta hai hum dono ke darmiyaan kuch nhi,

    Kyu toot jata hu main?
    Tujhe khudse juda hote dekh,
    Kisi or ko tere kareeb aate dekh,
    Tujhe kisi or ka hote dekh,

    Kyu toot jata hu main?
    Jab bhi teri muskan mujhe yaad aati hai,
    Jab bhi teri nadaniyaan meri aankhe nam kar jaati hai,
    Jab bhi tere adhoore waade meri saanso ko tez kar jate hai,

    Aakhir kyu toot jata hu main?

    Na tu mera,
    Na main tera,
    Bas kuch pal jo bhot haseen the, humare the,
    Nhi bhool skta hu main,
    Islie toot jata hu main!

  • kidster_official 1w


    Paulit-ulit na lamang
    Paulit-ulit na tinatanong
    Sa lahat ng ginustong kong gawin, bakit?

    Bakit akong nagisip na tumalon
    Ngunit alam kong hindi ko rin magagawa
    Dahil takot ako sa mga pangyayaring susunod

    Bakit kong pinipilit protektahan ang iba
    Kung sa aking sarili
    Hindi ko magawa?

    Bakit ganito ang aking isinusulat?
    Bakit ganito ang aking isinasaisip?
    Bakit? Tanong na pinaulit-ulit


  • feel_nthink 1w

    _Can you tell me_?
    Do you have any answers?
    #gratitude #questions #happiness #spiritual #nature #love #life #thoughts

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    I have got everything in life. I have got caring family, education, understanding and emotional value. I am happy with my life. What else do I want ?

  • blissful_moonbow 1w

    Unanswered questions

    Wondering times
    I ask myself
    Who really am I?
    What's my purpose in life?
    Is life really all about work, study and status?
    Why does it feel as if I'm on the wrong path?
    Where does this path lead to?
    Should I go further or should I turn back?
    What does the future holds?
    Is there even a future?
    Questions upon questions
    Floods my mind,
    I'm drowning,
    I'm scared,
    The anxiety,
    The insecurities,
    The doubts,
    Clouds my anxious mind.
    No answers.
    Still searching.
    All I can do for now is forcefully drag myself on an unsure path.
    Hoping that one day I'll stumble upon the answers.
    Praying it's not too late.

  • h_taylorpoetry 1w

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say hi and chat. The world around us is so chaotic right now. So just wanted to be random and fun...

    Q+A TIME : If you have any questions for me and my writing comment below please.

    #htaylorpoetry #writer #writerslife #poetry #qa #questions #answers #writing #write #random #life #thoughts #diary

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    Hello Everyone!

    Spread the love


  • arushis_1410 1w

    How many times have we had conversations that did not end ??
    How many times we wanted to talk, yet decided against it ??
    Why do we ignore ourselves ??
    When did we all learn self detrimental lessons ??

    #free_time #fiction #questions #love_yourself #talk

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    Listen to those silences
    Those empty spaces
    Those dotted lines .....
    In between,
    Those Conversations initiated at nines
    Of course you dont read
    Of course you have better ways,
    These aren't stories indeed
    There is a wait for better days,
    For sure !!

    Fluent in minds
    Communicate in the breathings
    Or just find possible endings
    For incomplete
    It undermines......!!

  • organise 2w

    ചില ചോദ്യങ്ങൾ

    കവിതകൾ എഴുതുവാൻ വൃത്തങ്ങൾ ആവശ്യമണോ ?
    വൃത്തങ്ങൾ ഇല്ലാതെ കവിത എഴുതാൻ കഴിയില്ലേ ?

  • prsandeep84 2w

    When Truth met Lie for first time...

    A conversation...

    Truth : you Lie , you create problems in Life for others.

    Lie. : There are so many life's which is running fine because of me .

    Truth : Don't you feel Guilty ?

    Lie : No, because most of the time, it helps others to stay less worried.

    Truth : one or the other day you are exposed.

    Lie. : but I am happy that till that date they are Happy. But when you come between you spoil others happiness by telling facts.

    Truth : But I create temporary sadness, not like you who make it for Lifetime sadness.

    Lie : Sometimes I feel I shouldn't exist, but I exist because my absence will kill you too.

  • prsandeep84 2w

    A Breath ..

    She thought Burning into Ashes made him Happy...


    He was more interested in blowing the Ashes Away...

  • tds_sr_tbnu__shreyasi 2w

    #poverty #mainproblem #nyaay #life #India #gareeb #ameer #rich #poor #problem #solution #sarkaar #thoughts #questions #youth #future #demand
    मुफ़लिस - गरीबी
    मुन्सिफ़ - न्याय करने वाला

    Google se pucho ya kisi se bhi..India ka pehla prblm??toh answer aayega..garibi..yaani angrezi mae kaho toh poverty..bahut saare cases pending rhe jaate hn iss desh mae..kyunki garibi jyada h..aur nyaay dilaane wala bhi aaj kal paison ki maang krta h..kuch logg hn jo darr k apne nyaay k liye ldhna nhi chahte..uske liye bhi sarkaar ne bahut schemes nikaale..pr hua kya..India aaj bhi wahin ka wahin h...garibon ko nyaay milna toh durr ki baat h kyunki garib hn dekhte hi nyaay dilaane wala case ldhne k liye mana kr deta h..aur fir bhi..inn sb k bawajud..ameer logg kehte hn ki..sarkaar unke liye kuch nhi krta..jahanki iss desh k jyadatar cases wo ameer logg hi jeette hn..kbhi kbhi ve logg glt hon tb bhi jeet jaate hn..aur iska reason h ki unke paas dher saara paisa h...yeh sarkaar jitne bhi schemes nikaalta h usse kisi na kisi ore se ameeron ko hi jyada fayada hota h..aap koi bhi exmple lekr dekh skte hn..aur baat sirf abhi k sarkaar ki nhi h..baat sadiyon ki h...ameer logon k liye aap jitna bhi kro bhala unko km kyun lgta h..??unke paas toh paise hn na..jo bhi unko chahiye..wo khudse kr lete hn...pr...garib logg..unko toh khaane k liye bhi dusron pe depend hona pdta h..ameeron k daant sunne pdte hn..apna jaan dao pe lagakr do waqt ki roti k liye khtna pdta h..nyaay sbko milna chahiye..pr sarkaar ka sahaara sbko nhi milna chahiye..agr sarkaar hi sbki madad kare toh ameer kya aur gareeb kya...sbko baithe rhne do..milke bina mehnat ka mufat ka khayenge roj...kyunki sarkaar ka hr scheme hr plan hota toh gareebon k unnati k liye pr fayada ameer utha jaate hn..ameer ka baccha fail hi kyun na hua ho..wo history bana leta h..kyunki uske paas paisa hota h...pr ek gareeb ka baccha jiske paise toh nhi hn..pr...safala dwaara chume jaane k liye
    Bas kuch hi kadam baaki hote hn ki unhe kayi jagah select nhi kiya jata..kyunki bahut jagah pe humaari kaabiliyat nhi paison ko dekha jaata h..nyaay mtlb sirf court ka nyaay nhi hota...meine jo udharan abhi diya..usko bhi nyaay kehte hn..jise haasil krne mae hum chuk jaate hn jinke paas paise nhi hote..
    ek baar..sirf ek baar aakr wo ameer logg dekhen..ki ek gareeb ka ghr kaise chlta h..gareeb ghr ka baccha apne maa baap k apne pariwaar k dukh ko durr krne k liye kis hadd tk mehnat krta h..uss bacche ki maa usko padhaane k liye apni khushi bech deti h..aur uska pita apne kashton ko bhul jaata h...
    Mein jaanti hun..ki..yeh post ko..bahut ameer logg padh rhe hn...pr pata nhi kyun yeh sb aaj likhne k liye mujhe mere khayalaat majbur kr rhe hn...han..aap logg apni baat bhi cmnt section mae likh skte hn..aur agr mein aapko glt lg rhi hun toh aap aise hi mat likhiyega..mujhe sabut k saath chahiye hr ek baat..jaise court mae nyaay k liye sabut ki jarurat hoti h..yahan bhi sabut k saath mujhe aapki baaaton ka nyaay chahiye..
    Aur mein yahan..kisiko dominate nhi krna chahti..mein bas yeh puchhna chahti hun..ki ameeron k paas sb kuch hote huye bhi wo aur demand kyun krte hn??ameeron k paas waqt ki kmi h toh ve logg waqt ki demand khudse kyun nhi krte???hr baar paise aur sukh suvidhayon ka hi kyun demand krte hn???garibon ko nyaay hr jagah kyun nhi milta..???bahut se jagah mae humaare kaabiliyat ko sammaan kyun nhi milta??kya mere inn sawalaat ko jawaab dene waala koi h??kya iska samaadhaan kisike paas h??
    Aur agr h toh apnaaya kyun nhi jaata..mein yahan aur bhi bahut kuch likhna chahti thi..pr baat sarkaar ki aa gayi h..toh mein sarkaar ko lekr yahan kisise behes nhi krna chahti..kyunki mera pehla mudda..mere sawalon ka jawaab h..aur iss baar aap taarif bhi kr jayen meri toh bhi mein mere sawalon ka jawaab jarur maangungi..taarif toh hr baar krte hn aap..mein thak si gayi hun sunn sunn k kyunki mein utna kuch khaas nhi likhti..isliye mujhe iss baar..jawaab chahiye...
    Plz answer...plz let the poverty be aparted frm India..let's hv it as a mission..bcoz we r the youth..we r the future of India...let us take the steps..let's answer..let us solve it out����

    @raakha_ @debashish_panda @anuj008 @anjali_1792 @ajnabiabhishek

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    यहाँ मुफ़लिस में तड़प रहे बशर हैं,
    जिनको कोई मुन्सिफ़ नहीं मिलता...
    और वो अमीरज़ादे कहते हैं,
    उनको सरकार का कोई सहारा नहीं मिलता!!!!


  • anyerenaj 2w


    Their asking for the truth
    But won't believe

    You give them answers to questions
    But doubt you as if it's fake but not

    You try to cope up and understand
    But you suddenly burst out of tears

    There's no choice be found
    But scream the pain in silence


  • janegrey 3w

    Monday Morning

    The quiet rush of cars
    Signals the city awakens
    From an uncomfortable slumber

    How many new infections?
    How many more succumbing to the disease?
    Where has it spread now?
    Have I got enough masks for the days ahead?
    ( Not just for myself but my loved ones)

    So much misinformation abounds
    Which expert to believe?
    Why do some countries
    See it as the common flu
    When our painful and traumatic experience
    Never made us forget what SARS was like

    People taken in their prime
    Medical staff taken at the front line
    Some taken while in their home
    (Check piping, check elevators)
    Others just from visiting
    Or from talking
    Or from shaking hands

    Social distancing seems odd
    In a world so connected

    We connect and teach and learn and laugh
    Over zoom
    Not ideal but still

    The cost of SARS was dear
    We need to slow its spread, that's clear
    Distancing physically but not electronically

    With a virus not bowing to sense or stocks
    We need to kneel and bow down and pray
    Because there is not much more to say
    Resolute action is needed without delay.

    ©janegrey (Hong Kong, 16 March 2020)