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  • mighty_are_the_fallen 3d


    The thing about poets
    Is that at some point
    They run out of sorrows to tell

    Some poets dread this day
    Make up stories to force it back

    I desperately look to that day
    Dreaming of the day

    Somtimes for months I don't write
    Years somtimes

    It's better that way
    I don't want the sorrows
    The pain
    The stories I tell

    I want them to never have happened
    To never see the light of day
    But bottling things up
    Well that leads to explosion

    So I write my poems
    My little stories
    I go on with my day
    And someday
    I won't need to write anymore

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 3d


    I remember now,
    Things that I told you.

    I told you things to keep you here,
    To keep you near.

    You still left

    You tried to teach me,
    I learned some of it on my own,
    Someone has tought me more.

    I keep reflecting,
    Holding onto scraps of memories.

    Someone makes it easier.

    I hope I was your someone back then,
    I hope I made you happy,
    Like my someone does.

    Even if it hurts now,
    Not quite knowing,
    Knowing how it all ended,
    Just that you're gone.

    I hope I made it better.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 3d

    And Still I Remember

    In the phases of my memory
    I forget things that are dear

    But something has changed
    Somthing still lingers

    Even gone from her
    My heart aches
    A feeling I lost long ago

    A dull feeling
    Of somthing missing

    My heart won't forget her
    Will not let me rest

    When I'm gone from her
    Something remembers

    Somthing distant
    But very insistent
    Bringing tears to my eyes
    Cries to my lips
    Pangs to my chest

    I remember her

    I lost everything
    Forgot everything
    Able to give up anything

    Yet she still lingers somewhere
    Deep inside she made a spot

    Parts of myself closed off
    Slowly open

    And still I remember her

    Grasping desperately to this strand
    This single feeling
    Until I see her again
    And everything restarts

    Every day with her is like a new one
    The longer she's with me
    The stronger my memories

    I feel so happy
    I thing I truly lost
    And she has returned

    For this gift
    I love her dearly
    Forever I will holder her
    Even if she no longer holds me

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 3d

    Behind Doors

    Behind closed doors,
    Things are always said,
    Things that ache,
    Fester into the wood.

    Creaky floorboards,
    Moaning out from all the things,
    All they've heard.

    Leaky roofs weep,
    Crying from your words,
    Decaying this old home.

    We always say the cruellest of things,
    Things that fester,
    Things that ache.

    Until it's our homes,
    We'll never wake,
    We'll never hear the weeping,
    The crying.

    Open your windows and let heal,
    All the things you ever heard.

  • in_fragments 5d

    "Meet me out in our childhood ruins.
    We can excavate the home we grew up in;
    kick up energy, history, dust and old spirits,
    the secrets under our stunted skin-
    we'll seek them and learn to live again,
    we'll retrieve all we've forgotten-
    memories resting in washed up coffins
    start convulsing within their margins,
    their roaring, unreachable engines
    starting up after years in the dark;
    they startle you and shake your heart,
    but you must not let it freeze over again,
    you must not let the amnesia win.
    I promise you, my dear, if you follow me,
    closer to yourself than you ever could be-
    you will find what you so desperately seek,
    if you're brave enough to let it in;
    your weary brain can finally begin
    releasing all the horror it's seen.

    Are you prepared to fight for your life?
    Ready to remember what you lost?"

    What if it's just never coming back?
    #pod #poem #trauma #mentalhealth #mentalillness #recovery #therapy #memories @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Meet Me in the Ruins

    Ready to remember what you lost?

  • msoffia 2w

    Because I still remember their cold hands
    Probing here and there looking for a burned bridge
    Touching my body like I was a museum to explore
    The traumatic experience of showing my photographs in front of the judges
    Watching them being stared by people
    That was it, an art of ripped dignity
    A destroyed woman by a man's violence


  • branchjones 3w

    Solid Ground

    Go tell God that I'm alone
    That I'm desperate to be found
    I've come so far from home
    12 steps from solid ground

    I'll admit it, yes I'm weak
    A higher power is what I seek
    Put my will into his hands
    I'll make a searching fearless plan
    I do swear that I am wrong
    Please take my defects and my flaws
    Humble is what I've become
    Just 7 steps are walked and done
    So here's a list of those I've harmed
    I ask forgiveness from the heart
    I'm never done along this journey
    Not until I'm dead and buried
    Constant prayer and meditation
    Are the keys to my salvation
    Now let me help to guide YOU home
    For in my spirit God's awakened

    12 steps from where I was
    The ground here is not as shaken
    Never far from where I was
    But 12 steps is what I've taken

  • in_fragments 3w

    "An artist I am not,
    a genius I will never be.
    I will never write a masterpiece,
    my works will not outlive me.
    I am not scholarly, or even smart,
    technical, perfectly syntactical
    or easily digestible.
    I will not become the next Great Poet.
    I do not write to do that.

    I do not write to fall into the good graces
    of humanity.

    I do not write to be revered or praised.

    I write to make sense of myself,
    to reconcile with my fractured existence,
    to accept the ones I share my mind with;
    I write to open myself up to them,
    to stop hiding away from them. They all
    have their stories to tell, their barriers
    to collapse in time;
    mine are merely the hands
    that string their ideas together,
    the lungs through which their opinions pass,
    the host head that urges them
    to make their voices heard.
    The writing is a vehicle, not for fame or love
    or endless glory. It is a conduit
    for selfish understanding,
    a path to find alliance and inner harmony.
    The poetry forces me to see everything,
    and reminds me that it's all real.

    I do not write to gain attention,
    I grew up learning not to need it;
    it is time to give the attention
    that I should've recieved as a child
    to all the different fragments of me
    that now exist because of that negligence.

    I write because we will all die if I don't.
    But we are not writers,
    we are not artists. We are a broken,
    bloodied body, crawling on our knees
    through fire and glass, and each word
    written down is a step further out,
    away from the flame
    and shattered sharpness and pain,
    out of toxic cul-de-sacs
    and into safety for the very first time;
    until then pen and paper
    are my only respite from a heavy,
    sorrowful life.

    I am fated to walk along this path
    of combustible glass 'til my last breath;
    but I am thankful for the words
    that allow me to give it all meaning-
    writing forever, in spite of the afflictive
    and senselessness truth,
    that in reality I am Nothing,
    an artist I am not,
    and a genius I will never be."

    When pain and suffering is endless, it is up to me to make meaning from it so I don't have to kill myself to escape. I write to keep myself alive.
    #pod #poem #writing #ideas #life #love #death #mentalhealth #recovery @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Pen and Paper, Glass and Flame

    An artist I am not,
    a genius I will never be.

    I write because we will all die if I don't.

  • rifaan 3w

    Never again

    I let her in my heart, for she was like priceless art.
    But never again, cause she ripped me apart.
    Left with my broken self, I got up wanting to start.
    But never again, cause she pushed me back down.
    Falling for was never planned, stalling my feelings for as long as I can.
    Snowballing my emotions inevitably crashed, crawling out was like cleaning a mega shit stain.
    You feel her soft breeze right under her shade,
    But never again, she's got piercing words coming from that innocent face. For she has a temper of a hurricane.
    I let her in with so much hope. Being my rope she let go, at the end of which she gave up hope.
    Never am I ever getting on that page.
    Never am I ever getting shackled with those very chains.
    #wordporn #writersnetwork #depression #selflove #poem #poetry

  • pyro_sagen 3w


    Not loving you set me loose
    I can smile again
    My teeth remain behind my lips
    No longer bared in fear

    I may not love you
    But I can still love our memories
    Dancing in the streets
    Faces painted with robotic parts

    I wish then I'd known
    I wish then I'd run away
    But now I will dance in the dark on my own
    My teeth bared in the pleasure of the night

    My feet bare on the pavement
    My blood fresh from the kill
    The slain rements of my broken spirit
    Have found eachother again

    I can bear it all now
    Show the dark what you've done
    And we will laugh at it
    Because I have torn myself from your maw

  • aurorahunter 3w


    I remember, myself thinking
    Again and again

    That I am beyond any repair
    That my color is monochrome despair

    That I am unlovable
    That death is my friend and salvation

    When "Life" became my purgatory
    I started Painting

    The grim picture of the void
    Thoughtless and so weightless

    Once I saw that tiny ray of light
    Through the slit of my vein

    I saw the color crimson red,
    Reminding me of the horizon

    Then a trillion colors came pushing,
    And kicking every inch in my sanctuary

    Changing my picture and me
    Leaving me in wonder


  • wanowak 5w

    The Mess

    Grief is messy.
    Sometimes it causes us to do things we regret.
    To ourselves and others.
    Perhaps all of our lives.

    Like betraying the ones
    we truly love and cherish;
    a form of punishment we
    inflict upon ourselves so
    as to destroy that part of us that feels good inside.
    As if we are not worthy
    of such feelings.

    This is no time for excuses.
    Or justifications for our mess.
    For our self-flagellation also destroys others.
    The cruelest cut we must accept.

    No easy answer here; pain so real.
    Numbness pervades the body;
    wishing for a magic pill to take it
    all away.

    We cannot change the past;
    the actions that led us
    to this grief.
    Only through little acts
    each day forward.
    May we demonstrate we
    are no longer that person
    who chose selfishness,
    cowardice and deception.
    Darkness over light.

    I know.
    For once that was me.
    It took the pain I caused others
    for me to begin to see.
    That I was more than my betrayals and lies
    It was then I began to grow.
    Healing others I hurt with my grief.
    One day, one day, I hope I find peace.


  • ylviia 6w

    This is a message to all the people
    Who are scared to seek help
    And rather suffer alone on their own
    I know it sounds superficial but you can do it
    You are strong enough
    You are worth it to recover
    You deserve to fight for your happiness
    Because there won't be a moment where it will find its way to you
    For us people struggling
    Happiness is hard to maintain
    We have to chase it, we have to fight for it
    But today, I actually gathered the strength
    To make the first step towards recovery
    Towards a better journey,
    Towards a better and happier life in the future
    And I want to tell you
    That it's never to late to reach out
    It sounds so simple but I know
    That it's hard as hell
    Opening up, Trusting someone,
    Being vulnerable
    It is so f*cking scary, it makes you feel
    But you won't regret it, I know I won't
    And trust me, for this battle
    You need someone to watch your back
    This battle sadly can't be conquered on its own, at least I couldn't
    And I fought
    I fought for three fucking years
    And the lies I have been feeding up myself with, the things I have told myself
    You can't face a battle against yourself
    Such a battle has no victory
    But you can reach for the better life
    You can walk away from the battle,
    You only got to make the first step
    So promise me you will tell someone today
    Reach out for help, fight for your happiness
    It's your life after all
    And promise me you won't listen to the lies you tell yourself
    Do not listen to a single word they say
    "You are fine now, you see?"
    Hell no I ain't and we both know it
    "You can do it on your own, you are in control"
    If I were in control, I would have taken action long time ago"
    Talk back, gather your last strength and reach out
    Because you deserve it
    Because you're worth it


  • focused12018 6w

    I’m trying to change
    My negative ways
    Want to do better
    The rest of my days.
    I made some mistakes
    And that really sucks
    Gotta start over
    So wish me some luck.
    I’m still doing better
    Than I did before
    Still got to detox
    And start at the core.
    Its a lifelong battle
    Thats I’ll have to fight
    But I’ve done it already
    So I’ll be alright.
    I’m really strong
    Thanks to my past
    I’ve learned to survive
    And dont be so fast.
    I now want to help
    Others like me
    Change how their living
    So they can be free.


  • in_fragments 7w

    "The multicolored sand burns my feet
    as I walk on, and fall back in shock
    as a heatwave shoots up my entire body.
    The coast is beautiful
    and stretches on for miles before meeting with the glimmering sea-
    but don't let its resplendence
    dazzle you into foolishness;
    the journey to the water is harsh
    and unforgiving. Sunlight makes each grain feel like flames, and many people
    don't survive or decide to turn back
    to unfulfilled lives,
    where it is easier to pretend
    they are happier being empty.
    I have spent so many years
    merely staring down the shore,
    too afraid to take the first step to anywhere.
    I've seen too many
    who weren't strong enough to finish.
    Watching them makes me question
    if I truly have the courage,
    because where I grew up
    it was never taught to any of us.

    I put my thoughts aside
    about courage and purpose and fulfillment,
    and in one serendipitous moment,
    I take another step.
    I focus on the pain, and only the pain-
    it sears in my veins and boils my joints,
    I feel the fire and fever, and breathe.
    I adapt enough to move forward
    another foot and let the agony in again.
    I block out everybody that surrounds me,
    it hurts so bad, but I can't let it kill me;
    no one else can take this journey with me,
    but a swim in the cooling sea will be worth it
    when I've survived the torridity,
    one agonizing step at a time."

    Will you go too?
    #pod #poem #heat #mentalillness #recovery #life #inspiration #thoughts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Flaming Sands

    The multicolored sand burns my feet
    as I walk on...
    feel the fire and fever, and breathe.

  • in_fragments 7w

    "When it comes to healing, you are always in the wrong place at the right time.
    At your lowest, but you can only ascend
    from here... if you choose to.

    You will never be ready, it will never feel right- that is how you know it's the best decision
    to make. The time is coming for me to leave
    these walls behind, to open myself up to new contexts and mindsets, to learn how to cope and wake up in a different place- a place where I can search for more of my own tears, open up my mind again and experience my fears. It is time because I know that it will never be time.

    My body needs a safe space so it
    can finally explode, after decades
    of suppression and silence.
    It can no longer wait for my mind to agree."

    Taking my life back into my own hands is... exhausting.
    #pod #narrative #poem #life #healing #mentalhealth #mentalillness #recovery #thoughts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The Right Time?

    The time is coming for me
    to leave these walls behind, to open myself up to new contexts and mindsets, to learn how to cope and wake up in a different place...

    It is time because I know that it will never be time.

  • ashu8800 7w

    I've been intoxicated with escapism
    It slithers onto my skin like I've inherited
    from my obnoxious father
    The more I sip into the poison which consumed me the more I remember
    his face ,gratifying sheer alchoholism.
    It was kind of our escape from the pain, penetrating the other side of us
    like a prism
    But eventually it has succombed us
    like venom.


  • gwencanfield2 10w



    In the quietest part of the night,
    When you hover between dark and light,
    Wondering if you can float away on dreams,
    Hoping they won't turn into screams...

    In the busiest bustle of commerce,
    When your working to keep the seams together,
    Grinding your nose and fingers down to the bone,
    Barely pausing to acknowledge dreams.

    In the putrescent garbage scented heap,
    When you slip and fall,a stumbling trip
    Abating compost like a baby breast wean.

    © Gwen Canfield The Finishers Touch Poetry

  • gwencanfield2 10w


    Tarry not towards the end,
    Await and appreciate,
    As you are now,
    Your sorrow and your joy...

    Weary not in doing good
    Patience and kindness
    are loves embrace,
    both a blessing and a curse.

    Bully insecurity reigns
    self concept is destroyed
    collective in communal,
    awareness starts to comprehend.

    Fully turn into your growth
    Pruned but growing,
    pain brings purpose,
    Nature sharpens up it's tongue.

    © GwenCanfield

  • pangirl977 10w

    Moving on.

    I cant say I've full moved on from you
    But I'm trying
    To move on .....
    From the hurt you gave
    From the betrayal I felt
    From the disrespect
    From the lies
    From the thought of not knowing.....
    If you ever truly loved me or...
    if you just loved the THOUGHT of keeping me around forever
    to take care of you.
    Did I ever have your heart?
    Did you break pieces off for others ?
    Or did you keep that misused heart
    And just....
    use that charm and pity inside of you
    to get what you want?
    The attention.
    You've always been a whore like that....
    Never caring if you hurt others as long as you aren't hurt right?
    But I dont regret loving you.

    I just regret loving you more then I loved myself.
    You took any innocence I had left and abused me in the worst ways.
    I'll never forget that.
    You've truly damaged me and I will recover...
    But will you ever recover from losing the one person....
    who gave it all for you?