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  • julyscarlet 2d

    It doesn't matter whether the object is made ages ago or recently made if you could really enjoy using it and still never get bored of it.........

  • _sanely_liberal_ 2w

    To the guy who broke my heart!

    Hey. I won't curse you. Because after you left, it was all I did to get better. So instead, I'll tell you how it feels. To be left. Which you keep portraying to the known that I did it. Even if God or devil would demand me to leave you I wouldn't. And you know it. So what happened? That good bond you kept saying ours was, what happened?
    I'll remind you.
    It was me in the night at 2 calling you begging you to meet but you never responded. It was me crying and writing you long long paragraphs telling you how much I love you and how difficult it is for me to breath while typing my love for you in words! My heart felt the most heaviest. As if there was an anchor taking me down in the deepest part of the ocean. I could feel it. You saw it all. You felt it too. You knew I was destroying because of you! But you just watch me drown. And smirk.
    Was my love sooo much that you couldn't even take it? Or were you so poor n coward to accept it? You made sure I was falling for you deep. But you weren't there to catch me at all!
    I became insomniac. Lost my appetite. So depressed couldn't even properly talk to anybody. My life was miserable. I lost my friends. My grades were low. All I kept thinking was what I did wrong?
    But why'd you mind after all? You had all the fun you want! I started noticing your behavior with me when we were together. You said so many cheap things which I didn't realise till now! How you'd see women as an object to satisfy your physical needs! And how you'd treat me bad when you had a new chick around! I was stupid to fall in love with you despite being warned. But what was I supposed to do when your trap of being the perfect prince Charming snatched me in your arms! You made everything look perfect and all the wrong things right. You made me do crimes while being hypnotised. You were like a drug to me so bad! I was addicted and I faced all the repercussions by myself.
    So crushed I had crushed all my belief in love.
    No man will ever be truly in love with me I screamed in the voids of my heart! I had no faith in love or God. But had to deconstruct my whole life just so i could stand on my feet again and walk! It still hurts sometimes, when I run fast. But I am growing so strong that my sparkle hurts your thoughts! So pure your devils couldn't stay close to my fragile heart.
    It turned out good for me that I magically realised one night that you were nothing but a liar who stole my heart. I once said to you that you can keep my heart but I was wrong. Like come on that's not practically possible! I just magnetized my heart back to it's place and living with alll my blissful soul and away from your dirt of words and fake drama!
    with no regrets and a killing smile on my face you will see fully recovered in faith and lil bit of pixel dust glittering my way for love as I bloom everyday in self love!

  • sagnik 2w

    Digitally invisible

    Love is not a drop of that wine,
    Aged for years so it gets fine.

    Don't pray to God
    Forever's a lie,

    He won't answer
    How hard you try.

    Songs on whiskey
    Like rainbow to sky

    Get soaked in the rain,
    Drink out your pain.

    So called legends
    Publicize to fame,

    Love of your life
    Can be a one night stand.

    Turn yellow pages
    And live again.

    Sugar is sweet
    When too much, it kills

    Wait for the train
    To step out again.

    Perfect is reel,
    No normal can feel.

    By changing the lane
    You may live again.


  • sagnik 2w

    Here tonight

    Here tonight, you are by my side
    I'm holding your hand,
    Soaking in your smell till full
    Here tonight, I'm by your side.

    You're laughing to my jokes
    This is not a dream,
    Nor past, no future trip
    It's present, I'm living it.

    I didn't like you last night
    You may not like me tomorrow.
    We love us tonight
    Tonight is not forever.

    We don't know the future
    Last second is gone as past,
    This moment is present
    We are in love in the moment.

    My heart is not aching in fear
    To lose the one I love,
    Everyone is transient in here
    Live till it lasts.

    Here tonight, I'm by your side
    This'll become a memory tomorrow.
    Love, present is what we are living
    Here tonight, you are by my side.

  • thoughtsofvenom 3w

    Loving Someone

    If you are truly in love with some one, they make you happy, right? You'll probably say yes, you just don't know when. You wouldn't care what they would look like without the makeup or the workout, no matter how much they weight or how tall they are. That's obvious, right? Its easier to say yes, isn't it? "Its easier said then done" and they are right. Falling in love takes time, it might take a while before you do, or it might click faster than the speed of light. If you love someone, you wouldn't suspect them of lying, talking behind your back, anything like that. But not all of us are lucky to be a pair with someone who is like this, just like you. But love is different for everyone, but love doesn't include looks, but personality. Love has a different definition for everyone. You may want to spend the rest of your life with this person, maybe you think nor know they aren't the one. Maybe you know how it all ends and you know you'll have to move on.

  • _sanely_liberal_ 4w


    Would you believe or would I not?
    The fierce lady got me along, with ugly truth and bitter lies, what'd you choose and why?
    Look me in the eye she said shouldn't you be scared about your future or should I scare you with your past she said...
    What choice would you make?
    Run away or stay to see. Lost in a maze of life somewhere in the dark the only ray of light could take me to my destiny.
    There should've been a super power like flying so that I could come up and just find my way through the path followed by the ray of light!
    Take me back to where I was I screamed out loud and I was awaken from the dream!
    So much is there to cherish in life and so much more yet to be! Seize the moment they say.
    I learnt why should I and why should all we ? !

  • hopless_anonymous_writer 6w

    Randomness 3

    Soft shades of the night.
    Subtle voice echoes in the hallway.
    A dim candle lights her silhouette.
    A soft wind spreads her effervescent scent.

    Her lips blood red, Teeth as white as marble.
    Her hair wavy as the unrest sea.
    Her voice sweet as a melody.
    Each second that passes, beauty multiplies in darkness.

    A table set for two with the candle in the middle.
    A romantic dinner pending for ages I presumed.
    Destiny I must admit.

  • hopless_anonymous_writer 6w


    What is it that the heart fears?
    For someone to be close and near,
    For someone to come close and dear.

    Is it your lies that attract, like a moth to the flame ?
    Or is it the words that fall from the lips like honey and blood?

    Did I almost belive in love again?
    To be trodden over again and again.


  • drrahat 6w

    naa kisii kii aankh kaa Noor huun, naa kisii ke Dil kaa Qaraar huun
    jo kisii ke kaam na aa sake, main vo ek Musht-e-Gubaar huun...

    main nahin huun Naghma-e-Jaan feza, koii sun ke mujh ko karega kya
    main bade Birog ki huun sada, main bade Dukhon ki Pukaar huun..

    meraa rang ruup bigad gayaa, meraa yaar mujh se bichad gayaa
    jo chaman khizaan se ujad gayaa, main usi ki fasl-e-bahaar huun..

    naa to maiN kisii kaa Habiib huun, naa to main kisii kaa Raqeeb huun,
    jo bigad gayaa vo Naseeb huun, jo Ujad gayaa vo Dayaar huun...

    Padhe faatihaa koi aae kyuun, koi Chaar phuul chadhaae kyuun?
    koi aake shamaa jalaae kyuun, maiN vo Bekasi kaa Mazaar huun...

    ~✨Bhadur Shah Zafar✨

  • sagnik 6w


    I lie on the grass having a dream,
    Wish I were a kite floating in the breeze
    High enough to reach the clouds
    Telling the kid holding my string,
    Please set me free....

    It's Spring in the valley of flowers
    Sound of the busy buzzing bee,
    The blossoms smell sweet of nectar,
    The mountains in the North calling me,
    I want to be free...

    The forest is dark and deep inside
    How many mysteries it holds,
    I wish to hear stories of magic
    From the woody oldest tree,
    I need to be free

    Calmness prevails by the sea
    Gentle wind by the shore,
    Sitting silently watching the waves
    Oh I wish to set free...

    Rolling pebble showing the path
    Leading me the way to my dreams,
    I sail in the direction of my soul,
    Like a wanderer in search of home.

  • sagnik 6w


    Singing above the clouds,
    Taking my love under the sky
    It's cold, here it snows
    Somewhere in hills, I don't know.

    Unknown roads led me here
    Unknown people I met
    Followed down the rivers,
    To the gypsy nest.

    On the rocky terrain
    I made my castle of dreams,
    Disappeared in my heart
    I will never be found.

    I jumped to touch the moon
    Off the highest cliff,
    Fancy as an unicorn
    Flying in the silvery mist.

    I dived into the sea
    Bluer than the sky,
    The waves took me somewhere
    Somewhere I don't know.

    I slept under a pine tree
    Waiting to see the elves,
    Dreamt about a dreamland
    Not as routine as Disneyland.

    I see the rains through my window
    Pouring down on the grey valley,
    The sublte smell of wet wood
    Tells me I'm lost, I'm gone.

    Pony ran tearing through the meadows,
    Golden rays of the Sun dancing on his sweat
    I ran after him to a place I'll never be found,
    Somewhere it snows, somewhere I don't know.

  • shantanugupta_13 6w

    The Last Conversation

    Me: I hope I'll see you around.
    She: No.. You won't
    Me: Ok.. Your wish

    That was the last conversation I had with her.. I knew this was going to happen as we haven't had talked in last 6 months. I didn't wanted it to happen. But as I went through our old texts it was only me who texted her she just replied me back. I didn't wanted to loose my friendship but also didn't I wanted to be the only person making effort to make that relationship work.
    I don't know i have done a right thing or not but i had to do that because i can't put her before my self respect everytime

    Pehle jab hum dost the toh mujhe uske text ki ummed thi.. Aur abb jab humarre beech kuch hai hi nahi toh text ki ummed hi nahi bachi.

    Kabhi kabhi jhooti ummed se ummed ka naa hona bahut aacha hota hai.

  • sagnik 6w

    Just like 50's films.

    Riding a bike on Paris streets
    With a straw hat covering your head,
    I caught a sight of you as I stood
    Behind the lamp post as you passed by.

    Just like the 50's romantic films
    Shades of love in black and white,
    Unlike reality we do meet again
    In a cozy café with dimmed lights.

    We sway on a piece of symphony
    I hold your waist as we dance,
    Pressing your mouth near my ears
    You giggle saying "we're in love".

    It rains as we step out of the place
    No umbrellas we have,
    We kiss for the first time
    Under the warm red store sign.

    The city is in love tonight,
    Melody is in the wind.
    Wet streets in vivid colors,
    Never seemed this bright.

    Let's run away,
    To a place we've never been,
    Somewhere it rains all the night.
    Let's run away to the 50's films,
    Where lovers really meet at streetsides.

  • sagnik 7w

    What are dreams made of?

    Why do we earn money in life?
    To save it for future's best?
    Why do we save all life?
    To count notes on the dead chest?

    Did you see how the moonlit peaks
    Resemble sketched charcoal shady?
    Did you ever write a piece of poetry.
    For your beloved lady?

    Blue oceans coalesced into sky
    Far out at horizon line.
    Did you capture the sudden glimpse
    Of the white dove flying by?

    Age is growing as days passed,
    Successful you are in the crowd.
    Don't lie to yourself today,
    Are you really proud?

    Did you have your dreams fulfilled?
    Not the ones you were taught to see.
    Did you have your life accomplished,
    The one you used to, while you were a kid?

  • sagnik 7w


    Found you in the setting sun
    I got hugged by the breeze,
    Ran through these empty fields
    Darlin' old times didn't freeze.

    Oh I see the purple of the waters
    Dazzling by the horizon of the Sun,
    Honey I wish you were with me
    As I set myself free here, I run.

    Have you seen the evening so big
    Sketching shades on hills far behind,
    Last time here is still fresh in my eyes
    Girl, a way to you I wish I could find.

    So I think I can run here once more
    Through these valleys so fast,
    Under these memories so vast
    Again will it pull me in dust?

    Oh girl, there's raining in the East
    The drops kissing your face,
    My heart's beating still now
    As I can't reach out your place.

    We ran down these valleys before,
    Do you remember that day?
    Time passed away with a blink,
    Couldn't match with it's way.

    I still run down these valleys in dark
    No light to see at the farthest end,
    Honey I found my peace in this path
    Leading as those memories did bend.

  • thoughtsofvenom 7w


    तुम से मिलने की आशा बहुत है मगर,
    तुम से मिलने की रात है कि आती नहीं ।
    करूँ कितनी भी कोशिश दिल बहलाने की मगर,
    एक तेरी याद दिल से जाती नहीं।।
    प्रेम की राह मैं मुझको ले चली,
    वो हाथ पकड़ के अपनी गली।
    मैं तो चलता रहा उसी रहा पर मगर,
    अब मेरे पीछे वो है की आती नहीं।
    करु कितनी भी कोशिश दिल बहलाने की मगर,
    एक तेरी याद दिल से जाती नहीं।।

    साथ चलने की चाहत तुम्हारी ही थी,
    साथ जीने-मरने की क़समें तुम्हारी।
    राह ताकता हूँ मैं अब तक मगर,
    वो है की अब इस राह आती नहीं।
    करूँ कितनी भी कोशिश दिल बहलाने की मगर,
    एक तेरी याद दिल से जाती नहीं।।
    क्या हुई थी गलती हमें समझाओ तो,
    दूर जाने की वजह बतलाओ तो।
    हम पूछते रहे उनसे मगर,
    वो है की कुछ भी बताती ही नहीं।
    करूँ कितनी भी कोशिश दिल बहलाने की मगर,
    एक तेरी याद दिल से जाती नहीं।।

  • thehappypotato 7w


    Sure you can learn from the mistakes of others,
    but my friend you have to make a few of your own
    to understand who you really are.


  • sagnik 7w

    Duty bond

    Roses for your love, ruby red
    Plucking flowers still?
    Your flock of sheep will they live
    If someday you leave?

    The sun rises everyday,
    Doesn't count your loss.
    Time runs without a delay
    Won't wait for your chore.

    Don't get restricted by duty
    Run after your dreams,
    Undone jobs will hire fresh
    Chase life till you breathe.

    You cry on your past
    Ruining present rays,
    Sun will rise yet again
    New moon doesn't stay.

    The sheep will graze on it's own
    Once you step out and leave.
    Roses will bloom brighter than ever,
    Once you plant it's seed.

  • thoughtsofvenom 7w


    Doctor, doctor,
    Where's that feeling?
    Come quick because it's killing me
    A little indica in my blood
    So take your medicine, little boy, before you turn to none
    Little girl, can't you get enough of this?
    The holes from the syringe seem like the souls who lost to the one's who lost their battle of their inner demons just to get a bit of space
    Needles, needles under my skin
    No, no please don't stop
    Your mind tells you too
    But your body thrives on this stuff
    This stuff makes you who you are
    Give me more, I'm screaming
    My soul collapses on the ground
    I'm begging for this monster to leave my body
    To stop that pain
    I'm dropping a few pounds,
    Losing everything I had for my new 'friend'
    My Ma' is worried for me
    Had her on her knee's
    I'd say "Mama, I'm okay."
    Only if that wasn't a lie. Because they were doomed from the start

  • thoughtsofvenom 7w

    What is Trust?

    “ . ' . , , , ' . ' , . , ' .
    , , , , .

    . , ' , ' ? , , .

    ' .”