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  • wingsofmaverick 1d


    What the fuck is wrong with me?
    Obsessing over her, she ain't comin' Its a guarantee,
    All these pills and booze makes me brain damaged,
    This emo bullshit makes me mentally challenged,
    While I sit in front of some therapist mumbling,
    While that chick in bed with someone banging,
    Why the fuck I m rhyming every thing feeling?
    What kind of weird syndrome am I feeling?

  • hawaii 5d

    My Pillar

    To feel happy
    I listen to Slim Shady
    It's been my therapy
    Now I feel we're family

    When I had no one
    I listen to you referencing everyone
    and I feel like a someone
    Buried under a tonne
    To escape it you're the one
    I go to have a little fun

    Your words take me higher
    I feel like a fighter
    In a heart you lit a fire
    Now I'm a live wire
    there's nothing I can't acquire

    "You are the Kim to my Marshall,
    you're the Slim to my Shady
    The Dre to my Eminem,
    the Alaina to my Hailie
    You're like the Pillar that props me up,
    the beam that supports me"

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    My Pillar

    Thank you Marshall Mathers
    Whatever the weather
    I know we'll face it together
    In your words I find shelter
    To many you are food and water
    As I'm 'Talkin' to Myself' I feel I matter
    Now I'm losing myself to make my life better


  • bclark2681 1w


    Old radio sings to me
    All its pretty little tunes
    Old to new, all between
    Scream, rap and croon

  • soliquince 1w

    Small paintbrush, big canvas

    One rhyme to rise
    through the grime
    at a time.
    It's accolades
    that derive
    and seperate
    pleasure from these pains of mine.
    Stain not the vibes
    that keep me alive.
    Complain not
    for petty losses that you compile.
    Pay me no mind,
    as I paint with a different style.
    Ask for my opinion, I'll give you some good advice.
    Make love, not war, trade not an eye for an eye.
    Give up your hate, sit down, talk for a while.
    I'll embrace you heartily,
    as a brother who cries
    tears of joy to see
    you're still fine.
    Still living life to the fullest.
    We'll talk shit,
    ride each other's energy cause it's uplifting.
    Hold on to the gift of back claps, fist bumps and handshakes,
    and we can make
    a difference.
    Don't let anyone ever scare you witless,
    or make you think nobody would listen.
    That's what the kitchen is for.
    Good food and laughter chases baseless fears out the door.
    Stay, let's talk some more,
    I hope things get better than how they've gone before.
    I hope you get home safe,
    and after all
    this has gone down,
    I don't wanna see frowns on you.
    Pagliacci the clown ain't you.
    This life we're bound to go through
    means pound for pound, it's
    probably similar,
    we only lose
    sins but never the sinner.
    That's not to say you're born evil,
    but I'd like it if you stayed for dinner.

  • soliquince 1w

    Feel free to finish me! Write some of your own bars to complete!
    #lyrics #rap #songwriter #songwriterchallenge

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    One day it's Netflix and chill with a stranger,
    the next, praising that babe in a manger.
    Then spittin' caustic spray in the face of
    a checkout lady livin' off minimum wages. And I'd wager
    you'd "Hallelujah" for being a saint that same day.
    Every second you pray
    for love and peace,
    streets run red in your place
    sittin' pretty in that slutty makeup, "dusky" musty
    bitch with a turkey plate ass.
    Gotta be baked as
    fuck to slip into that. Past tastes
    poor copy and paste on a insta filter
    It's the list of piss poor misters
    lined into that introspective "finding myself" fanfic she calls literature,
    chapters for a couple pages while she's laced laces. Wasted while I'm sitting out on the porch
    while she learns to be spiritual.
    Bible studies were never as long as he was,
    the pastor has her screaming "Oh God, fuck!" Sleazy schmucks in the closet beatin' off, afterwards
    wishin' me luck.
    Knew what she was the whole time
    while I'm writing this rhyme,
    hell I've got all night to wait for a date to be stood up.

    Well God damn, I knew she was
    angel of lust.
    Fancy free, eatin' pizza
    but never the crust,
    this bitch has her needs,
    baby does as she'll please,
    she's bad to the point
    where she could call it love.
    Callin' me up with hearts
    sayin' "can I call you daddy?"
    Gladly, but first, let me call you a cabby.
    Get that "bougie" ass the works, hit then run.
    Cause she belongs to the streets;
    I know she must,
    cause God damn, I knew she was a
    angel of lust.
    Fancy free, eatin' pizza
    but never the crust;
    this bitch has her needs,
    baby does as she'll please,
    she's bad to the point
    where she could call it love.
    Callin' me up with hearts
    sayin' "can I call you daddy?"
    Gladly, but first, let me call you a cabby.
    Get that "bougie" ass the works, hit then run.
    Cause she belongs to the streets;
    I know she must.

  • taranamarjitdhillon 1w

    Baby dont you dare
    Pick a notepad and begin compare
    Your bf is street prick
    Theres Nothin to care
    I m king honey
    None could stand against my stare
    I m a Strong bold lean gold chunk
    He already a ship that sunk
    He a kid playing with his ding dong
    In this wild jungle bae
    i m the king kong


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    Come with me

    Run with me

    Sing with me

    Bleed with me

    Give those crumbs to me

    And I'll turn those crumbs

    Into bread to eat

    Turn this heart of stone

    To a exquisite feast

    Cause lords know the heart is wrong

    And wicked and the wicked don't have any sleep

    A stranger that u call family

    U take 2 fishing hooks put them together

    Color it red and let them hook u into this fantasy

    Cause the real image don't look too pretty

    But won't u be my valentine

    And I'll decorate these 2 fishing hooks to something sweet for your eye

    Hoping u take the bait but the shape of my heart looks more like a Martian insides

    Its alien to me

    But from me to u , to u from me

    The nightmare that u woke up to


  • harsh77 1w

    Drop here ❤️ your songs will be on my mirakeeans playlist����

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  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    Play with fire

    Tryna put my name higher

    in that pedestal

    Play with fire

    Play with fire

    With a hellish glow

    PLAY WITH fire

    I feel like the messiah

    Asking where my heaven go

    Cause im way more flyer

    When i Play with fire

    Looking like a circus show

    Crossing more lines

    than the churches show

    Doing more lines

    In the bathroom of my church u know

    To beef or to peace (2 piece)

    Like a church's tho

    I ask to be chicken or to play chicken

    as the mack truck approached


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    I believe Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes u stranger

    I believe the real you is stranger

    Son of eve i ain't taking bout Abel

    Son of eve the Kane (Cain) and the undertaker

    Breathing fire

    Momma breed a messiah

    A cheater a liar

    Playing the game like Eddie Guerrero with no china

    Cause its the lonely heart

    Lonely heart

    The road is dark cold and sharp

    Mind is torn apart

    The mirror has the only dart

    But don't get it twisted, it can still ricochet

    And u can still catch a stray

    I'm stil explicit as a n.w.a

    A mexcan with a attitude

    Thiz mexcan is so radical

    The blessings are splatter to

    A masquerade

    The days are grey

    Sun rays have run away

    And the prodigal son have lost his way

    And the automatic gun has made the bullets its slave

    The knife has been conquer

    But still shows up for a encore

    The life of a prom girl

    Has been pillaged and monqer

    By the city that wrong her

    The cool guys has become fans to the ones that they mock

    Cause the pen is lighter than the sword now they all wanna swap


  • rapping_thereality 2w


    Jab Tak Bigadi
    Tab Tak Pahadi
    Abb Lagta Anadi
    Ya Hamari Kahani

  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    The world will soon be yours

    And u will look at us like ants in a picnic


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    World at my feet

    Hallelujah Hallelujah

    The words of the ruler

    Let it chopped and screwed ya

    Hallelujah Hallelujah

    The world and the moon runs

    on the strings of my tennis shoes uh

    And I keep running keep running

    Keep on shaking it up

    Yeah my soul (sole) got the world

    And it keep on scraping it up

    And as the wars keeps coming keep coming

    I keep leaving footprints on the face of the judge

    Yeah ur honor i know That u faking the funk

    Not something u can chew away but I might throw this shoe away
    Let it Get lost in the space and startdust

    But for now I'll just tuck in it But never lacing it up

    Learn that from Mitch


  • jeevan_krish 2w


    I lost in a phantasy,
    I'm addicted to Eminem music drug fantasy,
    It trips me to a nap and crazy rap track
    Slaps and wakes me from a nap,
    It's Fab without any lag like a car lifting with a Jack,
    It looks I'm normal but deep inside me
    Blood cells are racing in bloodstream,
    It feels like storm rumbling in my brain,
    I think it's the effect of hip hop,
    I'm not willing to stop because it tweaks my mood,
    I feel cheerful but I look calm and peace....


  • rapping_thereality 2w


    Mushkil Ghadi Mai, Nahi Tha Mera Pyaar
    Mushkil Ghadi Mai Khada Tha Mera Yaar
    Mushkil Ghadi Mai, Muskan Laya Yaar
    Mushkil Ghadi Mai Bhi Jaan Laya Yaar

    Mushkil Ghadi Se Abb Milte Hai Yaar
    Pata Chala Abb Kitni Darar........

  • rapping_thereality 2w


    We All Grew Around
    Some People Grew White ⚪
    Some People Grew Brown
    But People Like Me Just Grew Clown

  • rapping_thereality 2w


    Vo Bachpan Accha Tha
    Sabse Sacha tha
    Ro Leta Tab
    Jab Sabse Khafa Tha

  • rapping_thereality 2w


    Karte Rehna
    Karte Rehna
    Darte Rehna
    Darte Rehna

    Upar Se Sab Kuch Dikhta Hai Na
    Niche Se Sab Kuch Bikta Hai Na
    Yaha Pai Apun Jitt Ta Hai Na
    Samne Vala Chikhta Hai Na

  • rapping_thereality 2w


    Kitna Bhi Accha Ho Luck
    Karte Rehna Mehnat
    Bethe Bethe Nai Milti
    Har Kisi Ko Jannat


  • jerryyak 2w

    Shine shine

    i know you don't trust me
    your secrets still i will keep
    let's get lost in the wind of hills
    creating these scenarios off the pills
    in my sleep I'm awake it appears
    my light disappears
    my sins got me shedding all these tears
    still happiness seems so far as lightyears
    she cheers me up while i switch careers
    so I'm sending these prayers
    that i shine like a million chandeliers
    ( shine shine )