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    Just believe in yourself and don't let negativity get you. You're rare and you are beautiful.

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    Bloom like a rose

    Fake beauty they favoured,
    Flaws made them flinch
    And I was affected
    Didn't understand the real truth
    Ignorance got me devastated.

    My heart's fragile; my mind flexible.
    Oh God! I was resisting true grace.
    'Cause I let the lies win
    Couldn't bare the throes of pain
    Realised I was a victim.

    It was time, to end it all
    To stand up everytime I fall.
    And I grew from the thorns,
    Bloomed like a rose,
    'Cause I learnt

    They'll judge you and you'll cry,
    But only if you deny
    The flaws that distinguishes you.
    So accept and embrace ;
    Once you do, it's endearingly beautiful.


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    observe everyone for once
    And you will get to know
    I'm rare
    Well....not everyone deserve this rare


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    Your imperfections make you who you are,
    You don't have to be afraid of that.
    You don't have to pretend to fit in;
    Yes, you have your flaws,
    But isn't that what makes you unique and rare?
    You were made to stand out,
    So come on, let your imperfections shine!

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    Be a Risk taker

    Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others ... Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth."

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    Times have always been tough
    The fear of losing, the fear of vulnerability
    Confusion between if it's less or is it way too much?
    Is it that hard?
    There are two ends, two sides.
    Why choose one and abide?
    Choose to understand, choose to know.
    To trust is to let it be,
    To trust is to know and believe in what you feel.
    To trust is to know that times have been tough
    But you are stronger.
    You are vulnerable and beautiful.

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    Log kahate hai ki sacha pyaar bahut rare hai....kabhi wifi ki hotspot ko search kiya hai

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    If you have a person who says these things-
    How was your day?
    Take care...
    Have your food on time...
    Drive safe...
    Are you ok?
    Do you need me to stay with you?
    Don't worry, I'm here with you...
    Call me after reaching there...
    Don't loose them, it's rare...

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    Can I call you mine,
    Then I really say I'm fine.

    So we can combine,
    Like the sun and shine.


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    So, I'm glad

    Do you care to witness or want to ignore,
    All the pain I harnessed and bore,
    The fairness that scored me zero wins,
    Made me less than being more of my own thing.

    Self confidence didn't wander around,
    Instead, I pondered and wondered how,
    Was I different from you,
    When I am a human too.

    Getting treated like an alien,
    ostracized with no fair reasons,
    Am I a joke or a comedian?
    Either way I'm being laughed on with persistence.

    On the median of hate and love in life,
    I can't decide with who to side,
    One drives me crazy, one makes me alive,
    One feeds me rage while one helps me survive.

    Friend or fiend I can't figure out,
    Venting without bending anything,
    With all the foolish pride you've got,
    In anyway you're not helping.

    When the odds were off,
    And I wasn't fine even,
    The thoughts came raw,
    Like a drop of rain in the ocean.

    Flooded with these pretentious righteous,
    bloody schools of ideas which are contagious,
    They weigh too heavy on my mind and shoulder,
    Time and again, it breaks the scale like the wait is over.

    Venting with thinking,
    Connecting and linking,
    Not holding back for a moment,
    I got out whatever I had within.

    Tirelessly blinking at the white blank page,
    Firing everything in a fit of rage,
    The pen and the pad was what all I had,
    In my grabs, and so, I'm glad.


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    when I was a kid,
    I fell in love with a girl.
    She was
    Beautiful like a pearl.


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    Bickering and berating life can't distinguish what's wrong and what's right.
    What's all the commotion about, let's find out.
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    Berating and bickering

    The only thing I regret,
    Is to forgive and forget,
    It's no wonder, I be on my own,
    Sowing the seeds that I've grown,

    Into the plants of cologne that smell nice and warm,
    Where am I supposed to go from here on now?

    I loudly squeal silence in quiet space,
    I hate to overthink and not overthink to hate,
    Sad and depressed, not laughing at jests,
    Habits are messed, having lack of interests,

    A lot of the truth is exaggerated I guess,
    But out of the clues I leak like gas, in jests,
    I write whatever I couldn't ingest,
    listening to my guts, I processed,
    The idea, that I'm exasperated to rest.

    Emotions flowing like a river,
    And I'm In a motion of a rowing nowhere,
    I come to a point where I standing still, barely holding,
    Myself, and not being able to drink water out of the ocean.

    I fight and strive for my rightful pride,
    But I die inside everytime I sigh and hide,
    And lurk from the dark shadows which emerge,
    From the depth of desolation it's only the tip of the iceberg.

    One after the other,
    We all laugh or suffer,
    One way or ther other,
    Life never buffers,

    It's a cycle which is perpetual,
    Life is a match of eternal dual,
    Between these two, besides,
    there is no in betweens,
    You either stay happy,
    Or completely be blown to smithereens.

    Looking back I could notice,
    It's not pictures or emotions,
    Everything's been atrocious.
    Every hope has been hopeless,
    And disappointing as well.

    Like the past, present and future tense of hurt is no different,
    Whatever the case is, I get the same treatment.
    But I'm not here to complain about me,
    But to address the reality.

    I had lots of words poured for you,
    Thoughts and prayers adored and glued,
    To you and no one else around,
    I wrote alot, more than I ever could count,
    Even the thoughts were undeniably alot.

    More than just mere thinking,
    I expressed without fear, blinking,
    Within a span of a second,
    everything suddenly went extinctive.

    Whether it is hard and inconvenient, Or smart and efficiently sufficient, It feels like an empty space of time It's quiet outside, no signs of life!

    Everyday, every minute, nothing to interact,
    The precisions get infinite and inexact.
    One minute I'm motivated, The other minute I'm not,
    I get sick of decisions to which I don't stick.
    I probably fail to admit,
    What's the truth and what's a myth.


  • thesagacontinues07 7w

    It was a good run while it lasted, I wish it never ended. I still search for you in the crowd filled with strangers.

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    Reminiscent memories

    In this painful road, filled with promises and hopes,
    The faithful folks with berating jokes,
    chilled my warmth with long pieces and strokes,
    Of cold betrayal, and blanket of denial which folds,
    And seals my heat of confidence which begs to unfold.

    But I never held anything against them,
    Or complained about the everyday mayhem,
    But I put myself together, it was me and only me,
    Who carved my art into a valuable tapestry.

    How many times have I got burnt,
    And tried to act that It did not hurt,
    Even inside a cold heart, there lived a warm spirit,
    You tried and succeeded in cheering it.

    And once it got out of the shell,
    It only went on a path to get well,
    How is it that every song that I listen to
    All I could relate to, is the bond of us two.

    It reminds me of the time when I used to be a recluse,
    Rebellious and reserved, refusing to be fused,
    Or mingle with the world outside,
    And you broke this shell with a promise that never lied.

    A fairy, a phoenix, a star from the scenic route of a paradise lost,
    Imaginary, these feelings are, which breeds more thoughts.
    For a reptile feels fragile as he can't fly as the others,
    So to even dream at nights, seems asinine, just like a heavy boulder.

    Carried on a shoulder, like a chip, but it soon became irrelevant,
    As you taught how the moon is beautiful even if it's only a crescent.

    You taught to walk a little more, you guaranteed to find the sea,
    once you reach the shores, you wouldn't want to leave.
    You made me believe this, and once I got there, I wasn't surprised,
    Brick by brick, building a wall that never could be destroyed.

    It happened too fast for either one of us to grab and fathom,
    All I ever wanted to do was make you proud of me then,
    And now too, you were the role model that I looked up to,
    Everytime I felt weak, you were the strength that healed me full.
    Like the sun, you were bright and full of light,
    You filled me up with hopes that I never hoped I'd see in my sight.

    But nowadays it's just too quiet,
    Like a losing riot, I don't know where to fight.
    For whom to fight or which direction I should head to,
    alone and depressed that I'm not able to express to you.

    Not knowing what to do next, I'm still stuck in the middle,
    I find for your support whenever I fiddle.
    It's excruciating to feel this way,
    I'm just missing those good old days.


  • thesagacontinues07 7w

    A nightmare

    It was 3 am in the morning,
    The sun suddenly went up without a warning,
    A rip off of jack the ripper just stormed in,
    And I found myself scoffing,
    At my fate, for I don't know what will he take,

    Life or the cash, what is he going to slash, my life's at stake.
    He proceeds rapidly and reaches out to his pocket,
    Takes a tiny dagger and stabs it right in the socket,
    Called chest which contains a heart,
    'Contained' it should be, now that it's totally ripped apart.

    When I got finished, he abruptly diminished,
    Like the light which gets vanished after entering a dark abyss.
    My family was spared, the life that they bared,
    And were relieved immediately after their faces portrayed"scared"

    Dead bodies all around,
    Laying with blood forming a pond,
    Bodies submerged in the lake of blood on the ground,
    And the silence is making the loudest sound.

    In between he intervened and was starting to fight,
    I simply irrevocably, as a fiend,was discarding his life,
    In a mentally sane state, one would refrain from inflicting pain,
    But actually he was insane and disuaded me in vain,
    To keep me away from cutting open his vein.

    In this fight that took a flight and ended up in a brawling stife,
    I went the other side and hooked a knife and got his Adams apple sliced,
    As the blood was flowing left and right, like a gust of wind was seen at sight,
    He quickly went to playing dead after struggling to keep himself alive.

    Unspoken words, nothing is understood,
    This crime scene is curphewed all over by the woods.
    The cruelety of the monster is witnessed,
    The mobster is dismissed.

    Stain on my blade, blood on my knife,
    I am frightened with this visionary of murdering some lives.
    Sitting here envisioning the scenarios depicted,
    By the intervening of these intrusive thoughts of the evil persona of a criminal being convicted.

    Bloodlust and soul's crushed,
    Fingers crossed in a pattern to not cause a ruckus.
    Cold skin and paled face as I jog slowly,
    From the hall to the bedroom in the midnight glowing.

    With a vision blurred, mental state flourishing,
    Graceful presence is gone, what is left is reminiscing.
    I'm one step far from your future getting getting apart,
    While you try to fight, I'll convince you it's a waste of your martial arts.

    I guess I don't know my own strength,
    To be able to think so far as to murder some friends.
    I'm dizzy, fuzzy, nauseous and ill minded,
    Sporadically I envy all of you because I'm not having what you are having.

    It was raining, hands were painting,
    With blood stains on the curtains vaguely fainting,
    The rain came down so did the sword,
    From the top of his neck to the end of his throat.
    Blood spilled all over like the water from a filled cup,
    Overflowing with the material he couldn't get up.

    You better keep running and hope this isn't real,
    I am savage, salvage with a salvation to kill and keep it sealed.
    I wish this all turns out as a dream,
    it's too heavy to hide and scary to scream.
    I would rather be buried alive than to plead for merciful handling,
    ha! that was a mishap, now I'm coming for your neck and strangle it.

  • thesagacontinues07 7w

    Internal fight

    These weeks and days seemingly pass by,
    Easily within a blink of an eye.
    Everyday is stagnant, each second is adamant,
    To not go in a second, but to stay and reckon,
    The peaceful thoughts, it has erupted fine,
    Within the painful slots of corrupted times,

    Waking up in the morning just to go to bed
    Rather than living this way I'd prefer death instead
    When the silence speaks, the violence becomes obsolete
    The license to squeal gets rather inutile completely.

    I'm fighting myself, writing dichotomous stories,
    One where I'm well, while the other version is enraged in fury.
    It's tough to decide, who wins inside,
    It's rough to determine, do I live or die.

    Starting again from scratch,
    I can't believe I'm again on this track,
    I let myself go down,
    Non intentionally but knowingly somehow.

    I'm tired of running away,
    Thought I had it all figured out,
    I've stopped to chase,
    The dreams that I was once mad about.

    Maybe I am my own enemy, I kill myself obnoxiously,
    I have grown sick of the heavenly feeling that I've chased tirelessly.
    In the entirety, I am the flower that dies early,
    This garden of Life discarded me, maybe in my fate I had fatality.

    In a forest field, my branch of thoughts get mixed between them.
    Which of the trunk is mine, I fail to root back to the stem.
    The trees of hope I grow and let them die in self loathing,
    Proves to be annoyingly difficult everytime, because it's disappointing.

    The only difference is that I wish myself hell and well and life with good intentions,
    We both wish for the same, but one never could come right back with new conventions..
    It's only a how's town and not goes' town, coming back from there is never an option for any being.
    Like the house towns seen as ghost towns as the exact same thing.


  • thesagacontinues07 7w

    You decide

    Just like the sun comes after rain,
    The love shows up after pain.
    Rejuvenation takes place after hallucinating to feel disgraceful,
    And associate it with yourself to feel ungrateful.

    But once time passed by, in a jiffy,
    In the blink of an eye, it's all misty,
    And once the fog of thoughts clear,
    You begin to see the picture that's real.

    With benevolence, you try to disown malevolent thoughts,
    The nostalgic redolence of memories conquers your prevalent fraughts,
    Which stopped you from proceeding to succeed,
    In the fields of normalcy, where you failed miserably.

    And were swerved in the routes of destructive paths,
    But that love you got was what soothed you at last,
    And once again your train of thoughts came to the right track.
    Nothing went in vain, you've got the will to fight back.

    Now that you feel strong, and redeeming wrongs,
    Its you who decides, either it's one day or day one.
    Either it's humble beginnings, or comfortable winnings,
    Vulnerable feelings or excusable squealings.


  • thesagacontinues07 7w

    Get going

    Words before violence,
    Strengthens the core of silence,
    But eventually it hurts the heart,
    And totally tears it up and rips it apart.

    When tears are used as spears, they pierce your two ears,
    And you bear the real pain of getting hurt from the ones who were near.
    With sheer fear you begin to fiercely run,
    Wanting to disappear in the bright lighting sun,

    As you want to get a ray of light, hopefully a delightful life,
    Where you can spend your time without crying all night.
    Because the truth holds the strength of karma and equality,
    Your life will soon be returned to the state of normality.
    It's not a formality, so don't apologize for the mistakes,
    Which you didn't even do, instead try to renovate, redevelop and recuperate.

    They ensure to dissuade all the hurt that disrupts peace,
    By teaching not to endure the fate but instead interrupt the road of destiny.
    And change the date and course and swerve, towards a goal that's unheard,
    Or was not approved of, always lurked in the depths of inner world.

    Maybe you are hurt, maybe you can't work,
    And they be like you're not a single penny's worth,
    But for what it's worth, it's the effort and laborious shadow which lurks,
    Within you who wants to come out and reach to the goalpost first.

    Maybe you won't score much, or even face failure,
    But it's rollercoaster ride was worth it even it was crazier,
    Than the whole journey itself, it's time to pick up the pen from the shelf,
    Which is your mind and write your history as a present to yourself.

  • thesagacontinues07 8w

    Shades of emotions

    I loved somebody who could never be mine,
    It was one sided and it was fine.
    Nothing to complain, nothing to be sad about,
    Just the fantasy felt so real that reality was a doubt

    Learn from life and earn the striving hours
    Train your brain to turn pain into power
    But this vain and nonchalant stains and clouds,
    And rains of doubts dubiously made me shout,

    In silence, the loud violence was the only feeling I could arouse,
    In my mind, i was counting on you to count me out,
    And astoundingly you didn't fail to disappoint me throughout,
    Now that you've gone, my mind no longer fiddles in and out.

    I've become a cold person, I am so frozen,
    My shoulders are boulders built out of dirt after a soul erosion.
    In a motion I am the point when I stand still,
    I ran so chill that even my blood can't spill.

    Climbing mountains made of diamond doubts,
    Sustainig till I get ahead of time and rest at the top,
    I realized, If a bed full of roses ever did exist,
    It would be hypnosis entering into an oasis of abyss.

    Even if I wrote my calibre to the point I'm blank like out of sight,
    I'm point blank, the magazines still won't work on my side.
    Not logically or practically, but I'm supersonically creating my individuality,
    No formalities, this normality is as real as a fantasy.

    It's the reality where I'm heading for my dreams for success
    Make them true and I won't truce or settle for less
    I won't exaggerate but I will exasperate myself till death
    And even on my death bed I won't rest.

    Hold your horses till I get stable, as I get off topic off this table,
    This poem is the cultural vulture that enables,
    For you to decide what is what, and why is why.
    It's all up to you to decide, whether this poem is wrong or right. It's all in you mind.


  • ikushal 8w

    In this YOUniverse, u are what you think You can be.

    You are Water,
    Cry. Cleans. Flows. Let go

    You are Fire
    Burn. Tame. Adapt. Ignite

    You are Air
    Observe. Breath. Focus. Decide

    You are Earth
    Ground. Give. Built. Heal

    You are Sky
    High. Bright. Wide. Open.

    You are YOU
    Unique. Rare. Profound. Magnificent

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    Remember u r WATER
    Cry. Cleans. Flows. Let go.

    Remember u r FIRE
    Burn. Tame. Adapt. Ignite.

    Remember u r AIR
    Observe. Breath. Focus. Decide.

    Remember u r EARTH
    Ground. Give. Built. Heal.

    Remember u r SKY
    High. Bright. Wide. Open.

    Remember u r YOU
    Unique. Rare. Profound. Magnificent.

  • medha_himanshu 8w


    I remember calling you Candela, I remember referring your name along with something that shines.
    You are the magic, you make me wanna stop
    You could make anyone feel atop.
    When the world is moving around me, I know I will find you still, offering your hands towards me like they can catch me well.
    And hold me, whenever I fall.
    Sometimes I sit and wonder
    I wonder how hard you'd loved someone when you do.
    I wonder what it'd be like to sit with you in the chilly nights and cry on your shoulders.
    You make me want to let it out,
    You make me stout.
    I remember you being unarmed, your walls down, you need to remember, no matter what I'll be sticking around.
    You have my mind, my respect, my trust.
    Whenever you feel tired I will be on the seat beside,
    to be the shoulders you need to sleep on or be the person you want to share with, to collide.
    I wanna know about your fears, see your tears,
    Wipe them off, and then make you smile, irritate you whenever you say you want to be alone.
    I'd never want you to feel like you aren't home.
    You smile is gilded, presence fees like stardust.
    You're made up of crystals, the words you speak feels like a clear blue sky.
    I want to make you laugh, enough that your belly hurts, that your beautiful face scrunch.