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  • liathekitten 71w

    First Touch

    In seconds, it just happened
    In one move, our bodies were entwined,
    As my arms hugged your body
    Your back to my chest
    My hands on your front
    I froze, you froze, time slowed

    "Is-is this ok?" I stuttered
    "Yea.. this is fine" you muttered
    Relax, but tense, lost, but found
    Hugging tight, afraid to let go

    The moment our hands touched
    Sparks enlightened through my soul
    I gasped at such a touch
    I never felt such a spark
    N jus as quick, as we abruptly let go
    My hands now cold, my body now cold

    Time continued, brain now working
    "I-im sorry. So sorry, I-"
    Unable to explain myself, i got nervous
    But you assured me there, and hugged me again

    Instead of slow, time moved too fast
    Hearing the thumping of your heart
    Drumming in my ear, n your breathe
    Hitched, lost, unknown, way too quick

    Letting go again, the wind now quiet
    Our braincells agaped, braindead as it is
    Our bodies ablazed, wanted to feel again
    Our hearts a-lost-for emotion, alost for words
    But for sure, our souls empty holes are now full

    Full for now..until we meet again..
    Until we talk again
    Until we...touch again