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  • thousand_splendid_thoughts 4d

    It's not just a post, it's an emotion and an encouragement for all the people going through healing out there!❤️

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    You will be fine

    One day you will wake up
    with this vibrant energy
    You will complete the forgotten poem
    You will finish your work
    It will seem fine

    And the other day you will be sitting by your table
    Sulking out on your mistakes
    Imagining of a life
    where you had not done the things
    you are regretting today

    But it's ok you know
    Healing takes time
    You will be fine!

  • raonewrites 5d

    I never

    Regret about passing clouds but I regret about passing clouds showering rain and thunders

  • m_randeep_singh 1w

    Sometimes making a wrong decision is better than living a life of regret till you die.

  • rescuedsoul 1w

    Choose to Remember

    It's not like I don't have any regrets, but what's the point of remembering them, if I'm happy.


  • maybeyourtale 1w

    Random snippets: Time

    Some of us ,
    want to go back to time when we were scrawling our names with pencils

    Some of us ,
    would want to freeze time this second where we catch a break between lunch breaks

    Some of us,
    would give anything to the hope that our future is better than what it is now

    That's what life is .
    It's just some of us hoping for some things .

  • tejaswini_3 2w

    ~Regrets and Repurcussions~

    The pellucid clepsydra, all smashed,
    The fluid, surging on the flooring,
    And a plaintive maiden, recumbent,
    Her tears coalescing with the water...

    'NaCl + H₂O→Emblazoning disaster'

    The reaction was an abrupt explosion,
    Smoky heat of guilt, exothermic so it was,
    Smoldering the stained and blotted mind,
    The volcanic heart, dormant erstwhile,
    And shockwaves revisted, de trop,
    Expectorated lava and cadeverous cinders,
    No Cinderella to besmear, no magic around,

    /The girl wasn't culpable, crimes of emotions happen, just like phenomena do,
    It's just that her encephalon wasn't imprisoned, and exterminations were preordained/

    It was time, the broken shards attested,
    Which was finished along with herself,

    Destiny always extended her deadlines,

    To mend every torn relation, with threads of love,
    To sieze and entwine hands with her inamorata,
    To avow the clandestine thoughts, which were veiled adroitly,
    And to not be the 'faux' lady, to be her ownself,

    /But her choices enticed the worst, her pharynx now was burning with thirst/

    Conclusions were all palpable,
    Her dreaded fear, shone as a versimilitude,
    All alone, in this Brobdingnagion world, she was,
    A girl who lived, with a narrow attitude,

    //And her repercussions bedevilled her as hallucinations//




    Clepsydra: A waterglass
    De trop: Unwelcome
    Encephalon: Scientific term for brain
    Inamorata: Lover

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    Regrets and Repurcussions


  • mysterious_soul__ 2w


    Neglecting the past by living things new,
    Some things I thought I wouldn't do.
    But the only feelings that accompany me,
    The ones that bring me back to you.

    Little big things that made me lose,
    And loving me, you did refuse.
    Compromises of the heart, often ask me;
    Why I'm not the one who choose ?

    They always say - 'Love is Blind',
    And I say - it's one of it's kind.
    But whenever I think of it,
    Sadly, it's just you in my mouth mind.

    Sometimes, I wish I never had you,
    And never had I fell in love - so true.
    Yet the only feelings that accompany me,
    Are the helpless regrets of trusting you.


  • rescuedsoul 2w

    No to Regrets

    Don't try to learn and live with regrets because it will only make you a monster and insomnia will just be a word in your life. There are so many things out of this perspective, so live in and don't die.


  • kajouleeee 2w

    The dark pit of regrets.

    And when the night comes, it engulfs me in its beauty. I remove the mask of confidence I've been wearing the entire day, I let myself lose with my favourite tracks on my playlist. I plug in my earphones, I wait for the first track to sympathise my crying soul.
    I wait for it to slowly calm my impatient heart. I try to smile, I try to act strong. But I'm alone. The internal battle with myself stops. My fears find their way out through my eyes. I sit there, alone, helpless, vulnerable. The void, starts to grow.
    I close my eyes, to make myself a little less anxious, only to find myself deep in the darkness. It starts to swallow me.
    I start to fall in the deep, dark pit of regrets, mistakes and heartbreaks. I lose track of time and place. When I open my eyes, my past starts to replay in front of my eyes.
    All the memories I dug deep, creep out of their graves. It feels like someone is squeezing life out of me, slowly. I'm drowning, in the sea of regrets and pain.
    I'm brought back to present with the last beat of my playlist, hinting towards its end. My eyes are welled up with tears, they're red and swollen. I check my watch, it says 7.00 am.
    Another night has gone and it's time to wear my mask again.
    To try to forget my dreadful past, again.

  • paperkites 3w

    I watched the lights as we drove past them
    I looked at you with awe and wonder
    Everything flashed before me
    My thoughts, my dreams, my future, my present
    But I was afraid of what these could mean
    So I looked away like what I’ve always been doing
    And pretended to be asleep


    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #lights #regrets #asleep #lookaway

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  • mrumisal 3w

    Aaj kal log kahate hai
    "Jo tumhe khush kare vahi karo.
    Uske naam ka zikar nah hi karo."
    Magar unhe kya pata ki
    Vo hi tho meri akhri Khushi thee.


  • amantes 3w


    Sometimes the bad choices that we make
    put us into bad situations....


  • bhatla_vikas 4w


    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं,
    अपने कुछ सपनो को ज़िंदा ज़मीन मे दफनाया है,
    अहंकार के पहाड़ से विकास को बार-बार गिराया है,
    मजबूरी की ज्वाला में कुछ अरमानो को झुलसाया है, 
    तर्कयुक्ति के जाल में कई एहसासों को फंसाया है,
    छटपटाते हैं वह एहसास आज भी अंदर ही अंदर,
    लेकिन जाल ही इतना मजबूत बनाया है,
    कि चाह कर भी नहीं दे पा रहा हूँ उनको आज़ादी का समंदर,
    खुद पर बोझा ना जाने क्यूं इतना चढ़ाया है,
    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं,काफी दफ़ा खुद को लाश बनाया है ।

    सुन्नता के दलदल मे उत्साह को अनेक बार डुबाया है,
    अपने अन्दर पनपती संवेदना को तो ना जाने कितनी मर्तबा नफरत का ज़हर खिलाया है,
    हवस के भूखे भेड़ियों को अपने सिद्धांतो का नाश्ता करवाया है,
    ये कातिल काफी यारियों को उपेक्षा के रेगिस्तान में मरने के लिये छोड़ आया है,
    देख यह क़त्लेआम भयभीत हुई मासूमियत इतना,
    कि उसने मुझसे कोसो दूर घर अपना बसाया है,
    उमीद की किरण मे दिखता है सिर्फ इतना,
    कि मासूमियत मारी नही मेने बस उसको भगाया है,
    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं,काफी दफ़ा खुद को लाश बनाया है ।

    इतनी दफ़ा खत्म किया है खुदको कि करता हूँ अब यही चिंतन अक्सर,
    कि ना जाने मुझमे अब और कितनी ज़िन्दगियाँ है मयस्सर,
    कितनी बार शुरु से शुरु कर सकता हूँ,
    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं, मृतको के प्रेतो से मैं भरी दोपहरी में भी डरता हूँ,
    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं,क्षतिकार हूँ फ़िर भी शिकार खुद ही का करता हूँ,
    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं, नुक्सान अपना ही करता हूँ,
    हाँ खूनी हूँ मैं !


  • maybeyourtale 4w

    Random snippets : Dead Stars

    It would take billions of years for a small star to stop emitting light and become dead .

    But even after it's dead it continues to exist for a very long time.

    Maybe that's what regrets are.

    We continue to pine and wither away slowly after our regrets even if it's been dead for a very long time.

  • gasics 4w

    When night flees
    and day rises
    When the world is at ease
    or is burning in the depth of crisis

    When I smile
    And when I cry
    When life rouses my bile
    When I toil and I try

    When I wonder what's true
    When I struggle with what I knew
    When I cannot see through

    Just know, I wish to undo
    And be just there with and for you

  • arpitha_prashanth 4w

    Regrets are such a funny thing
    They follow you everywhere everytime
    Whenever you make a choice
    And even when you don't make one

  • abadist 4w

    Everybody makes mistakes
    Everybody has regrets
    Everybody has some or the other shit
    The point is to learn from them and move on and have courage to do more!
    ©A Badist

  • sairandari 6w

    I have won the race, being at the highest point of success but as the curtains are drawn, I
    realize that my trophy is echoing with voices of the people whom I left behind, escaped
    moments that were worth living, all to win this race but lose the marathon of life. Here is an
    ode to Regrets...

    #cees_ppf_chall #pod #regrets #life #philosophy #race #run #time

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    Regrets of the past

    I ran so fast on the path of life,
    I forgot from where I had started,
    I remembered something suddenly, luckily,
    That’s when and why I retarded.

    A brook, I fled by had asked to meet,
    If eyes weren’t lucky, just to soak my feet…
    I never turned back, Salmons tried a lot,
    The weeds and the reeds, my eyes never caught.

    A cuckoo wanted to share her sorrow,
    But all I thought of, was my good morrow!
    While dreaming about the destination, I fell down thud…
    I stood up and fled, forgot to thank the mud.

    The dry leaves under my feet were the voices of the trees,
    Who wanted me to look up, the colors of their glees.
    While I ran on the way, I mocked at the stones,
    Failed to notice gems among, O! My stupid jones!

    All the while, something on my back had stuck,
    I now found it to be the rarest flower, my bad luck!
    My fingers feel it’s softness, I wonder what man gets…
    After a long run, just a bag full of regrets!!

  • ashwini24 35w

    उम्र कट जायेगी गलतियाँ गिनाने में
    मिट्टी से बने हैं,मिट्टी में ही मिल जायेगी
    हमारी शख्सियत एक दिन ज़माने में ।

  • the_prabhashish 95w

    Reasons - 1

    There is a reason for everything
    Like tress with a season to sing
    I had my reasons to be scared
    And fear had it's reasons to leave me scarred

    Time has it's reasons to keep ticking
    And the heart for a reason keeps beating
    Life does not give the reasons we seek
    And there's a reason fish without water can't breathe

    You had so many reasons to disagree
    You were the reason I kept agreeing
    Your reasons made you see the flaw in me
    Just one reason for you to not give up on me

    There was a reason for me to need you
    You had your reasons for staying
    You found one reason to hate me
    I had a million reasons to love you

    A reason why grass need the sun
    But you needed a reason even to have fun
    There is a a reason why the day ends
    Like a reason for the banyan tree to never bend

    You found a reason to leave without a word
    I am still searching for a reason to let go of the hurt
    You found a hundred reasons to break me
    Your silence gave me a thousand reasons to hate me

    There is a reason for all things to end
    Like reasons a road turns into dead end
    I had my reasons to give my heart away
    And love had its reasons to walk with me halfway

    There is a reason why animals need sleep
    The silence gives me new reasons to weep
    Only if I knew the reason behind your dreams
    There wouldn't have been a reason for my screams

    Like a reason clouds cover the moon
    And the sages had reasons to grant a boon
    So many reasons when the wolves howl
    And so many reasons for the screams of my soul

    There is a reason behind everything
    And a reason for me to sit alone and sing
    I found my reasons to start living again
    You found new reasons to leave me alone again

    ©The Prabhashish