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    It's lame;
    You can skip it :-)

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    Random Rant;

    ////My thoughts are like raging tides,
    In your presence find their shore.////


  • shashagilbert_writes 3d

    #Anger #rant #random #frustration

    It's lame and temporary
    Read, if you feel like reading it:-)

    ////*Breathes in breathes out* now it feels much better.////

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    I don't write the right way?
    What is the "right way" then?
    You seem to be more knowledgeable
    With your useless trolling.
    What are the standards then
    Almighty one? Or are there any?
    Is that your opinion that matters?
    If that's the case,
    Let me say this.
    Fuck your standards and opinions.
    I write my own way.
    That will never change!
    Especially not for you.
    Read them if you like them.
    Even if you don't like,
    Criticism has always been welcomed;
    But not your rude trolling!
    My poems are broken,
    Let them be,
    As if I'll fix them for you.
    Thanks but no thanks.

  • yigrite 3d

    Random rant

    On some old advice
    I set to task
    Wishing into one hand
    That you were here
    In the other
    Need I tell you
    Which is filling up first.


  • thesloshedsoul 1w

    There are times and there are people.

    People who are highly skilled in sweet talks to get the best they can without any burden of responsibility just words to be splurred out, awaiting for the person in front to slip into the talks and just forget 'actions are important than words' sometimes.

    #rant #thoughts #inspiration #love #life

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    तुम्हारी मीठी बातों के क्या केहेने,
    काश कि तुम्हारी ज़ुबान की तरह तुम इंसान भी मीठे होते।


  • unknownwriter007 1w

    So weird it is that the posts I see, the poems I read are either about being in love or getting your heart broken, both by a lover but what about friends breaking your heart? Do you ever notice how your conversations slowly get shorter, the gap between them longer, the silences more awkward? How you start thinking if you should say something or not when you used to say whatever you wanted and knew it wouldn't offend?
    I have never been in love but I have experienced having your heart broken by a friend, it sucks. You lose a companion, a person you thought you could always count on. It has become a cause for trust issues for me, the reason I stay aloof, the reason that I pull back when I feel myself getting attached.

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    On the Astros and Their Apologies

    The 2019-2020 baseball off-season has been dominated by the scandal surrounding the Houston Astros and their illegal sign stealing practices. This week, baseball fans were treated to the spectacle of Astros owner Jim Crane and stars Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman apologizing for the team's sign stealing scandal. I use the term 'apologizing' loosely here. It was a PR move if anything and I felt little in the way of sincerity from any of the parties. Bregman and Altuve have both been mocked mercilessly for the bad acting and the "we are sorry for the choices that were made" lines. Crane gave us the gem of "it didn't affect the game" as a way of minimizing the fact that the organization from top to bottom engaged in cheating mechanisms since late 2016.

    If the whole sorry spectacle reinforced anything, it is that the Astros organization has learned little from precious PR gaffes. You may recall the disgraceful utterance of "I'm ******* glad we got Osuna" by assistant GM Brandon Taubman towards a female reporter during the playoffs this year and the pathetic attempt at covering it up afterwards. (Blue Jays fans are familiar with the domestic violence case that led to Roberto Osuna being traded away in 2018.) You may also recall manager A.J. Hinch dismissing questions around the Yankees' allegations of sign stealing in the 2019 ALCS with a smarmy arrogance that would make a university professor or a senior bureaucrat blush.

    This organization seems to have a serious problem with crisis management and at this point, they have thrown away virtually all the good will from 2017. What had been a heart warming story of a city and its team rallying around the slogan "Houston Strong" in the wake of the destruction from hurricane Harvey is now irredeemably tainted. Nobody escapes without reputational damage here. Carlos Beltran was considered by many as a sure fire hall of famer. In light of his involvement in this, who knows how the writers will vote once he becomes eligible. The lofty achievements of the teams stars, Bregman, Altuve, Springer, Correa etc. immediately come into question, as well they should. Their heroic status among fans, is now likely gone for good. And these players do themselves no favors by regurgitating tired platitudes about 'moving forward' and 'being remorseful for the choices made'. If anything, they did their holes a little deeper as they continue to lose the respect of their peers and of the fans. For his part, manager A.J. Hinch and his coaching staff were either had dubious leadership ability (Hinch's own insinuation in his sit-down with Tom Verducci) or were more amenable to the sign stealing than Hinch wants to let on. Which was it?

    The sign stealing scandal however has consequences reaching beyond the Astros and their players. The 2018 World Series champion Red Sox are under investigation for illegal sign stealing practices themselves. Many fans, myself included, have also asked the question: "What other teams are engaging in these types of practices?". This has the potential to grow into a scandal akin to the steroid fiasco of a decade and change ago, and it probably will. The league's punishment of Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow (one year bans for both) has been roundly criticized as insufficient. Many also argue that the Astros 2017 title is tainted and should therefore be stripped. Commissioner Rob Manfred is already under fire for his proposed rule changes around pace of play, the proposed new playoff format and the poor marketing of baseball stars relative to stars in other sports. He was soundly excoriated by Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer for this in a video just this week and having watched the video, I concur with a lot of Bauer's points. Manfred's tenure as commissioner will likely be defined by his response to the Astros' scandal more than anything else and frankly, as of now, I question if we would like his legacy in the wake of all this.

    In the end, the game will emerge from this like it did from the seven White Sox players conspiring to throw the World Series a hundred years ago. Before it does though, it will leave many tarnished reputations and many disillusioned fans. Player and fan reaction has shown perfunctory one year bans for Hinch and Luhnow won't quell the outrage. A statement needs to be made to the players who benefited from the cheating and to other teams who may engage or may already be engaging in using technology to cheat.

  • angela40 2w

    My rants #1

    I officially dont like the people who dont care if I exist until there is a test or an exam the next day or even until the freaking day of the test.
    And I hate them even more if they call me around 10 times during the brief period of my existence for them.
    If you wanna talk to me or use me as a stress-release-ball or something like that, you'll have to exist in my world too and you wont exist in my world with this crappy attitude.

    P.S.- I'm not gonna pick up your calls and that is totally, 100%, intensional.

  • porcelainxheart 4w

    Words: comforted & sympathy #mywords #rant

    You can have it all,
    For a price
    The world at your feet,
    If you ask nice
    Wealth in health
    As long as you have the money
    We can cure you, mend you
    Sympathy in one credit swipe

    Feeling six feet under?
    Have you private health cover?
    Comforted by life insurance?
    Then, come right through
    To the emergency room
    Skip the sick and disorderly queue
    Breeze on by
    You'll be in and out
    In no wasted time

    Long waiting lines
    Thing of the past
    Cough up the cash
    And we'll build you to last
    Buried in death's debt?
    Hit with another diagnosis?
    Terminally ill, injured, diseased?
    Put high risks and higher stakes
    All on the surgical table
    We'll have you ahead
    From immobile, to slightly abled
    Stability is indeed within reach

    We have potions and medicines
    For any issue you've got
    Always at a steeper cost
    Your life, or your savings
    Sign the consent letter
    File your will on more hospital bills
    Side effects may vary
    Symptoms might clear
    You'll get far worse
    Before you feel better
    But, wouldn't you prefer it
    Than being under the weather


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  • sometimestheworstme312 4w

    Admit it - Confess

    I want to,
    But i cant.
    Just another stupid rant.



  • james_taumas 7w


    Months waiting
    Countdown began last cliffhanger
    Gather every snack
    Sugary delights
    Show finally drops
    Hours later another cliffhanger
    Jump onto social media
    Critique and rant into cyberspace
    Connect and battle
    Exhaustion sleep coma
    Head falls onto keyboard.


  • _hritikaaa_ 7w

    These bunch of memories don't decompose, as the salinity of my tears keeps them preserved every time.

  • writeendlessly 7w


    My greatest fear is for my children to have a childhood like I did.
    A childhood where 8 yearold me had to grow up overnight and change diapers
    Because "mom was working late"
    A childhood where I attend 18 different schools before graduation.
    A childhood were "mom" wanted to be your best friend over your parent.
    A childhood where I can tell you the difference between a spoon , a belt, a switch, and a drunken bare hand against any part of your body.
    A childhood where 11 and 16 year old me had to physcially fight off grown men because they "loved" us.
    A childhood where the only father figures I had came through my life like a revolving door.
    And like a child I attached quick and broken off disappoint quicker.
    A childhood where the brother brought the sister to the father daughter dance.
    A childhood where 14 years later I known what that "sugar" in the glove box really was.
    A childhood that through my eyes has trauma
    Going out side to use a bucket as a toilet
    Adding water to the milk so It last longer
    Attending a church you dont believe in to reap the benefits of their kitchen.
    A childhood where 30 years later, "mom" says you had a great life you need to forgive me.
    Forgive the grown man touching me because he was your in law
    Forgive the booze you handed me over a broken heart at 16.
    The responsibility of a adult at 11.
    All I am is trauma, anxiety, and depression
    Fears of being like that.
    Being a helicopter father
    Sheltering them so much they
    Cant learn the life they need.
    Fear of being like "mom and dad"
    Turn me into the mom and dad I never wanted to be.

  • vineeee 8w

    Self rant

    The truth is I'm not a nice guy, but I am not that bad either I am as raw and real and as frightening as a Soul could be And that is wherein lies the problem with people like me. We are people with open hearts. We care too much, feel too deep, and fall very easily. We stick memories to our heart and cling on to them to survive We, often, for someone special tend to loose ourselves We rub our scars to feel the pain sometimes just to
    know that we can still feel. We smile through our tears and cry through our smiles. We are gutsy, and most of the times we hate our guts. We build the strongest and the weakest connections from our hearts and not eye-contact or handshakes We are easily rupture in the easiest of moments and yet remain solid in the difficult ones. We are pure heart and soul or we don't exist at all.

  • zarshaq 9w

    Leave completely
    Not in bits
    Which slices up another million pieces..

  • seancraig 10w


    Parents can have intercourse at any moment of the night- no one bats an eye
    I stay awake to watch movie or play games- everybody loses their minds.
    I dont understand this unbalance.

  • the_illumin_alby 11w

    Seeing the ocean you use to swim in wave again gets you erotically “pissed” off

    I rolled my eyes back to
    See what I was really
    Walking through
    The door
    I felt the weight
    Drop almost
    Breaking both
    Knee caps
    The beauty of a


  • lekhak_in_disguise 12w

    Trophy and a crown

    How does it feel like it to be a trophy?
    I think ask if is have experienced it at some point of time.. I mean, at first you feel like you they are proud to have you. And then, then you start feeling like, 'is that pride the only reason I'm here?'once my value is gone, once there is some thing better for them to show off, are they going to leave me? Keep forgotten on a shelf whine the bigger one stays there? Is that all I am? Their trophy that was their pride once. Now forgotten, they are thinking and pondering where should it belong...

    No. I refuse. I will not be your trophy that craved for the attention it once upon a time got. I will be a gem in the crown. The one that can not be avoided. Because no matter what you bring in. I know my place is on the crown. The crown that rules and the crown that fits not care who's with it and who is against. Because like it or not, all you can do is how to it. Mayne more but nothing less.

  • theeuphoric_soul 12w

    And this is even evident in instagram posts. Who gives these "writers" the right to characterise women ? #love#selflove#rant#write#feelings#emotions#women#femalepower#stopjudging#opinions#poetry#writer#life#newage

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    Clothes we wear

    To all the people who decide the character of women based on what clothes we wear.
    Our choice of clothing changes everyday, does that mean you'll slut shame the same woman today who you "respectfully" characterised "Sati savitri" yesterday?

  • sarvo_07 12w

    We actually are living in a world of confirmation, everything we do needs to get a confirmation or a nod from someone! I mean who makes these rules and do we need to follow it anyway?
    Why can't we be we, dress the way we want, speak the way i feel, be myself!
    Why does someone else decide what's civil, everything is civil until I'm not disregarding someone!
    Let me be me, you be you, it's okay if you don't like the way the ideal is, it's okay if you are not in sync with what civil is, i don't want anyone to confirm me that what my idea of living should be! Period!