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  • divya_patel 2w

    \\We both left home at 18\\
    ~ A tale of real heroes

    #realheroes #india #mirakee #mirakeewriter #shewrites

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    We both left home at 18,

    You cleared JEE,
    I got recommended.

    You got IIT,
    I got NDA.

    You persuaded your degree,
    I had the toughest training.

    Your day started at 7 and ended at 5,
    Mine started at 4 till 9
    And some nights also included.

    You had your convocation ceremony,
    I had my POP.

    Best company took you
    And best package was awarded,
    I was ordered to join my paltan
    With 2 stars pinned on my shoulders.

    You got a job,
    I got a way of life.

    Every eve you got to see your family,
    I just wished I got to see my parents soon.

    You celebrated festivals with lights and music,
    I celebrated with my comrade in bunkers.

    We both got married,
    Your wife got to see you everyday,
    My wife just wished I was alive.

    You were sent to business trips,
    I was sent to Line of Control.

    We both returned,
    Both of ours wife couldn't control their tears.

    You wiped her tears,
    But I couldn't.

    You hugged her,
    But I couldn't.

    Because I was lying in the coffin wrapped with Tiranga,
    With medals on my chest.

    My way of life ended,
    Your continued.


  • krtikadreamer 7w

    ख़ुशी मे गुम मोहब्बत कि दिन वो
    मोहब्बत को सीने मे लिए
    अपने महबूब वतन और अपने सनम के लिए
    बेफ़िक्र निकले थे एक सफ़र से दूसरे सफ़र तक
    इरादे बुझदिलों के नापाक जो थे
    फिर किया वार डर के पीछे से
    शेरे हिंद अंजान थे उनके हमले से
    बम से किया प्रहार भारत माँ के लाल पर
    शेरे हिंद शान से शहीद हुए वतन के नाम पर
    मोहब्बत के दिन वो सीने मे मोहब्बत लिए चल दिए
    वतन से कुछ महबूब बिछड़े और कुछ वीरांगनाए वीरो के बिना टूटा दिल लिए
    भगवान भीे नतमस्तक हुए,
    माँ भारती अपने बेटों के खून से फिर लाल हुई
    शहीद हुए जो वीर भगवान के जब घर गए
    स्वर्ग में जले दीप जैसे आसमान में सूरज जले।

  • vedanta123 7w

    The Men In Khaki

    Those men in khaki who are they?
    Are they from the left? or from the right?
    We see its always the two fighting
    But those in khaki are there for both.

    They aren't a friend, neither a foe
    But act like either as per their oath.
    They scare some and make others smile
    Those men in Khaki, I am curious to know.

    Their phizes look cold, which their uncanny brows behold,
    Those eyes always grave, where emotions have lost ways,
    Their tone turned harsh and hoarse to hold.
    What made them so? Oh! Who shaped them so?
    Those victims in khaki, we need to know.

    Now when they get old, what memories will they own ?
    Is it of murders, of crimes, of laws and bribes?
    And yells of the culprits and the cries of innocent lives?
    Will ever accounts exist for them to cherish?
    Or is it only harsh lessons to lethal regrets for them before they perish.

    What stories did they share with the kids I wonder !
    How did they blend with varying colours at home.
    Such a life when lived well, need respect and bow.
    Those Men in Khaki, who are they? I am curious to know.

  • an_overthinker_ 7w

    @pingu_s_diary__ @vandi123 @afffuu @vandi123
    #army #nylove #shaheed #respect #pride #pulwamaattack #blackday #vakentinesday
    #India #salute #realheroes #14feb
    be PROUD TO SAY "JAI HIND ����"
    We should be proud for our soldiers that they gave their life for their pride,OUR NATION������
    The only way to make them pride is to respect our flag,our nation throughout the 365 days of the year,
    Not just those 2 days..
    Be a permanent INDIAN,not a temporary one,
    Because love should be seasonless������
    Respect the family of those martyr heroes,salute the officers of our nation wherever you meet them��

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    Jai Hind

  • anjaneya_kulkarni 18w

    Remembering our heroes

    Kaise bhulu unn veer jawano ko jo khudke
    parivar se pehle desh par Jaan mitaye hain,
    Kaise bhulu unn veer jawano ko jo khudke balidan
    se desh ke parivaron mein diya jalaye rakhe hain,
    Kaise bhulu unn Amar jawano ko jinki seva se
    aaj bhi desh ke Kai parivaron mein ujala hain.

  • nayi_dastaan 29w

    Salute to Indian army, respect them

    #indianarmy #realheroes #respect #salute

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    Kuch sher dahad rahe hai wahan vaadiyon mai

    Tab kahin hum chila rahe hai yaha maidainon mai


  • _vishi 36w

    Indian Army” — When we utter these two words, our heads must get down with respect and gratitude to their sacrifices and nobility.
    He was Cpt Vikram Batra('Sher-Shah')who said "Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will come back for sure.” 
    He was Cpt Manoj Kumar Pandey who said “If death strikes, before I prove my blood, I swear I'll kill death.” 
    He was Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari who displayed exceptional valour, outstanding leadership in the presence of the enemy and laid down his life..
    He was Cpt Anuj Nayyar who said “I am not that irresponsible that I will die without fulfilling my duties for the country. My army and this country has put so much faith in me, it would be a mistake to think of death at this time. Till the last enemy is there I will keep breathing.”
    He was Cpt Vijayant Thapar the hero who selflessly laid down his life for the nation and what’s more, gave a little girl back her voice.

    And all those unsung heroes of kargil who never got to see their families..who gave their lives to save our lives ... Who died protecting our country....

    No one deserves the title of a ‘Hero’ more than a Soldier. The brave men who stay away from their families, miss every significant thing in their lives and sacrificed their lives so that we can be with our loved ones and sleep peacefully at night.

    It's 26th July 2019... this day that year...the exact 20 years when we first celebrated The Kargil Vijay Divas....they gave us the victory but it costs them their lives..we got our victory but we lost our soldiers our heroes..but our heroes are never forgotten we should not let memories of Kargil Heroes die. They should be kept alive forever and it will be.. They gave their today for our today..they wore a smile and laid down their lives.. they are fallen but not forgotten..

    A salute to all the Gallant soldiers and their sacrifices..We are proud of all our Soldiers our Heroes who laid down their lives and made supreme sacrifice in the Highest traditions of the Indian Army.

    Thank you so much for all that you did and for the family that was left behind while you were protecting mine. You are true Heroes. Thank you for everything. 

    #26thjuly1999 #kargilvijaydivas #thisdaythatyear #heroesneverforgotten #indianarmy #sacrifices #respect #love #patriotism #proudnation #bravesoldiers #bravery #martyrs #soldierlove #soldier_tribute #realheroes #protectors
    #amarjawan#mirakee #writersnetwork.

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    Few words for the Unsung Heroes

    They held our head high...
    They held our Flag high...
    And they laid down their lives protecting it..

    A bit long But a worth reading...
    Kindly read the full caption and share with everyone...

  • writeitouttt 42w

    A Soldier

    A son, a father, a brother,
    A man with big heart that sheer,
    A person who becomes a metal wall,
    Despite having no relation with me at all.

  • young_poet 49w

    #loveINDIA# It's my love and faith towards our nation INDIA.... I feel ashamed n according to me even u should feel so..... Bcoz somewhere we have lacked to pay our country.....��
    It's tribute to our soldiers..... Those soldiers who always fight for u.. For me.. And for everyone.....
    Respect #Realheroes# Love our nation.....

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    Har bhartiya ka hai desh mar mitne ka kwab...
    Aur pakistaniyon mein tha hadd se jyada rwab....

    Kashmir ki chahat mein shuru ki thi tune ae Jung.....
    Ae Pakistani,
    Isse hi ho gayi tumhari neend aur chain ab bhang.....

    Gustakhi thi ye teri...
    Jo chir nidra mein lin karayi tumne Humari uri....

    Chaha tha humne Iss jokhim ko bhulana.....
    Pr khudki maut bulayi tune, karke aatang in phulwama.....

    Jang mein,
    Aankhe the nam aur haath mein the hatiyaar..
    45 sathi khone ke dukh mein bhi, jaanbazi se lade humare desh ke yaar......

    Eitihaas ka naya panna rangate hue...
    Dukho ka garazta badal tumpe pangate hue...

    Kasam khayi humne,
    Maathe pe hogi tumhari rakh....
    Ab bach sakta hai toh bach ae gaddari pak....

    Ab kher nhi tum pakistaniyon ki....
    Har hindustaniyon ke jubah pr hai,
    Ab kher nhi tum haramiyo ki.....

    Izzat Aur hifazzat..
    Dono humko Bharat Maa ne thi sikhayi...
    Izzat to humesha the darshate,
    Aaj khudki hifazzat bhi dikhayi.....

    'Pakistani' khun se bhare...
    ''Pakistan" Hum se dare...
    Ab lag rahe hai aise naare....
    Sirr aankho se hai naman,
    Har sipayi ko humare
    Har sipayi ko Humari......

    Jay Hind... Jay Bharat....

    ©young_poet (Aditi Kale)

  • anjaligupta30 57w

    To all the Indian soldiers who laid down their lives, To all the Indian Airforce men who did that great surgical strike, A big salute to all of you.
    You are the real heroes of our nation who give up their life without any second thought just for the sake of our nation, so that millions of people out there live their life peacefully. You all are immortal and your lives are priceless to the citizens of this country.
    #PulwamaAttack #IndianSoldiers #SurgicalStrike #IndianAirforce #RealHeroes #PrideOfNation #SaluteToAll #JaiHind

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    The Real Heroes

    Out there, laying down their lives.
    Won't ever forget their sacrifice.
    What do they get in return for their victories?
    For the nation's bright tomorrow they'll keep on dying protecting it.
    The noble, the brave, they die a fearless death.
    Forever shall we remain indebted to them for letting us sleep peacefully in our beds.
    Born to fight they are the invincible.
    Not known by their religion,
    Because they are proud to be an Indian.


  • aditya_0304 57w

    Historical Day...

    Aaj firse in veero ne pure desh ko khushi se zhumne ka ek aur mauka diya hai...
    Apni raato ki neend ko bhulakar inhone desh ko sunahara sawera diya hai...
    Adhubhut shakti aur atmavishvas se dushman ko uske ghar me ghuskar sabak sikhaya hai...
    Har deshwasi ko garv hai us har ek jawan par jiske karan aaj firse pure vishwa me BHARAT ka TIRANGA lehraya hai...

  • avinashwrites 58w

    When someone promises to comeback but circumstances have other plans...
    #alone #lonely #lifeofArmyMen #lifeofjawans #realheroes.

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    Aika Aika

    Ele na Tumi Ele na..
    Kotha diye keno ele na..
    Lage na bhalo lage na..
    Aika Aika bhalo lage na..

    Boshe achi ashbe tumi tai..
    koto kotha chilo bolar tomae
    Ele na tumi..
    ki kore boli?
    Moner kotha thaklo mone te..
    Ele na Tumi Ele na

    Kotha diye keno ele na?
    Lage na bhalo lage na
    Aika aika bhalo lage na..

  • pranaykashyap 59w

    RIP Jawan

    The sun may set today
    But remember
    It will definitely rise tomorrow

  • ehsaas_dil_k 59w

    Apno ko chodh khin dur bas jate hai
    Dusre rahe khush yeh Subhe shaam dua mangte hai
    Khin aa na jaaye kisi ko aanch
    Yeh Sbki dhal ban jate hai
    Khud ko samne rakh har musibat se apne desh ko bachate hai
    Apne lahu se apni sar zameen (सरज़मीं) ko sichte hai
    Durso ke chere pe rahe muskan Isliye khud desh ke har kone se desh ki raksha karte hai
    Apno ke saath pure desh ko apnate hai
    Kya hindu muslim sikh isai yeh Sbko apna mante hai
    Khud ki parvah kare bina har dushman se bhid jate hai
    Apni dharti maa ke liye apni zindagi bhi kurban kar jate hai

    Aaj phir kuch logo ne Humse in farishto ko chhina hai
    Bharat maa se unke ladlo ko dur kara hai
    Ladlo ne phir apni maa ka daaman apne lahu se sincha hai
    Apni maa ka aanchal chodh apne desh ke tirange ko odaa hai
    Salaam hai unhe jinhone desh ke liye apna sarwasv kurban karaya hai
    Sachhi Mohbaat ka path hume sikhaya hai
    Mohbaat ke din apni dharti maa se pyar jataya hai
    Dharti maa ki yaadon mai hamesha ke liye khud ko sazaya hai
    Amar hoke inhone apni maa ko apnaya hai
    #pulwamaattack #indianarmy #realheroes

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    Real heroes

    Small dedication to our Indian army #realheroes

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  • shreyansi 59w

    Hurt... But not weakened...

    Today... I stand on the edge of the bridge... In the path of darkness... Where nothing but only darkness resides.... They attacked me... They gave me scars.... But they couldn't even touch my soul...
    I stand there, with a fire ignited within me.... The anger in my eyes, the pain in my heart i stand there with a burning passion ignited within me... I stand there in a black hood and a black horse that I ride.... Because I am the Deathbringer...
    I will not forget neither will forgive....
    Because I was hurt... But I wasn't weakened... I was tired but I didn't gave up... And now I returned back with a new vigour...
    I won't let our soldiers blood go in vain....
    I will bring your death, that day peace will come when their death will be avenged...
    I will fight until the very last breath in my lungs..
    I am the calm before the storm... Because I will take you away with one blow...
    You were the one who stabbed me in my back... But what do you say it was? For you it was courage... But for me it was an act of cowardness.... I am the true warrior...
    And you will end only in the battleground...
    Come fight me if you have the courage... Don't stay hidden... Because you won't last longer than anything...
    Because I was hurt... But not weakened...
    I am the burning fire... That will turn you into ashes...
    No more lives will be lost... And one for all... I was hurt but I wasn't weakened...
    Long live the unsung heroes of our nation... Because the storm is coming.... I am the silence before the storm..❤

  • ranju_nagaraju 59w

    She was waiting for him on Valentine's day,
    He returned,but he was wrapped in tricolour

  • dan_amelie 59w

    P.C and sincere thanks to the owner!
    @mirakee #realheroes @writersnetwork

    Translation: short of words to translate.
    I salute & dedicate this to our brave heroes who left us fighting & who are still fighting for us every single day, protecting the nation.���� ������

    I beg the Almighty to protect the lives that protect us!❤

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    ದೇಶವ ಕಾಯುತ
    ನಿಂತಿರುವ ವೀರ ಯೋಧರ
    ಗುಂಡಿಗೆ ಗೂಡಿನಲಿ,
    ಸುತ್ತಲೂ ಸುಳಿವ
    ಉಗ್ರರ ಬಿರುಗಾಳಿ,
    ಮೆಟ್ಟಿ ನಿಂತಿರುವರು
    ಲೆಕ್ಕಿಸದೆ ಹಿಡಿದು
    ತಮ್ಮ ಪ್ರಾಣವ ಕೈಯಲ್ಲಿ.

    ನೀವೆಂದಿಗೂ ಅಮರ,
    ಮರಳಿ ಬನ್ನಿ ಗೆದ್ದು
    ಪ್ರತಿ ಸಮರ!


  • priyankparekh 59w

    सिर्फ़ बेटी घर नहीं छोड़ती,
    कुछ बेटे भी घर छोड़ देते है,
    ताकी हमारा देश सलामत रहें।


  • tarushij 59w

    We as a family have lost our brave sons, heroes who work day and night to keep us safe and immeasurable loss of families who were brave enough to let their children stay away from home.. it's a great loss��
    #पुलवामा #pupwamaterrorattack #realheroes #blackdayfoecountry #ripbravemen

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    वतन से मोहब्बत वो इस क़दर निभा गए,
    मोहब्ब्त के दिन वतन पर जान लुटा गए।।

  • vasubandhu 59w

    ज़ाया न जाएगा

    तेरी जुनून-ऐ-शहादत के,
    बहते अश्कों से भी ना ये रुकेगी,
    आग ऐसी लगाई ऐ नौजवान,
    तुने बिन वर्दी के।

    लोग सियासत से,
    जिंदगी सींचते रह गए,
    आजादी की लिए शहीद हो चला तु,
    बना कर मौत को लुगाई।

    बाहर नही भीतर ही है दुश्मन,
    सीखा कर हम को गया,
    वो लगाकर नारे जताते चले देश भक्ति:
    तु सीखा कर चला भी गया।

    उत्थान अनुशासन नही क्रांति से होगा,
    ये भी तु ही समझ पाया,
    दिलो-दिमाग मे आ गया पर,
    संप्रतीक मे मुहर ना बन पाया।

    देस के इश्क का नशा यु चढाया,
    तुने अपनी चिता सुलगा कर,
    तेरी दुआ के सजदे मे:

    भीतर ही नही, हम सरफीरे,
    अपनी ही सासों से खूं सुखने तलक,
    घर के भेदी की खाल निकालेंगे।

    ।।जय हिंद।।