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  • smilein_style11 11w

    Thank you God. �� I know you are their, helping, directing, guiding and blessings us to fulfil our motives in our lifes.

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    Let's Begin
    New Journey..

    Everytime I fall,
    I m glad that my inner
    enthusiasm helps me
    to jump back to a better place,
    whatever I was before.
    I rise back with new ideas,
    New ways of life, new hobbies,
    I m quick to adapt
    new changes in life.
    I am thankful to God for
    being their for me when there
    is no one to understand me.
    Give me hope
    and strength to fight
    with my problems.

    Now I know myself
    That I am capable of challenges
    Even if I am not
    I will make myself capable
    Of facing challenges.