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  • mrchoubs 2h

    Who are we ?

    Who are we ?
    Hindu, muslim, Sikh Christian ...
    So many words to define us
    No identity without the name of community
    Even Cloths defines our mentality,
    What you do depends more on caste than your capability
    We have time and again failed humanity.
    Killing in the name of religious supremacy
    Trying to save the almighty
    Hatred all arround
    In between Love has lost its ground
    Feeling sorry for being who are we.

  • miraaya 14h

    #Families in Horrific #Grief #divided only by #Religion
    #Humanity #StopHate #DelhiRiots
    Lets put effort to extinguish this fire ��

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    इक तरफ लाश है पड़ी और सड़क पर दौड़ती मशीने,
    उन मशीनो से हो गए हम, लाश से हमे क्या उलफत |

    चमकते शहरो मे यूँ कमज़ोर हैं मदद के दो हाथ,
    कहाँ से कहाँ गर्त मे आ गई, यूँ इंसानियत की गुरबत |

    देखा जब उस सड़क पे सियासतदाऩ का जाता जुलूस,
    कुछ ने लाश किनारे कर दी, हाय रे सियासत की नीयत |

    आँखों की रोशनी धूमिल हो रही है इंसानी कौम की,
    कैसे जिए जा रहे हम, जब हर पल बढ़ रही नफरत ||


  • thatzanygirl 1d

    i was born in the warmth
    of my city’s bosom when the sun
    drove into Grandma’s kitchen
    for some suttu-buttu and
    in exchange handed me over
    the story of my kind
    is a telegram of frenzy
    spray painted with bouts
    of metaphors so when
    they ask me who i am
    i tell them
    I am the storymaker
    read me not once but twice
    because realisation happens in layers
    whether it comes to politics or otherwise
    and you have only begun to float
    i am the force that reckoned darkness
    just as feminism gauged patriarchy
    i am the prism spitting words of war cry
    on murals that reek of justice
    i am the leash of vixens calling out to
    the sky on a new moon night
    when Maa introduces me
    to religious fanatics i tell them
    that the romance of Shiv and Kaali
    amidst the dance of destruction was
    an act of sociological revolution because
    we have been shamelessly
    undermined and deceived
    they preach us to glorify silences
    and impregnate our hearts with guilt
    that standing up for ourselves
    comes at the cost of
    cheap acid at local stores
    while our actions, condemned
    unworthy of male attention
    so call feminism nothing but antics
    right out of a broadway show
    a rally to woo the other-half
    before elections
    while you accuse me of infiltrating
    religion with sciences
    but remember your grandmothers in the heavens
    look down upon you as you vilify
    the existence of your gender
    remember how Maa fought
    with Baba to send you to the city
    to study with her savings
    we are more than romantic fantasies
    and ivory mausoleums
    remember, we are more than just facilitators
    we are evolution, we are the creators
    so when the last layer of realisation
    uncovers your skies
    remember, when the Gods
    tamed magic horses to fly
    Freya befriended domestic cats
    to drive her around battlefields
    so don’t you shush me now
    i may be a phoenix with a broken wing
    but i still breathe wildfire
    you see, we don’t wield swords
    to conqueror minds
    we go directly
    for the

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee @writerstolli @readwriteunite #feminism #religion #poetry #womenempowerment #womanhood

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    Religion, politics and feminism

    so call feminism nothing but antics
    right out of a broadway show
    a rally to woo the other-half
    before elections
    while you accuse me of infiltrating
    religion with sciences
    but remember your grandmothers in the heavens
    look down upon you as you vilify
    the existence of your gender


  • lilth666 1d

    We know

    We burrow our souls and reflect what we are
    Rip pieces to replace it with another to satisfy our saviors, the divine being we believe
    Repent the sins by burning our lives because you weren't supposed to grow beyond what they know
    Our acknowledge we know is now a sin
    Now replenish in hell, where we all belong

  • lilth666 1d

    Tell me

    People tell me to have faith, but to have faith in what? In a divine being I cannot see nor hear? To have faith in a God that is both man and spirit? To have faith in idols carved of wood and stone.

    People tell me to pry, but what use is prayer when there is no action behind it?
    To pry for good health while cancer devours the last cell in your body? To pry for safety when nothing is guaranteed? To pry for a mother while instead yours has been lost.

    People tell me to believe, but what is there to truly believe in? To believe that each person can change when it's a man's nature to be repetitive. To believe the cycle can be broken when my life along with others is a broken record. To believe in a higher power when no divine being has helped me before.

    People tell me to hope, but hope for what? To hope that he'll stop causing me pain but every time it's been the same? To hope my mother stops smoking but she's already one foot in the grave? To hope my sister needs me when I just ruined her happy skies with rain.

  • theexplorer 2d

    The fact that you can say nothing about which religion I am sympathising with says a lot in itself. What is religion? A pointless human creation that won't matter when you die. Is it really worth robbing someone of a life that they haven't even started?

    #religion #hate #war #pointless #humans #riots #puppets #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    I groggily open my eyes to the sudden noise,
    Screams and cries for help are all I hear,
    I cry to wake up ma sleeping next to me to ask her to make them go away,
    Only to realise that those screams had come from her,
    I look at her and papa, kneeling on the floor,
    Surrounded by people,
    But why are these people beating them up?
    I wail louder to match ma and pa's screams,
    Hoping it'll drive those demons away,
    As if to say, "Go away!",
    But mostly, cause that's all I can do,
    Wait! The demons are saying something..
    "People of God"? God?
    Isn't that who ma, sings praises about every morning?
    Isn't that who papa says, will always protect us?
    Why is this god sending his people to hurt ma and pa?
    Have they been bad?

    Wait, why aren't ma and pa moving anymore?
    Are they also sleeping like I was?
    Maybe they are..that's why the "people of god" are leaving,
    Ahh.. finally I can go back to sleep, but I need ma to cradle me to sleep,
    I am crying out to her like I always do,
    But why isn't she coming to me, like she always does?

    Oh, why is it suddenly so hot in here?
    What is that pretty orange thing that is spreading all around?
    What is that misty thing coming from it?
    Why is ma lying so still?
    She isn't even moving no matter how much I shriek,
    Oh.. maybe God is coming,
    Maybe that's why she's laying so still,
    Cause God will scold her, so she's pretending to sleep,

    Don't worry ma,
    When I meet him,
    I will ask him why he punished you and pa,
    I will ask him why didn't he protect us,
    I will tell him how much you praised him everyday,
    Don't worry ma,
    You rest,
    I will sleep without you today,
    I know I will meet you tomorrow,
    Goodnight Ma.


  • mine_scenario 3d

    Koi kahta hai hindutva khatre me hai
    koi kahta hai musalman khatre me hai

    Pahle jao padho apne dharmik kitabon ko
    Afwah me na raho ke geeta/quran khatre me hai

    Faqat syasat-daon ki pahnai hui topi hai ye
    Jo aj sara ka sara hindustan khatre me hai


  • emyflorencemoses_ 4d

    When doubts arise,
    Religion doesn't relieve you,
    Philosophy doesn't free you,
    Words may not soothe you,
    Traditions don't treat you,
    Music may not make you,
    What does is Love.
    Love surpasses all,
    Love won't leave you empty handed,
    God is love and love won't let you go.

  • thedescendedone 4d


    Sharab e Hikma ~ Wine of Wisdom

    Reh gai rasmain salat,
    vo tauheed parasti na rahi,

    Baba giri reh gai,
    Vo dua'on ki kasrat aur
    minnaton ki shiddat na rahi.

    Main vahi hun,
    jisey apni dori sey,
    kheecha tuney,

    Main vahi hun,
    jisey apney ilm sey,
    seechan tuney,

    Tera ehsaan jo,
    merey nama  e aamal main,
    ab vo shirk ki biddat na rahi.

    © 2004 - 2020 Sohail Gaffar Syed
    Pen name - Attribution mandatory

  • nleroy8 4d

    do not leave religious pamphlets in the checkbook for your waiter saying i need to repent sins ♥️
    #religion #sin #god #jesus #angels #rude #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    i will lowercase your g
    because it means nothing
    to me.

    i will dot the j instead of
    cross because he is not a
    boss of me.

    do not tell me that i need to
    repent to get sent to the blue
    i am my own high power.

    i do not think angels would
    approve your angles, religion
    is not one region.

    not all of your viewpoints are right
    outside already has light, why do i
    have to go search and find?


  • amol_khaparde 5d


    संगीत को कला कहकर उसकी सीमाओं को मत बांधों
    वो भी अपने आप में एक धर्म हैं
    प्रकृती की आवाज़ों को सुन लेना कभी
    हर आहट और स्पर्श मे केवल उसी का वास हैं


  • dil_k_ahsaas 1w

    धर्म को राजनीति बनाकर नफरतों को हवा देने वाले बहुत हैं
    दंगों की आग पर रोटियां सेंकने वाले बहुत खुश हैं

    दिल के एहसास। रेखा खन्ना

  • harf__ 1w

    [Note : - A pure atheist ]
    Trinity - Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh
    #shivratri #poem #spritual #poetry #religion

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    Zero to infinity, destruction to serenity
    Calamity to prosperity
    From the beginning to the very end
    Of oceans of the sands
    All hail the third of trinity*
    All bow down to Shiva the mighty.

  • dyingflower 2w

    “i want to die”
    the words slip out without my permission
    shock colors His face
    we stare at each other
    what is there to say?
    finally He opens His mouth
    “suicide is a sin” He intones sagely
    “thou shalt not kill”
    as if that knowledge will make me cling to life
    as if words from His omniscient book will make me better
    so i correct myself
    “i didnt mean that
    i mean that i want to die in the Lord
    i want to be baptised”
    he stares at me as if He can see my soul
    then He smiles as if i am the prey and He is the predator
    “the water is ready, all you need to do is confess”

    we stand in the water
    His hand on my back
    lips in my ear
    “confess” He orders
    and my lips start to move
    words falling heavy from my lips
    “Jesus is the son of God
    he died for my sins,
    he is my savior
    without Him there is no life
    in t His watery grave of baptism,
    i will be saved”
    he nods,
    “then i baptise you in the name of
    the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit”
    and i go into the water
    and stay

    then i can’t breathe
    and it’s not because of the water
    it’s because i can finally see His face
    and it is terrifying
    i start to thrash
    but He holds me down
    His eyes soft and loving
    His mouth moving
    telling me that everything is going to okay
    when He pulls me up,
    i am crushed
    because all i can feel is Him
    His LOVE,
    His GRACE,
    His MERCY,
    and it is suffocating

    i run out of the water
    out of the building
    out of parking lot
    and on to the bridge
    and i jump
    desperate to escape
    but His angels catch me
    and i fight
    so hard,
    begging to be let go
    but they just bring me to Him
    and He holds me in His arms
    like a mother holding a baby
    and like a scolding parent He says
    “suicide is a sin”
    and i cry because my religion will keep me alive

    #suicide #religion #baptism #depression #angels

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    my religion keeps me alive

    and i fight
    so hard,
    begging to be let go
    but they just bring me to Him
    and He holds me in His arms
    like a mother holding a baby
    and like a scolding parent He says
    “suicide is a sin”
    and i cry because my religion will keep me alive


  • mr_writer_____ 2w

    मासूम बच्चों की नसों में घोल कर मजहबी ज़हर,
    देश के विकास का दावा कर रहे है लोग सारे!

  • vandhana_moorthy 2w

    If you think I am racist
    Keep this in your mind
    I am a believer in God
    Not in religion

    #mirakee #religion #god #writerstolli #writersnetwork
    By unknown writer

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    I am a believer in God
    Not in religion

  • armaghan 3w

    "Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mei bair rakhna" - hain alfaaz Mian Iqbal ki,
    Magar Ilzaam hogi humse unhi mazhab par,
    Joh zimmedaar hain ye zaman-e-nainsaafi ki.


  • anwesha_tia92 3w

    If your secularism is based on my oppression...
    I reject it.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 3w

    Two Horned

    With heavy head,
    Look above.

    Old and withered.

    Years of being alone,
    Oh so cold.

    Scales and fangs,
    Dulled to pearls.

    Once vibrant eyes,
    Peering between trees,
    Now dull.

    A hunger lurks,
    Under the skin.

    Reach out with claws,
    Dripping with blood,
    Feast once again.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 3w


    Run fast,
    Follow close.

    Little one,
    The woods are dark.

    Clutch your paranoid heart.

    Eyes peer,
    Hungry with lust.

    Around every word,
    A sinner lies.

    Lazy in their deceit.

    Little lamb.

    Run fast,
    Hold close.

    Something lurks,
    Only you see.