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  • prakratisinghyaduvashi 7w

    Attitude raise your Hidden Talent.

  • kavithai_raagam 10w

    ��Kindness is all about to give and enjoy and create smiles is called kindness all times �� #kind #help #supoort #raise #poverty #provide #grow #regain #life

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    Kindness is all about
    Not to lend nor to get
    Just to bend down to hear and
    Find solution to tear
    As permanent solution for
    Will be kindness all times !!

  • waitingforsomeone 10w

    Find the audacity
    to fight for yourself.
    If for nothing else
    raise your fists
    to save the girl
    within yourself.

  • sharonshre 11w


    A bird determined to fly does not look for fallen feathers;
    Worry not for those who ignore you;
    They were never a medium for your goals.

  • pearlfrancis12 17w



    #Give your help & support to the one in need. Don't think what the world or society will think or even family members. What's wrong is wrong, even when a family member is doing it. Raise your voice against such people & save the child facing abuse, the woman raped, the man who was killed. Save the world. That's how you can save yourself.
    #Raise your voice
    #Be Stronger

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    Difficultly in opening my eyelid
    Tells me I'm still half asleep
    So is the world
    To every unfair, injustice taking place.
    Turning into puppets of sleep
    To the eyes of innocent helpness beings.

  • poeticahouse 17w

    Devastated by the recent news about Manisha Valmiki's rape case ��
    Here, I'm trying to show the bigger picture
    "Ek din mein rape ki sankhiya sattasi(87)
    Ek aaye samne chhip jaaye chiyasi(86)"
    We need to stop this !! Are you with me in this?
    Please like, share and espeacially repost this one ����

    Respect everyone❤

    #poeticahouse #poet #poetry #hindi #hindipoetry #urdu #urdupoetry #shayar #shayari #hindishayari #urdushayari #rap #hindirap #rape #istandagainstrap #manishavalmiki #priyankareddy #nirbhaya #hangtherapist #youthagainstrape #youthpower #raise yourvoice

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    Kuch badla nahi sab waisa hi hai
    Duniya ka dastoor saala aisa hi hai
    Nirdosh ki jaan ki koi keemat nahi
    Aur akhir mein baap inka paisa hi hai

    Ek din mein rape ki sankhiya sattasi(87)
    Ek aaye samne chhip jaaye chiyasi(86)
    Kaise ho tarakki jab soch mein kharabi
    Sabko bnna hai pablo aur chahiye sentalis(47)

    Kabhi jalate hai zinda kabhi todh'te reed
    Jismo ke bhooke nahi dekh'te peed
    Badalav ke liye soch badalo kyuki
    Mombatti jalane se bs lagti hai beedh

    Yeh kaisi haiwaniyat insaan ki
    Jo woh sahe, na ho humse byaan bhi
    Pehle woh maange bheekh apni jaan ki
    Agar bach jaaye toh insaaf ki

    Ek haath se kaat di hai zubaan
    Dusre se maar diya kisaan
    Aakhon pe patti kanoon ke hai
    Per asal mein andhi hai yeh awaam


  • tinytraces 25w

    #Only You Can#

    "You Break
    You Fix"...!!

  • tinytraces 25w

    #Small To Great High#!!!

    "Go For Small Things
    Then Only A Big Things
    Will Lead A Way For You".....!!!!

  • mackruis 29w

    Reaching a crowded destination with enlighten soul can always wake you, up stronger everytime..!
    Raise up stronger though you fall down instantly!!


  • dil_se_dilshath 31w

    A fall is the stepping stone
    to your success !!

  • golden_mean 32w

    #raise voice
    Sceptism towards ability of others,superiority based on historical intepretation,supression based on dominance - all these are attributes of a core-periphery society where the core are the powerful and periphery are the powerless.

    We live in prismatic socities where we are developing but never become developed.We believe in equality but equality remains distant dream.Love is an ideal but serves interest.Corruption remains a necessary evil.Civilizational clash overtakes humanity.Flesh beings remote controlled with little scope for emotions.Becoming pastures for others profit is more prestigious than bending to help others.We want to keep the cake and have it too!!

    We have become subalterns as a nation, as a religion , as a gender and even as an individual.We have become blind followers of
    Modernity which infact was a western obsession.

    West obsession has taken us nowhere.Instead the champions of democracy have themselves been reluctant democrats which were always guided by self interest, racism and sold their interest like dreams.How can we forget cosmopolitan theory is a footsteps of VASUDEV KUTUMBKAM our own theory.Our precocious democracy is better for a driversity we inhibit rather than the perfect idea of democracy marketed by west.

    Can we grow beyond materialism, patriatchy,politicisation and move towards rationality, gender equalisation,decentralization? - this is our own choice.Speak up for yourself,your society,your country and this world.If you dont noone ever will .Time is ripe enough to speak up.Cake of freedom should be shared among all equally.

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    Can the subaltern speak?

    Speech is the currency for freedom,if you don't speak now no one ever will !

  • poornimagowda 36w

    Interfering In Other's Matter Doesn't Make You Wiser
    Interacting With Yourself Can Raise You Higher

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • sanchari_karmakar 43w

    Raising up my walls of beliefs with much care only for you to break them as and when you want.

  • musingsofriya 54w


    The place where I felt belonged, feels strange and cold,
    I wonder am I getting lost in chaos,as I try to hold,
    The silence here made me restless,
    The voices now makes me feel less,
    It have never been like this, for all I know this shall too pass,
    As I will raise again One day.
    Change is what have been permanent all my life.

  • theeuphoric_soul 59w


    You refuse to marry
    'cause you're scared of commitment?
    Every relationship is a commitment
    So basically you're just not able to be honest and loyal.

  • baba_adam 60w

    लड़की हूँ मैं

    कुछ ख्वाहिशों ने मुझे धमकाया कुछ सरहदों ने मुझे डराया पर कर कुछ सकती नहीं थी लड़की हूँ मैं।
    घर वालों ने बोझ बताया तो ससुराल में धन पराया पर मेरी समझ में कुछ नहीं आया क्या करूँ लड़की हूँ मैं।
    किसी ने लाखों का बताया तो किसी ने करोड़ों का बताया पर मेरी जान पहचान का पता किसी ने भी न बताया क्या करूँ लड़की हूँ मैं।
    मेरा दर्द कभी मेरा न था कभी इस तरफ तो कभी उस तरफ पर सही पता किसी को न भाया,
    नज़रें झुका कर चलना सिखाया पर आवाज़ ऊँची करना न सिखाया क्या करूँ लड़की हूँ मैं।
    मैं ज़्यादा बोली तो तेज़ होगयी मैं जगह जगह घूमी तो चरित्रहीन होगयी कपड़ों से मेरे कईओं ने चारित्र समझाया और तब हर चीज़ का ज़िम्मेवार मुझे ठहराया पर एक बात समझ न आई कि सही गलत लड़कों को क्यों न समझाया आखिर क्यों क्योंकि लड़की हूँ मैं।
    हमेशा से भेदभाव के दलदल में घुसाया सही होने पर भी मुझे चुप कराया जब बात आई पढ़ाई की भाई को ज़्यादा और मुझे कम क्यों पढाया,
    छोटी थी तो सुनती थी पराया धन है और भाई होगया राजा घर का इसी बात में कुछ न बोली बड़ी हुई तो शादी के तराज़ू में बिठाया क्योंकि लड़की हूँ मैं।
    गलत जब भी हुआ किसी लड़की के साथ तब भी उसके आँचल को ही मैला बताया पर हिम्मत किसी की न हुई कि अपने ही लड़के को किसी ने भी दोषी बताया,
    हर बात को लेकर जब हद से आगे लड़के निकले तब भी मुझे ही क्यों आखिर मोहरा बनाया,
    मैं कमज़ोर निकली पर बनाने वाला कौन था मैं गलत थी पर गलतियां निकलने वाला कौन था यह भी तो समझो हर बात को लेकर मुझे ही हर पाठ पढ़ाया क्योंकि लड़की हूँ न ,
    हदों में रहना मुझे सिखाया तो फिर क्यों लड़को को हद पार करने का लाइसेंस उन्हें दिलवाया
    वो इज़्ज़त लुटे तो मर्दानगी होगयी जिसकी इज़्ज़त लूटी वो लड़की कुलटा(वैश्या) होगयी आखिर क्यों क्योंकि लड़की हूँ मैं।
    आज भी डरती हूँ मैं अकेले बाहर निकलने से
    आज भी डरती हूँ मैं सूनी गलियों में चलने से
    परछाइयां डराती हैं मुझे अब हर रोज़ क्योंकि लड़की हूँ मैं।


  • kiran_ch9721 61w

    #Lot of changes in this Modern Era, Where you yourself seek a help from you not from anyone��
    #When Something went wrong with you, Try to build yourself again and again��
    #You yourself a Fighter, Master, Ruler for your life.��
    #May be we may not be always right but we don't let something to go wrong ��
    #Karma is a Bitch�� it never leaves us alone��
    #Be a Fighter, Warrior and Be a Human ��
    #Raise Above Hate��

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    #You Yourself a Motivator


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    My dad didn't raise a liar!!!!!!

  • sundarapandiyanp 66w

    மஞ்சள் வெயில்

    அதிகாலையின் அழையா விருந்தாளி
    விண்ணை பகலாக மாற்றும் மாயவன்