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  • piyatresha 6h

    Mirroring You

    In my ocean of bitterness you were my sweet reality of blue.
    Bliss was our time destined to last till dear eternity.
    In the peers of nature not everything lasts so was you and my love.
    All of a sudden, your picture got cloaked by moist, sailing through the ends of time.
    Leaving me alone in our paradise moaning for my half.
    My soul got lost in the depths of dark trench never to blessed with light of love.
    But one fine eve, you came home to me like a drizzling shower where you always belonged.
    In every droplets sure there was your face drenching me whole.
    Promise me my love, to never be apart for I was a soulless body wandering the ghost of an ocean searching for my one true love of a rain.

  • kitty8frost 8h

    clouds can cry as well

    choking on the rain
    filling up my lungs
    bathing in the pain
    till everything goes numb

    i'm staring up at the sky
    as the water hits my face
    and all i can do is cry
    till everything slowly fades

    laying on wet concrete
    feeling way too tired
    to stand on my feet
    till everything finally dies


  • __sudipa__ 10h

    Novel, a cup of tea and me
    In the balcony,
    Spending our lovely time together,
    Gathering beautiful memories by looking at
    the azure that seemed to be more adorable
    No it wasn't blue,
    It seemed more hazy,
    I could perceive the chirping of birds
    And the zephyr that patted me so gently
    The scintillating sun started hiding in the filthy clouds
    And within a minute or two
    I endured the squalls of driving shower,
    It felt like so magical
    Culminating me from inside,
    A feeling that was so sublime
    I could hear the thrumming of rain
    Which I could feel it at proximity
    Making me moist and I rushed towards my room,
    Closing the windows, arranging the wafting curtains,
    The drizzle felt like avalanche, as it made it's way throughout my habitation,
    The sound of the rain was more violent but I felt serene,
    I don't know why I loved the rain
    The way it was quenching all the thirst of the scorching land,
    It was also quenching my thirst, and I was driving mad,
    My childhood featured in front of my eyes,
    Peeping the past, I realised,
    How happy I used to be taking the earthly shower on the open land,
    The rain that made me wet, made me joyful too,
    That little me, that happy me, trying to woo
    That every little things behind her quite childishly,
    And yet now, I could feel so many things quite rapidly,
    After a dog's age,
    When the rain stopped
    I went out of my room
    To feel the petrichor
    The fragrance, that felt like it would never let me go
    I was happy, joyful, and felt more beautiful,
    I went to the balcony back again
    And the dull sunlight was falling on my face as it was making its way out of the clouds,
    I took a deep breath, with the hope in my mind,
    To make me have aquaintance with another most glorious view of nature !

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  • surabhig 20h

    I could travel so much because of rains.
    From childhood to teenage and now adulthood,
    Rains always have a special memory and a big space.

    Making those small paper boats in our childhood.
    May that be listening to music and reminiscing about my crush in the teenage,
    Or now longing for that someone to hold hands in hand and walk down in that rain....
    I could travel so much because of rain.

    With year and year as it rained,
    I grew up learning life's maze....
    For sometimes the storm is just to clean all the mess.
    But still dont long for the storm to pass,
    Instead look for a rainbow that sky could paint.....

    Sometimes drizzles and light showers,
    Sometimes follows the hide and seek among sunshine and showers....
    All being equally beautiful,
    Afterall, rain brings some moments pocket ful....

    Rains got everything to set,
    Sometimes lets you set back and forget.

    To heal and then vanish,
    And keep the wait alive...
    For the smiles and pain....
    Make us revive and rejuvenate again...


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  • dawn_dreams 20h


    Hands clasping the last shred of hope on which felicity depends,
    Waiting for a sign that the universe might lend....
    and then--
    Nature lies drenched,
    As the pale skies above lie content,
    At play are the forces that ....us young hearts can't comprehend.


  • anuradhasharma 20h


  • fefecreation 21h

    My best friend
    A wise person one said
    A best friend feels your pain and joy
    Thanks for always crying with me when I'm sad
    Thanks for being cloudy when I'm moody
    Thanks for being sunny when I be hopping on my good days like a bunny
    I love you

  • monali03 21h

    It's cold.
    I was calm,
    And you were the sun.
    I don't know,
    The broken go.

    Your day looks
    So patient,
    And the summer rain
    On my timeless music.

    As we speak,
    And as my thoughts
    Well up,
    They burn
    As they go red.

    The mirror
    Is looking pale.
    The palette
    Looks colourful.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    The mirror
    Is looking pale.
    The palette
    Looks colourful.

  • _broken_mirror_ 21h

    I locked myself in my room,
    Somehow escaping from the rain,
    The atmosphere looked full of melancholy,
    The sky full of darkness,
    And my heart full of loneliness.

  • sumana_chakraborty 22h

    Amidst plethora of raining words
    when poetry submerges,
    petrichor of sodden love
    wraps welkins within the
    secret embrace of our silken warmth .

  • himanshi_sharma 22h

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    My soul is a poetic dawn ,
    with falling soliloquies
    waiting for the first drop of
    summer rain ,
    to spell the truths
    that are need to be heard,
    or else the silence will make them deniable.

    May born - I find my home inside of
    Did I ever tell you that the scent
    of the rain ,
    on a street overhauled with dust and
    hot wind is more beautiful than
    the rain itself.
    May have it all.

    Dive right into the depths of this poem
    as you please
    and send me letters written in ink
    of hope,
    tell me you met wizards and angel's
    tell me you walk past the universe of pink moons.

    I'll leave hints of love
    hidden in the Shakespeare's sonnet.
    Go on rewrite them ,
    stretched them across the sky.
    It will feel like dew drops on your skin .
    Let the metaphors sink in
    and create new hope's .


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    May born - I find my home inside of
    Did I ever tell you that the scent
    of the rain ,
    on a street overhauled with dust and
    hot wind is more beautiful than
    the rain itself.
    May have it all.


  • prakashinin 22h

    It is the magical rhythm,
    Of the rain mesmerising you
    Rimjhim rimjhm ; what a pattern
    Of the sound waves formed , everything stood standstill.. gazing you the silver droplets.In the daytime you make me lazy.
    A hot cup of tea with hot " pakodas" and the "rimjim" music is my nostalgia.At night you take me to another world. I forget my identity as an earthly being.

  • artemiswrites 1d

    The remnants of a Sirimiri,
    that took the browning trees by surprise
    linger on my frosted glass windows
    like paint on an artist's hands,
    The Song of the Sirimiri that
    the ink dark clouds sang sent
    rivulets of pulsating life, into
    wilitng flowers and drooping grass.
    When this Sirimiri wrote
    Life into paper dry lands, I realised
    that rainshowers are poets and
    Life is Poesy.

  • dishang8614 1d

    Image clicked by me
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Light rain

    Do you hear the rimjhim?
    drop by drop, falling softly
    into the emerald, pink leaves
    oh, so sweet to hear
    that reminds me of the black tulip
    flirting and singing in bygone times

    Have you ever feel the rimjhim?
    every drop reminds me of the stolen memories of yours
    still the pain lingering in my veins
    like a dramatic wind caressing beneath my skin
    tingling drops, echoes that insane

    Have you ever taste the rimjhim?
    for it tastes like your delicate kiss upon my lips
    it reminds me of your love, but how long it lasted?
    not aware on how and why,
    like a falling leaves in dead autumn
    our love falls, wilt and die

    Everything about rain it reminds me of how I'm in tangled with the past, I let go
    the downpour murmur of pain
    Time tells until how it will last

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    Everything about rain reminds me of how I'm in tangled with the past, I let go
    the downpour murmur of pain
    time tells until how it will last

  • serenityandchaos 1d


    Light rain
    Careless cloud
    Droplet Dancing like a opiate spirit
    makes everything beacon & dazzled
    Like our life is ingenious & apparent
    Like everything is dancing cosily
    Like my soul is wet with serenity

  • sproutedseeds 1d

    R A I N

    Rain is the messenger of the sky
    carrying the message
    of hope and joy
    to the nature as
    it brings back life
    with the smell of petrichor
    quenching the thirst
    after a long summer.

  • hritik_hv 1d

    Chase what's chasing you, sometime time is the real chaser.

    For more follow soulful_writer_ On insta.

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    chasing your past while you're in present, won't be a bad choice either!
    But, what exactly you're chasing is sinking,
    right in front of your eyes,
    and you–
    you are just chasing why am I sinking?


  • poetrynz 1d

    As snow becomes rain I am reminded of my sins being washed away.


  • anathreek_jey 1d

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    #rain #wod

    A name that brings joy,
    To the hearts of people
    Who wanted to pour out along with it..
    A drop peaks through the cloud
    Drops on your forehead
    Rolls down on your lips
    To curve your smile perfectly.
    Your head elevates up to the sky
    That has changed to black.
    Rhimjhim..the rain starts to drizzle in slowmo..
    You feel every drops splashes inside your body for your heart plays with rain.
    You love to get drenched
    While birds flies to find shelter.
    A minute of silence,
    no horn, no people, no sign of life
    Yet you witness the rhythm of life that is dancing alive from above.
    Makes the roads and trees to reflect bright and drenched along with you in silence.
    A moment of calmness,
    Fills your spirits and happiness high
    And walk like you are the love of rain.


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    From above,
    the rain sings,
    The rhythm makes
    Your soul to grin..


  • _writer_at_heart_ 1d


    Majestic alluring rain, reaches earthbound,
    Out it comes from stomach of cloud,
    Nourishing everything on ground,
    Rimjhim Rimjhim rain quenches the nature profound.

    Scented earthly,
    Oozing from above;
    The sirimiri rain offers nature's unparalleled event throughout.

    It seems enticing scene to watch,
    Sky sending all its love to the Earth.

    Making us forget all worries.
    Aroma of rain act as bliss,
    And also has the power to distruct or act as boon.
    Apart all this,
    It gives some mental relaxation and calm mood.

    The rhythmic sirimiri,
    Gives strength to bear stress,
    Integrate with us,
    Connoting several emotions!

    As it reach its destination it belongs,
    Let us ponder where we belong ?

    Assuring there's light after darkness,
    Rain comes but not to forget sun will rise again!
    Draw your attention to this positive aspect,
    And that's what rain brings to my notice always.

    Feel the rain if you can,says each drop;
    Enough heavy to fall under gravity,
    Enough strong to independently go on.

    Liquid water in the form of droplets,
    Simply travel its destination, it's meant for.
    Look at the splashing drops,
    Integrating where it falls.

    Knocking our mind comes the memories,
    Emotions arise,depending on one's context, along!

    Humidifying the air, rimjhim rain comes!
    Making environment drenched and fresh.

    Away it wash all the dirt or mud.
    Who won't love to listen the rhythmatic lullaby it sings to us ?

    Even thunder or storm blow new strength.
    Rain grows flowers, not thunder, is exemplified by this to learn.