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    किस्मत ने भी हमें क्या खूब आज़माया है ।

    जो भी आया सबने रुलाया है ।


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    The tree was being axed for it had to make place for a big shopping complex to be built in its place. Half of the trunk was already cut yesterday.

    Today the worker would resume his work and take down the only last remaining tree. A bird was watching this and weeping silently. It came and sat on the tree and then

    Bird - I will miss you

    Tree - Yeah I understand, your family grew here; you have so many memories.

    Bird - Yes, my kids left but I stayed back because you provided me shelter when it was raining heavily. You encouraged me to build my home, my nest here ... And then life was beautiful.

    T - But it's still beautiful ? You can fly, discover new places, meet new friends and make more memories.

    B - Yes, you wouldn't be there na ?

    T - Oh! That's so sweet of you my dear. Life is like that .. what comes, also goes. And the show continues.

    B - Why can't all be like you?

    T - Meaning?

    B - You give so much to us without expecting a return, yet are so grounded

    T - Maybe because my roots are under the ground (laughs)

    B - (chuckles) No one can replace you in my heart

    T - Thanks dear

    B - But what you will do now ?

    T - I may not be there anymore but my friends are all over this world. They continue to do their duties. I am happy for that.

    B - Woah

    T - Yes birdie, there are lots of trees in this world. Environment exists and makes its presence felt, just learn to observe. Nature is the best giver and it gives you loads of memories and a bucketful of happiness ☺️

    B - Wow

    T - So, instead of lamenting, celebrate for its the World Environment Day!! And pledge to do something for it

    B - I am so small, what can I do?

    T - That's why you can do many things!! Big things are done by small ones ...

    B - Please elaborate

    T - You can chirp and provide happiness to all. Or maybe carry seeds of various trees and just drop it on the journey so my branches grow there as well!!

    B - Woah, I might have did this .. my kids and friends as well but never realised that

    T - Exactly �� Realise the role you play in spreading goodwill and be happy always ��

    The bird flew away as the worker had returned back to chop off the remaining bark of tree and cut it down. Sadness, it was dying on the World Environment Day.

    ♥️Happy World Environment Day♥️


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    Bird - I will miss you

    Tree - Yeah I understand, your
    family grew here; you
    have so many memories.


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    5 th June ; Let's make it better!!!
    #random ; symphony betn life & lifeless component of our environment����️��


    Prior to the colostrum
    I was fed by the tranquil gush of air
    Of the green big lady
    My lungs breathed for the first time

    Succumbed into the bossom of ruthless soil
    Her baby sprouted & breathed the air
    Which I sent for lo

    We stepped in with a beautiful exchange
    & Were called as new life

    To the existing lifeless beam that helped me grow ; caressed it though
    To the existing realm which consoled my thirst; & showers which nurtured it first
    It grew; so as me!

    We confronted the heat for which I perspired
    & it transpired
    We both choked ; water bodies soaked
    Untill a cool breeze consoled, & the thunders roared
    Suddenly darkened clouds burst; over the thirsty crust
    It danced with joy; so as me

    It was beautiful;
    A interdependent cycle between the life & lifeless
    An intertwined agony constituting a heavenly existence....
    O U R E N V I R O N M E N T

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  • timeblossom 17h

    #random #temp

    Isn't that beautiful.

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    Flowers are the most loyal
    Creatures I have ever seen .
    They wither there, where
    They bloom .

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    """ Rishte"""




  • rara_avis_18 21h

    When you accidentally see his name in your parents phones, the way you two used to write your names together ���� and you miss that part somewhere deep inside your heart.. BUT THAT'S DEEP..
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    Tu ye mat bhul
    Jaha tera naam khatm hota hai
    Mera naam waha se shuru hota hai
    Ye ittefaq smjh ya ek majak
    Humara har sunhera bita pal
    Ab dur se hi milta hai..

  • soulfulstirrings 22h

    Life's all about learning what calms your soul
    And unlearning what adds chaos .

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    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    I have taken eons
    To reach where I am today .
    I have left behind chaos
    And it's calm that I embrace .
    Unruffled I am by what you think ..
    Cos you haven't walked my path .
    That deviates from the norms that you preach .
    /Can you crumble me with your words ??
    Nah...you can't/
    /For I am like those Autumn leaves
    That carpet the ground ...
    Knowing very well
    That to begin anew ..
    You need to become one with the soil/


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    God is penning down your story with his golden quill. Why do you want to grab that golden pen? Trust in Him. He is the best scriptwriter; will ink the best for you!


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    Zindagi me dhokhe khana bhi jaruri hai
    Tabhi to pata chalta hai
    Kiske kitne chehre hai!!

  • ohii_anshu 1d

    // Flowers for sale! Flowers for sale

    Freshly withered
    And some stale
    Flowers for sale!Flowers for sale!
    Scarlet hues
    And pinky pale
    Flowers for sale!Flowers for sale!
    Neatly thorned
    Kissed by gale
    Flowers for sale! Flowers for sale!
    Pitch black rose
    Portraying my tale
    Flowers for sale ! Flowers for sale!

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  • thoughtsprocess 1d

    How long
    she can sail
    her boat of love
    on the ocean
    of assumptions
    She needs
    the favourable winds
    of his words
    Her boat needs
    the anchor of
    his assurance

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    The strain of cruelty those humans had towards that innocent elephant, and the man, George Floyd, made me write this piece out of anger and sadness......��������

    #inhuman #random
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    H u m a n i t y !?

    Shackled in aching chains,
    Thrown in the darkest rooms,
    Given brutality to feed on,
    Averted to meet the bona fide,
    Taught to slay the guileless.
    Incapacitated and naked, it stands;
    Concealing itself.
    /Will it enter the execrable hearts,
    To make those compassionate?
    Or will it perish; suffocated?/


  • soulfulstirrings 1d

    What have we become ?
    Do we realise that what we deal with in our world is all because we messed up somewhere .

    #random @sumana_chakraborty
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    That day ...

    Dawn broke like a million days
    With the same warmth , hues same ...
    Whilst in two different corners ..
    Humanity snuffed yet another life ..
    In the colour of his skin ...
    And in an innocent animal's name .
    /To smithereens we have shattered ourselves
    Turning into beasts lacking compassion/

  • rithu_saji 1d

    Quick question guys, if I took away all Ya mobile phones, laptops and internet connectivity.. What would you do...?? Would you still be having a lot of meaningful hobbies??
    Because I feel as though most of us would rather just turn to our screens the moment we get bored...


  • _im_anny 1d

    I tried to show you
    That I can turn my back on you,
    Why am I so lonely
    I thought I was good with breakups
    But even the smallest habits
    I shared with you
    Is not easy to forget
    Foolishly I can't move on
    I'm going through something
    Like regretting the past
    Although you're fine without me
    I am half dead inside
    I never knew how hard
    A breakup would be
    I was selfish to look away from you
    Having a sense of freedom
    And being able to meet new people
    But it eventually brings dispirited heart
    On a pitch-black night,
    I'm all alone again
    This is not I wanted
    His existence was a part of my life
    We were inseparable but once we did
    Everything fell apart
    I'm dying because I didn't
    prepare me for this
    What was I when I first
    meet him from the start
    What was I to choose
    To break up with him
    I guess I loved him so bad
    I guess the fire that was gone
    Is beginning to burn again
    Is it the broken heart longing for him
    Or my selfish loneliness
    Your presence is still here,
    It's killing me

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    Ur Presence


  • sylvia_smith 1d

    She was a selfless soul, repeatedly given less than what she gave. With every person that comes and goes, they took with them a part of her soul until nothing but a shell of her former self remained.

  • ner 1d


    The deep inspires
    an ocean of distant words,
    come to me like waves.

  • preetkanwal 1d

    O’ moon don’t hide so soon
    Glowing in your light
    I am waiting for birth of a verse
    My heart is holding this night
    Wait o’ moon!!
    Let this world sleep
    Let it not see my poem in womb
    Metaphors are playing soft music
    Dark clouds of thoughts
    are dancing around
    Stay n’ teach me thy music celestial.
    Sublime beauty of thy love eternal
    shall remain night after night
    Let my scars heal tonight
    Let the lexis bloom......o’ moon.

    ©preetkanwal 03.06.2020