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  • iamtheashutosh 7w


    All these years of separation,
    Longing and hesitation,

    All those sleepless nights,
    Of remembrance and recapitulation,

    All the times of guilt,
    Remorse and remission,

    All this with minimal hopes,
    Of striking a conversation,

    I spent half a decade,
    Figuring out ways of excursion,

    Although undeserving and lost,
    I waited for my commutation,

    I don't know how else I shall put it into words,
    But I vied for my salvation.

  • __sheher 9w

    All her life is ambiguous,
    epitome of doubtful decisions,
    remorse and a lot more.

  • madhushree 13w

    That day will come
    When you will glance at me
    In the same passion and intense remorse
    But Alas! I would smile but not heed you
    Because i found my worth after you hurt me
    I will be with someone who brings out the best in me
    And that person is certainly not you and
    On that day; you would learn the reason why.

  • above_and_about 14w

    Too late

    he called one evening when i was boiling pasta
    and told me that he needed to talk to someone
    i was not his first choice but he could settle for that
    i was happy to be of help
    but the pasta needed to be put on the table and the fridge was far, the butter needed to be brought soon otherwise they wouldn’t have matched
    it is not a good time i said
    and the sadness of his silence stroke me
    i will throw away the pasta,
    let’s talk, tell me what bothers you,
    this life is a nonsense, i want to hear more

    instead, i thought he would be fine,
    that fat should join carbs to bring more energy into this world

    the energy without will was a bigger waste
    solitude cleared the path to void

  • juby2507 15w

    It takes a strong heart to forgive, unfortunately people don't understand that and never regret

    #forgiveness #life #sins #remorse #gratitude

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    Even god forgives a sin
    All it needs is a sincere repentance
    So how can I forgive
    When your mistakes are denied acceptance

  • thetalkingmind 15w

    Known cheat..
    Hurts the soul..
    Been its lonely victim..


  • annamika_a 16w


    You slay a man
    You break the heart
    You do the same

    Tell me, How many parts have you split your soul into?
    How many hearts have been shattered?

    You wish not to feel guilty
    You plead delinquency

    Tell me, to you, how do I even propose Remorse?


  • _sanely_liberal_ 17w

    You and I are not together anymore
    But feelings don't die too soon
    So I'm gonna take care of you
    Until we fall out of love in remorse

  • themightyzeek 19w


    I thought i was big
    Then i encountered a hill.

    I dug through the hill
    And encountered a wall.

    I climbed up the wall
    And i met up with a gun.

    Bullets travel faster than the
    speed of a man who believes.

    Physical pain has a limit,
    but the blow to the belief is limitless.

    What i thought i knew,
    Slowly unravel to become a false memory.

    Now begins a journey
    To correct the wrongs and retry
    A prophet out of his sanctuary
    Leading a man to his destiny.

  • vaishsb 27w


    I will be the someone to you,
    Don't worry I am there for you,
    May be we are strangers ,
    But I could still find remorse on your face,
    It's okay even if we don't have anything common,
    I can still bring smile on your face ,
    Let's just help eachother ,
    In our quest of life ,
    We both are struggling ,
    We both need faith ,
    Let's trust each other ,
    In difficult times we face ,
    Yes it won't be easy but it's not impossible,
    Let's adjust to each other ,
    Atleast we will share the heart break we face,
    Which we can't tell to anyone we face,
    Just trust me I won't tell anyone ,
    Let me be someone to you ,
    Let me bring smile on your face ,
    Let me make your heart warm,
    I am there cheering for you .
    From : Someone

  • etesoimchen 28w

    If it was to call a silent night.
    Yea probably.

    To the dark thick eyebrows
    To the board thick shoulders,
    I wish i never met you

    Neither in the dark nor in the light
    Neither in my dreams nor my reality

    Thats how much i remourse about you


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    I know the precise in you,

  • nehahemaraj 29w

    The chronicles of the orbs,
    With chinks to entrall the darkness,
    Cascaded along the loyal flesh,
    Jagged with protruding infidelity,
    The seams parted with tangy betrayals,
    Opulency of the arcane theories in the tale,
    Stabbed the remorse, freshly baked,
    Topped with a layer of self detestation.

    Oh darling!
    He didn't lie,
    But you didn't exist in his truth!


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    #poetry #thoughts #life #betrayal #remorse

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  • jazbat 30w

    My shattered being was left alone
    Shrieks and cries were ignored
    ‘Impossible you’, were your words
    You left me completely exhausted
    Long my aching heart waited
    Your call of an abetment
    My screams lasted unheard
    Coward you did not revert .

    Ranjana B.(27/6/20)

  • apsychter 34w

    #feel #remorse
    Photo credit: Annie Spratt

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    Do you finally feel remorse?

  • xanthe_poetic 38w


    Ghosts of spoken words hang in the air,
    And there’s an aftermath it eerily shows,
    Wounds inflicted are laid out bare,
    Delayed compassion is a faded rose.

    No sum of regret could wipe out the past,
    Nor banish the gossip and padlocked doors,
    A bottomless well is dug out to last,
    Drowning the soul in eternal remorse.

    Consumed by grim shadows of guilt,
    And bent over from bearing the weight,
    Forgiveness is never entirely fulfilled,
    For you being the creator of fate.


  • sane34 38w

    I swim a pond of fears
    With little drops of tears
    A pulse in my heart throbs
    Following the rivulets
    Which flows.


  • mmbftd 41w

    Damn You

    First you took my sun
    It used to be warm
    And calming simultaneously
    I remember that color
    Golden yellow to citrus orange
    So easy to stare at, that our parents had to remind us not to!
    Coconut oil on my tanned childhood skin
    Floating in turquoise chlorine water
    The scent of oil mixed with the scent of the thin plastic innertube my skinny childhood body floated in.
    I watched all the wavy sun lit lines travel across the bottom of the pool.
    They hypnotized me, until my body floated in time with the tiny water movements of the pool. Undulations.
    I stuck my bottom in the hole of the innertube and faced the sky.
    A rich deep blue like my best friend's eyes.
    Brilliant white puffy clouds
    Slowly drifted through the sky.
    But you took that too.
    Damn you for taking my blue blue sky.
    And smells
    like fresh flowers, green grass and fresh living dirt.
    And now
    You took my family
    And friends
    You took my human touch
    My hugs
    My soft embrace
    My healing hand holding
    Damn you
    You took anything worth
    Living for
    But damn you
    I won't let you take me!

  • ciara1 44w

    I Remember...

    Final Chapter: Remorse

    I remember in 2014 my Aunt Millie came over to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother and my Aunt Sandra and me were eating McDonald's in the living room. We were eating Cheese burgers. Fries. Fish sandwiches. Shakes and Coca Cola.  

    I remember a few hours later my cousin Tonya had picked Millie up from my grandmother’s house and she spent the night over at her house for a month;  just to get out of her house and spend some quality time with her daughter. I remember once Millie had left from my grandmother’s house. My Aunt Sandra  announced to my grandmother and me that she can sense something is wrong with Millie. She doesn’t have a clue what it is; but she can tell something is not quite right with Millie.  I remember Millie was at home with her other daughter Toya. And Toya had noticed something was wrong with Millie. She had seen her coughing out blood in the bathroom. And she had called the ambulance. Toya was so worried and curious about why her mother was coughing out blood.  And once that had happened that day; Toya had made several phone calls with the family and posted up emails and messages on facebook media about what was happening to Millie. I remember when Toya had called my mother to inform her that the doctor had announced to Toya that they had done some tests on Millie and the explanation was why Millie was coughing out blood was that she was diagnosed with lung cancer; and she might have six months to live.

    I remember how upset and agitated everyone was in the family.

    I remember how everyone was questioning each other about why Millie was concealing this terrible secret of her being diagnosed with cancer.

    I remember what Toya had said Millie was containing her secret because she had felt that if she had apprise the family about her being diagnosed with cancer years prior was that she knew how dramatic and concerned the family would react.

    I remember when my mother had told me about how sick Millie was.

    I remember getting very upset and starting wailing tears.

    I remember meditating and thinking about the joyful and elated memories that I and Millie had together.

    I remember when my mother and I were the first who visited Millie.

    I remember when everyone in the family was taking turns visiting Millie to comfort her.

    I remember Millie would receive visiting gifts. Flowers. Cakes. “Get Well Soon” cards. Happy pictures of her and her family. A tape of a priests voice kept playing repeatedly in her room.

    I remember that’s when Millie had found out her terrible secret was exposed to the family. 

    I remember how happy and lighthearted Millie was to her family visitors.

    I remember the moments spent with Millie made me feel so exultant.

    I remember two weeks later when the hospital had called Toya to inform her that the doctor would like to notify her and the family to discuss Millie’s condition.

    I remember when my mother, and Millie’s children and siblings and I had walked into the doctor’s discussion  office. The office wall color were white. The office had white tables. Black rolling chairs and black Dell computers.

    I remember how the quiet and peaceful the room was.

    I remember how sad looking  the family was. Gliding tears swept down their faces.
    I remember when the doctor had announced and discussed with the family about how bad Millie’s condition was. The doctor had advised us to ask any questions regarding Millie’s condition. My Uncle Calvin had asked the doctor about how bad Millie’s condition was going to get. The doctor responded that they might have to put Millie on hospice because her condition was not getting any better.

    I remember when my Aunt Wanda started breaking down.Wailing.

    I remember when everyone else in the room was so quiet. Shed tears.

    I remember two days later on a Saturday night; when my mother and my Aunt Willa and I was at White Castle ordering some cheese burgers. Cheese fries. Shakes and Pepsi. And that was when we and the others had gotten a shocking and appalling phone call from Toya telling us that Millie was deceased.

    I remember a sorrowful moment.

    I remember dripping tears.

    I remember when my mother and us rushed out the door.

    I remember when it was very frigid outside.

    I remember once we had arrived at the hospital and walked into Millie’s room; that's when we had seen Millie lying in the bed and that's when we knew she was gone.

    I remember seeing the room’s wall color were white. Brown dresser with a big mirror attached to it. The floors were constructed out of a value of grayish marble color.

    I remember everyone standing beside and around Millie’s bed grieving over her death.

    I remember how unhappy and  hurt everyone was.

    I remember howling sounds.

    I remember how close. Touching and hugging everyone was to each other.

    I remember a silent moment when everyone in the room started to meditate painful and remorseful memories of Millie.

    I remember when Tonya and her husband had discussed where Millie’s funeral home should be.

    I remember when they had compromised where her funeral was going to be at.

    I remember when the funeral was on April, 4, 2014 on a Saturday.

    I remember getting ready for the funeral.

    I remember wearing a black dress. Black dressy shoes. Stockings. Silver chain with a heart. Silver earrings. Black bangles. A Mickey Mouse watch and my hair was pinned up in a bun.

    I remember when  my mother had worn a baby bluish dress with a floral design. Black heels. Gold chain and gold hoop earrings.  

    I remember when my mother and I had arrived at the funeral home.

    I remember what the funeral home had smelt like. Beautiful perfume. The walls painted of a light brown color. The floor were made out of black carpeting. The sofa couches were light brown with black stripes. The tables were constructed in glass and the ring around the tables were black. Some of the tables had marbel light brown vases on top with various colorful roses. Pink roses. Yellow flowers. White roses. Red roses. 

     I remember how quiet the funeral home was at first.

    I remember when everyone else had walked into the funeral home. Looking and expressing sadness. Emotional. Wailing loud tears. Stumping. yelling loudly. 

    I remember when Everyone had walked into the quiet room to see  my aunt Millie sleeping peacefully in her casket.

    I remember when the quiet room had gotten very loud.

    I remember when everyone had started to mourn. Remorse and wail over Millie’s death.

    I remember me and my mother and the family had watched  Millie’s joyful. loving. Exultant pictures on the tv screen.

    I remember how this experience affected me in a way. 

    I remember not getting enough sleep. I remember staying up all night meditating over Millie’s death.

     I remember not eating so much.

     I remember when I kept having dreams about Millie. 

    I remember the dreams were about her terrible death and they were not happy dreams. I remember when I used to do my work.  I remember when I would try to stay occupied but her image just kept constantly appearing on my mind. 

    I remember one particular  aspect when I had to do an in class art project. My instructor assigned me to create a collage and drawing of pictures to symbolize the significant things in my life. I remember having images of my aunt Millie. I remember cutting out her images. I remember how sad I had gotten just by glancing at her pictures. I remember when I had a moment when I had felt like I was about to cry. I remember I decided to be strong and contain my sadness. I remember when I could not wait until the class ended. In addition to my character at this present moment, I would not let sadness defeat me.



  • sayaliparkar 44w

    [ This is how it all starts]

    I break the chunks
    Of the dirt/ despair-
    Grief-remorse crush
    Crush crush/ now
    Each tiny bit of the
    Dirt breathes freely/
    In and out/ this is
    How it all starts/
    Unbecoming everything
    You were never meant
    To be/ unlearning the
    Language which never
    Soothed your tongue/
    Unnerving each question
    That doubts your strength.

    -Sayali Parkar

  • ___ananya 47w

    Badi ajeeb thi wo baawari si,
    Aankhon se roti aur hoton se hasti bhi thi!