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  • anusri19 19m

    sorry for making such a long post but this kind of topic just infuriates me and i keep on exprssing it.
    nd thank you mirakee ...you give me so much happiness.

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    this is a very strong point to talk about ,a social issue that makes me sad & angry at the same time.
    Do you know in india 1 woman is rape in every 20 minutes.And i am sry but i don't blame our government for this i mean what will the do? i think the mistake is of their parents (i am sry that i am saying that but this is what i feel) if they would have just beaten them in their childhood or when they demanded wrong thing then could have been prevented.
    and the worst part is people provide reasons for doing this kind of act one of which is "she wore a short dress". Really? Now a rapist will tell a girl the way to live.

  • danny_a 17h

    Poetries invented :
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  • notebookquotations 1d

    Will you marry a girl who was raped?

    I'm sorry I won't be able to marry a girl who was raped because in India, sentence for murder is lifetime...

  • young_wolf 4d

    The violence can take many forms – from domestic violence to trafficking, from sexual violence in conflict to child marriage, genital mutilation and femicide.It is common to tamper with women ,Domestic violence was also, Violence , #Rape by relatives
    and we as a society said.....
    ‛‛shhh..kuch mat bolo .’’

    �� looking for a rhyming on it ....
    sorry for that , its not any poem ..Its a harsh reality
    (कभी कभी दर्द और कड़वी सच्चाईयों को शब्दों में पिरोना मुश्किल होता है )


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    कुछ मत बोलो

    अब सच बोलने से डर लगता है
    कही कोई सुन ना ले ।।

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  • gunikaa 1w

    Aarifa cries, save Sudan!

    Place : Sudan, 2019
    The scorching sun glared down at her. Standing all alone, she could feel the smoke from the burning house choke her. The stench of blood suffocated her. The mutilated corpses that surrounded her, sent a chill down her spine.
    Desperately wanting to escape the horror, she began running.
    Suddenly, Aarifa woke up. Even as she managed to escape the nightmare, the same brutal reality came crashing down on her.
    Her body still ached. Flashbacks of the unfortunate incident still shook her. She clearly remembered each other their faces, as they had taken turns raping her. She could still feel the pain.
    She wondered where her missing siblings would be. Would she ever see their faces again? Who knows.
    The screams of her mother still echoed in her ears. She had witnessed them ruthlessly beating her up to death. She had failed to do anything but helplessly watch her mother die.
    The shattered seventeen year old wanted to cry but her painful and swollen eyes were tired of it. So, she shut them close.
    The question is, will Aarifa ever be able to taste peace and freedom?

  • kavi_niketan 1w

    महिला सुरक्षा पर कविता #poem_on_women_safety #rape

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    उसकी आँखों में दरिया था दरिया में पानी,
    तुम्हे क्या सुनाऊं मैं उसकी कहानी !
    वो बेटी किसी की , वो मां थी किसी की,
    उसे इस जहाँ में जगह थी बनानी !!

    'निर्भय' प्रकरण से प्रेरित एक रेप पीड़ित के दर्द को बयां करती कविता ।।
    पूरी कविता अंशों में आपके सामने रखूंगा । कविता सुनने के लिए youtube/kaviniketan पर जरूर जाएं । महिला सुरक्षा के प्रति जागरूकता फैलाने में अपना योगदान दें ।।

  • rahulpasumarthy 1w

    I heard so many incidents that,after their breakups are something worse happened in their lives happened some people choose to write as a way to dispose all their pain in the form of words.

    What I believe is every on has a story to confess but some are confessed to heart some are expressed through words. Talents are hidden in your heart like a statue in the stone, just like sculpture removes excess part of the stone and made a perfect statue meanwhile we need to explore our self to bring out what we really are.

    I'm affected by so many situations. These situations waken the writer in me. I'm not at all affected by seeing lovely couple, roses, birds, nature and all. They are so many people to write about them. I'm affected by "deaths." Yeah you listened correctly deaths are the reason that really turned myself into a writer.

    I have seen a girl who killed herself because her parents killed her dreams;I have seen a brother who is depressed and committed suicide because he is incapable to bear the loss which is caused due to get his sister's death; I have seen a two years-old girl crying beside her father's dead body; I have seen a farmer who hanged himself because he is unable to pay 25000 to a bank;I have seen a sister who is raped by brothers of another sister; I have seen an old woman who is died while waiting for his son's arrival from foreign;I have seen a mother crying because of abortion done to her by force of his husband and her mother in law; I have seen a girl baby wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown into the dustbin; I have seen people who died due to non availability of drinking water and so on. I felt emotional by seeing these situations.

    The most common thing in all the death is before their deaths, they all want to confess something to their people, but they can't.

    I'm just giving my words to their unheard voices.

    #writerslife #writing #death #death_note #confessions #unheardvoices #screaming #tear #pain #rahulpasumarthy #life #birth #rape #parents #selfconfession

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  • _pluto_ 1w

    Hindi ain't my thing but words are ...

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    “ जो चमक उसके रुप मे है ,
    पर दिल मे नहीं ,
    कब तक उसे काली नज़रो से देखोगे ? कब तक उसे निराशा के गीत सुनाओगे, वह चुप है क्योकि उसके अन्दर की आग अभी नम है ,
    पर जब वह जलेंगी वह पूरा संसार ले डूबेगी ...”

  • trisala 1w

    #rape crisis# #save girl
    Nobody knows which pain passes girls

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    Aaj iss kalam ki sihai khatam ho jaegi
    Kal koi nayi technology aaygi
    Chalta rahega bas yahi karwan
    Desh mein darindgi bhadti jaegi

  • alisherkhan 1w


    Even Animals Don’t Rape.


  • ajikobi 1w


    In our society
    Corruption seems to spread like wildfire
    Raping is the trending news
    We say No
    To adult having sex with children who are not ripe enough to know what it means
    To insecurity in our society
    To social injustice which causes everlasting injuries
    We say No
    To fathers sleeping with their daughters
    Brothers raping their sisters
    Kids raping eachother
    We say No
    Let us educate our children on Sex
    Let us know the kind of movies we watch around them
    Let us know the words and actions we say and do around them
    Let our societies be saved
    Let it be safe
    We say No to child Abuse
    We say No to Rape
    We say No to social injustice
    We say No to corruption
    We say No to humans sleeping with animals
    We say No!!!

  • rich27 1w

    Being a woman and being the mother of a daughter i m scared. Today again what i heard made me blank and shattered from inside.Reading the headlines of rape of six year old girl just made me to think that is our country safe,
    The fact is that, rape is utterly the commonplace in our culture now. It's a growing fashion,
    It had become the part of our morning tea of our life,Yet again we only had a shock or artocious expression when we see the headlines,
    Many question are arising in my mind
    What we do just remain silent or we had a huge crowed candle march?
    Is there any benefit from this ?
    No,not at all. The rate of rape is increasing with the rate of increase of our population.
    The rape ,sexism should be the part of conversation of our dinner table with the next generation.
    To protect our children we have to teach them about rape,
    What is good touch and what is bad touch?
    I highly condemn the government for not taking the strict decision against the culprit.
    Why can't the culprit who commited the crime( no no its a heinous crime)?
    Why the victim had to describe what had happen to her?
    Its my humble request to immediate encounter or the same heinous act should be done against the bloody criminals,
    I m not provoking or kindling ny one out here its just my view that i m penning down,
    If government cann't take the quick action then please stop worshipping the goddess,
    Stop the nautanki of prayer the baby girl as goddess .
    The fact is that in our country the girls are suffering the most .
    I do take my stand against this crime .i cannt see this happening .we cannt even image the state of mind and from which situation that little girl might be going,
    I request to take the strict action against this crime.

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    Again a shining star broken ........Rape ,harassment
    A curse ......

  • das_hritrishna_19 1w

    You force yourself on her,
    Even took her damn first kiss.
    You licked her,
    You sucked.
    She doesn't like you,
    Neither likes your stinky body.
    But your dominance,
    Made her silent.
    You belted her,
    Thinking she liked it.
    She screamed,
    And you took it as a moan.
    You licked her tears,
    Along with her cunt.
    But she can't complain about you,
    Because you are her fucking husband,
    And you have every damn right to RAPE her.


  • _pluto_ 1w


    “My body is covered in red ,
    With a texture of sorrow ,
    Tears drop from my eyes,
    As I lay there rotten ,
    3 hours ago I walked on the same road ,
    And now I have became a part of my own shadow ,
    Few minutes ago ,His body was upon mine ,
    Cursing me that i was a guilt,
    His eyes ripped off my clothes & his mentality destroyed all what i hoped ,
    It's weird , few days ago I wanted to become a feminist & look what I became instead... ”

  • being_hustler 1w


    Yes we are today putting a torch in to the topic that is so relevant nowadays...
    Not even a single girl in this country feels safe when she steps outside of her house...
    We have constantly taught our daughters how to be safe,how to run from the place if she encounters any kind of misbehave happens to her...
    I want to ask this society did they ever sat down and advised there son... How to see a woman??
    How to respect them??
    How they should not cross their limits if they don't have their consent??
    They should always behave properly infront of girls...
    (I am not saying that everyman in this world is like this but some men are actually I know there are gentlemen as well and I respect them)
    No we only focus on our girls to behave properly but its not only about one person to behave in a certain way....
    But we are only priortizing woman but what about men do they don't deserve to be told that how to behave because if that has been done I think so we don't need to do any kind of woman empowerment because we need empowerment of humanity first...
    Mostly in a rape case a woman/girl is the only crucial victim because criminal is a men and victim is a woman... According to the society the woman can't get the respect because she has been raped and as their unusual norms they are not a perfect woman because their pride and prestige will fall down if they will go out and survive as a normal human being...
    I know its a worst thing ever happen to a woman but to make feel deteriorated and see her like criminal is worst...
    Let her live!!
    Let's help her to revive her confidence by saying that we are there for her that's all...
    "Woman are warriors not a victim they deserve to be treated equally respectable despite of her cronching past or no matter what she has gone through"
    -Juhi Desai

  • abbey_ 2w

    The rape culture has been tolerated for too long.
    Our girls are slowly losing their peace of mind.
    Too scared to leave their houses not knowing what dangers await.
    This isn't the life we planned for!! This is the protection we were promised!! This isn't what we want

  • guptaakanksha 2w


    अंधेरो की ओट में,
    मैं जलती हूँ।
    बुझ जाऐ शमा,
    तो दीप की लोह पर ,
    पिघलती हूँ।
    अंधेरा दामन में समेटे,
    अंधेरो से लड़ती हूँ।
    मैं तेरी खातिर,
    हर रोज़ पिघलती हूँ।
    अंधेरो के हज़ारो सवाल है,
    और मेरे अस्तित्व की रोशनी ही मेरा ज़वाब है।
    बेशक अंधेरो में जलती हूँ ,
    और कहाँ रोशनी से मुलाकात होती है।
    मुकम्मल हो ख्वाइशो की दास्तान मेरी,
    तभी खामोशी का आगाज़ होता है।
    खामोश होती है फिर एक चीख,
    और अंधेरो में लोह भी अंधेरा हो जाती है।
    और ,
    उसके अलम में एक और मोमबत्ती जल कर बुझ जाती है।

  • sullen 2w

    Have you been so sacred
    Your bones refuse to move
    Your body so heavy
    You just cover your head with your palms
    You shake uncontrollably
    You have never felt so insecure
    The chains still drag you down
    This was me every time I saw my abuser

  • vgshayar 2w

    सभी जख्मो का इनके लिये
    बस पैसा ही एक लेप हो रहा है
    ओर क्या फर्क पड़ता है इन सरकारों को
    कोनसा इनकी बहनों का RAPE हो रहा है

  • mehaknaazsaifi 2w

    Kyun Badnaami Sirf Isi Mein Hai Ki
    "Meri beti ka balatkaar hua hai".

    Kyun Badnaami Isme Nahi Ki
    "Mera beta ek balatkaari hai".